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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2020 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from facing prison for exposing corruption the philippine corp convicts a journalist maria ressa of the crime of cyber libel she'll speak to news about her case which some say is meant to intimidate critics of president would be good to tap it also coming up europe reopens most internal borders after months of travel bans restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus are lifted in all but a few areas. and more in the u.s. after police kill an african-american outside of past food restaurant police
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released a video showing the struggle that calls for a shark brooks his life plus in the bundesliga a sad club record. the royal blues hold high flying leverkusen to a draw but have now gone 13 straight league matches with. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a court in the philippines has convicted a prominent journalist of the crime of cyber libel maria teresa now faces up to 6 years in prison watchdogs have called the case a serious erosion of press freedom under president reagan who tapped. award winning journalist maria ressa arriving in court in manila to learn her fate. the verdict
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guilty of cyber libel 482012 article her website rappler published linking a businessman to human trafficking and drug smuggling. ressa once worked for c.n.n. and holds dual u.s. philippine citizenship she says she's been devastated by the verdict which she sees as a part of a government campaign against her and her publication. next year will be my 35th year as a journalist i began as a reporter in the 6 and i have worked so many countries around the world. that threaten but never this kind of death by a 1000 cuts the case was closely watched as a test of press freedom under populist president would require. the court heard the libel complaint even though the article in question was published 4 months before the cybercrime law was enacted russ and rappler are not the only prominent philippine media to face problems with the authorities last month one of the country's leading broadcasters was shut down rights groups warned the country is
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entering dangerous territory it is indeed a verse. in this country. this sends a message to every journalist. who wants. or you're going to the next russia now faces a prison term of up to 6 years in spite of the verdict she vows not to be silenced . joins us from manila maria what went through your mind as the judge read this guilty verdict against you. it wasn't unexpected if you look at it in the context of the 8 criminal charges cites case i had to post bail 8 times last year just to remain free. and then the slew of attacks against journalists in that has intensified with the shutdown of the largest broadcaster just last month. i suppose i walked in feeling in
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knowing that there could be a worst case scenario that would is even worse than this one and so when i listen to it i just i tried hard not to get angry and then to figure out how do we continue doing our jobs better given these facts are you prepared to go to jail terry you know i think this is a question i had to confront a while back because clooney actually just pointed out to the that the cumulative charges the maximum jail penalty for all of them is almost 100 years and so i think the question is that not challenging these cases would mean that i would give up the rights that are guaranteed in the constitution not just freedom of the press but also the rights of filipinos to information to hold power to account. and you see this verdict that's been handed down today as part of
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a campaign against you and your your website rappler dot com by present to tatiana's government what evidence do you have for such a campaign. the actions of the government part of the reason rappler caved into the crosshairs is because we continue challenging the the number of deaths in a very brutal drug war the commission on human rights in the philippines estimates months ago that it was over 27000 people killed in punitive there and then here you can see that you know we were under trial the day yes the verdict came out today but the justice system was also under trial because what's happened in the last few years is the weaponization of the law the law tweaked legal acrobatics used against journalists perceived critics oppositions and in that sense that also
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follows the kind of exponential attacks what we call the propaganda machine on social media so that narratives of the attacks come out 1st on social media and then the law the weaponization of the law follows c'mon 8 cases that are all criminal charges arrest warrants i was arrested last year and detained you can see these actions and i think you know to not take them in a gret in a granular scale because every single one sounds almost clause of all the attempt to shut down rattler to revoke our business license happened in january 28th seed and again that if you get lost in the details sure it sounds plausible but when you look at the context of it and the context of a is overwhelming it isn't just a chilling effect on media well that's what i wanted to ask you about what message do you think that your convictions sends to other journalists working in the philippines. i've been
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a cautionary tale. rappler has been a cautionary tale for journalists in the philippines be silent or your next that's what the government to say the government wants us to know it's got tremendous power but it also wants to me as he of the needier of rule of law and as long as it wants to maintain that the neo we built it to do with our jobs and pushing back and challenging these cases in court you mention earlier that you're facing other charges there are numerous other charges you could face up to 100 years in prison for all those what motivates you to continue your work as a journalist in the philippines under these conditions i think because like you we know something is happening at this time period right this is a unique moment in history and we're seeing a rise of a surratt area populist style leaders of national almost and you're seeing the attacks on media it i don't think i've lived and i'm this is my 34th year i'm going
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to be a i'm an old journalist you know and and i've never seen anything like this i've worked in war zones i covered conflicts but this is is a different time period and i feel like in my country at least we're standing on the precipice and we must do always 10 to protect press freedom which protects our democracy maria thank you so much for taking time to talk with us today that was journalist maria ressa in manila. across europe borders are reopening as more and more countries ease measures imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus germany and france dropped border checks overnight allowing unrestricted road traffic to resume you're looking at the scene this morning at a crossing near strasbourg earlier it was a scene of celebration as people gather to mark their restored freedom of movement here was one of many closed 3 months ago but not all of europe's internal borders
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are reopening today and the continent still remains largely closed to visitors from outside. was crossed straight over to our correspondent ben to think is he standing in straws book at the german french border band this is a moment many people there have been waiting a long time for isn't it that it was a very joyful moment and people are very relieved that these restrictions. that had place for 3 months business was restricted and also personal ties. especially for young people it was also in the motion of thing because they never experience actually bought a check. in the actual border between france and germany because the schengen freeboard it was invented 25 years ago so for them it's a relief and also older people told me that they are now relieved that this
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backbone of the european integration the river behind me is no longer something that divides and but that unites them again and so the shang to travel the area is now risk reinstated in $23.00 of the countries only a few exceptions and now people are looking forward to travel again ok europeans are clearly happy to be getting their freedom of movement back but all the concerns that open borders could bring another surge in corona virus infections. well actually the current infections level yet in germany and also in france are quite low and people are not so much varied i gather 62 percent of them as a new survey showed of willing and eager to travel in the schengen so on during the summer months of course it was some sanitarium restrictions but anyway they want to travel and to see europe again and they also appear that there must be
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a regional approach you cannot lock down entire countries but you have to see how the infection rates are going and better the actual hotspots of the infections and all the people i spoke with say yukon taken a chang and again from us ben thank you so much from the german french border that was bent. well once you state it's not reopened its borders yet is spain but the government now says travel restrictions for most even showing an area tourists will be lifted on june 21st that's 10 days earlier than planned before the pandemic spain was one of the most visited destinations and it's island of majorca is gearing up for another influx of tourists. up to now may your concert have the beaches for themselves but the tourists are returning although much of the island is still closed the beaches are open. this is an important phase it's a nudge towards economic recovery and it means
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a return to normality for palmer's tourist sector. but for many hotel years normality remains a distant dream within a week the rio chain has reopened 2 of its hotels for the new guests that's meant renovations cleaning and ensuring that coronavirus regulations can be met the distance requirements in the dining room and at the swimming pool mean the hotel can only take half the usual number of guests. commonwealth you are the future of not growing we're not earning anything so there's no financial incentive but it's still worth opening because we're able to show customers that they can return to me york or they can book a trip here again. for the. local restaurants won't benefit much from the 1st holidaymakers most people will dine in their hotel the head of new yorkers restaurant association says many in the sector will lose their jobs. many
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restaurants here remain closed. but. we estimate that tommy york or alone around 224-0000 jobs will be lost even if we only earn 40 or 50 percent of what we did last year we'll still be very pleased. that will be a success people are all too aware of the importance of tourism here it makes up around a 3rd of the economy but they're also not willing to take any risks. then i'm not all that down to opening the borders it's too quick they should've waited for each other that. we need to be very careful. and that means taking the temperatures of those arriving at the airport and again at the hotels anyone who shows any symptoms will be moved to a special quarantine area. so you could smell the stories making headlines this hour germany's contribution to the e.u. budget could rise by more than 40 percent according to media reports national
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leaders will this week discuss the bloss financial framework for the next 7 years the hole in the budget left by breaks it is one of the main reasons for the extra $13000000000.00 euros a year that germany could have to contribute to. london has marked the 3rd anniversary of the grenfell tower fire the bells of the city's churches told $72.00 times in tribute for each of the victims the devastating blaze in the apartment block shocked britain the ongoing investigation into the disaster has highlighted significant systemic failings by the london fire brigade and. holywood store sushant singh rajput has been found dead in his home in mumbai he's believed to have taken his own life prime minister narendra modi paid tribute to the 34 year old calling him a bright young actor gone too soon. and china's capital beijing is bracing for
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a resurgence of the coronavirus after more than $100.00 new cases were reported in recent days mass testing is being carried out after the city had been free of local transmission for more than a month the latest cases are being linked to the city's largest wholesale food market. mexico reported more than $4000.00 new coronavirus infections on sunday along with $269.00 fatalities that brings its total confirmed cases to more than 146017000 deaths but even the government says the real number of infections is probably significantly higher we followed one 1st responder and the challenges he faces in mexico city. he's oxygen level is low he can hardly breathe. he had a steady 8 degree fever he hasn't been able to stand for 3 days it's probably what
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taking him to hospital. it's another tough day for the red cross team in mexico for diego alcoa it's now one of too many and getting the patient to the hospital want happen to your friend or your employer i'm sure they take him away he may never come back. diego leaves the man his chances don't look good with a heavy heart. to celebrate a world of serious jamling ties a strong mexico they prefer for someone to die with their loved ones even if they could be saved in a hospital for the committee the buffalo. capital has been a pig pandemic probably for weeks but nobody knows for sure there is little current virus testing. most of it was that it's distressing not knowing how many are really infected so we won't know when this is going to end. up working but i'm going in. the next mission with lots of family members cramped in
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a small space are you afraid of catching it. before he has pneumonia. that's how it often starts since hospitals are almost always overcrowded diego can only take critical patients he is stable. but thousands of mexicans are losing the battle the criminal tory are working at full capacity the relatives only have 5 minutes to say their goodbyes everything has to be done quickly charlie hasn't taken a break for weeks in mexico mortality rates are above average. typical of help i've never had to deal with so many dead people before it's risky i'm scared because i have family. or relatives must always confound the deceased to
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avoid mistaken identity. rages charlies that many mexicans deny the current virus exists. why don't people switch on their brains if this keeps going on like this i don't know when it will end one. mexico wants to get back to normal but diego is worried about his fellow citizens and his team. was going to round up some other developments in the crown a virus pandemic almost 8000000 people are now reported to have been infected worldwide and more than 4 133000 have died less according to the tally by the johns hopkins university in the us more than half of all u.s. states are reporting an increase in cases with many seeing record spikes and hospitalizations it comes as most states push ahead with reopening thailand has lifted a nationwide curfew after more than 2 months and allowed restaurants to resume selling alcohol its not reported any domestic transmissions of the virus for 21
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days in germany plans to make 500000000 euros available to firms to prevent a collapse of in company training and apprenticeships the german government has already agreed to 2 stimulus packages to mitigate the economic impact of the coded 19 crisis. shares in asia and europe have made losses during monday trading over fears of a 2nd wave of coronavirus japan's nikkei closed around 3 and a half percent down with kevin $1000.00 cases in tokyo on the rise once more shares in shanghai also slipped after china posted its highest infection rate in months european shares made early losses after some us some states in the us reported record numbers of. new case it's. well our correspondent lee bartz is in frankfurt let's get the latest from him on the markets only how worried are investors about
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a possible 2nd wave of corona virus infections well they're very worried the reports on the flaring up of the virus are out there you just mentioned the situation in the united states and in china and a trader i talked to this morning here in frankfurt also was concerned over tokyo sure not that many cases nothing in comparison to the flare up in the united states but tokyo had declared an end to the state of emergency in may everything opened up and now this so it shows how tricky and how dangerous this virus is that's what's worrying people are also very very seriously remembering the warnings of fed chairman jerome powell from last week so shares generally across the board here under pressure. e.u. borders have reopened early that's making a lot of people happy it could be a boost for tourism that's for sure how is that playing into the markets. well you
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know when it was announced terry it was a real booster for the market the shares went up it was one of those factors that contributed to sending the market to sky high before at that and tumbled. in shock over the remarks from jerome powell and now the coronavirus flare up that effect has dissipated with the current worries i wouldn't rule out another. rebound in the other direction positively after all there is all that public money out there but for the moment worry investor ronnie's is the topic of the day. really great to see you did use only by its there in frankfurt. you're watching the news still to come the kind of record you don't want to despite a weekend drawl sorries are now winless in 13 bundesliga matches the worst win in the country the worst run the country's history. now to the
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u.s. where the county medical examiner in the city of atlanta has ruled that the death of an african-american at the hands of georgian police was homicide rates showed brooks died of blood loss and organ damage from 2 gunshot wounds inflicted by officers they could face charges as early as wednesday brooks's death has calls further outrage in a country already in a state of upheaval after the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. the charred remains of this fast food restaurant is the scene of the latest incident fueling nationwide protests it was set on fire on saturday night time to recharge brooks was shot and killed by police in the parking lot of. the anger still simmers atlanta residents on sunday gathered at the restaurant for a vigil. for them brooke's death is only one of many examples of excessive use of
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force by the police. could be anyone oh but that's how it's really not my life to sure you don't like this so i try to i try to personally i try to keep away from the police much is lost because i'd probably shoot to kill you brooks resisted arrest after a breathalyzer test found him over the limit. too much to trying to drive us back or i. couldn't write about brooks managed to rustle free and ran away after snatching a stun gun from the police security cameras show he was gunned down by an officer after brooks pointed the taser at him. the lawyer representing brooks family argues the officer should not have used deadly force. officers have used tasers on victims and they all deal with us in court that citizens are deadly but safe as our home for that's the
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case law here you cannot have it both ways you can't say few ran off with a weapon that could kill somebody when you say it's not dead. since the killing of george played by a police officer last month the us has been ruled by protests books death has given the black lives matter movement fresh impetus my legs i know your luggage you want . sports news and in sunday's late bonus league game live accuse and were looking for a win against shaka to stake their claim to the 4th and final champions league spot and they did it but not before a fight from shaka who turned out to be surprisingly tenacious. came into this one desperate for a change or fortunes off to a 12 game win the street in the bundesliga but later hughes and a hardly any easy opponent to face. my stock
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market by help. when you. see. the shot spear. in the 2nd half another stroke of luck for the host when the hand. anyone even at peeled for was picked up by the video assistant referee and punished with a penalty. ed mon tops obama to penalize defender. caligiuri the goal scoring past i. have. one new off to 51 minutes. off an hour later when leyva couzens window charged down the left wing and crossed show has lost its i'm back crown me round with a mate. 11 the final school. shout out on now winless in 13 games and unwelcomed club record.
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collected 3 crucial points in their battle for bonus latest survival on sunday with an away victory against fellow strugglers mines the game's only goal came after just 43 seconds thanks to this peculiar effort from only on a need a. victory sees will go 4 points ahead of their relegation battle rivals minds who remain curiously close to drop some to just 3 matches to left to play this season. now the 1st gulf tournament since the coronavirus pandemic wrapped up on sunday with american daniel bag-o. winning the charles schwab challenge no spectators were allowed inside the colonial country club in texas and that created an eerie atmosphere with successful putts created largely by silence that didn't reflect the excitement though on the course
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as the tournaments went down to a playoff missed putt from call in. handing back at the 1st p.g.a. tour title in 3 months. this is t w news for remembering it all the latest news information around the clock on our web site. and you can sponge on instagram and twitter at. thanks for watching. the full.
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