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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2020 7:00am-7:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin anger in the u.s. after a black man a shot dead by police at a fast food restaurant the site where richard brooks died has become a makeshift memorial police have released body in that camp footage showing the moments leading up to the struggle that would ultimately cost him his life. also coming up thousands of people rally across germany to demonstrate against racism and social injustice in berlin coronavirus restrictions many people could gather together provided they maintain a safe distance. and standing up for press freedom in the philippines journalist
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maria ressa has vowed to keep fighting after being convicted of some of cyber libel the press freedom advocates say the case was meant to silence critics of the president to terror to look at the latest from manila. i'm way i'm good thanks for joining protests against social injustice and police brutality persists in the u.s. inflamed by friday's fatal police shooting of ray shared brooks and led to georgia body and desk and dash cam footage shows a seemingly peaceful exchange between the 27 year old black man and 2 white officers that turned deadly when they tried to arrest him on suspicion of drunk driving and then a scuffle ensued the incident is under investigation and the officer who fired the shots already terminated may face criminal charges. 1st it was set alight.
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now the windies fast food restaurant in atlanta has become a sort of memorial for a shot brooks as the community comes to terms with his death but anyone over there is house resolved by law to assure you can we don't like this so i try to i try to personally i try to keep away from the police much is lost because i'd probably shoot to kill the morning that animal where they are her killer be it with a whole kill for the middle run the way they shot him in i mean it's our the 27 year old was shot by police who found him asleep in his car thank you very much for trying to drive us apart as one of our going after failing a breath test mr brooks resisted arrest. body camera footage released by atlanta's police department show a scuffle before mr brooks attempted to flee with the police taser
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then the deadly shots. the lawyers representing racial brooks's family say the offices want justified to use deadly force even if he had fired a taser in their direction i've had cases where officers have been stays on victims and they all do with both in court that citizens are deadly that tasers are hopeful that's the case law here you cannot have it both ways. you can't say if you were in up with a weapon that could kill somebody when you say it's not dead atlanta's police chief has since resigned and one officer was fired while the other was placed on administrative duty but the consequences are not enough for residents who have been given another reason to continue demonstrating in support of black lives let's get more now from our washington correspondent oliver solve it all over so we had george folded a few weeks ago that's what started all these protests and now we have
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a race car that brooks what impact might this latest fatal shooting by police officers have on the current protests. well we could we could see that pretty quickly the protesters reacted to the shooting and they put that wendy's restaurant where the shooting took place on fire currently there are protests right on this side plus in other cities across the u.s. and los angeles and washington d.c. and you know this shooting comes at a time where people in the u.s. are on the edge recounting the 20th. all the protests people rallying against police violence against racial injustice following the killing of george floyd's in minneapolis and the position of the protestors is clear it's enough is enough right now but of course there are some differences. still a taser gun of one of the police officers and he fired at the officer as he was trying to escape so the big question will be following this case if the officer can
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make the case of self-defense you know critics are saying that he never had to fear for his life as used a non-lethal gun and that is exactly what we're hearing on the streets tonight that this is just another example of police violence that's blown out of proportion. and let's get the political picture here the political fallout we've already seen republicans being rather split on just how much to back president trumps to visit of rhetoric but democrats are facing their own problems walk us through some of the challenges they are facing in addressing calls for real change. and that's right so the democrats really have to show now that they're taking the concerns of the black left matter movement seriously because the black voters are traditionally rather drawn to the democrats and the democrats therefore have to cater to them politically where nearing the 22 in the election of course that is taking place in november so the democrats in the house of representatives were already trying to
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make the case that they are acting decisively and veiled a comprehensive reform package tackling police violence earlier this week also joe biden's pick for his running mate is due and it was standing out that there are some of the names that are circulating include members of the black community there's lance bottom's the mayor of atlanta for instance as well as a center a chemical harris of california so those the likely content are is. right now and so the message of the democrats is clear that the concerns are taking seriously the black community of black lives matter movement and that could be a very important this time around don't you correspondent all over saw it with us from washington thanks very much. now here in the german capital and across germany it's been another weekend of protests against racism and injustice demonstrators from a cross-section of society formed a human chain through berlin on sunday but as with many cities across the world
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coronavirus are cautions remain in force here meaning participants had to keep their distance and wear face masks. standing together albeit 2 metres apart these demonstrators from german capital formed a human chain that searched over 9 kilometers in keeping with social distancing the didn't hold hands. with. the efficiency this protest is very important even though i haven't personally witnessed what is happening in the u.s. and elsewhere i do hear about it and i am shocked the same goes for some cities around here when xenophobes attack refugees it's unbearable. then this hemisphere pardon exulted anybody says the scene was just. this for a little problems we're discussing here and more than an agent changes over the
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superstore this event may have been held in solidarity with the black clouds meant to movement in the u.s. but germany too has its challenges. recent official figures showed the number of hate crimes in the country is increasing even if it has many germans concerned like here in the eastern city of lights with hundreds joined to protest. this time organizers put an emphasis on social distancing to avoid scenes like this. this time when straight. to criticism for not sticking to guidelines aimed at stopping the spread of covert 19. standing full coleshill was studying cities in this new era these demonstrators proved truth can be done at the same time. moving to the philippines now where journalist maria ressa has been found guilty of
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cyber libel the verdict is being seen as a major blow to press freedom in the country ressa co-founded the website rappler and was charged over a 2012 article on rappler that linked a businessman to murder human trafficking and drug dealing media watchdogs that the case was filed in retaliation for the site's often critical reporting of president or go to terror take a 56 year old now faces up to 6 years in jail. and let's get more right now from our correspondent on a santos who is imminent and also a contributor to rappler give us a sense of what it was like in and around the courtroom when the verdict came down . on the atmosphere here at the regional trial court address here and also by the more chance that you saw maria exhibiting after the conviction was announced 1st she was very hopeful and upbeat saying that she's prepared for
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whatever sentence comes your way and will fight it and then she also became part in motion or hew made public plea saying that this case this conviction of hardware nivel it's. so much more than an option of media freedom it is a suppression also of. everybody's ability to of freedom of expression he said that rap there was meant to be used as a test case to make everyone afraid to say anything that is remotely critical about the government for fear of being honest for it he also cited the certain laws that are coming into play or this is going to be 2nd and terror and all that put a now warrant this arrest and whether or not the government just tags any person who they feel is posting 110th that is unfavorable as something that is linked to terrorism she like and all of this is kind of dark day to the market years of
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martial law and dictatorship and she said that it was a $33.00. so what are the verdicts broader implications now for media and civil society in the philippines. well 1st of all there is now this implication this is a cyber. so anything that you post on can be considered or charged as libel laws so that means anything that you even post on your social media on facebook someone could say that they don't like that and you're using it to defame or vilify them and they can charge you with cyber libel that is the bigger implication to the pilot now globally we also have to look at how much attention this case is getting from the international community of journalists and international human rights advocates there saying that you know there is the poster
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child for media suppression and the crackdown on through them of the press that we see happening all around the world so this decision today will definitely have a ripple effect and. on the countries that they're also suffered similar crackdowns on the tracks and a santos our correspondent in manila thank you very much. in sunday's late bonus the game leverkusen were looking for a win against shellac at a stake their claim to the 4th and final champions league spot and they did it but not before a fight from shaka who turned out to be surprisingly tenacious. came into this one desperate for a change your fortunes off to a 12 game win the streak in the bundesliga but they've refused in the whole of the unis the opponent to face especially with star man carly have a back in the starting line up. just 2 minutes in the 1st major chance belong to
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the royal blues but western mckinney's shots were stopped by lucas credits and asked me could only fluff the rebound and little from 8 years. the guests were held in check until the 40th minute when lucas ne home from a free kick to school state level as the linesman broke to show his wrist. in the 2nd half another stroke of luck for the host when the hand. anyone even appealed for was picked up by the video assistant referee and punished with a penalty. at moen top soba the penalized defender daniel kind of jury the goal scoring points i wanted off the 51 minute it's. tough an hour later when leyva couzens window challenged down the left wing
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and crossed show his love. i next back round me round with a late goal 11 the final score. oh now we in 13 bundesliga games and unwelcomed club record would leave accusing meanwhile sit in 4th but the fight for the champions league places looks set to go down to the wire. collective 3 crucial points in their battle for bonus league survival early on sunday with an away the jury against fellow strugglers mines the game's only goal came after just 43 seconds thanks to this particular effort from far in the left now. victory sees a goal 4 points ahead of their relegation battle rivals minds who remain for a carious they close to the drop zone with just 3 matches left to play this season . i'm
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going that's all for me and the night team but the morning crew has got you covered at the top of the hour with more news until then tune into d.w. dot com or twitter and instagram a t w news i'm way out of the craft thanks for watching. stain for. language courses. video. anytime any. w's.


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