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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin china and india trade blame over a dangerous border dispute a day after the deadly confrontation between troops of the 2 countries in the himalayan mountains china demands harsh punishment for indian soldiers involved indian prime minister narendra modi warns his country will respond if provoked also
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on the program german biotech company cure for cats the go ahead to stop trials of a promising corona virus vaccine on volunteers feed from says it's a means to get the vaccine approved by the middle of next year. and the fertile wrapped tile that is safe can species is ready for a tough 100 year old diego is finally released back into the wild after fathering no fewer than 8 conference the last of the store toys babies. as well come to the program indian prime minister narendra modi has warned that his country will respond if it is provoked following the deadliest border clash with china in decades india says 20 of its troops were killed in hand to hand fighting that took place long a disputed part of the border and then elias earlier there were signs of
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deescalation with china saying the 2 sides had agreed to resolve the matter through dialogue. for weeks trouble has been brewing in one of the remotest border regions in the world at least satellite images show indian and chinese troops gathering high in the himalayas now for the 1st time in decades india says 20 soldiers were killed the 2 sides fought with fists some rocks no shots were fired among those left pereira the family of colonel son paul father who was killed. in the woods. we're sure since yesterday we have been in a deep shock and hearing about my son's misfortune and my. sons we never expected this but it is not new for him to be working in such difficult difficult places. where. protesters
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gathered in the city of a meadow bad demanding revenge and calling for a boycott of chinese goods oh we've got a let's make india self-reliant and give china a fitting reply. beijing says it was defending its territorial integrity. shockingly on june 15th indian troops seriously violated the bilateral consensus and crossed the border line twice in gauging in illegal activities and provoking and attacking chinese personnel resulting in serious physical confrontation between border forces on the 2 sides. to. this yellow line marks the boundary between the superpowers nor has the line of actual control it is not a hard front here since china and india have never agreed on we're it should lie in 2017 the 2 sides confronted each other for $73.00 days after indian cricket blocked
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chinese construction of a road. for years chinese and indian leaders have struggled to reach a lasting solution best latest escalation suggests a difficult path ahead for these 2 nuclear armed nations. earlier we spoke about the simmering conflict with victor gao he's a former interpreter for chinese leader deng xiaoping out of. the university. it is very unfortunate for china and india to have this. confrontation along the very long very obvious border secondly the fact that. the deaths occurred on both sides or was is extremely unfortunate and 3rd point is that fortunately no cons have been fired between the troops of the 2 countries and from the chinese perspective of top priority is to calm down and to
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deescalate and neither china nor india want to have a war between the 2 largest populations in the world a war will be detrimental to both countries and i think the top priority is to negotiate a peaceful settlement of the border conflict between the 2 countries. joining us now from delhi is harsh pant he's a security strategist and the director of the observer research foundation for his apparent china says both sides need to deescalate and they have no interest in conflict what does india. well pretty much the same thing but i think you know there is a real. concern in india about the way this crisis created and the way so we just didn't care where the casualties have happened on the border now in decades for the 1st time casualties have happened this used to be
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a border that both china and india used to say is one of the most stable in the royal despite being under marketed and now we have seen that you know that that is i'm sure you cannot who are true and clearly it's unstable at the moment and india believes that china needs to deescalate and show some sense that it wants to deescalate and i think both sides top leadership foreign ministers of 2 sides have spoken today and they intend to studiously trust this is nonetheless the most serious confrontation over that border in decades what the delegates take that on how the violence stop it. yes it's one of the most serious we have seen in recent times we have seen that since this is under market had there been transgressions from what sites which used to be dissolved by standard protocol suddenly to see china which has become over the last 34 years very aggressive and in patrolling in pushing you know in claiming territories that at one point were not disputed so
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this whole area which is today being contested and where these incidents it happened a few years back was not the point point of contention suddenly has become a point of contention and many in india looking at it with a sense of very nice about chinese intentions and there is concern and that china is not really serious about resolving this problem for a long term basis so on does this bother border tensions border issues which is also on a long term basis you know these kind of some issues will continue to happen. ugandans want involved and yet up to 20 people died in the recent days in conflict how did these people die. yes it's very very strange in that he said i think not only 20 i think more people have died more soldiers have died a china has accepted that if there have been casualties on their side they've got to be the numbers but being inside knowledge has said that when you sort of have been killed it's a fairly there's a great degree of violence now some of them died because this set into that of the
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into the river down the slope mountain so that the temperatures stay there at the time of the conditions are very tough and that you might get some of them clearly see that there were lots of roark's and there were lots of heavy stuff that was being carried by the troops and that was used so this was not simply to hand combat this was more than that different kinds of you know dog a grip and they used and which is resulted in the 7th of casualty for his hospital pantone house from tony thank you. thank you 3 are staying with india where the official coronavirus death toll leapt sunday by more than 2000 based on updated figures from mumbai and delhi rising number of infections has brought the country's health system to the brink of collapse critics say lack of coordination among hospitals doctors and a shortage of resources are costing lives and the situation is likely to worsen
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with more lock down destructions being lifted when it's a darling reports from the indian capital to any. attack from pockets of containment sent to the deed to the lives of people in india seem to be to donington normally as logged on restrictions east but the fight hockey just flaked to deal situation india is fighting a tough battle of the coral habitus. and for the capital city delhi which has a big surge in the number of 1000 cases the fight just caught up. with a number of infections spiraling there's great concern about the health care systems capacity to call in recent weeks numerous reports have surfaced about people with corona widest symptoms struggling to get access to proper medical care many are having difficulties even to get tested. over the past few days multiple incidents have come to light especially in delhi patients have begun to be from
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a different hospital citing the shortage of beds so all these patients ended up losing their lives. things family is one of many who lost a loved one in the pandemic. his father in law saying who was asked to magic tested positive for the virus after hours of waiting in line at the hospital where the test was done became unresponsive to their cause and the family struggled for days to get proper guidance. it even took to twitter to share their ordeal. we tried on the numbers of private hospitals didn't respond. to produce a complete refuse or do not come to the hospital because we're not having enough space produce clearly said no we don't we don't have beds the hospital rituals with the government hospital which was. the only option available to the plane on that day morning the doctor initially refused to take the test for this has been done in
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a different hospital. and as we were trying to move the hospital. printed inside because by the time the thing received medical attention his condition worsened and he passed away. pieces like. the delhi state government under scrutiny especially since its records indicate that there are enough hospital beds available to treat patients. some experts say the problem is not entirely due to the infrastructure. it isn't easy you know we have make believe in t's we have the right we're going to go there in the time of food and to make this should be working in you know one umbrella we do slick then we're talking about human resource human resources great scared off you know there is a lot of panic in the doctors that is way they are not coming forward with access to government hospitals becoming increasingly difficult delis private hospitals
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exorbitant amounts of money which makes the treatment and affordable for most. the government says it just compiling new strategies to deal with the rising number of cases but the steps taken so far seem to be falling short and for many it would be too early. to give you a quick round up now of other developments in the coronavirus pandemic new zealand has put border quarantine measures in the hands of the military after 2 people who arrived from britain were released from quarantine and then tested positive new infections have hit record highs in 6 u.s. states including texas florida oklahoma and oregon the president is holding a complaint this weekend the president of honduras who. has tested positive for the virus $400.00 people have also tested positive for the virus at a meat packing plant in the western german district of. it's the latest of several
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such outbreaks of meat processing plants in recent weeks. a german biotech firm has been given the green lights to start trying an experimental coronavirus vaccine on humans sure of our vaccine could be available from the middle of next year 2 days ago the german government bought a 23 percent stake in the company java made headlines earlier this year with reports that the ministration tried to quiet sluice of rights to a potential that's seen by the company it's this is the bio chemical process for obtaining the so-called messenger r.n.a. it's the molecule that forms the basis for the vaccine from biotech company cure back since the beginning of the year they've been in the race to create an injection against the corona virus. just on that i think stuff but this one i want to make our vaccine special is the fact that it can in juice and good immune response even if for lower doses. we can activate the immune forces at
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a low dose so well that the right level of antibody is produced yesterday to their level and then. into c.f. to get according to q. of x. that reduces side effects and also allows for greater quantities of the vaccine to be produced in less time at current capacity reports suggest they could turn night 200000000 doses per year now the german medical regulator has given them the go ahead to start human clinical trials making it the 11th vaccine in the world to reach this stage. for 60 follow if the results are positive and reliable data can be collected early one could imagine that we could be talking about filing an application for authorization for use at the beginning of next year it'll cut. competition is fierce there are 139 facilities worldwide working on a corona vaccine 2 of them have a 9th they will seek approval of the vaccine later this year. let's have
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a look now at some of the other stories making headlines this hundreds of households in the german capital berlin have been placed under quarantine after dozens of people there tested positive for the corona virus outbreak in the north current neighborhood involves 7 apartment buildings residents will not be allowed us to leave their homes for 14 days. the trump administration is suing former national security adviser john bolton to prevent the release of a book about his time in the white house administration says the text contains classified information publisher calls the lawsuit an attempt to block a book deemed unflattering to the president. the french comic hereto is facing resistance to its restructuring plans workers at its factory and flag. protesting the planned closure of the plant in 2024 closure as part of a comprehensive cost cutting package has long been struggling even before the coronavirus crosses. the fans or says its shareholders might not approve the
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german government's rescue package for the airline investors are due to vote on the deal at an extraordinary general meeting next week the times as warning comes after investor one some until it who now holds 15 percent of the island suggested in an interview that he might not support the 9000000000 euro rescue deal it would see the government take the 20 percent stake in low tones. today the order books open for the w.'s new electric vehicle the idea 3 the company says it's already built around 10000 of them how successful the model proves to be may be key to folks fogg's future. the bigger the battery the further it will. volkswagen started producing its fully electric id 3 car here in sick county last november bias can choose from 3 battery options 4558 all 77 kilowatt hours with the
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latter easily reaching a range of 500 kilometers they might be fully electric but initially at least the 1st cars won't be fully complete the covert $1000.00 pandemic has led to delays for some of the software components so we had to close the plant for a while we had just set up a huge software unit to bring our software development teams together and then came the coronavirus everyone had to fly back home that put an end to sitting together for a while. and the b.w. wants to use the id concept for all its models building for example a fully electric s.u.v. but it'll be a while before the car maker produces only electric vehicles. to fund the plan is to reach 10 percent electric cars this year and keep going by 2024 electric vehicle should make up 25 percent of our production and over 30 percent of it by around 2030. that may sound ambitious but the 1st id 3 percent to be
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delivered in september. around the world. has disrupted people's lives and livelihoods and it's forced many to find new ways of making ends meet or even putting food on the table. some people in nairobi are adopting. joshua and his brother seem like old pros at the delivery business but just 3 months ago dickey ran invents business and his brother worked for an ngo when coronavirus it all bookings were canceled and the pest out of the food delivery service they buy food and vegetables at the market and take them to their clients doorsteps the good news is this that you get the. everything in. too many great events where maybe my legs wide events. read news you know mom was talking it was. indeed believes that it could be
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a year before the events business is back on its feet but he thinks that food deliveries might be a good addition to his company. like the brothers many nairobi into trying to adapt to life under the coronavirus pandemic. this roadside market appeared here a few weeks ago and people prefer coming here to buy their fruit and vegetables rather than going to the crowded markets. there's no haggling by the vendors and squeezing part of the shoppers so other than tipping an eye out for passing trucks keeping one's distance isn't a problem. the dentist here teaches drivers to guides middle class tendons who have lost their jobs or on unpaid leave. they're trying to earn a little extra by reselling food from the markets selling parties from their own farms. pails passing by then i saw these people selling like say that i don't take i'm a trite you're trying to survive the effects of course you need to know where you
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are on the road. because by sitting there all you're going to do those are your vehicle through which is called 400 to before my children and my family and. one of the few sectors that has partially reopened is the restaurant business. this area is famous for its roast meat and its nightclubs and the normal weekend the stands here usually sell up to 150 k.g. of meat a day nowadays they only sell half of that. not to many kenyans here much omarosa need is like a staple food when going out on the weekends it's like to catch up in turkey all the time african pride and most people don't want to miss out on it. most restaurants however confidence will the strict guidelines that include testing the staff and the 1.5 meter space between each table so take away is still the best option. if you had to come. before. then you wouldn't even fight.
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the blaze because this place is always a beehive of. the number of corona cases in kenya is still rising slowly but surely and while many kenyans are concerned about keeping the virus in check all they really want is an end to the crisis. today as well to desert a fixation day and the united nations is raising the alarm that says in just 20 years we may run out of the productive land needed to sustain our consumption and africa region south of the sahara desert is using fertile soil countries such as mali see less rainfall and more drought in recent years it's worse than in the crisis. the rainy season in mali is just about to begin and in many parts of the country the land is still extremely dry no one did them 10 years ago it wasn't this bad back then you people here could plant rice today that's impossible no one
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should fell trees here anymore and we won't get any running to draw it out to. the region faces huge problems people's livelihoods here depend on the land the most important crop is cotton but it needs a tremendous amount of water because of declining rainfall many locals have started selling charcoal poles stands of trees have been reduced to black chips for sale in white socks on the roadside but there are alternatives. and we were told that fewer trees would mean even drier conditions that's why i decided to stop making charcoal and stop planting trees i can earn a good living doing this i sell saplings from my nursery and go eucalyptus trees that i sell as lumber and some of the. another alternative is using a different kind of seed that does better in drier conditions. and that it will be what i used to harvest only one and a half tons of millet. at once and my man with the new seeds i get double that
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stuff and it will. but the mayor of fun a says this is just the beginning he says he'll continue his public outreach campaign until everyone in the area knows how they can help stop climate change. sports now and some good news for all you football fans out there the champions league will resume in august after it was put on hold in march due to the coronavirus and european football's governing body u.f.o. confront the news on wednesday the quarterfinal semifinals and the final will be played as one of the games in lisbon the final will be held on august 23rd meanwhile the europa league will be completed in germany with a final taking place in cologne on august 21st if i will make a decision in mid july on whether fans will be allowed to attend the matches in portugal and in germany. by
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a munich have won their 8th straight bonus league or title after a one though win over veteran bahaman gave them an unassailable lead at the top of the table just before the break whatever dosti put by a head which was all they needed to secure the when they went off these was having a career best year also leads the league in goals by and have now won a record 31 does leave the titans. and on the fast paced world of sports to something much much slower 100 year old male galapagos tortoise who is credited with helping to reinvigorate a dwindling population is finally retiring the fertile reptile was part of a breeding program in ecuador that managed to save the giant galapagos tortoise from extinction. he saved his species from extinction fathering hundreds
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of joe and kill his tortoises. diego is 100 years old he was brought to this breeding center nick could or from a california zoo after being taken from the wild more than 80 years ago. now it's time to head back home and retire. this program was able to reproduce in captivity some 2000 offspring of which 800 come from go we've been really successful restoring a population that was almost at the brink of extinction with only 15 individuals. along with 14 other tortoises diego is making the journey back to his native island of espanyol or. thanks to these males giant galapagos tortoises that are thriving again. after braving the waves of the
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pacific diego and his friends are in for a bit of a bumpy ride to the islands interior where they're released into the wild. but not without some supervision i say let them go all the tortoises have a satellite tracking system which allows us to remotely monitor them during the adaptation period which will be for about 6 months after that we'll return to espanyol or to perform the 1st ecological monitoring to understand the tortoises behavior on site. having helped a species to survive diego himself is now enjoying his 1st taste of freedom. bless him this is the news and here's a reminder of all top story this hour following his country's 1st deadly border confrontation with china in decades prime minister on the run from modi has warned
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india will respond if provoked india says 20 troops were killed during the clash chinese troops in a disputed region in the himalayas china says the 2 sides would seek to resolve the issue through dialogue. and that's it from the u.n. the news stream there's some more news on our web site stu w dot com and also do follow us on instructor and twitter i'll see the. gavel has a level up there for you inserted.
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allegedly filled with garbage a serious health hazard the nairobi river in kenya. the environmental damage begins
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right now sars and by that guy who just made. it is a completely totally free from. the government has done next to nothing about this problem so local residents to the side of the take action global response and good luck on the doubling. in the eye of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store. for the future. e.w. dot com pretty major cities to the multimedia inside. counter like. oh. my god says i must. for the russian soul.
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stay mum. for so many different walks of life. sung by me and often tried but almost come straight from the heart. of. the russians and into my journey to death starts june 18th on d w. such. a. welcome to global 3 thousands. this week we meet a fashion experts he proves it's possible to be stylish well keeping step with also ducks jewish dress code.


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