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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2020 3:15am-3:31am CEST

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has indicated he wants to leave manchester city off to rejecting a contract extension the german international looks set to return to germany with bae munich last summer but a bad injury ended his transfer hopes the 24 year old left has one he left on his current deal but guardiola says he can leave if a buyer can be found and. that's it for me in the news thing there's more news on our website day dot com you can follow us on twitter and instagram as well i'll be back at the top of the hour with more for now though thanks for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. beethoven is for me. is for.
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beethoven. beethoven. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for. beethoven 2022 the 50th anniversary here on d w. nearly 10000000 people have downloaded germany's new coronavirus tracing app in just 3 days. there's still a ways to go scientists say that 60 percent of the public needs to use the app for it to be effective and the government says that by end is critical to kind of if the app can help to warn contacts of infected persons faster than was previously
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possible and every hour of early warning of a threat of infection is a gain in fighting those fires you can use this be able see. it as governments around the world track the virus can we be sure they also are tracking citizens. tracing apps can we trust them are they effective. and this is the covert 1000 special i'm stephen beers in berlin it's good to have you with us in a surge of new tracing apps help stop the viruses spread we'll hear from an expert in just a moment but 1st let's look at some of those apps and how they differ here in china as the coronavirus spread the government set out to fight it with the help of a smartphone app. launched in february the alley play health code app was the 1st attempt to slow the transmission rate of covert 19 by tracking infected people digitally using information from their smartphones the app analyzes personal data
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to assign a color code that either grants users access to or bars them from buses trains and public spaces. south korea launched its own contact tracing program shortly after china requiring all international visitors to download a tracing app at the airport but the country's effort to monitor the virus doesn't rely on this app alone the south korean health authority also tracks infected people using surveillance cameras and credit card information. singapore led the way in creating an app that can monitor the spread of the virus without government surveillance the country's app traced together uses encrypted anonymize data to alert those who have come in contact with infected people australia has launched its own app based on the trace together protocol. in europe france italy and germany launched coronavirus tracing apps this month prioritizing privacy the italian and german apps use
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a decentralized approach they don't store users' information on a server but rather on the user's phones the french stop covert app however is centralized it does store data on government run servers but says the data is deleted after 14 days the u.k. is preparing to launch an app similar to the french model later this month. the european commission has called for a common tracing technology across the e.u. but so far member countries have been going it alone. let's take a closer look at france now released at the beginning of this month and as mentioned in that report it relies on centralised data storage and that is giving pause to some potential users. downloaded stopped as soon as it was launched users who test positive get a barcode they can enter in the app stop then alerts other users who they've been in close contact with him and who do you. keep the app is
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on a voluntary basis and obviously doesn't replace other measures like face masks. but it's one out of several tools that can help protect me and the people i meet. michelle hasn't tested positive nor has she received an alert there are no official figures on how many alerts have been sent out so far but she still hopes the app will be effective. me i know that there has been a mix in the past but i never thought i'd live to experience one it was frightening and very worrying and it's too early to say if it's over we need to keep up our guard. but only about 2 percent of people in france have downloaded the app so far many are concerned the government might need to track people but. that doesn't bother shuki we are all using mobile phones and being
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tracked through relay mass it is very easy to know where people have been at a certain point in time also through friends book and twitter compaction that is not a threat. we shall hope small people will use the app and ok that 19 epidemic soon becomes a thing of the pots i'm joined now by ralph yon's he's the founder of research to guidance consulting firm for the digital health industry in berlin ralph it's good to have you with us 1st of all now the german app came out this week in an already has 10000000 downloads does that make it a success you know it's definitely a very good start. also compared to other official tracing apps in a lot of other countries so they have to fall much worse than here in germany so it's a good start but that see how that further develops we think that maybe you 1st
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movers have now dolly loaded it now becomes a hot part of the game to convince all the other ones the ones who are a bit skeptical you know to also download and install the supplication but it's a good start and you know. now this app works without a centralized data registry should that reassure users about their data security it's definitely a march secure and times of privacy approach so yes i mean the balancing of prior to data privacy and being able to fight the pen to make with the help of a tracing app we think that the betances is being has been reached and we would recommend loading the up location. as we heard earlier there are plenty of other national apps france italy singapore for example how effective is it going to be
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when people are traveling across borders and they have their own countries app but maybe not in other countries. yeah that's what i mean that's still a problem and so if you met somebody was affected in another country and he's using a different app then your app wouldn't wouldn't know about it so still country apps are still not talking to each other that might take a while until those sort of missions are going to be into approachable but for now they conned talk to each other are we seeing any efforts to create a unified that for example maybe in the e.u. yeah i mean there at the very beginning there have been discussions on the european level to come up with one approach which works. you know all the countries but then it turned out that country interests were so different
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so that each of the countries they decided to go 1st their own way maybe when there will be a 2nd wave or the pen to make takes longer then they will meet again and then find ways to to merge and to let those up occasions talk to each other but not funnel and we've been talking about tracing apps this whole time that there are other digital tools that can be used in this pandemic what can you give us an example of. yes sure i mean there are plenty and the tracing phase is just a very very tiny. phase it was in the overall spectrum of what is what is available out there so i mean there are hundreds of solutions out there which help to educate the users. about there is of getting effective or being
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effected there are lots of 3 yosh solutions out there which help. patients or users had to find the next testing stations and also. make appointments you know was doctors had to do the tests then we have the tracking and tracing. phase of this whole pandemic management and then we come to current time management and during con time management there are also lots of tools which have being made available during the pen demick in a very very quark quick way which allows the patients had 2 minutes they're basically there their health status was being current. self-imposed or enforced so there are lots of solutions already out there today right rob fiance of research to guidance a digital health consulting firm thank you very much thank you. and it's time now to answer your questions about coven 19 over to our science correspondent derrick
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williams. does high altitude affect the transmission of covert 19. interesting lee guess it seems to when i went looking for information on this i found a recent study comparing infection rates in low lying parts of china and bolivia to mountainous areas and it showed that the higher you go the fewer cases of cove at 19 you find them now a lot of that's probably down to environmental factors of course like like higher u.v. radiation at altitude and more drastic temperature swings and drier air which could all play a role in hindering replication but the researchers also postulated that a physiological factor could be playing a role people who live in low oxygen environments at high altitudes have
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way fewer ace to receptive ears in their heart and lung cells it's an adjustment the body makes too to thin air and since those are the receptor the virus uses to invade your body and having a lot less of them in those organs might protect you. can you give us a status update on possible vaccines for covert 19. the w.h.o. is keeping a running count of the steadily mounting number of that scene candidates in the pipeline there are are over 140 of them out there now of of those most are still in what's called the the preclinical stage so in cell culture or an animal testing but but 13 have moved on to clinical evaluation which means they're being checked for for safety and if it is see in humans only one has reached
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phase 3 which is the last stage of the process before approval by the way the speed at which this is go away is really pretty jaw dropping for a vaccine candidate reaching phase 3 after less than 6 months is unheard of. and that's it for the w.'s covert special for today thanks for watching it's a helping. anyone visiting their spine poll should know here boats are the way to get around. those who know not only when attending to know that all 301 can now join house nichol furnish and she explores the recent rash region and its speciality.
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next t w. l ron from the french border town of shooting for crimes 24 and i'm linda crane for g.w. standing on a german side walk alongside. the french mainstream did they write from the france germany border. taken seriously in their supposing the french german border wars are breaking or granta reopening what will it take to restore economic health in europe. and 45 minutes on d w. of our meal time to complete the 2nd season of only. it's the back environment still about society it's still about us but all the planets on the brink of destruction circle leading experts in the fish. hook up just to get all of their exams.
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