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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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you know paint me. the alan. johnson is full of those who look at me. my answer. i am an unsolvable bridges. the secret of. storage john 3rd d w. president trump asked china to help him win reelection president trump gave a nod to concentration camps president trump was ready to quit neda and those are some of the damning allegations in a new tell all book by trump's former national security advisor john bolton in the room where it happened is packed with enough t.m.c. to blow up a presidency except for the one room where it didn't happen the impeachment
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hearings if john bolton had gone to congress to tell his story under oath it could have made all the difference it could have ended the presidency but it did it i'm going to off in berlin this is the day. that it's totally inappropriate that he does have to go in for their due process that shouldn't be out he knows it was it purchased not to write that this is despicable that he chose a publicist but that's highly classified information even conversations with me that they're highly classified in the national security committee i just don't see that in fact i understand not he's broken the law and i would think that he would have criminal problems i hope so. also coming up tonight a cold war style killing last year in berlin central park german prosecutors now
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say it was a murder ordered by the kremlin should vladimir putin be worried does he even care if. country is organizing and murdering someone in another country. that's a very serious incident and it has to reach to consequences. which you our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the case against the presidency of donald trump next tuesday the tell all. book by trump's former national security advisor john bolton goes on sale preorders for in the room where it happened have already made it number one on amazon president trump and his attorney general they are trying to get a last minute court order to stop the book's publication they argue it reveals classified information even if the courts block the book the contents are already
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being consumed we know what is inside bolton describes a presidency in utter and total chaos a president willing to break the law to do a favor for a dictator to the leader of the free world who knows shockingly very little about the world at all but writes that the president assumed finland belong to russia and he confirms what many suspected regarding north korea denuclearization was never the goal the photo op with kim jong un was. these pages contain claims which could rock u.s. foreign relations and significantly affect the us presidential election in november they were written by john bolton who said he saw donald trump in gage in fundamentally unacceptable behavior that eroded the very legitimacy of the presidency. top of the books list of bombshell claims that trump asked chinese
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president xi jinping to insure his win the election suggesting china find more american crops which would benefit us photos trump also encourage she and his mass detention of mostly muslim week of people in camps the book says may bolt and such trump seem to give personal favors to dictators he likes while being ignorant of basic foreign policy facts such as finland being a country and having nuclear weapons and an exclusive interview with a.b.c. news martha raddatz bolton said this year ends when you're dealing with somebody like putin who has made his life understanding russia's strategic position in the world against donald trump who doesn't enjoy reading about these issues or learning about them. it's a very difficult position for america to be in trump not only said the book was full of lies he also phoned fox news channel's hannity show to say this terrible
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terrible thing that he did but he broke the law the very simple i mean as much as it's going to be brokered this is highly classified that's why is sage's highly classified information that he did not have approval but come out now very loud and very strong so the now waiting to see if this book might prompt further investigation into the president it's also likely to be a factor in this november's presidential election. ards warning lights let's bring in james kirchick he is a foreign policy analyst and a visiting fellow at the brookings institution he joins me tonight from washington d.c. jamie it's good to see you again so what is this your book do to the image of the u.s. and the power of the u.s. if the president is prepared to sell an election to the president of china.
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well you know actually on that particular accusation that was one of the ones that i found the least convincing because there weren't that many details and all that bolton said was that trump asked the chinese to buy more american weeks which i think. would be would be a fine thing for any american presidents ask and you know if he threw in some line of at it helping his reelection chances then you know that's a spore a sort of more blunt. suggestion in most american presidents are going to be making so i actually didn't find that. anecdote to be the most disturbing i think what the president had to say about concentration camps and china basically got not not saying that the chinese were correct in build in the math i found that highly disturbing. d. and then and then the other comments that you listed just the sort of sheer ignorance of basic international issues to go to thinking that finland is
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a part of russia or that there are that our british allies not knowing if they have nuclear weapons these are all very disturbing things to hear that i have to say i wasn't really surprised by any of these revelations i think it's hard to be 3 and a half years anyone who's a sentient human human being in it paying attention. would would i find it hard to believe that that they would be shocked by any of this i want to pull up a quote from this book which you have sums up i think i'll watch here both writes i am hard pressed to identify any significant trump decision during my tenure that was not driven by reelection calculations so what do we have here is that just more proof that we've got a historical narcissist in the white house and nothing more. i think there's more to it than that 1st of all i don't think it's not it's not
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mutually exclusive to want to pursue policies that are in the long term national interests of the united states and that also help your reelection chances are you going to stand in his or not but he did say that he said it well and he's doing was just to get reelected as he was about the u.s. interests sure right right and i and i i take john bolton as word on that i think there are many things many things you can say about john bolton or criticize him for the notion that he doesn't believe in things and you can disagree with the things that he believes in but the notion that he doesn't genuinely believe in things and pursues policies that he believes to be in the american interest that's not something that i think even john bolton's worst enemies would accuse him of i mean the man deeply deeply believes in a certain vision of the world which is why frankly i find it. a little surprising that he went into the administration in the 1st place i'm not really sure i mean
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i'd like to ask him you know what do you think you are getting into because someone who has john bolton's track record of beliefs on american engagement of the world on taking a very robust posture towards american adversaries like russia and china and what not and it was very clear during the campaign in 2016 that you know don't trump is not going to be someone who really agreed with john bolton on a lot of these issues and so i'm so much surprised that john bolton seems surprised or maybe he's feigning surprise on the shore yeah that that's a very good point. out of time but we appreciate your insights tonight good seeing you thank you. thank you. sir germany's delinquent they've been delinquent for years and they owe nato billions of dollars and they have to pay it. well that was donald trump explaining why he wants to withdraw nearly $10000.00 u.s.
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troops from germany just a fact check here member states do not pay contributions to nato they each contribute a relatively small sum to its operating costs and they make commitments about their own national defense spending now this is all old have for the corresponding teri schultz theory has covered data for many years she joins me tonight from brussels good evening to you terry earlier this week at a nato press conference you were dressed trumps apparent lack of knowledge about nato when you press the point with nato secretary general u.n. still in bed let's take a listen to what you asked. do you feel that in the interest of countering dissent from ation that it would be important for you to perhaps explain to him in your next call how nato is funded the fact that no country actually has billions to nato. my message to him has been that the nato allies are actually delivering meant as a platform to have open discussions about. don't also
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a burden sharing but also military presence and i expect this to be an issue at the defense minister meeting all right terry you posed the question there's don't he didn't really want to give you an answer did he. he didn't and i got many comments from colleagues and even some nato ambassadors afterwards. complimenting me on asking this direct of a question but you know it is very frustrating to try to to sort of counteract this misinformation that is constantly perpetuated about how nato is funded and therefore how certain countries are not living up to their obligations nobody denies dermody has a very low level of defense spending in comparison to some of its nato allies but this idea that that some countries are falling short on their nato obligations financially because they don't pay directly into nato is just very frustrating and so i wanted to ask the secretary general stoltenberg if he ever brings that up with president trump but no he didn't address it at all you didn't get an answer and you
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tried to. i wonder. is he an apologist for donald trump when it comes to nato. that's a very strong word and i certainly wouldn't use it myself he's he is he has 30 bosses and that's a very difficult position to be in the secretary general represents all nato allies one of them of course pays a lot more than the others and has a lot more weight than the others but he can't do anything that's out of line for any country and so he constantly seems like he's not giving an answer or he's waffling because there are 30 different prisms positions on every issue but on this i think it also must be difficult for him because he sometimes has to sit right next to president trump and listen to him complain about the defense spending of certain allies and completely misrepresent how the alliance is funded and who actually was responsible for the reversal of the decline in defense spending he's not an apologist but he does have to be he does have to sort of tread the middle
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ground. ministers' the just 2 days discussions does anyone. take the idea of relocating u.s. troops from germany to poland seriously. that hasn't come up so specifically yes because i think everybody's still hoping that it won't even happen that the almost $10000.00 troops are pulled out of germany certainly the u.s. ambassador to nato when when we heard from her just before the meeting said that nothing had been set in stone yet that the plans hadn't even begun to be made about how and when this would happen something that was repeated by secretary general stoltenberg numerous times so i think that that would be a step beyond and it certainly would make a lot of countries uncomfortable to think that they would be pulled out of germany and put in poland president due to of poland is headed to the white house for a meeting in just a few days so i'm sure we'll be hearing more about this issue but it's something
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that's being bandied about but i'm not sure how realistic it is at this point you know ever since trump became u.s. president europe has asked itself more than ever should we can we go it alone here's what germany's foreign minister speaking to us yesterday because i want to say i lie and you cannot call most of the trouble too far i don't think we'll have to manage on our own the united states also has an interest that is closely tied to europe in terms of foreign and security policy. but maybe the u.s. will not be the protective shield that it once was for europe and that will lead to us having to do more for our own security that there will have to be a european pillar in nato and we are having that discussion trying to get those so that's what we're hearing right now here are nato members such as germany are they hoping for a job win in november and thinking that if biden is president then the status quo
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will be restored. well the status quo isn't all that satisfying to to a lot of allies either you know this discussion has gone on long before the trump presidency bridge you and i have been discussing their discussions for years ourselves. knows it has to do more and every u.s. president has said that stretching back decades so i'm not sure a joe biden win would resolve that president obama drew down troops in europe so certainly isn't tied to just a republican presidency that said i think that most europeans feel that they'd be more comfortable with a biden presidency he's very experienced in foreign affairs and you don't hear things coming out of his mouth like we have heard from president trump attacking nato is calling the european union basically an enemy you probably wouldn't hear that from a biden presidency and that would certainly be a relief for europeans. that. you've got using. it against germany in trying to create a
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a wedge in the alliance is there a sense of. i think there is a sense of that i'm not so sure that. you know specific to nato i think that's been true in european union affairs as well and poland plays its own role in that remember for trump how excited the white house got about that and it's something that polls privately to me said oh that's not a good idea because we'd lose funding if the democrats retake control so this is something that remains to be played out poland knows very well that germany is one of its strongest allies and it can't afford to alienate germany either so poland really needs to watch what it's doing here and i know that it's treading a very fine line so i think we'll hear more about this when president due to visit the white house but this is a lot of pressure on poland as well to be put in this position so i think everybody is going to be watching their steps carefully. excellent analysis on this thursday night here is always thank you.
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german federal prosecutors have filed murder charges against a russian man suspected of gunning down a former chechen rebel fighter here in berlin last year they say that moscow ordered the killing the alleged hit job strained relations between berlin and moscow it prompted germany to expel 2 russian diplomats russia's ambassador to germany says today's murder charges or groundless she says the kremlin will retaliate if berlin takes further action. it's an assassination that has shaken russian german relations to the core last year and late august the former chechen rebel salim khan congress feeley was gunned down in the heart of berlin shot twice in the head in broad daylight the suspect fled on a bicycle but was caught soon afterwards a russian according to his passport soon after the murder suspicions arose that the
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russian intelligence services were involved congress feeley was a commander in the 2nd chechen war against russian troops until 2005 in the eyes of moscow that made him a terrorist. as a chicken with her usual struggles this man is on our wanted list putin said he's a fighter a cruel and bloodthirsty person and just one of the attacks he killed 98 people asked him will be the most to wish him truly. moscow has always denied any involvement in the killing what relation does this incident have to the russian authorities these are absolutely groundless assumptions. at least 2 attempts have been made on congress feelies life before he moved to germany and 2016 hiding from the russian secret service his family followed believing they were safe here in a small chemical scum we were warned something could happen at some point but i
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never thought such a brutal attack could take place so easily here in germany where the security services the police and the law are among the strongest in the world. cornish. the contract killer is known as vitamin k. arrived in germany shortly before the attack using a fake identity now germany's federal prosecutor has gathered enough evidence to charge him with murder but the accused man they say was acting under orders from the russian government. are listed the story now to moscow our moscow bureau chief your english other joins me good evening to you you're so what's the reaction been in russia to all of the. hi brand well we have one official reaction from mr sergei to china with the russian ambassador to germany with that in the report just now he deny it as expected any responsibility and spoke of
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baseless charges against his country against russia we have to keep in mind the brands that moscow all fall moscow mr congo civility with russian possible it was primarily a terrorist that's why here in russia the story is being told in a completely different phase way media here have been highlighting congo should be lists passed as a separatist fighter fighting against russian forces in the 2nd chechen war and then there at the end of the 990 s. president putin himself called him to fight a very cruel and bloody who fought against russians southern it you're a vis story is yet another example of the russia that we see you around the world being a bad actor is there a disconnect however between russia the bad actor russian politics and the russian people you've been looking at that in a documentary series tell us about it yes absolutely brand thing you're right that
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there is another russia actually i russia off all of the area people living extra all their lives across 11 time zones and that's what my serious of films to the russians is about i thought 6 episodes about the life beyond to moscow and cram into politics full for dramatic stories and unexpected twists and turns you will see people of all different different ages different incomes and physical capabilities people who are deeply religious and people who are ardent athy is the old speak to you in the 1st person without any interpretation these are their personal stories that they do not pretend to be objective but each one is worth being told let's have a look. from birth. to death. 6 generations 6 life stories from russia the largest country by landmass in the world but i feel it is about life in russia as bad but living in
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russia is also good it's diverse and that's exactly what we want to share of the hope palette of life journeys detours and tough paths it's gray areas and nuances. but the result is a highly cost no insight into the lives of very ordinary people thousands of kilometers away from the glitzy capital moscow it's a country that almost 30 years after the dissolution of the save the union still plays a role on the global stage. every man should protect himself his family his friends and this country. also that he should strike fast before someone strikes you that well then i don't like church all those priests are much too rich to run around in gold and silver that's not my thing. after a couple of generations will be friends with other countries i'm all respect us so you know. has
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a thing for weapons she wants to join the police force. parents live in taiga ben ahmed who played reindeer there on the car and he sees her parents once a year. dimitri likes his job his family and his president about you but is 73 and goes on this case i don't like by call she sings old songs from times when life was better. but they come out 7 of the governor was a mug or just some of. their graduate. yes it's good buddies but i was touched by a patrol which he lives in the north of the tundra he saves the old women with his train and transports them out of their faraway villages of the united to defend it is dying out just like the old people and i feel sorry for them that they did not talk he does it from the good of his heart he doesn't anything from it but he
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doesn't anyway because he wants to help. young and old. rich and poor. different ethnicities and religions. the protagonists tell that own stories. and our history. they are russia straddling tradition and an unknown future. yuri you are such a good storyteller i mean russia has never been as interesting as it is when you are telling the story i understand you filmed this series before the coronavirus crisis began in russia how much has changed. absolutely that's a good question brand of course the virus has changed the lives of people worldwide including here in russia but here the majority of infections have actually been in moscow i have to say and not in the spots where we shut our stories 1st of all and
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secondly now that the lockdown has been loosened in most places in russia life has returned to normal almost a normal it almost feels like people have forgotten the both of the virus and despite the pandemic it hardly changed people's private views and opinions about their homeland about russia about their lives which is what we have talking about in the serious and i think these stories interesting even for russians to watch because russia is so huge variance and diverse and it was a real privilege for me as a correspondent to get to know this huge country a little bit better by a working on this unusual project yeah it looks fascinating the images are spectacular and the woman singing well what a great set of lungs there you're yuri as always thank you very much she's 73 let's see if we can do that worst of the 3 if you could watch your reasons
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a series the russians right here on the w.b. or you can watch it on our you tube channel d w documentary yuri it's always good seeing you thank you welcome. well the day is always done the conversation continues online to join us on twitter or you could follow me a brit golf and t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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and 50th anniversary here on d w. this was back. please let me. respond. that. this is. not. the.
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respect. this is. from berlin a contract killing here in the german capital carried out on orders of the russian government prosecutors say the kremlin ordered last year's murder of a georgian man in a berlin park. threatening to retaliate if germany moves to punish russia for the murder also coming up. being ambitious goals for the upcoming german presidency
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of the european union council including virus recovery package and a bigger budget to get.


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