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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is news coming to light from europe reopens most internal borders after months of travel back restrictions to the spread of coronavirus are lifted for all but a few areas but. this will still be a summer like. also coming up standing up for press freedom in the philippines journalist maria teresa files to keep fighting after being convicted of libel press freedom advocates say the case is meant to silence critics of the president to tap to. more anger in the u.s. after police killed an african-american past food restaurant police have released
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a video showing the struggles of. his life. in the bundesliga. record push. royal blues hold high flying leverkusen to a draw. 13 straight league matches with. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us across europe borders are reopening today as more and more countries ease measures imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus ahead of the midnight opening people gathered along the border between france and germany to celebrate their risk reward freedom of movement the frontier was one of many closed 3 months ago but not all of europe's internal border. our
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reopening today and the continent still remains largely closed to visitors from outside the e.u. . but let's cross straight over to our correspondent ben to make it he's standing in straws book at the german french border band this is a moment many people have been waiting a long time for isn't it. yet it was a very joyful moment and people are very relieved that these restrictions. that ben place for the 3 months business was restricted and also personal ties back out and especially for young people it was also in the motion of thing because they never experience actually bought a check. on the actual border between france and germany because the schengen freeboard it was invented 25 years ago so for them it's a relief and also older people told me that they are now relieved that this backbone of the european integration the river behind me is no longer something
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that divides and but that unites them again and so the shang to travel the area is now wrist reinstated in $33.00 of the countries only a few exceptions and now people are looking forward to travel again ok bad europeans are clearly happy to be getting their freedom of movement back but all the concerns that open borders could bring another surge in corona virus infections . well actually that the current infections level as yet in germany and also in france are quite low and people are not so much varied i gather 62 percent of them as a new survey showed of willing and eager to travel in the schengen zone during the summer months of course because some sanitarium restrictions but anyway they want to travel and to see europe again and they also appear that there must be a regional approach you cannot lock down entire countries but you have to see how
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the infection rates are going and better than the actual hotspots of the infections are and all the people i spoke to say yukon taken a chang and again from us ben thank you so much from the german french border that was bent week out. well what you state that is not reopened it's not reopening its borders yet is spain but the government now says travel restrictions for most. area tourists will be lifted on june 21st 10 days earlier than planned before the pandemic spain was one of the world's most visited destinations and it's island of my yorker is gearing up for another influx of tourists. up to now may your concert had the beaches for themselves but the tourists are returning although much of the island is still closed the beaches are open. this is an important phase it's
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a nudge towards economic recovery and it means a return to normality for tourists sector. but for many hotel years normality remains a distant dream within a week the rio chain has reopened 2 of its hotels for the new guests that's meant renovations cleaning and ensuring that coronavirus regulations can be met the distance requirements in the dining room and at the swimming pool mean the hotel can only take half the usual number of guests. commonwealth you are the future of motoring we're not earning anything so there's no financial incentive but it's still worth opening because we're able to show customers that they can return to me york or they can book a trip here again. sort of i don't know. local restaurants won't benefit much from the 1st holidaymakers most people will dine in their hotel the head of new yorkers restaurant association says many in the sector will lose their jobs. many
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restaurants here remain closed. we estimate that tommy york or alone around 224-0000 jobs will be lost even if we only earn 40 or 50 percent of what we did last year we'll still be very pleased. that we're going to be a success. people are all too aware of the importance of tourism it makes up around a 3rd of the economy but they're also not willing to take any risks they don't know whether or not they're on the downside i mean the board is it's too quick they should have waited it out. we need to be very careful. and that means taking the temperatures of those arriving at the airport and again at the hotels anyone who shows and the symptoms will be moved to a special quarantine area. to the philippines now where high profile journalist maria teresa has been found guilty of cyber libel the verdict is being seen as
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a major blow to press freedom their research co-founded the website rappler and was charged over a 2012 article linked to a businessman to murder human trafficking and drug dealing media watchdog said the case was filed in retaliation for the site's often critical reporting a president wrote to 10 to 56 year old race and now faces up to 6 years in jail. on it's get more now from our correspondent on a sun toss in manila she's also a contributor to rap or i should point out you were in court earlier when the verdict was read describe the scene for us. there was much anxiety this morning as we waited for the verdict some people were expecting actually of a guilty verdict to be announced despite how ridiculous and politically motivated
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these charges against maria are ridiculous because the charge of cyber libel was made for an article that was published before the law was passed so the law was implemented retrial active and politically motivated because it was no less than the president who said in his state of the nation address that he would go there rafter because he won the coverage of raptor of the drug war at stake moves so since then the attacks of graft i'm rapper has not stopped maria summed it up quite well when she said that it was a devastating decision but it was not completely unexpected she likened this dark to the days of martial law under the former dictator ferdinand marcos and i think she was right in doing so. in your opinion what does this verdict mean for press freedom in the philippines. far reaching implications on
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press freedom and freedom of speech and expression in the philippines so there have been a number of attacks on the media outlets the largest t.v. broadcast station and has been shut down the largest national daily the philippine daily inquirer has also been threatened with closure now all of these the media institutions covered the drug war exposed the brutality of it and the extra judicial killings at the hands of police so that's why it is not the government was in very happy with these media outlets and want them to shut down now this cyber libel sentence are guilty sentence and media also sets a dangerous perceived dent this is cyber libel so anyone who posts a critical of view or opinion on their social media pages like facebook could be deemed neighborhoods we've already seen this happening like in the case of maria victoria beltran she posted a sarcastic comment about the government on facebook and with the tape a miss
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a trend was named the d w freedom of speech awardee so this just signals today for us that no one is safe from expressing their critical views of the government just briefly and if maria goes to jail what do you think the impact will be all. yourself. there are 7 other cases that maria is facing this is just one that we saw today and if found guilty for all of those other charges she could face up to 100 years in prison so it's really quite heavy in terms of the impact of press freedom but maria because of her stature enjoys a lot of support from the international community now not all journalists enjoy this kind of support and that means that it's going to be a lot harder for margin and they are so i'm sorry smaller media outlets in remote areas to to critically cover the government and abuses in their area now on
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a personal go and i do know maria and you know i saw her today she was she came a little emotional when she made a plea to everyone to say that you know we're being used as a cautionary tale to make you afraid and you shouldn't be afraid and ok i just went on to say that you know we got to buckle up and do the work that's exactly the way the person really is and i thank you so much that was journalist and a son tossed in little and in the next program we'll be talking to maria teresa herself about the verdict that's in just under 60 minutes here on d.w. news. and let's catch up on some other stories making headlines this hour kim jong il the sister of north korea's leader kim jong un has threatened military action against south korea it is the latest escalation of tensions over defectors from the north who've been sending propaganda leaflets across the border. bollywood star shot singh rajput has been found dead at his home in mumbai and he's believed to
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have taken his own life prime minister narendra modi paid tribute to the 34 year old calling him a bright young actor too soon. china is capital beijing is bracing for a resurgence of the corona virus after more than $100.00 new cases were reported in recent days mass testing is being carried out to the city had been free of local transmission for more than a month the latest cases are being linked to the city's largest wholesale food market. xico reported more than $4000.00 new corona virus infections on sunday along with $269.00 fatalities that brings its total confirmed cases to more than 146017000 deaths but even the government says the real number of infections is probably significantly higher we followed one 1st responder and the challenges he faces in mexico.
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his oxygen level is low he can hardly breathe. he had been 38 degrees he hasn't been able to stand for 3 days it's probably harder than when taking him to hospital. it's another tough day for the red cross team in mexico diego it's now one of too many and getting the patient to the hospital and happen. i'm sure they take him away he may never come back. diego leaves the man his chances don't look good with a heavy heart. kiss him up a world of sadist family ties a strong mexico they prefer for someone to die with their loved ones even if they could be saved in a hospital or preserve the committee but also. the capital has been a pig pandemic probably for weeks but nobody knows for sure there is little current virus testing. most of it was that it's distressing not knowing how many are really
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infected so we won't know when this is going to end. working but i'm going in the next mission with lots of family members crammed in a small space are you afraid of catching it. if he has pneumonia. that's how it often starts since hospitals are almost always overcrowded diego you can only take critical patients he is stable. but thousands of mexicans are losing the battle the criminal toria are working at full capacity. the relatives only have 5 minutes to say their goodbyes. everything has to be done quickly. charlie hasn't taken a break for weeks in mexico mortality rates are above average.
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get caught up and i've never had to deal with so many dead people before it's risky i'm scared because i have family. a relative must always concern the deceased to avoid mistaken identity washing rages charlies that many mexicans deny the current virus exists. now must in some ways why don't people switch on their brains if this keeps going on like this i don't know when it will end if that one. mexico wants to get back to normal but diego is worried about his fellow citizens and his team. well here's a round up now some other developments in the credit virus pandemic flu thing almost 8000000 people are now reported to have been infected and more than 433000 have died that's according to the tally by the johns hopkins university in the u.s. more than half of all u.s. states are reporting an increase in cases with many seeing record spikes and
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hospitalizations it comes as most states push ahead with reopening thailand has lifted a nationwide curfew after more than 2 months allowed restaurants to resume selling alcohol it's not reported any domestic transmissions of the virus for $21.00 days and germany plans to make $500000000.00 euros available to firms to prevent a collapse of in company training and apprenticeships the german government has also agreed to 2 stimulus packages to mitigate the economic impact of the teen crisis. well the county medical examiner in the u.s. state of atlanta has ruled the death of an african-american at the hands of police a homicide brook's died of blood loss and organ damage from 2 gunshot wounds inflicted by officers they could face charges as early as wednesday brooks's death has caused further outrage in a country already in a state of upheaval after the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis.
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the charred remains of this fast food restaurant is the scene of the latest incident fueling nationwide protests it was set on fire on saturday night talked to richard brooks was shot and killed by police in the parking lot of. the anger still summers atlanta residents on sunday gathered at the restaurant for a vigil. for them brooks death is only one of many examples of excessive use of force by the police. could be anyone oh but that's how it's really not my life too short even you don't like this so i try to i try to personally i try to keep away from the police much is lost because i'd probably shoot the cue brooks resisted arrest after a breathalyzer test found him over the limit he had too much to trying to be dried as much as one of acquiring. brooks managed to wrestle free and ran away after
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snatching a stun gun from the police security cameras show he was gunned down by an officer after brooks pointed the taser at him. through the lawyer representing brooks family argues the officer should not have used deadly force i've had cases where officers have ins tasers on victims and they all get with us in court that citizens are deadly lets face is our home for that's the case law here you cannot have it both ways. you can't say he were an off with a weapon that would kill somebody when you say it's not that. far off since the killing of george floyd by a police officer last month the u.s. has been ruled by protests mike brooks death has given the black lives matter movement fresh impetus my legs i know your luggage what they.
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say i. was in los angeles the annual gay pride parade was recast to carry a broader message. you know we're living in the new civil rights movement we're respecting civil rights movement and also between history was told this is an extenuating it's a continuation of what our forefathers and foremothers have done for us from your past that you have to keep pressure you have to fight for what you know is right and charge for it is not the 1st and as we've seen just in 5th murder he's not the last fall into the real change happens you can't let up. most americans are now in favor of police reform with each protest the momentum towards change grows stronger . well it's been a weekend of protests against racism and injustice here in the german capital and across the country demonstrators formed a human chain through much of berlin on sunday but with coronavirus precautions remaining in force participants and to keep their distance and where thanks must.
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many germans of color feel they are under represented in the country especially in public office the w. met politician karumba in his constituency of hala he talked about how he had experienced scrim a nation and what changes he would like to see. in 2013 was one of the 1st to africa jamas to be elected to the german parliament. in january d.c. where the known attackers shot at his office in the eastern german city of harlow racism is something to snigger least bond politician has to live with. in the last few years to turn has changed and many people have experienced hostile tendencies coming from mainstream society i'm going to comment that. this is very worrying but i must say that the personally i experienced a very very big wave of solidarity. following the attack
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to german chancellor angela merkel gave gabby her full support while he refuses to be seen as a token of diversity within german politics to recent events have him come siddur in what could be done in germany to improve the situation for people of color as this to face discrimination and remain under represented the albums and 50 before the quarter of the population in germany has a migration background. but if you look at the german parliament to be only 8 percent in the news room it is around 60 percent and in other public offices that so so a very small number of incidences so i'll leave getting. home by debbie has closely followed the recent protests around the world but for him mobilization needs to extend beyond the streets to give people with the migration background more of a voice. if. i ask myself why
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people with a migration background not asked to share their opinion on various topics. often it is just about the far right but i would appreciate if they were equally asked to share their perspectives on other topics as well. some to immense argue that they don't even notice people's skin color but that too is problematic. and. one way to deny reality is when you don't acknowledge the diversity of society whether it's appearance religion culture but others so if it is transsexuality vigil tarion isn't. boulders aspects of the society that are represented to get that. and if you deny it down then you simply not ready to face the challenges it entails that is my myth but i. have seen the german to
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discrimination just published a report showing us talking crees in racist attacks throughout the country in fact such attacks have more done doubled over the past 4 years peaking out to well over a 1000 for 2019. has just passed an entity's communication law as a regional level in order to shelter people of color for racial profiling but other regional states are failing to follow suit so far despite increasing demands coming from civil society. to do. reporting there well in sunday's late bullishly game leverkusen were looking for a win against shark or to stake their claim to the 4th and final champions league spot and they did it but not before a fight from charlotte who turned out to be surprisingly tenacious. shall go. came into this one desperate for a change of fortunes off to
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a 12 game win le streak in the bundesliga but later hughes and hardly any easy opponent to face especially with star man have a back in the starting line up. just 2 minutes in the 1st major chance belong to the royal blues but western mckinney's shots were stopped by lucas credit skate and made good only fluff the rebound and let off from 8 years. of the guests were held in check until the 45 minute. naughty home from a free kick but the school's state level as the linesman broke to show his best. in the 2nd half another stroke of luck for the host when the hand tools scarcely anyone even appealed for was picked up by the video assistant referee and punished with a penalty. at moen top soba the penalized defender daniel caligiuri the goal scoring points i wanted after 51 minutes.
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past an hour later when leyva kazan's window charged down the left wing and crossed his lot. left back cranmer round with a late own goal one won the final score. and now we in 13 bundesliga games and unwelcome club record label accusing meanwhile sit in 4th but the fight for the champions league places looks set to go down to the wire. collected 3 crucial points in their battle for his bonus league survival on sunday with an away victory against fellow strugglers mines the game's only goal came after just 43 seconds thanks to this peculiar effort from. victory. cs go 4 points ahead of the really battle rivals minds who remain
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precariously close to the draw just 3 matches left to play this season. so how does all this affect the bonus league standings after matched a 31 no changes among the top 8 by and will take the title with just one more win dortmund in leipzig set for the champions league along with. in the bottom half minds distilled often braman are battling for survival while possible on are as good as a limited. just reminder the top story we're following for you this hour internal borders between most e.u. states have been reopened to european nations are eager to restart their economies especially tourism after months of travel restrictions due to the pandemic. and of course in the philippines has convicted of felony charges to the crime of cyber libel gloria race up faces up to 6 years in prison washboard say the case
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marks a series or ocean of press freedom under president reagan to turn to i'll be talking to maria teresa and just over 30 minutes from now this is the w. news don't get you get all this news and information around the clock at a time wants it on our website it's a t w dot com thanks watch. one
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of the most durable spacecraft ever turns 30 space telescope. broadening our eyes on this project. and supplying us with marvelous images of deep space. it's a vital research instrument that serves as our window on the universe. tomorrow to doing. next on the lunar.
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armstrong really walk on the moon. isn't the earth really flat after all does the government use planes to poison us. conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on the internet. some people are convinced they are truth. in stereo because of small groups who shout loud is anonymous and profit from a lack of interest among reasonable. scientists are studying why some are so susceptible to ideas that are obviously wrong and absurd and how the international amplifies it all. the time and it takes a lot more energy to refute rubbish than to propagate it in the 1st place. if
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a conspiracy theories can provide comfort you don't like reality create another. the film about knowledge and belief trust and deception. adovasio of the goebbels starts july 1st on g.w. . evolution involves constant adaptation and how busy cities animals have to adapt their behavior which even changes their d.n.a. since time immemorial this process has continued today we've looked at the evolution of our universe. and dulls what ongoing evolution holds in store for life on. welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w. the universe.


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