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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2020 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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all schools in beijing have been shut down in a race to prevent another corona virus outbreak in china where the pandemic began but the virus isn't returning it never left in fact the number of new infections worldwide is increasing faster than ever more than 100000 new cases every day which makes today's news from the u.k. even more important scientists at oxford say they've discovered the 1st treatment for covert 19 of steroids that's been around 60 years it's readily available it's cheap and it saves lives. this is the day. i'm absolutely delighted that today we can announce the fust successful clinical trial for treatment volkova it 19 ok i can help to warn contacts of the 2 persons
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faster than was previously possible michel and you'll see that i'm a bit worried very worried i don't know what the situation will be like in future as we don't have much information. given in countries that have demonstrated the ability to suppress transmission country smushed state to the foreseeability the surgeon. also coming up u.s. president trump says he's cutting u.s. troop numbers in germany because germany refuses to pay more for defense tonight a case of a president cutting his nose to spite his face germany as you know is very delinquent in their. payments to nato so we're protecting germany and it delinquent that doesn't make sense. to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with what looks like a made. a breakthrough in treating cohabit 19 and it comes not a moment too soon researchers at oxford in the u.k. say the low cost steroids dexa methods could be the difference between life and death for people infected with the coronavirus in a major study the steroids reduced deaths by 30 percent in patients on ventilators and by 20 percent in patients receiving oxygen dexa methods own it was developed more than 50 years ago it is widely available and as a generic drug which means the cost is minimal when news of the lifesaving treatment comes as the pandemic continues to spread across the globe the number of new infections is increasing faster than ever before 100000 new cases are reported daily some of those new cases are in china where the pandemic began half a year ago and for the past 2 months there have been no new cases reported in china
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but now in beijing a new outbreak has set off alarms beijing authorities have closed all schools and they are urging people not to leave the city there have been dozens of new cases in recent days this latest outbreak has been linked to a home self foods market. well it was have a year ago when china suddenly became the epicenter of the new corona virus outbreak since then the virus has spread across the globe and the epicenter has shifted with it from china to italy and to the united states and now the world health organization is warning that the viral hotspot has moved yet again this time to central and south america we have fast approaching 1000000 cases and the epidemic is still. in there. we have not seen transmission.
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that is the case is almost all countries in latin america and fuel in the economy and then our icing on my 1st guest tonight is an infectious diseases physician and scientists isaac bug offs joins me from toronto in canada dr but gosh it's good to have you on the day so we're looking at the steroids that we've used for half a century that could be the difference between life and death for coded 19 patients would you say this is the biggest development we've seen since the pandemic began certainly if it pans out and if the data that they're reporting does is accurate reproducible it would certainly be a major major development in the treatment of hospitalized patients with copd 19 infections we only have a press release we actually don't have access to the data we're going to be we're still waiting for that peer reviewed. publication to come out in a in
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a medical journal and when that does you can be sure that the medical and scientific community will pore over that to look at the strengths the benefits the weakness of the 30 and figure out how we integrate that into our routine clinical practice what do we know exactly how this stair would works and we know that steroids helps to reduce inflammation in the body how does that work then to fight against it 19. yes certainly if this does pan out of it this truly does reduce mortality in hospital eyes patients it would probably work by a couple of mechanisms number one as you point out is probably reduces the significant inflammatory response that occurs in the longer than probably elsewhere in the body with the coping 19 infection the 2nd thing they can do is really dampen down the body's immunologic response to the virus and we know that some people just have a very vigorous immune response to the affection and that can often set up a cascade that could be rather damaging to the body so it might work through both
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of those mechanisms you mentioned the immune system dr bogan is this steroids been better for older people who have severe coded 19 because we know that older people's immune systems tend to be more sluggish and they don't react the same way as a young person's would. yeah unfortunately we just don't know it really we don't know a lot about this trial we only know basically how the trial was conducted and that we have early evidence of a mortality benefit but we really need to see the data and really pour over the data more closely to see who has enrolled how the trial was actually conducted look at there are the typical analyses to really have a much better understanding a more granular perspective of what this means and how we can integrate it into our clinical practice but you know at the surface if we're talking about reducing mortality by about one 3rd of people who have
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a breathing tube and by about 20 percent of people who are just on the hospital ward but require supplemental want to then clearly this would be a significant help to many of us who are on the frontline working on coping 90 and then certainly good to be able to report positive news in this pandemic for a change dr isaac book. this decision dr because we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you. thank you. we're germany has launched its official smartphone app to fight the spread of the virus the technology can send warnings to users if they've been in close contact with anyone who has been confirmed to have the virus the coded app uses bluetooth technology to determine which other smartphones are in the vicinity of a person and for how long if an app user with coronavirus comes near you for a certain amount of time that apps ins your app
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a warning message no data is exchanged and the data about it remains stored on your smartphone. or germany is not the 1st country to see technology this way and the mobile phone as a way to keep the coronavirus in check it's still too early to say if the apps are affected against the pandemic but there are concerns that the cost in terms of privacy could be too high take a look here in china as the coronavirus spread the government set out to fight it with the help of a smartphone app launched in february the early plea health code app was the 1st attempt to slow the transmission rate of covert 19 by tracking infected people digitally using information from their smartphones. the app analyzes personal data to assign a color code that either grants users access to or bars them from buses trains and public spaces. south korea launched its own contact tracing program shortly after
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china requiring all international visitors to download a tracing app at the airport but the country's effort to monitor the virus doesn't rely on this app alone the south korean health authority also tracks infected people using surveillance cameras and credit card information. singapore led the way in creating an app that can monitor the spread of the virus without government surveillance the country's app trace together uses encrypted anonymous data to alert those who have come in contact with infected people australia has launched its own app based on the trace together protocol. in europe france italy and germany launched coronavirus tracing apps this month prioritizing privacy the italian and german apps use a decentralized approach they don't store users' information on a server but rather on the user's phones the french stop covert app however is centralized it does store data on government run servers but says the data is
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deleted after 14 days. the u.k. is preparing to launch an app similar to the french model later this month. the european commission has called for a common tracing technology across the e.u. but so far member countries have been going it alone. for my next guest tonight is dennis can a specialist in i.t. security law he is a board member at the european academy for freedom and information and data protection he joins us tonight from the german city of braman it's good to have you on the show let me ask you have you already downloaded this app. yes at the moment only for formation testing purposes but this might change in the next week and i tried to do that as well but i understand if you're i if you have an i phone and your i tunes connection is not with the german i tunes store then you can't download is that true. yes there are especially some problems and the 2nd question
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is you have to update the newest version of your i o. s. ok so a couple blockades there let's talk about to the at being voluntary i read today that about 60 percent of germans would have to download this app to effectively trace and track infections do you think this app should be mandatory. and my idea the question is here how does. this state check and sanction this if that would be mandatory so this normally would require access to every smartphone then we would be in a surveillance state of course and no one wants that and i thought it was also he had would be about nation of the constitution this case we know that the german government said that it needed extra time to roll out this app because he wanted to make sure that the app meets the country's high data privacy standards tell me what
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do you say does it meet those standards. yes generally spoken i would say that this meets the standards this basically is a reason because. that's not process any personal data at all of the normal case as all that the european and german data protection law does not even apply for their use cases of if you. there is an opinion poll that just came al that shows less than half of the people in germany now are willing to use this app in april more than half are willing now less than half are willing. how do you explain that are people right to be concerned that the app could be used to basically in a keep track of their movements i know that there are some concerns about that but at the moment there is not really a situation to be concerned because this just one building block to fight against
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a pen demick and compared to the situation that we had 2 or 3 months ago is a situation that changes not that acute anymore and if that's that 50 percent of germans would download the app and my opinion this would already be a great success. we know that the german government says that the data is anonymous is only stored on your smartphone let me ask you though as an id security expert you know that systems can be compromised right yeah you cannot be 100 percent sure that a system cannot be compromised this is a fact yes ok well let's hope that that doesn't happen dennis joining us tonight to talk about this new warning app here in germany to help stop the spread of the corona virus disk and you thank you you're welcome good night.
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present trump and i discussed this issue during a phone call last week and my message will start to the u.s. presence in europe it's good for europe but it's also good for north america and united states the united states and the president has announced what they have announced. but it remains but it's not yet decided how and when. this decision will be implemented now is nato secretary general you don't bag doing what he has done numerous times since donald trump moved into the white house trying to put a positive spin on the plans of the u.s. president that could be anything but positive for nato president trump has ordered the pentagon to reduce the number of u.s. troops stationed here in germany from 35000 to no more than 25000 trump says it's not right for germany to enjoy u.s. military protection and at the same time not increase its own defense spending will
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this hurt nato and german security or will this move hurt the u.s. most of all. for 70 years tens of thousands of american troops have been stationed in germany for europe their presence at bases like spangdahlem a guarantor of peace for the us and expression of its military might. on monday donald trump confirmed he would be withdrawing almost $10000.00 of them blaming bear lens there we have to meet is 2 percent need to defend spending commitments but he wrongly said it was indebted to the military alliance so germany is delinquent they've been delinquent for years and they owe nato billions of dollars and they have to pay it so we're protecting germany they're delinquent that doesn't make sense like the u.s. military presence in germany was a reginald a bulwark against the soviet threat during the cold war and continues to be
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a deterrent against potential russian aggression trump decision threatens to further strain the relationship between the 2 allies. germany since its serenity since 1900 is a very strong partner and we would like to be handled all saw even and that with the united states this is not the way you treat your close partners. u.s. presidents have long called for germany to increase defense spending but some suspect the latest decision is a reaction to german chancellor angela merkel refusal to attend the g. 7 summit that was to be hosted by the u.s. president later this month donald trump seems to see. not anybody else as his systemic rival. therefore. our personality does matter is this is also part of a neo isolationist policy so it's
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a less about the individuals or the. individuals to matter it is a new self definition of what the american interest seems to be and it's not clear if trump will be able to push through the troop withdrawal which faces stiff opposition in congress even members of his own party opposed the plan or more now i'm joined by khalid story cesc mr george test who knows both worlds of diplomacy and security he was a stone as ambassador to the u.s. and the c.e. and he spent part of his career at the estonian ministry of defense he's now with the international center for defense and security and he joins me tonight from the estonian capital tallied mr choice it's good to have you on the day you are in a stone a small baltic country your next door neighbor is russia now when we talk about a reduction in u.s. troops in germany who security is weakened more by that germany's or
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a stony. leading i think that. trumps this if it will be fully implemented it will certainly decrease the security of nato in general but secularly the baltic states and poland who are on the front line but also that of germany so the implications of transplant are. severe in terms of political terms and in military terms 1st of all it came out as a surprise because the pentagon has. this came that the preparations started already in september last year but no one was informed not even germany as the host country and this severe cuts of
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american forces in germany was not discussed either at the nato h.q. in brussels so this is a very bad political signal a new crack in the alliance and i'm sure russia has detected this and will readily exploit it on the other hand if the numbers of u.s. troops in germany are are diminished by about 30 percent that means that the weak reinforcements that the baltic states and poland have to count on in case of a crisis are not there and and perhaps let's say a 1000 or 2000 troops from germany could be redeployed to poland eventually that is one option perhaps in the future and that might seem to suggest that the defense of the baltic states and poland will improve but there's usually not mr
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story because i mean let me if i could just interrupt to me what you're saying. here is if this troop reduction does take place your country you know the baltic countries your security is going to be endangered by this are you and your defense people are you going to nato are you going to washington to the white house or are you sounding the alarm and saying hey you're you know you're turning us into the future victims of a russian invasion well actually even our own minister of defense he gave an interview today you know rick and he clearly said that we are very ashes about this this isn't by president chop we don't know if it will be implemented or if it will be implemented slowly because there are only 4 and a half months until the u.s. presidential election we don't know who will be the next president and even if president tom and in use for another 4 years perhaps. we we
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may see a repetition of the syrian scenario there to president. promised to bring back to the u.s. all the american troops from syria to bring them all back but as we see we have partly there they didn't list syria so in the same fashion it could be so that that trumps ordered about $10000.00 troops will be pulled out from germany but in reality only a few would be actually moved back to the states and some to poland maybe and then in that as he may claim politically that his decision has been implemented by the damage would be limited yeah well we will have to see it as you say if there are only a few months until that presidential election in the u.s. and that election could change everything we will see mr collett story chester we
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appreciate your insights tonight thank you. well it's been a football season like no other in the germany's bonus league it halted for more than 2 months because of the coronavirus and now games are being played in empty stadiums but one thing it seems never changes as the folks in bavaria byron munich always wins the variance are champions for the 8th time in a row after defeating vetter braman just before the break you see robert love adele scheme put byron ahead which was all they needed to secure the win live adelphi who's having a career year also leads the league in goals by year and have now won a record 31 this league title. if you stadiums there there's more action here at the big table with chris harrington sure that he did this thing despite wrapping up their 8th straight title here by
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n c's and it really wasn't that great was it a brit you know byron munich did not coast to the title they spent a handful of weeks looking up at their rivals in november frankfurt hurt them badly in the nico kovacs had to go sadly out of nowhere a hottie flick soon became the man starting off better than any buying coach before hand despite taking a few blows byron had more highs and lows live in dos he led the league in a career year thomas moved his assist numbers left defenders in fear rising star alfonso davis remember the name his speed left the opposition feeling shame this season was a roller coaster ride for sure showing the s. and downs by could endure the question remains how many will buy and win in a row 91011 brett you know and really you know it's great it shows the power of a pandemic when you're buying the unity of ideas so what does the future hold then for byron and ponzi flick well the flick you know they were searching for a coach and a replacement haji flick definitely proved he fits the bill when you look at the
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numbers that he's pulled off he started better than any other bank notes up. we have a graphic we can take a look at you know 90 percent winning percentage that says it all that outdoes names like pep guardiola you know high kiss how is he is a player's coach the players in 11 he gets the best out of his players and clearly they have their sights set on not only completing the double against leverkusen the german cup but a potential trouble and to win the champions league you know they are in a transitional phase right now but under that leadership you know who knows how much they can accomplish chris talk to me what does it do to the players you know we saw images from the game tonight i mean you can't see it really there but you know there are no they're not spectators there's no one watching the game they're next to the pitch but what does it do then to to the game and that's better suite of course you know there are some teams that have you know hired the services of sports psychologists is just to deal with the absence you know of that reaction if
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you know from your fan base of course it's a bit sour you know not to have the fans you know but they're on autopilot and the players do this regardless and i'm sure they'll be very active on social media in any way they can to celebrate with their loyal fan base but of course you know this is the new norm we have to deal with yeah and as long as they're getting paid i'm sure they are willing to deal with those in the stands right chris harrington it's always press thank you very much ok are the days almost done the conversation it continues online join us on twitter either you w. news you can follow me a brit go off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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listing mislay. no imagine saying. the global economy during the coronavirus can jam at. will the world find the right course will government measures come to navigation. nearly in the
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same boat. in germany. and insidious weapon that can have devastating effect sexual violence. it's been deployed strategically in many conflicts. the goal is to destroy the morale of your opponent. of course a campaign to deal with all the cases so most of the perpetrators go unpunished a war time break. in 45 minutes on d w. like . a muggle or just some us. for the russian soul.
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song a different part of. the song or. please torrie. come straight from. the russian internet journey today starts june 18th d.w. . the coronavirus pandemic remains the overriding issue across the world and i show today as well this is our planet seen from above while only
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a handful of astronauts ever see the world from this perspective all the rest of us remain on the ground and have nowhere else to go so in that sense and we're all in this.


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