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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2020 9:00am-9:15am CEST

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this is data over you news live from berlin chinese officials sound the alarm after a corona virus outbreak is linked to a popular city market in beijing forth already it's locked down part of the capital and whole plans to reopen schools also on the program brazil's coronavirus death toll overtakes that of britain's bid to become the world's 2nd highest the government is reopening the economy but health experts warn the worst could be yet to come. and a standoff in seattle president trump doubles down on threats to clear
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a city district controlled by protesters we take a look at their self declared police for example. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program chinese authorities have locked down parts of beijing after discovering a cluster of new corona virus infections the new cases are linked to a wholesale food market that's a major food supply for beijing officials raise the alarm off to 45 people out of 517 tested positive for the virus the 1st locally transmitted infections in more than 50 days plans to open schools on monday have also been put on hold. let's cross over now to correspondent that is has recently returned to china is currently in quarantine intention that is what we know about this new cluster of
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cases. yeah it appeared in the biggest wholesale market food wholesale market in beijing huge market that supplies the whole city with fresh foods. though the authorities have released various very early. that they found a sample of the virus on a board used in cutting imported salmon as they put it but by now we know that it has been found on 40 other objects in the market and 45 people have been have tested positive it is not clear what the origins of the virus were how it arrived at that market but it is happening quickly to to to shut down huge parts of the surrounding areas they have delayed schools. reopening off schools and all kinds of measures are being put up that has just been disappeared
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from beijing streets all kinds of checkpoints etc quickly put up again these are the 1st domestically transmitted cases in beijing in almost 2 months people satisfied with the wealth already have been handling the crisis and in particular this cluster. it's hard to say because this class is very new and we're getting new information all the time it's just been a few hours since we have known that it's more than just a few cases but 45 as the number is right now in general i would say people have been confident in their reply to the measures that the government has used to bring the numbers down in the past few months many people are saying that china is now a safe place have been saying on tuesday i should rather say. so it's hard to say
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at the moment how they school play out all of these measures will play out what will be the result of people support in general i would say the majority of them would never know really there's a lot of distortion due to censorship due to non-existing opinion polls but i would say the majority of people certainly support harsh measures quick measures tough measures on your break correspondent but he is billing us speaking to us from tangent china thanks very much for the update and now let me bring you up to date on the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic poland has reopened its borders to its a you neighbors after being closed for nearly 3 months tourists from germany czech republic slovakia and lithuania can now enter the country border controls with non a united as are also being relaxed grace is preparing to admit farm visitors from monday with its economy heavily reliant on tourism but flights from coronavirus hotspots such as the u.k.
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will not be allowed in india has reported its biggest single day rise in corona virus cases and 12000 and fictions were recorded there within a 24 hour period taking the total to more than $300000.00. brazil has now overtaken britain to become the country with the 2nd highest coronavirus death toll standing at nearly 42000 the government is largely opening up the economy despite warnings from experts that the country hasn't yet reached the peak of the infection spread. brazilians continue to dig mass graves to bury their dead in mud now the largest city in the brazilian amazon the rows of crosses are a visual reminder of the heavy toll of the coronavirus has taken in the country brazil now has the 2nd highest covered 19 death toll in the world and then enviable position with both the daily fatalities and new infections mounting. the world
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health organization says the country is certainly under pressure but not yet overwhelmed. the situation in brazil is of concern the $27.00 areas are affected we've seen different rates were friction there were clear hotspots and there will be populated areas there are clearly different impacts in different populations we've seen the impact the numbers almost booked. the whole system is still coping. the pandemic is far from slowing in the country and the death toll is thought to be much higher than reported but brazil has started loosening restrictions on reopening the economy in the originator in sao paolo the streets were busy on friday as shopping malls were allowed to welcome customers again. the loosening of restrictions was championed by far right president gerald wilson out oh who has played down the pandemic calling it a little flu and claim that the lockdown has been worse than the disease.
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but experts say the country isn't yet ready to reopen safely testing capacity is lagging and a contact tracing system hasn't been set up. the fear is that a hasty return to normal may further worsen brazil's dire coronavirus record. in russia more people are questioning the country's reporting of the coronavirus crisis the death toll remained significantly lower there than in other countries despite citing the 3rd highest number of infections worldwide some family members of people have contracted the illness and recently died are now calling for more clarity and a clutch cover once just as for her mother. died on may 21st in a hospital in russia's yaroslavl region she was a receptionist at a medical center and is convinced her mother caught the coronavirus at work.
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husband gave me a sewing machine and i sewed her masks out of 4 layers of bandages with robber barons she wasn't given anything at work. the novel coronavirus is listed as one of the causes of her mother's death but anna says she still hasn't found her mother in the official covert $900.00 statistics russia has officially registered around $7000.00 coronavirus deaths which is extremely low compared to other european countries a world health organization official recently said russia's death rate is quote hard to understand russian officials have said the low number is due to widespread testing and an effective medical system. or statistics on the new international classification guidelines of the w.h.o. and on recommendations on diagnosing covert 19 as
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a cause of death. but analysts have said regional and national numbers look doctored for example on april 30th there were 7099 new infections in russia on may 8th 106991 the 12108991 the 24th $8599.00 boris of cine cough is a data analyst he told t w the statistical likelihood that the numbers would end in 10094 times in that period is implausible. like the intended to report a round number but they also knew that people might find that a bit suspicious. so before they published the figures they changed all of them to 99. the fact that
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an a clutch covers mother has been omitted from the list of coronavirus did made her funeral feel even more unfair. that i was told she had to be in a closed casket and in a body bag they didn't allow us to pass on her cross and her clothes the coffin was nailed shut we don't even know who is in the coffin or if it's even her and there is not a number that is a coach in the group with your and what was worse herself couldn't attend the funeral because she'd caught the coronavirus probably from her mother and was in quarantine of some of the other stories making news around the world russian president vladimir putin has made his 1st public appearance in weeks at a russia day ceremony in moscow he did not wear a mask and shook hands with others events are being held to celebrate the establishment of modern russia after the collapse of the soviet union despite the
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coronavirus. the world health organization is warning of additional negative impacts on women and children related to the corona virus pandemic w h o officials say women may be at a greater risk of dying from complications during pregnancy and childbirth because health systems in many countries have been overwhelmed by covert 19 patients. at least 5 people have been killed after heavy rain cause severe floods in the south chinese region of gone joe state media says a search operation for several missing residents was still under way storms have battered areas in south and east china over the last few days one. of these president elect elect is set to be sworn in immediately following the sudden death of the outgoing president. died last week following a heart attack s.o.s. media's burundi's which is made up of exiled journalists quoted sources saying that
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the late president had covert 19. as the us is gripped by rest and anti racism protests u.s. president donald trump a planned rally in oklahoma to respect a holiday commemorating the end of slavery meanwhile trump is threatening to send in the military to drive out protesters in seattle have declared a police free zone seattle's mayor said it would be illegal for trump to intervene street demonstrations have erupted for weeks across the country since the death of george floyd he was killed during a police arrest in minneapolis last month that calling it the capitol hill autonomous zone in seattle streets remade into a protest camp. was there has been speeches concerts and film screenings volunteer medics are on hand and restaurants have donated food and
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a memorial pays tribute to george floyd and other black victims of police brutality this is why the protesters are here. i why it's so sad to see that everybody you know help here hears about his life. he inspired the things together to support the latter on many years from now on what is where were you i want to i want to feel that i want to go on the ice was here i was your fault as i was able to see it was disappear actually do the area surrounds the east precinct police station a flashpoint in demonstration since freud's death police have banded the station on monday with city officials citing the need to reduce tension protesters repurposed barricades to create what they call a police free zone one of their key demands is the dismantling of the police department using its budget to fund community services their actions have drawn the eye of the u.s. president who's issued several furious tweets in an interview with fox news is
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harris faulkner he threatened to use force if we have to. do it to. these people and. a major portion of it recently but seattle's mayor hit back telling trump go back to your bunker she also warned it would be illegal to send in the military. one of the things this president will never understand is that listening to community is not a weakness it is a strength. but jenny jack and a democrat is also a target of protest as anger hundreds called for her to resign as they packed into city hall on wednesday to demand police reform they were furious that her promise of a moratorium on tear gas was broken by police dispersing anti-racism protesters early
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on monday. this very different scene represents what protest is want for their city. he. takes. they say they won't budge until their key demands have been met. this is dave thanks very much watch this. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. 19 special next on d.w. . beethoven is from.


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