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sure. look if you're still only doing sense. this is g.w. news live from berlin getting europe back on its feet in the wake of the coronavirus crisis e.u. leaders meet for a virtual summit today france and germany hope to rally them behind plans for a 750000000000 euro covering on but there are deep divisions over whether the fund should consist of loans rounds or combination of bolts also coming up and plans.
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claims that have the has the latest corona virus outbreak under control give report on how the chinese government is expanding its question of any criticism of its handling of the pandemic plus as cape town braces for corona virus infections to peak at the end of the bronx we will be asking why the south africa city has seen war cases and doubts and the rest of the country. i'm sorry kelly walked into the program the leaders are holding a video conference at this hour on a financial plan to help the bloc emerge intact from the worst economic crisis in its history now the virtual summit is the 1st step in what is expected to be difficult negotiations. they are discussing an unprecedented $750000000000.00 euro
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carona recovery fund leaders will meet face to face next month for the 1st time since the coronavirus crisis began in february. and let's head live now to brussels where mattis is following the talks for us and there are certainly big political fault lines in these negotiations so where are those lines drawn. absolutely sara leaders speaking kluge through their t.v. screens now as this virtual meeting has started and you have a number of counties that have formed ever since the german chancellor and the french president stepped forward and said neutral debt is an option it's a must if you want and for this recovery fund now they support this idea of handing out grants rather than loans since you have mentioned on the other side you have the frugal for countries in the north of europe predominantly austria sweden
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denmark the netherlands who say look rather hand out no less than grounds and also let's look very closely at the strings attached when we give that money away and then there are all sorts of issues about conditionality who gets how much and what and that is where you have a number of eastern european countries who have to estimate their claims of what money they would like to see so many challenges and in fact i'm gay are our colleague richard walker has been having a closer look at some of those so we just have a quick look at what richard prepared and then we'll get your reaction there after . the corona pandemic is just a health crisis for europe it's had a massive impact old economy today just like the virus itself the economic and social aftereffects hitting some countries harder than others european union things easily greece and spain will suffer the most so in the last video meeting here members agreed to set up a special recovery fund to kick start the economy with the money borrowed centrally
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on financial markets that's being seen as a big step for europe but there is still a lot of details to work out and some of them are huge and very very complicated so we've broken them down for you into 4 main things 1st of all size how big should the fund be the numbers in play range from 502750 1000000000 euros next. fenice which countries should get funding and how much and should be given out as grants loads that have to be paid back. then focus what should the money be spent on the e.u. would like to see lots of green digital vestment but there are some questions about how quickly such projects can get off the ground. and finally how should the fund be paid back to lenders by when and by whom with so much to discuss everyone's
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warning that it's going to be a while before they can find agreement but the pressure is on to prove that europe can stick together when the going gets tough. the pressure certainly on will they find a compromise georg oh look there i think richard made a really important point here is how the money should be paid back and that is where a lot of state leaders have different ideas be an additional tax be it an environmental tax how that money should be a brought back into through the pockets of the european commission also a conditionality is another tricky issue and of course the issue of what other criteria for the funding should countries that have overspent for years and currently italy and spain are the ones that really receive the biggest chunk of money from the recovery fund should they be really be rewarded for not seeing through enough structural change that is what critics of the current commission proposal say or should we rather focus on the actual damage that corona the grown
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up and demick has done tricolor me so a lot of questions on the table or overall there is agreement that solidarity is important and that this crisis will need requires an adequate answer and as e.u. leaders discuss as as we mentioned they're discussing this right now they're doing so virtually talk with us a little bit about you know how big a factor that could potentially be because usually they'd be doing this up close in person. well i was surprised at 1st that we already had a an all nighter where which which is it is the term we call when the summit goes through all night through because the meetings were interrupted all the time all over i'll i would say we have reached the limits of what you can achieve with a virtual conference a deal like this takes close personal contacts it takes leaders to get up from the table walk over to a colleague have a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of a summit the personal contact is what it takes for this recovery from to get over
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the line i would say. correspondent matus with a view from brussels thank you and that's going to check now some other stories making news this hour australian prime minister scott morrison says that the country is under cyber attack from a foreign state based actor he said all levels of government infrastructure and essential services are targeted under the ongoing hacking australia's public broadcaster is reporting that intelligence agencies believe china is behind the attack the search to be russia's ambassador to germany says that moscow will react in berlin takes punitive action over the killing of a former chechen rebel in berlin last year german prosecutors say that moscow order to his shooting and have filed murder charges against the russian suspect. brazil's pope in 1000 at the demick continues to spread according to the health
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ministry of the country will soon top 1000000 confirmed infections and 50000 deaths brazil is home to the world's worst outbreak outside of the united states. well china has reported $25.00 new cases of the coronavirus in the capital beijing but it says that now as the latest outbreak under control authorities imposed partial lockdown measures after the virus we had emerged at a sprawling food market earlier this week the movement of people in and out of beijing is being strictly controlled with all travellers required to undergo testing for hiv correspondent spoiling our who is joining us from beijing mathias china saying the latest outbreak is under control is it credible. it will be under control when it's under control that means when the number of cases is dropping significantly the question is whether they have detected
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everything that there is whether they have a picture of the outbreak that is accurate and i would be more confident now that they do than last time when they were seeing the how to do under control and then a few weeks later on it turned out there was nothing under control now testing facilities are better and we have been through this for half a year already and the outbreak is in the capital and the lockdown measures our ready in place there's not much of an incentive to cover up a bigger outbreak and we are also not seeing any reports anywhere on social media that contradict this so i believe that we have a more or less realistic picture now of what's happening whether there is something happening that the authorities do not know about well if it would the authorities would not know about so that's pure speculation and we're going to have a closer look at the messaging that we've been getting out of china that he has because critics are increasingly questioning how beijing is dealing with the crisis
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and how it is suppressing any doubts about its containment policies and mathias we'll get your reaction there after. few in china have felt the economic impact of the coronavirus as much as migrant workers. who young she is a day laborer who usually works on construction sites but the building sector took a hit from the corona virus outbreak and then was. finding a job is harder now than it was. there more protective regulations like social distancing rules. but we have survived the worst months of the pandemic threat even quite sure that she was. at private job centers postings on the windows show how much the job market has taken a hit wages are declining the equivalent of around 20 u.s. dollars per day instead of 30. but who you know she says he doesn't want to criticize china in front of the international media. she junie is one of the few
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people in china willing to speak out he's a human rights lawyer and authorities have been watching him more closely since the pandemic began. when many chinese took to social media to call for freedom of speech he participated by signing a petition. with the police told me that if i didn't cooperate with them and delete what i had written if i continued to speak my mind there would be consequences for my family and me. she she worries that the government will use the pandemic to tighten its control over chinese citizens a number of journalists have already felt the pressure. now leads a why was a news anchor for state controlled media when the pandemic kid he quit his job to report independently from. a classified ad called for
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night shift workers at a funeral home lead took the job hoping to find out the true number of people who had succumbed to the virus. he was broadcasting live when plainclothes police entered his apartment and arrested him he disappeared for 2 months. in april he appeared in a single video explaining that he was simply in quarantine that many of his viewers say he had been forced to lie. well. china's critics say state propaganda has been ramped up since the pandemic began state t.v. portrays china as a global savior sending health care supplies by the ton to countries in need national pride is on the rise china's handling of the crisis has been a model for the world that's the opinion of many here at the great wall. this is how china works 1st our leaders come up with a plan and the people should follow without raising too many objections and
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benefits everyone you know title the founding began the way that a hallmark just so his will so here you see the difference between socialism and capitalism you should probably take a lesson from china china believed it had the coronavirus pandemic under control the economy was once again up and running but a new outbreak threatens to draw the country back into a crisis. back now with mathias bullinger for some reaction to that and with us as we just saw there the report essentially illustrating a china that is presenting itself as exporting the best practices for containing the coronavirus how much of that messaging is is really tied right now to the international pressure that beijing is facing in order to open up and invest independent investigation into what happened from the very beginning and warm. this very beginning this initial cover up that led to let the virus spread that far that brought so many so much suffering and death to one was something that got
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people here really really angry in the beginning of february probably the communist party was facing its worst legitimacy crisis in many many years and the fact that they were able to bring the numbers down somehow reconciled some people or part of the population with what the government did and the government of course pushed everything propaganda wise to bring over this message to bring it also to other countries china does not want to be questioned by other countries it does not want anybody to bring up the idea of an independent investigation and it punishes countries that do so so this is really important is and it's a message to the international community but it's also a message to the people in china and china wants people to believe that it's more powerful it's responses more powerful than that in western countries and it works
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sometimes i hear it sometimes myself people are telling me well it's good that you are now in china not in europe here you are safe and this is why it's critical for the chinese government to bring this outbreak now in beijing that as far as we know is much smaller than what we've seen before and one hand quickly under control to maintain this narrative that china is powerful in detecting and suppressing outbreaks mathias bellinger and beijing thank you. officials in the south african city of cape town are bracing for infections to peak there at the end of june or the beginning of july the city has been especially hard hit by the virus with more than half of the country's 83000 confirmed cases located in the western cape region well the africa correspondent adrienne krishna reports now on how cape town is preparing for the worst. the cape town international convention center is now
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a field hospital with around $1000.00 beds cape town the center of the coronavirus pandemic in south africa is preparing for the worst and additional $5000.00 jobs for nurses and doctors have been advertised for cape town and the surrounding area fire as just was done prize and his team have massively increased testing one 3rd of those tested here have been infected with the virus and there aren't enough testing kits available. probably even seen. one problem is clearly the international supply situation that's something we really notice in the laboratory that we're ultimately at the back of the line when it comes to supply it it's all produced internationally i'm not despondent but i must admit there are some very bad 2 weeks ahead of us triple what it was before she the health sector could be overloaded as early as next month city councillors aides by the dean is normally responsible for health care now he's also overseeing preparation work in local
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graveyards this huge area has been cleared for victims of covert 92000 people will be buried in this cemetery alone in the coming weeks. without credit it's the motion and projections that we have modeled at the moment we will see about 7000 deaths all the way up to pin 1000 deaths being projected in the city we are likely to use in the next few weeks the same amount of good waves that have been since the site for use in one year only a few mourners are allowed to attend funerals the ceremony itself is limited to 30 minutes maximum for deaths due to coronavirus it is actually a very scary thought that in a few weeks hundreds of people will be buried here but with the way the pandemic unfolds this is going to be the reality. and joining me now from the city of durban is professor alan abdul karim a prominent epidemiologist who is leading south africa's covert 19 advisory team
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thank you so much for taking the time to join us this afternoon. it's a great pleasure now we just heard a little bit more about south africa easing lockdown restrictions even as the coronavirus cases are starting to rise rapidly how whiskey is that well because south africa acted very early we imposed distinctions and the lock down when we had only $402.00 cases we are now in week 40 in off the lockdown and it's no longer sustainable for us to continue along this path and so we having to make the very difficult decision of easing the destruction so that people him start accessing health care accessing food and so on now while we institute now the prevention measures that individuals will need to take up such
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as social distancing and washing and so on why do you think so many of the countries case is more than half of the total have been concentrated in cape town specifically. well when we look at the beginning ology of the way in which the virus has spread in the western cape it actually started spreading at the tail end of our very strict lockdown and it started spreading in those. supermarkets and grocery stores that had to operate at the time and so it was the start getting infected and passing it on to the customers and so what happened as a result is that before we actually even knew there was an outbreak in these grocery stores it had already spread into the community so we were always playing catch up in the western cape trying to find pieces and stop the transmission to looking at contact racing and isolation and it reached
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a stage pretty quickly where all our efforts were actually now just trying to get to a point of some level of containment and in fact we have slowed transmission in the western cape but that's slowing doesn't stop the continue or laurie's of new cases as we see them and we heard some so much about you know about efforts to get the transmission of the virus to slow how important testing is and all of that we saw in our report one of the scientists saying that he feels that south africa and i'm quoting here it's at the back of the line when it comes to the supply of test kits do you agree and why do you think that is. this is really most frustrating for all of us the country is now doing somewhere between $25.30 tests per day so it's not like we doing you know only a handful we're doing a lot of tests but our need is much much greater we really would like to be able to
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do you know twice or thrice that and we have the capacity that pasty to do you know $70010.00. it's 90000 tests a day we have that capability because that capability was booked you know order to do testing for hiv and also for tb so because we have the capacity we have the machines and everything we just can't get hold of the kids the fact of the supply is just not able to supply the numbers we need is a problem because it's not a money issue it's just an international supply issue a very very challenging situation and we appreciate you joining us here on the program taking the time to tell us how you are coping with the professor salim abdul karim chair of south africa's covert $1000.00 advisory committee we appreciate it. all russia's ambassador to germany says
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that moscow will react if erland takes punitive action over the killing of a former chechen rebel in berlin last year germany said that it was considering imposing sanctions after prosecutors claimed thursday that moscow ordered the killing the alleged hit job strained relations between berlin and moscow last year prompting germany to expel 2 russian diplomats. it's an assassination that has shaken russian german relations to the core last year and late august the former chechen rebel salim khan congress feeley was gunned down in the heart of berlin shot twice in the head and broad daylight the suspect fled on a bicycle but was caught soon afterwards a russian according to his passport soon after the murder suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved congress feeley was a commander in the 2nd chechen war against russian troops until 2005 in the eyes of
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moscow that made him a terrorist. this man is on our wanted less putin said he's a fighter a cruel and bloodthirsty person and just one of the attacks he killed 98 people in the giving most to wish him truly. moscow has always denied any involvement in the killing what relation does this incident have to the russian authorities these are absolutely groundless assumptions. at least 2 attempts have been made on congress feelies life before he moved to germany in 2016 hiding from the russian secret service his family followed believing they were safe here on the coast and we were warned something could happen at some point but i never thought such a brutal attack to take place so easily here in germany where the security services the police and the law are among the strongest in the world worst according to.
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the contract killer is known as bottom k. arrived in germany shortly before the attack using a fake identity now germany's federal prosecutor has gathered enough evidence to charge him with murder but the accused man they say was acting under orders from the russian government. business news for you now russia is now lifting its ban on telegram a 2018 court order locked the messaging app in russia on national security grounds and told it gave up the keys to a data encryption the company refused citing uter user privacy. b.m.w. says that it is planning to make $6000.00 of its workers for dundon in germany f. alos a dramatic drop in turnover due to the coronavirus crisis the carmaker restarted production in may but only on a single shift basis b.m.w. doesn't expect much of
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a recovery in the near future. and german electronics payment company wire card has suspended its chief operating officer after saying around 1900000000 euros in cash balances went missing yesterday the fin tech firm delayed releasing its 29000 results it now faces a regulatory debt. line to publish them today earlier this month german prosecutors searched the dax listed firms offices as part of an investigation into market manipulation. that's going to lead parts who is at the stock market in frankfurt and lee where card has not gotten a break the stock is still taking a beating today which is pretty impressive considering the historical loss yesterday how bad is the damage it's almost as big as it was yesterday yesterday at the end of the day it was down over 60 percent and at the moment it's
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down another 50 percent you don't just add them up but you can look at the share price before the news yesterday the share price was at 100 and now it's at about 20 euros so it's lost about 80 percent of its value just in these past 24 and a few hours and that is a disaster and i'll add something that i usually don't talk about that's kind of tactical but it's i think it's important in this context of the volume of the trade as extremely high it's several times higher than the volume in the most valuable company in the dax s.a.p.'s and that means that not only are investors willing to sell they're rushing out at all costs because their trust in the company just seems to have dropped to 0 absolutely especially considering this used to be a darling in the market only we have just 20 seconds can it ever recover its reputation. it's hard to know i think the reputation is gone it's hard to figure out how it will survive because not only does it have
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a whole of $2000000000.00 euros in the balance sheet apparently according to the auditors but because the auditors aren't signing off it might have a whole of $2000000000.00 euro zone loans that are going to be recalled by the end of the month as well only parts with a view from frankfurt another dramatic day there on the markets for wire card thank you. and with that now you're up to date on the it is don't forget you can always get warner website to diffuse dot com you can also follow us on instagram and twitter acted as your news you can also find me sarah kelly take care.
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of such. people. and turn the conflicts over with sarah kelly sweden's unique trust based approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic project in the strict lockdowns imposed around the world but the policy has come under increasing criticism and pressure my guest this week is sweden's foreign minister and linda with a death toll much higher than its neighbors as swedish meat is deadly our conflicts
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are. next to the 1st. big problem despite the danger of coronavirus people who shop at weekly markets and zimbabwe may be risking their lot on our own. turning to. a new start of the modern fresh food and vegetables right to your door which is especially when you know. if you say. the cocoa for. 60 minutes w. beethoven is for me. is for you. beethoven is for help. beethoven is for. beethoven
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is for the. beethoven is for. he told him it is for. beethoven 2020 for 250th anniversary year long do you know. every death is very tragic with such a high death toll how can you say that your strategy is working well it sounds like you want to troll us out of e.u. sweden's unique trust based approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic rejected the straight to lockdowns imposed around the world and instead encourage people to voluntarily social distance but the policy has come under increasing.


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