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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm CEST

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welcome to the program the german government plans to take a 23 percent stake in the private biotech company which is what. the stake will cost $300000000.00 euros. which is based in germany is about to begin trials for the vaccine later this month here's a closer look at the. that's attracting both scientific and political interests.
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q evacuees one of the big hopes when it comes to developing a vaccine against the corona virus its method is particularly promising now the german government has taken a 20 percent stake in the company giving it a 300000000 euro boost. this investment is a way of providing back with security so that it can continue to work with commitment towards producing a vaccine. cure back hit the headlines this year when the us government allegedly attempted to entice the company over to america monday's move is therefore also about sending a clear message about the government's industrial policy. we want high tech businesses companies which serve people to continue to develop their products in germany and europe and we want to ensure such companies have the
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conditions they need here q of ak is such a company. in. june will see the 1st clinical trials with healthy volunteers there are more than $120.00 vaccine projects currently underway worldwide and no one knows when and if a vaccine will be found. let's talk now with our business reporter robots in the studio to break this down for us rob welcome why is the german government investing in this private firm where there is a worldwide hunt to find this corona virus vaccine something like $100.00 vaccines in development around the world and germany would like a german company to be the 1st to succeed in producing this vaccine and it says this $300000000.00 euros is going to go a long way to helping cure back to speed up the process of developing this vaccine but there is another angle to this now some people might. remember back in march
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the furor over this were there was a suggestion that the united states had made an attempt to buy a significant share of cure and therefore take exclusive rights to the vaccine when it was eventually produce this caused much panic in the german government saying we need to keep germs german firms german. and this is a response to that it may have come a few months later but this is the german government paying to get a stake in a german company to help keep it germans but to hope close is actually to developing a vaccine we don't know when this vaccine is going to come out the economy minister says that it is is leading the way but it could still be many many months away is producing what's called an r.n.a. vaccine which century teaches the body to. recognize the virus and then fight it when it eventually comes and this sort of vaccine is advantageous because it's quick to produce and it can be cheap to produce as well cure back has already had
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some positive pretrial results which is to start testing on humans later this month a $300000000.00 euro invest in the us but it will both from the side of the german government is the german government been in all its hopes on a vaccine from kill that well now there's another major german player that's also involved by own tech is actually i suppose ahead of culiacan as far as its already carrying out human tests for the major deal that's emerged over the past few days is actually with a u.k. based company astra zeneca it struck a deal with a coalition of for european countries france germany italy and the netherlands to provide 400000000 doses of its vaccine should it turn out to be a vaccine against coronavirus when it eventually comes so they're not just looking within their own borders here in germany from what's thanks very much for coming in . and here's
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a quick summary of other developments in the coronavirus been demick almost 8000000 people are now reported to have been infected and more than 433000 have died that's according to the tally by the johns hopkins university in the united states more than half of all u.s. states are reporting an increase in cases with many seeing record spikes and hospitalizations it comes as most states push ahead with reopening thailand of the for the nationwide curfew after more than 2 months and allowed restaurants to resume selling alcohol it has not reported any domestic transmissions of the virus for $21.00 days. mexico report of more than 4000 new coronavirus infections on sunday along with 269 fatalities that brings its talk of confirmed cases to more than 146017000 deaths but even the government says the real number of infections is probably significant because. we followed one 1st responder and the challenges he faces in mexico city. he spoke to
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john is no he can hardly breathe. he had a steady 8 degree favor he hasn't been able to stand for 3 days and when taking him to hospital another tough day for the red cross team in mexico. diego are kind it's one of too many. but getting the patient to the hospital when tappan your finger their employers i'm sure they take him away he may never come back. to hurt diego believes the man with a heavy heart. is set up a world of service timely ties are strong in mexico they prefer for someone to die with their loved ones even if they could be saved in a hospital up or some other committee but also. the pandemic has likely been at its peak here for nobody knows for sure there's no to a virus testing. most of it was but it's distressing not knowing how many are
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really infected so we won't know when this is going to end. for. another case of large families cramped in a small space our relatives are afraid of catching the virus. diego explains that the man has pneumonia. if you do since hospitals are overcrowded gago can only take critical patients. if performance. this one is stable. but files of mexicans are losing the battle the crime a turia a working at full capacity relatives have minutes to say goodbye. showily hasn't taken a break for weeks. in mexico mortality rates are above average. think
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i've never had to deal with so many dead people before it's risky i'm scared because i have family. what in rages charlie is that many mexicans deny the coronavirus exists. let's look at all so much been some of why don't people switch on their brains if this keeps going on like this i don't know when it will end but one as mexico battles the virus charlie and diego are each playing their part but they're worried for the futures of their fellow citizens and their teams. all the other stories making news at this china's capital beijing is bracing for a resurgence of the more than 100 new cases reported in recent days has been carried out off in the city had been free of local transmission for more than a month the latest cases are being linked to the city's largest food market.
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a russian court has sentenced former u.s. marine ball to 16 years in prison after finding him guilty of espionage he was accused of having obtained state information dismissed the trial as a sham and say's he was framed. and india authorities have sent out vehicles to spray pesticides on to huge swarms of desert locusts the insects have already destroyed almost $50000.00 hectares of crops farmers are already struggling with the impact of. the locusts. in neighboring pakistan in april. there have been long lines in england as non-essential stores reopened after the 3 month long chaotic scenes unfolded on london's oxford street with just outside of football and a clothing despite today's openings applied in england but not in the other parts
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of the you kid. people in new york are on the move again as more and more countries reopen their borders following the nationwide coronavirus lockdowns the continent's freedom of movement has been restored between many countries such as the border between france and germany a high speed train bound for germany departed from paris the internal borders were largely closed in march following the coronavirus of bring some travel to frictions remain in place. and i'm joined by the de correspondent band v. got he's in the german city of carol now the german french border band this is a more one people have been waiting a long time for isn't it. people here in the fence should german border region are actually very relieved and happy that the restrictions have fallen after 3 months and many people are coming over the bridge that connects kiev and strasbourg in france and i spoke to them and they told me that they are very relieved that they
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can shop again in germany because things are actually cheaper here and also things like cigarettes because texas hello this is only one aspect at this can go over the rhine river again to visit the nice city of strasburg to the tourism industry that is hoping that german tourists will come back and for many young people this is also an emotional moment because they never experience actually border controls in their lives the schengen travel area was established 25 years ago so they don't know anything but no borders. it's all it's a joyful moment for the rest of the you because 23 of the 26 chiang and countries back into business the 2nd zone is life again so the shingles on comes back alive one small but are europeans not slightly concerned about a possible 2nd wave of infections with all these borders opening up and travel allowed again. but infection rates here in germany also on the other side in
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france a fairly low if they rise to the may of stress we're told me yesterday you have to come up with a different concept you need a regional concept to find the hotspots closing the border may not be appropriate again and 60 percent of european travelers say they want to travel again even this summer in this circumstances and that's the result of a new survey so people are eager to cross the borders again to visit their neighbors and they say don't take away from us again a cautious reopening for the. band from the german french border thank you very much spain isn't opening its borders to most european tourists until next week but none of the country's most popular islands has begun reopening for its most loyal visitors as
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a fast plane carrying german tourists arrived at my local airport as part of a pilot project to test a new public health measures amid dependent make the group from distant office taken to that accommodation where they were welcomed warmly by hotel employees but there is a limit to 50 percent occupancy and will test guests body temperature is. a call to the philippines convicted of prominent journalist of the crime of cyber libel maria ressa now faces up to 6 years in prison she is vowing to appeal the verdict watch talks of call the case a serious emotion of press freedom under president broad rico detail. award winning journalist maria ressa arriving in court in manila to learn her fate. the verdict guilty of cyber libel 482012 article her website rappler published linking a businessman to human trafficking and drug smuggling. ressa once worked for c.n.n.
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and holds dual u.s. philippine citizenship she says she's been devastated by the verdict which she sees as a part of a government campaign against her and her publication. next year will be my 35th year as a journalist i began as a reporter in $986.00 and i have worked so many countries around the world. been shot at and threatened but never this kind of death by a 1000 cuts the case was closely watched as a test of press freedom under populist president. the court heard the libel complaint even though the article in question was published 4 months before the cybercrime law was enacted russia and rappler are not the only prominent philippine media to face problems with the authorities last month one of the country's leading broadcasters was shut down rights groups warned the country is entering dangerous territory it is indeed a very. heavy
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journalist. who wants. or you're going to be next russia now faces a prison term of up to 6 years in spite of the verdict she vows not to be silenced . and there never spoke to many of those currently on barely pending how to feed the 1st i asked her what she thought as the judge found her guilty of cyber level it was an unexpected if you look at it in the context of the 8 criminal charges cites case i had to post bail 8 times last year just to remain free. and then the slew of attacks against journalists in that has intensified with the shutdown of the largest broadcaster just last month. i suppose i walked in feeling in knowing that there could be a worst case scenario that would is even worse than this one and so what i listen to it i just i tried hard not to get angry and then to figure out how do we
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continue doing our jobs better to give the tasks this is a unique moment in history and we're seeing a rise of surratt area populist style leaders corrosive actions almost and you're seeing the attacks on me. i don't think i've lived and i'm this is my 34th year i'm going to be a i'm an old journalist you know and and i've never seen anything like this i've worked in war zones i covered conflicts but this is is a whole different time period and i feel like in my country at least we're standing on the precipice and we must do all we had to protect press freedom which protects our democracy. so let's be honest all this because you're watching did other news still to come the kind of record you don't want to have despite a weekend draw sorry shalt not witness in 13 been disfigured much as the west front
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in the club's history. the county medical examiner in the u.s. city of atlanta has ruled that the death of an african-american at the hands of police was homicide rates shot brooks died of blood loss and damage from 2 gunshot wounds inflicted by officers they could face charges as early as wednesday brooks is deaf as cause further outrage in a country already in a state of upheaval off of the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. the charred remains of this fast food restaurant is the scene of the latest incident fueling nationwide protests it was set on fire on saturday night dr richard brooks was shot and killed by police in the parking lot of. the anger still summer's atlanta residents on sunday gathered at the restaurant for a vigil. for them brooke's death is only one of many examples of excessive use of
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force by the police. could be anyone oh but that's how it is not my life too short even you don't like is so i try to i try to personally i try to keep away from the police much a lot because i'd probably shoot to kill brooks resisted arrest after a breathalyzer test found him over the limit he had too much to drink to be dried of which as one of. the could have been about brooks managed to rustle free and ran away after snatching a stun gun from the police security cameras show he was gunned down by an officer after brooks pointed the taser at him. through the lawyer representing books family argues the officer should not have used deadly force. i've had cases where officers have used tasers on victims and they all get with us in court that citizens are deadly that tasers aren't home for that's the case law here you cannot have it both ways you can't say if you were in an op
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with a weapon that could kill somebody when you say it's not get by. since the killing of george played by a police officer last month the u.s. has been ruled by protests mike brooks death has given the black lives matter movement fresh impetus oh my legs i know yamagata what they. say. it's also been a weekend of protests against racism and injustice yet in the german capital and across the country demonstrators phone to human chain through much of berlin on sunday but it's coronavirus proportions in effect participants kept their distance and wore face mosques. many people of color feel they are under represented in this country is specially office to met caramba d.i.v. a politician whose constituency is the east german city of hala. in
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2013 he was one of the 1st to africa to be elected to determine parliament. in january d.c. where an attack was shot at his office in the eastern german city of hadera racism is something to sneak in these bone politician has to be for his. the lesson. in the last few years to turn has changed and many people have experienced hostile tendencies coming from mainstream society i'm good common that says. this is very worrying but i must say death personally i experienced a very very big wave of solidarity valid. labor following the attack to german chancellor angela merkel gave gabby her full support while he refuses to be seen as a token of diversity within german politics to recent events have him considering what could be done in germany to improve the situation for people of color as this
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to face discrimination and remain under represented we haven't. before a quarter of the population in germany has a migration background. but if you look at the german parliament to be only 8 percent in the newsroom it is around 60 percent and in other public offices that's also a very small number. of dissidence is really getting. home by debbie has closely followed the recent protests around the world but for him mobilization needs to extend beyond the streets to give people with the migration background more of a voice. if. i ask myself why people with migration background not asked to share their opinion on various topics. for descriptive often it is just about the far right but i would appreciate if they were equally asked to share their perspectives on
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other topics as well. some germans argue that they don't even notice people's skin color but that too is problematic. and that. one way to deny reality is when you don't acknowledge the diversity of society whether it's appearance religion culture but those so if it is transsexuality vegetarianism of all those aspects of the society that are represented in the forget that and if you deny it down then you're simply not ready to face the challenges it entails and it's my mr better right for the. german to discrimination just published a report showing us talking crazy in racist attacks throughout the country in fact such attacks have more done doubled over the past 4 years peaking out to well over a 1000 for 2019. senate has just passed an entry discrimination law at
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a regional level in order to shut our people off color for racial profiling but other regional states are failing to follow suit so far these bike increasing demands coming from civil society. or staying in germany looking at football in sunday's destroy your liver cures and looking for a win against shakur to stake their claim to the 4th and final champions league spot but they did it but not before a fight from. turned out to be surprisingly to me. shout came into this one desperate for a change your fortunes off to a 12 game winning the streak in the bundesliga but later houston are hardly any easy opponent to face especially with star man back in the starting line up the guests were held in check until the 40 minute. home from a free kick from the school's state level the linesman broke to show his best.
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in the 2nd half another stroke of luck for the host when the hand. anyone even appealed for was picked up by the video assistant referee and punished with a penalty. the penalized defender. caligiuri the goal scoring part of a. one near after 51. half an hour later when labor couzens grendel charged down the left wing and crossed. back with a late 0. 11 the final score. shall come on now winless in 13 games and unwelcome club record. to 3 crucial points in their battle for bundestag
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a survival on sunday with an away victory against fellow strugglers minds the game's only goal came after just 43 seconds thanks to this peculiar effort. because he's. points ahead of their allegation rivals minds who remain precariously close to the drop zone with just 3 matches left to play this season. so how does all that affect the bundesliga standings aftermath stay 31 no changes among the top 8 but will take the title with just one more win. set for the champions league along with live in houston. in the bottom half minds off. a battling for survival. as good as animated. and out of mind off the top story at this the german government is to buy a stake in a court of art as
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a vaccine develop investment inject $300000000.00 euros into the company called kill back it's the same germany biggest company in the us. back in the office. this is deemed up to do so forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on a website that's up to dot com and you can check us out on instagram and twitter.
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one of the most durable spacecraft ever turns 30 the whole space telescope. rises for decades. and supplying us with a marker. images of deep space. it's a vital research instrument that serves as our window on the universe. tomorrow to
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do. next on the lunar. pollution filled with garbage a serious health hazard and i will be referring ingenue. the environmental damage begins right at the source and by the creatures labeled. it is a completely cold sickly. government has done next to nothing about this problem so local residents decided to take action. in 3 thumbs up. to 60 minutes on t.w. . but gove vogue lay a mug ords is a must. see for the russian soul count it runs deep.
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so many different walks of life. some are jumping. off a. bottle of come straight from the heart. of the russians and churning from birth to death starts june 18th on v.w. rabbit the. evolution involves constant adaptation and how busy cities animals have to adapt their behavior which even changes their d.n.a. since time immemorial this process has continued to date we've looked at the evolution of al universe. and what's undergoing evolution holds in store for life on a. welcome to 2.


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