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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2020 12:00am-12:02am CEST

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take care of yourself good distance wash your hands. and how we're doing we are here for you we're working hard we're sleeping here with form don't overwhelm groups we're only in this if you want to go to war make it. so you see everybody. stays the same the priest has to say. this is d w news and things are out top stories german prosecutors say the killing of a georgian man in berlin last year was ordered by the russian state the german government says it might take further steps against moscow over the matter including imposing sanctions. chancellor uncle americal has outlined her goals for germany's stint as european council president she said the
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coronavirus pandemic has revealed the easy use for gelatine and that a stimulus package is the top priority. for my us national security advisor john bolton's memoir contains explosive allegations about u.s. president donald trump including that he asked china to help him win reelection in november trump has denounced the book as pure fiction is it ministrations or to block it on the grounds that it contains classified information. everest and has been inaugurated as burundi's new president he's taking office 2 months earlier than planned after the sudden death of former president and currencies are. this is d w news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram a d w news overseas it's g w dot com. org
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. president trump asked china to help him win reelection president drunk gave a nod to concentration camps president trump was ready to quit nato and those are some of the damning allegations in a new tell all book by trump's former national security advisor john bolton in the room where it happened is packed with enough t.n.t. to blow up a presidency except for the one room where it didn't happen the impeachment hearings if john bolton had gone to congress to tell his story under oath it could have made all the difference it could have ended the presidency but it didn't. go off in berlin this is the day. i think it's total.


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