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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2020 7:00am-7:15am CEST

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i. this is news live from both being the potential breakthrough treatment of 19 researchers in britain have found that a lower cost widely available steroids reduces deaths by up to one 3rd among severely ill coronavirus. also coming out china scrambles to contain a new corona virus outbreak in beijing schools are closed and residents told not to leave the city. and doctors say anything he's p.c.'s by fathering hundreds of babies these johns galapagos tortoise is just about ready for retirement is being
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released back into the wild after a bit of a bumpy ride. great welcome to the program it's been called a breakthrough in the fight against the corona virus researchers in britain say they've identified the 1st drug that significantly reduces the risk of death in some of the worst affected patients the low cost steroids have made the side was found to cut deaths by up to one 3rd doctors are now expected to stop treating people with the drug imminently. stocks are struggling to help cover 19000000 k. . those images were recorded several weeks ago things like these are still being played out around the world every day brings more death but now
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a glimmer of hope while still country in europe is hailing a major breakthrough scientists that are through the university say they have identified the 1st drug that can save the lives of chronic 19 pacing. and that is there is a widely used steroids a randomized trial show good death rate by a 3rd in patients on ventilators and bias in patients receiving oxygen. it really is quite significant. and it's really important because the drug itself is very widely available to every pharmacy and every hospital it's available throughout the world and extremely cheap so we looked at the numbers and. patients in intensive care with a strong. will save one life and the total cost of treating patients is only about $40.00 pounds. 40 pounds is about 50 u.s. dollars the drug works by reducing inflammation in the lung and the study results
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are still to be peer reviewed but the u.k. lost no time in approving it really in the country health service we've been stockpiling since march so we now have $200000.00 courses that are ready to go and we're working with the n.h.s. and later on the treatment for the pope at 9 he will include a map of. the new. i think they merit to correct that so nothing is readily available around the world. record 19 but remember that thing at the venue where i'm going faction rates rising in many parts of the wound its potential is welcome news. so what exactly do we know about dexamethasone and how the steroid combats covert 19 well we put that question to jason kindred chuck he's a professor inverell a-g. it kind of does university of manitoba so one of the things that we tend to look at with these different types of emerging viruses is the fact that they tend to
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basically increase the immune response so he's actually get an over stimulation of the immune response which in most cases actually is protective for us but in many cases can actually increase disease to berti so the hope with something like dexter methods own is that rather than acting directly on the virus and trying to reduce the ability of the virus to create more copies of itself what the drugs are trying to do is essentially reduce all that damage that is part and parcel of a note or active immune system we're trying to learn about this in real time and we know that some the initial data that had come out at the very start of this pandemic it suggested that steroids actually made exacerbate disease in in those that are in the early stages so i think one of the concerns right now with with dex about the zone is that there are you know would there be the potential that if you treated patients too early they might actually end up increasing the the potential severity of disease because it actually acts as a nanny inflammatory so i think that we have to look at this as
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a potential game changer for those patients that are actually in severe disease distress but we are still lacking for some sort of a therapeutic that will ultimately help reduce infections in the very early stages of disease. the chinese capital beijing is reimposing coronavirus restrictions after a cluster of new cases the city has ordered all schools to close and banned people from high risk areas for leaving the new outbreak has been traced to a large wholesale food market they've been over 100 cases of over the course of 5 days and this is stoking fears of a 2nd wave of coated 19. raging residents thought they'd put this behind them but here they are lining up in the hot sun coronavirus testing after nearly 2 months the new act break is causing a dozens of cases have been traced to this brawling wholesale market it's more than 20 times larger than the west market in ruhani where the virus was 1st identified.
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pictures from state television from the response in the surrounding neighborhood residents here are not allowed to leave or say they are in wartime mode and they aim to contain the spread this time gaiety has already made its way to other parts of the. i'm very worried for now i don't know what the situation will be in the future because we aren't getting much information we don't know it's a virus spread again if it does we should worry. it was supposed to be nearly over and then we suddenly get another wave of cases. out of sports and entertainment i mean only residents who have recently tested negative are allowed to leave and only if travel is essential and that's sort of a full lockdown but the world health organization says they doing is doing enough.
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and it means to be. exactly we're trying to do it. but other provinces are concerned many have imposed quarantine requirements from beijing and a country that had declared victory over the coronavirus and forced to confront the ever present risk of other press act break. here's some of the other stories making news this hour brazil reported a record of nearly 35000 new coronavirus cases on tuesday that was the same day that a top official leading the country's pandemic response said the outbreak was under control brazil is the world's number to close at 19 hotspot after the u.s. . and north korea has confirmed it is blowing up an office that was set up to improve relations with south korea the explosion was captured in surveillance video pyongyang is furious at seoul's to stop activists from sending what it calls propaganda over the border. well here in germany the trial has
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begun of this is neo nazi accused of murdering a german politician prosecutors say was gunned down at his home a year ago allegedly because he stood up for the rights of refugees in germany another man is charged with aiding and abetting the crime the main defendant he left traces of his d.n.a. at the crime scene he confessed to the killing then later retracted his confession stefan he now accuses the 2nd defendant marcus age of having fired the shot that killed. both are now on trial. the victim or. president of a district council in germany central state of hessen the classic local politician gunned down in front of his house it's believed to be the 1st murder of a politician by the far right and federal germany since the founding of the state after world war 2. it was an outspoken advocate of
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germany taking in and integrating refugees and asylum seekers at a town hall meeting in the autumn of 2015 lucas spoke his mind and was booed the soviet you have to stand up for the values you believe in and those who don't share those values can leave this country at any time. i should. also in attendance to luca's suspected killers both men had long been active in far right circles and had criminal records but stephanie appeared to have broken with his militant past police had stopped tracking his activities mark his age is accused of brooks hearing the murder weapon a $38.00 caliber rosie revolver it can be purchased online as long as the official regulations are fulfilled the authorities now admit to having made mistakes. the
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killing wasn't only met with shock and dismay in far right circles and met with explicit approval like at this march by the anti islam organization peggy to in dresden last summer. you didn't talk do you regret lucas killing regret. it's actually a humane reaction what is known for you saying that murder is a humane reaction. comes around goes around but he was a traitor to the german people and he told his own countrymen to leave if they disagreed with his refugee policies. post the solution talks with the. authorities discovered google searches for the key words you could dead and shot in the head shortly before and after the murder from several german states and indication of possible accomplices the role of the far right n.s.u. is also under investigation between 200-2007 the group are murdered a total of 10 people allegedly found to luca's name was on their hit list. many
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questions remain unanswered the trial is set to include 30 days of hearings which are scheduled to be completed by the end of october. well football news now and by and munich have retained the bundesliga title after a win of a bremen gave them an unbeatable laid at the top of the standings now it's the 8th season in a row that by and have won the german championship. sobyanin coach hand it was time to wrap up. the reigning champions were boosted by the return of robert leaven and prince the french. braman. by and look from their opponents from the stuff but all too often their attacks finishing touch . and then being from brain and started to frustrate the league leaders it looked as though by and we're in for a long night the rain began lashing down. until just before half time when he
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popped up so often does. 31st goal of the league season put the try to within touching distance. perfect pass allowing love and dorky to do what he does best. the 2nd half was uneventful until alfonso davies picked up a 2nd booking leaving by a man down frame and then felt they should have had a penalty after a shot from just starting to run by. the referee waved away their protest. time running out manuel neuer came to the rescue to secure the win front by and and with it right. for many of the players it was just the latest of many championships so slick it was. and while the rest of the league may be tired of watching it and are celebrating once again but. now to another success story
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a breeding center in ecuador tasked with saving the giant galapagos tortoise from extinction after hundreds of tortoises were bred did the species is thriving again in the wild the center is now putting its last tortoises out to pasture on their native galapagos islands including one particularly virile fellow he's helped produce nearly half of the new population. he saved his species from extinction fathering hundreds of children and killed his tortoises diego is 100 years old he was brought to this breeding sent him ecuador from a california zoo after being taken from the wild more than 80 years ago. now it's time to head back home and retire. the program of this program was able to reproduce in captivity some 2000 offspring of which 800 come from diego we've been really successful restoring
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a population that was almost at the brink of extinction with only 15 individuals. along with 14 other tortoises diego is making the journey back to his native island of espanyol up. thanks to these males giant galapagos tortoises there are thriving again. after braving the waves of the pacific diego and his friends are in for a bit of a bumpy ride to the island's interior where they're released into the wild. but not without some supervision i say let all the tortoises have a satellite tracking system which allows us to remotely monitor them during the adaptation period which will be for about 6 months after that we'll return to espanyol or to perform the 1st ecological monitoring to understand the tortoises behavior on site. having helped to species to survive diego
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himself is now enjoying his 1st taste of freedom. this is news from berlin there's more on our website you don't handle on instagram and twitter it is up to the news i'm tired very thanks to. go beyond. the stories that matter to. us. whatever it takes. a running cut explained a little bit. made for mines.


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