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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2020 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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eventually have 12000 circling the earth. news to get you get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website d w dot com my colleague monica is up next with the w. business stick around she will be right back. blinds us is hans way to bring you more conservation. how do we make see the screen or how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global mind geno's ferment a series of global $3000.00 on g.w. and online. can inspire. the people making the most. go out for a cup fantastic right. join them as they set out to save the environment
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learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many cars do you all for tuning in come now for go. on t w. is the 2nd wave already crashing in fresh outbreaks of the coronavirus in china and the us have markets on edge we go to new york for more. the u.s. china trade dispute is alive and kicking it started exactly 2 years ago we talked to the w t o to find out if there's a winner yet. and european countries are lifting their cross border lockdowns on monday germany lifted its travel ban on the e.u.
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countries but will it be enough to save the banks which tourists act as summer travel season. welcome to do that the business i want to get jones and berlin good to have you with us fears of a 2nd wave of covert 19 infections rocked world markets today china reintroduced restrictions in some areas and undertook a massive test and trace initiative following a covert 1000 outbreak linked to a wholesale food market in beijing and use added to an ease about higher corona virus cases in the u.s. the governor of new york warning citizens about the dangers of losing sight of the virus. and fighting the coronavirus pandemic isn't the only problem for the global economy as also the u.s. china trade war it started exactly 2 years ago and it's still ongoing. but there was a surprise of the it may sometimes seem like it but the u.s. china trade war it's not the one. sitting opposite donald trump there's another
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president brimming with self-confidence who's determined to make china the world's economic powerhouse by 2025 but the usa remains in xi jinping is way. the power struggle is sending shock waves around the world with global companies caught between the 2 battling giants here's what c.e.o. of germany's siemens joe kayser recently told t w so yes it is the number 2 everybody's sort of knows well china will be number one at some point everybody knows that number one in the in the business segment should become number 2 whether i get. so fight and president trump has chosen as his key weapon import tariffs he's at one point or another imposed charges on almost all goods from china and bilateral trade fell almost 15 percent in 2019
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january so progress with the phase one trade deal signed between beijing and washington but within weeks the arrival of coronavirus on the 2 presidents doorsteps it focused minds elsewhere. now earlier i spoke to keith rockwell director of information and spokesman for the world trade organization and i asked him whether after 2 years we're any closer to a winner in this trade conflict. mica there are no winners in trade war we see losers really across the board whether it's the american consumer a $650.00 more for goods and services as a result whether it's german car companies that manufacture cars in south carolina whether it's farmers in china we have to pay more for soybeans all of these consumers have lost producers have lost we've seen supply chains disrupted and
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we've seen a great deal of. of tremor go through the global trading system as a result of these 2 giants where enough now i must say that at this stage what we have found is that this trader it's been sassoon by the much larger problem we see encountered with cove of course both with both there's a lot of collateral damage but just staying with the traits war for for another moment how has this dispute changed the standing of the world's most powerful economies. well i they're both very powerful still and because they're so big they their actions have ramifications really across the globe we have seen in some cases countries have actually gained because trade been diverted whether it's vietnam or whether it's mexico or even the e.u. countries in southeast asia have gain as well but i think when you when you enter
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into a conflict of this sort it really is in many ways the greatest damage that you cause because to yourself and of on top of all that you mention it already there is the pandemic as well it started in china and it certainly caused havoc in the united states neither side can really afford a protracted to trade war come they. know as they said trade has collapsed and we're looking at a trade contract in this year anywhere between 13 and 32 percent you're looking at economic growth for the year that will then critics of a contraction of 5.2 percent these are great depression type numbers and they have caused massive suffering already 200000000 jobs have been lost already now we hope we can have a rapid bounce back from this and one of the things that's going to be a key element in this is going to be trade policy fiscal and monetary policy obviously a key role play for trade policy is going to be crucial as well all right and this
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is obviously where the w t o comes in then surely keep rocker director of the information next on the relations division of spokesman at the w t o thank you so much for your time. thank you monica. i know a brief look at some other business stories and they can use. the e.u. has imposed terus on chinese producers of glass fiber fabric in china and egypt brussels says they benefit from unfair subsidies including cheap loans and land and tax breaks that allowed them to sell at excessively low prices in europe. british all giant b.p. is writing down its asset values to the tune of 17 and a half $1000000000.00 the move came after it cut its long term oil and gas price forecasts b.p. says the covert 900 crisis will reduce long term energy demand and accelerate a shift away from fossil fuels towards renewables.
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after 3 months coded lock down non-essential retailers in britain were allowed to open for business again the government says stores must meet code at 9000 guidelines to keep shoppers and workers safe that means lining up to enter using hunt sanitizers and following a one way system. a coronavirus has finally ended germany's commitment to a balanced budget is taking on a record $218500000000.00 euros debt to this year to combat the crisis germany has often come under criticism from its partners for its reluctance to borrow and spend. spain now says it is quote very likely to join 4 other european governments in a deal to buy a covert 1000 vaccine from british drug maker astra zeneca a pharmaceutical group agreed to this weekend to supply 4 $100000000.00 doses of
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its vaccine which is still under development to the governments of france germany italy and the netherlands. germany's contribution to the european union budget could increase by more than 40 percent in the coming years as breaks it takes effect this week leaders will hold. video talks to discuss the blocks financial framework for the next 7 years is likely to include an extra $13000000000.00 euros annually from germany according to newspaper varied the country already pays more than $30000000000.00 euros a year into the bloc a major reason for the increase is the budget hole left by the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. . the tourism is among the sectors hardest hit by the covert pandemic but as europe eases its border lockdowns people are on the move again on monday the 1st plane loads of germans left for mediterranean sunshine but after months of hotel closures and travel restrictions here at home as well german
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domestic tourism is also researching just in time for the summer. a day trip to the older half a canal in brandenburg. only a few guests taking the journey. everyone's wearing face masks the mind or family is among them. michelle gave the tour to his father as a birthday present back in february. we chose in june 12th for the trip and then a few weeks ago we found out it would still be going ahead with new regulations of course so we're really pleased about that and we talked for lots of teresa. gurlitz tourist excursions were only recently given the green light to start up again after almost 3 months of no business normally the company's c.e.o. has to rent additional buses to meet demand but since the end of february he's had to cancel tens of thousands of guests due to the coronavirus crisis the family
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business has lost almost 30000000 euros in sales person to the biggest you know whole situation has been alarming every day has been a balancing act of can we survive will we make it or not our company hasn't received any subsidies except for reduced hours compensation for our staff. myself to count alone and will have to pay it back. i'm 16 now and i have to keep going for a bit longer. in the company's own travel agencies business is slowly starting to pick up even though not all of the 16 branches have reopened regular customers in particular are requesting trip consultations. i'm on the safe side here and i can't find the information i need on the internet but in travel agencies especially for let's i've always received good service on the current trend signals
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a comeback for travel agencies during the coronavirus crisis customers appreciated help when it came to organizing cancellations or rebooking though it's not clear how many travel agencies will survive in germany. the entire tourism industry is waiting for financial aid from the german government's economic stimulus package and they're hoping that tourists will still want to come to germany despite the coronavirus crisis. that's your business update here randy wu for me and the team in berlin as always thanks for keeping us company.
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the drama competition why the marketing numbers atmosphere the fight that's how intuition love hate money. fans problems lattice fans and fans old. on you tube joining us. welcome to global 3000. this week we meet a fashion experts who proves it's possible to be stylish while keeping step with also ducks jewish dress codes. first forest fires then the coronavirus australia has had a very rough few months people that can't pay. now they we head to south korea.


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