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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president trump confirms he is slashing american troop numbers here in germany the u.s. president saying he's acting because berlin has not been paying its fair share of nato defense spending. bill or the possible fallout from the pullout also coming up . germany rolls out its voluntary coronavirus tracking and tracing out the fact of could it be will ask an expert about that and about the security concerns. and
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venice reopens its canals and landmarks to international tourism but in spite of the sharp drop off and terse cash after months of lockdowns not everyone is welcoming their return. i'm brian thomas protesting with us today u.s. president dollar trump says the u.s. is cutting the number of american troops in germany by nearly 10000 from current levels of about 35000 he added that the decision was a consequence for berlin failing to meet its nato spending commitments the move has shaken the military alliance and germany which serves as home to many of the us troops deployed to iraq and afghanistan. it had been the subject of speculation since plans were leaked to the media earlier in the month and on monday
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president trump made it official he announced the u.s. would be withdrawing thousands of troops from germany bringing the number of u.s. soldiers stationed in the country down 225000. he blamed berlin's reluctance to meet its nato spending commitments so germany is delinquent they've been delinquent for years and they owe nato billions of dollars and they have to pay it so we're protecting germany and it delinquent that doesn't make sense like nation trump also complained that trade relations between the 2 countries have long been to germany's advantage. u.s. military presence in germany dates back to the 2nd world war it was a bulwark against the soviet threat in the cold war and continues to be a deterrent against potential russian aggression. trump's decision threatens to further strain the relationship between the 2 allies. germany since its
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summer in 80 since 1908 is a very strong partner and we would like to be handled also even and that with the united states this is not the way you treat your close part was. trump has long railed against germany's refusal to increase defense spending but some suspect the move is a reaction to german chancellor angela merkel's refusal to attend a g. 7 summit that was to be hosted by the us president. and all trump seems to see the real america will not anybody else has systemic rival. therefore. personality does matter but to you this is also part of a new neo isolationist policy so it's less about the individuals although. individuals do matter it is a new self definition of what the american interest seems to be it's not clear if
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trump will be able to push through the troop reduction which faces stiff opposition in congress even members of his own party opposed the plan. he'd have used nato correspondent terry shelton is following this very closely this morning for us and joins us from brazil good morning to you terry this move doesn't only affect germany the u.s. troops in this country are part of the alliances broader defense posture. that's true brian and i think 1st of all we need to fact check a bit what president trump said he rails constantly that germany owes nato money or germany owes the u.s. money neither of those are true what this 2 percent target of spending is spending on its own military its own troops and so president trump constantly gets that mixed up and it's makes it sound like a completely different issue but what he said is that he's going to pull u.s. troops bilaterally stationed in germany out and yes this does create
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a problem for nato but not what you might think this is a problem for nato because we're talking about this instead of the issues that the alliance would actually like to deal with because the u.s. does have the right to do whatever it wants with its military but what it will find and what military advisers have been telling the president is that it's most useful for the u.s. to have those troops in germany nato can make up the troop shortfall with with military personnel from other countries if that were to be necessary ok that's a very positive view of it what's been the reaction to the drawdown where you are nato headquarters. nato secretary young stoltenberg was very reluctant to even address this issue because i had the chance to ask him in an online event a few days ago and he wouldn't even directly address it at that point of course it had not been made official as it has yesterday as it had been yesterday and so what he said is that you know we discussed these things with the united states all the time they're constantly you know conversing with us about where about military deployments in europe but now that this statement has come out of course it will
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put much more pressure on stolzenberg to address it and we'll be seeing him this morning as he previews the nato defense ministers coming up wednesday and thursday where this of course now will be a top issue ok the president's been talking about redeploying some of these troops from germany eastwards to poland closer to russia how would this new pressure on russia affect nato's relationship with moscow. well it very much is hypothetical that that would happen the polls would have to create new facilities for these troops and they would have to accept them and that will cause other tension inside nato because by a document that is an agreement between nato and russia is that nato troops will not be permanently stationed close to the russian border and so this is certainly something that moscow will again use to attack the alliance and terry shoals 1st in brussels this morning thanks very much for that round up very well germany has
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rolled out its official app to fight the spread of covert 19 the technologies and warnings to users of they've been in close contact with anyone confirmed to have the virus the government hopes will help shorten infection chains yappers voluntary well talk about some of the data privacy privacy concerns with an expert after this report. the demo version of germany's coronavirus tracing app was unveiled in late may it has a simple design and it's easy to use the app was developed by german software giant s a p together with dirty telecom the firms were only commission to create it in early may until then the german government had planned to use technology that would have put user data on 2 central servers critics warned that the system was not secure and too vulnerable to hackers so berlind switched to a decentralized solution now users remain anonymous and then corrupted data is wiped from their smartphones after 2 weeks. the qubit app uses bluetooth to
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determine which other smart phones are in the vicinity and for how long if an app user tests positive for the coronavirus other users who were in longer contact with that person get a warning message. some experts say that around $50000000.00 people in germany would have to use the app for it to be really useful in the fight against the virus . thus we also have to make it clear to people that we're not going to suddenly get rid of the virus through this app it's just one approach of many that can at least help thin out the chain of infection if not actually interrupt it and the question could this is the logo of the official german coded tracing app starting today it can be installed on i o s an android mobile phones. joining me now is elaine blogger she's a data protection expert at the noir unfaltering that's an independent political
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think tanks thanks so much for joining us elaine there's an opinion poll out that shows that less than half of the people in germany are even willing to use this app doubt does that undermine its usefulness. well 1st of all it's really important to been right that there is no minimum threshold for the apps you were going to work better than what effect if there are more uses but it also works if there are less and one thing which in mind is that there is scope for the usage to increase as the condemning goes on and at the moment it's also they likely that a lot of people don't really feel some motivation because the situation seemed steady and true even without using this and. still governments are pushing these apps right now as a key element in in pandemic containment thinking about a possible 2nd wave for example but how are the glitches like we've been seeing in norway and in australia was similar affecting the public's willingness to use them
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. yes it does have an impact of course and it is a challenge for consumers to understand the difference between the different apps and also to understand why the app and their country may not be exposed to the same consensus so would governments really need to do is that they need to. offer a very high degree of transparency they need to be transparent on how the networks so how they used to it ship wins and they also need to be very transparent about how they use their response to problems because this is a huge lending exercise they haven't done this kind of thing before and it's quite obvious that there will be adjustments as these apps life my understanding is also that no industry have both started to correcting the slowest in their apps like to pick up on some of these privacy concerns civil rights groups are warning against
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accepting these apps as a part of life of everyday life once the pandemic is finally declared over are these apps the 1st step into the surveillance society so many fear. that really depends on the app and the model it is use for the job and i would clearly say no because this decentralized design keeps state on the phone a mysterious a confounded infection and if there are one infection basically the expire this doesn't work anymore because there is no central data but as you know obviously some governments have used the opportunity to get more data even more easily and spy on the citizens private lives and that's obviously a big concern something b.b.b. should just ban mind and make sure that these actually. use one's. ok elaine thanks very much you have leave it there elaine bloggers from the
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think tank the film noir fallen for them thanks for joining us thank you thanks. let's bring you up to date now with some of the other developments in the krona virus pandemic there are now more than 8000000 confirmed cases worldwide to some 437000 people have died that's according to the latest tally from the johns hopkins university in the u.s. new zealand says it has 2 new cases of covert 19 ending 24 day run of no new infections the cases of 2 women who had travelled from the u.k. are the ones in the country china has reimposed some travel restrictions in the capital beijing as it battles to contain a new outbreak there are 40 new virus cases reported tuesday that more half of them are in beijing and thailand has reported no new coronavirus infections or deaths
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in 22 successive days without a domestic transmission all recent cases have been found among pis in quarantine who had returned from abroad. let's check out some of the other stories making in the news at this hour the u.s. food and drug administration has revoked its emergency use authorization for drugs a clerk when to treat covert 19 the agency says the latest research shows the drug is not effective in treating the disease. the coronavirus has ended germany's commitment to a balanced budget berlin is taking on a record $218500000000.00 euros of debt this year to combat the crisis germany's often come under criticism from the e.u. partners for its reluctance to borrow and spend. and the swedish government is investing a 500000000 euros in scandinavian airline s.a.'s to help it survive the pandemic the money comes from or with rather the condition that the carrier must set new
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emissions targets danish governments also expected to put money into the airline which says it needs more than a 1000000000 euros to survive. we have this breaking news coming in south korea claims that north korea has blown up aaliyah's own office building in the town of k song of the border now this comes as tensions between the 2 nations have been escalating john yang is furious souls' failure to stop propaganda leave lists crossing into the north. it's to india now and that country has been easing its coronavirus restrictions allowing many migrant workers to make their way home but for those returning to the state of west bengal they've escaped the pandemic only to face the aftermath of a major cycle. of wall traveled to the district of horror in west bengal.
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well there locals told her of the immense challenge they're facing right now. celebrations are the main source of lush crush of moves livelihood. joining weddings and festivals his work is in high demand in new delhi but back in his village in west bengal libya he does not know if he will even said of this piece. last month shabu fled the lockdown in india's capital after months without any status he said $1300.00 other artisans also return to the small village with him almost one man from every family here. as if a light on destroyed business were craftsman laborers if we don't embroider we go hungry. there was social distancing before we got on the train but inside it was completely crowded and then 50 of us were put into a bus for 35 people see that but as
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a look of it and this is what really funny to them on the right was. asked how zones of migrants were making their way to west bengal every cycle i'm fun was wrecking havoc on their villages. the massive storm hit a week before musharraf said car arrived from delhi the damage to his home is significant his brother who lives in olympia says they had never seen anything like it the family says they are willing to work hard but there is nothing to do when he gets a big order sircar hires as many as 20 men from the area to help him complete it now none of them have owned a single rupee for more than 2 months of thoughts are with the government has given some free rice but what are we supposed to do with just that there are no budget no oil. that's on and then i'm ponder stronger homes. we got no
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help there either. locals have had to tap into their savings and pawn off jewelry to carry out repairs or order the willage was without electricity for 12 days after the storm the exodus of migrants from india cities has exposed their heavy reliance on these workers but even in villages like this one the crisis is raising questions about age old patterns of migration these men grew up learning how to embroider but a pandemic and a psycho one do not help the sale of luxury goods there is a common demand bringing to work here. if the government could help them set up export networks and fair be they say no one would want to leave their homes and families behind as icons out of need enough to do here so we don't have to migrate we want to stay in our state we get no respect in the cities anyway i'm not
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a kind of a did we're stuck at home with work and we're struggling to make ends meet. the government needs to give us work here during the lockdown to. bring another lockdown people here are unwilling to the done to the cities even in this damaged state the security of home is difficult to forego. now the u.s. supreme court has ruled that it is illegal to fire workers because of their sexual orientation by a surprising $63.00 majority the court said the nation's landmark $964.00 civil rights act which bars or place discrimination based on gender also protects and transgender people. a day of resounding victory for the l.g.b. t.q. community the longstanding low bar in workplace discrimination now also protects
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gay and transgender employees it was an unexpected ruling for many in the l.g. p.d.q. community including former government worker gerald bostock whose case was one of the 3 decided on monday and all of it. you're fired i'm overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude when i lost my job it was my dream job so imagine having that that you went to every day and you enjoyed doing that had it suddenly start in away from you because you decided to join a gay recreational always the journey has been difficult monday's ruling has marked the biggest moment for the right since the nationwide legalization of same sex marriage in 2015. 2 of the 3 plaintiffs didn't live to see the ruling donald zada was a sky diving instructor who got fired after revealing he was gay his lawyer has been working on his case for a decade. it will be
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a catalysts toward change here in history you know. it's a decision i wish they are here with me. he can park the gate. now the workplace bias against gay and transgender employees has been rude illegal the estimated 8000000. across the u.s. could finally see change. it's about time i mean we are human beings i mean why should we get equal rights just as everyone else. and then mocked victory for the community in an ongoing struggle. has reopened its canals and landmarks and for visitors it is a vital step forward for a city dependent on its tourism industry but with more than $300.00 tourists a year for each and every. many of the nations are thinking about how they can
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learn from the past to safeguard their city's future. venice is legendary waterways without the masses a rare commodity here gondoliers are slowly returning to the cities can now but so far only a few visitors have indulged themselves. usually packed with tourists at this time of the year piazza san marcos seems almost deserted after the coronavirus crisis brought the city to a near standstill venice is gradually opening up to visitors again but not everyone is looking forward to the return of the masses jane demo still sees this as an opportunity for a much needed change she has been advocating for a more sustainable form of tourism one that doesn't put the future of the city at risk the problem with venice is that it's in the dreamy fred delicate system and and you can't just do anything you like to venice it needs to be.
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treated carefully otherwise there won't be any venice left in the future and we need to be responsible about. the legacy of venice and think about what venice has given to us other people have a right to get that too she tells us venice has a unique way of life that is threatening to disappear jane to most of wants to risk to engage with the city again spending more time in restaurants and museums and not rushing through in a few hours. the city's population has dropped from $175000.00 over tourism for too long and has driven out residents were simply made the city unlivable for them the coronavirus crisis now has given venice a break from cruise ships and daytrippers but for an economy almost entirely depending on tourism reinventing itself poses a great challenge though the last months without guests were difficult for. he
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still imagines a different future for his city the co-author of the upscale pisano hotel once his guests to enjoy a slow as he calls it true venetian experience the huge throngs of tourists in the streets could be reduced through better regulation if. there are days with too many people that work is because. of the events of the cd because. they're bored in the same period of the festival of the scene and the thing. they opening of. unity and. we should do. more to organize it. in the 6 months. while many agree venice needs to change the way it handles its visitors the city's tourism counsellor wants to further assess the situation before
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applying any drastic measures. this is not the museum. we. get you know some cap city in the ward i don't think so many many people speak about the. now there are 50 me 30000000. it's not so i want to count. how many people. every day and i know. for resident and activist jane i must still just empty words right now that doesn't seem to be political will. i think that politicians are to focused on making money out to venice in this short tab and by thinking in that way that kind of killing the goose that lays the golden egg with travel restrictions now being lifted all over europe the nations should
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not take too long to decide what kind of future they see for their city. we have some german football now bar in munich are just one win away from capturing their 8th straight honestly good title players were training in the rain ahead of today tuesday's match of better braman by and have won their last 10 league games and are 7 points clear of 2nd place brasil dortmund but relegation threatened braman is expected to put up a fight meanwhile byron could find it difficult celebrating her title due course to the covered 900 social distancing rules we have on my list of it in a studio is tom we want to become champions if we reach our goal then of course we will try to set up rates as well conforming to the rules to fight on line and it could be monkey boy and have weaknesses that few teams have discovered dortmund have to some extent found them that was an even match that i found them but to be
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fair robert leventhal skin thomas moment will be back and they have a lot of experience in shaping the offense this season they will be challenges but we have an idea as to how we will approach this guy name given to the speed i'm going. no other club in bonus league history has secured the crown as often as by and you know they've won the last 7 bonus league titles as mentioned the last time a club other than byron became german champion was brasil dortmund and that was 8 years ago under who else former coach you're going to pluck. let's get a reminder now of our top story this hour u.s. president fall from house confirms that the u.s. is set to cut in small terry deployment in germany 225000 troops that's about $10000.00 troops down from the current employment levels the president said he's doing us because germany is failing to meet its nato spending commitments. in south korea says north korea has blown up
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a liaison office near the 2 countries heavily most prized border north premiss we expressed outrage of the south dropping propaganda leaflets in soften the stir took . the state of your news live from berlin thanks for being. cut.
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to come off this time from the buells a forum of the table i might mean strong. against relegation alex mundine points and minds are now probably safe and 5 goals for home. raymond's convincing win in california they're dreaming alfred amazing in the. big pharma under pressure. huge protests against the buyer
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a german corporation that makes insecticides. for years studies and warned that these materials are damaging the environment. but the manufacturers continue to make huge profit. liar and the be closer. to 60 minutes on w. . we know that this is very time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so please take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we deal with you for here for we are working hard we're sitting here with informed on all of our platforms we're all in this together and
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together making sure you stay safe everybody stays in his face a stay safe please stay safe. i.


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