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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2020 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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and reading there of course watching you give you news live from berlin i'll be back with more headlines actually i will declare richardson will be back with more headlines next hour you can get more information on any of the day's stories and much more the web site dot com unexpired sir thanks for watching. my sinuses. like. to. paint me. on. the
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sunday school days who look at me. my and say. i am going to unsolder the original. lead the secret of. starts june 3rd d w. that people of the world for g.w. on facebook and twitter update get in touch. the corona pandemic is by no means over yet but around 10000 germans are resting and frolicking on their favorite vacation i meant the spanish on and of new yorkers has been getting ready for this summer against spain weeks in porto for instance. c.m. i know because i'm taking my yorka away from the germans they've got
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a problem. if you take the germans away from us we've got a problem. but that doesn't mean all the islanders are ready to welcome the holiday makers some feel like they're being used as guinea pigs. to move. to. the roof. on a metal slot makes one last check to see that everything's in place from the 2 metre distance to be observed on the terrace to the disinfectant for the bartender she's memorized every new hygiene rule they'll be taking effect in now because her tells the next day. oh yes we're now we've got a little dispensers everywhere that people can take along. the way if that's really the most in their thinking and that's not to take your hands clean at all times
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that in fact if the virus is around us here as well get it into your system a system that lets. the danish quality manager has spent every day of the past few weeks with the hotel chains corona taskforce it's their job to make sure all the workers put the government's 21 new hygiene protocols into practice by far the greatest challenge is reforming the work routines in the them town restaurants yeah he can the patrons won't be able to take his or themselves here and you know. that's that's what they i lost contaminations got that mean that's your sources are so out of that there's a lot of room back there the air in there that's on top us and i think that's where our personnel look they dish or that certain that it was a rally on the plates and that they let it play out even. though 3 months of lockdown have already left them mock around the island it was imposed in early
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spring right at the start of the vacation season many businesses in the bathing resort of puerto to alcudia haven't opened since last autumn the island's economy has lost approximately 1000000000 euros a month since the crisis began. down on the beach everything's ready for the 1st tourists to make sure they keep the proper distance the number of the challenges has been can't find 3 quarters the rental agent gas company hardly has anything left to do only a few islanders around here today. for. sunday like this the beach would normally be completely full by this that. this is a very popular section of especially with families and couples to. the water isn't very deep. and everything is nice and pleasant around here. normally we'd have a lot going on here but. this needle fast food shop put the fruits of the deserted
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high rise home towns reopened about 2 weeks ago man while selling garo has been serving a few local patrons beer and burgers but his regular customers have yet to show up it was all their money the germans always brought her brought borst and they're satisfied that we've been crying growers there for 38 years no idea and the germans we always think it tastes good with kurt already. manuel sound you know is also well prepared and he's replaced his menus with q ok it's. my name i go to. majorca is a home to many germans on this but. if you take my new york away from a journalist you don't buy your they've got a problem. if you take the journalists away from us we've got a problem. the next morning a plane carrying the long awaited solution to that problem comes in for
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a landing slightly delayed for the 1st german vacationers 7 rived ed palmer demi york apple and spain won't officially be opening its borders till late june and exceptions be made for the guests from germany with infections apparently dropping there and the need for tourist euros rapidly growing over $4000000.00 germans come to the island every year and spend their money before they head for the beach they have to have their temperatures taken and fill out some health question as in the arrivals terminal over 100 members of the press from around the world awaiting for a scoop tourists are taking their summer vacation not even when the very 1st east german tourists arrived in new york or after the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago wasn't such a media sensation say the older reporters what image is that it misses god i think it's because we had a total lockdown for 3 months and in that time everything that used to be stopped
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being all done at the end what you didn't used to live as i merely ns of germans were coming to majorca is now suddenly in his place. and here they are the new stars of the island and how do they feel how is the meal service on board. every holidaymaker is mocked by reporters thomas and antonio tobe or have arrived in the morning from bomb the light was by except that is back in the press that was the helmet that you or they. wanted the family at home say about this holiday did they think it was a good idea or not they may have been a bit worried 199 holidaymakers came on the 1st blank the next 200 germans are expected and antenna afternoon.
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as mentioned not only the islanders welcomed this experiment spain's been here to specially haunted by the qur'an a pandemic the last few months over 27000 people died in this country some people here worry that thousands of holidaymakers returning to the beaches could bring new infections the graffiti sounds new yorker is not an experimental lab you know that they were to me always i'm a little afraid that all the tourists to love this year that i've had now will just have to go away with it. i mean and i what i mean when i say we have this initiative that was because we want to stay and they leave it in tourism. it's in our own interests but of course they mustn't lose sight of the health aspect. at their most any more and they somehow we have to return to normal so why don't we in the know we have to be marcos yes i think we can change the situation. you know we shouldn't 'd go about it at the oteros when it was so overcrowded everywhere around
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here we need a more fluid and 2 days ago it was them. for years the debate has raged on the island over how to reconcile mass tourism and sustainability the corona crisis i'm pleased find the discussion at the same time it showed the islanders just how dependent they really are on holidaymakers some 3 quarters of new yorkers economic output comes from the tourism sector that might help explain why the participants in the pilot project are given a royal welcome at the hotel in port to alcudia and here to the reporters are ready and waiting even following them all the way to their rooms. quality manager on a matter small it is also in high demand for interviews. that what is normal night that's news now. breaking news. antonia
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and tomas trouble the couple from the airport have had a little time to recover from the media frenzy and that hotel is their 1st make asian together for quite some time they've been together for 4 years antonia originally came from ukraine she 1st met tomas in his capacity as a refugee council do you know i love the east but never in my life and i forgot to take it in the go to my mother just told me the very words out then said antonio we just now saw you on russian television lucy said they really did i can hardly believe it this is true one can come loving this saves us really and. as soon as we got on the tour bus with an artist of a hotel we found a complimentary given that we've been not only our regional government assure the. you know so much i can show it to you this wonderful design. right in the middle of what would normally be peak season the project's participants sansa be coming out of l. i don't know what most in time really to themselves the 10 days at hof pension only
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cost them 400 euros it doesn't seem to bother them that the islands clubs are discos entente to open want many want more than anything is a break from home for weeks of lockdown restrictions. actually all we want to do is out in the street to ourselves from the god where shall we go which borders are open and which aren't what could be more relaxing majorca without. their help and does so yeah and we the current debts i mean occupational health care for example one was all going out wards again suspected cases of covert infection so we've already been through some things the. emotionally as well. don't just thankful that we can be here and here we were starting to climb a wall and so this is a real liberation. back at the hotel antonia and tomas realize even their holiday
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is saddled with restrictions the protocol for dinner is complicated. how does this work here. was the question. so. you have to go in a circle. hotel personnel watch every move like home just the 1st disinfect then put the clubs out there disinfect again then down the mess that's 50 feet like this really feels like being admitted to the current i would just like that my job. at the sun down on the beach things are noticeably more relaxed in spite of all the social distancing the holiday makers can chat with one another. he said i keep saying we'll never experience anything like this again it's sad that i want to experience it again but if it weren't for the fact that so few people are on the beach you wouldn't even notice that anything
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special is happening here. not many others all that read last about it surveys have shown that because of the pandemic a majority of europeans prefer to go without their holiday cocktails on foreign beaches but at the smokey dogs in we've seen this time and again for instance after terrorist attack people stay away from the big cations for 4 or 5 years it's done eventually they can get used to anything i think i think it is and then i'll be back in full force but i think it'll take a bit of psychological self persuasion with a lot of people who are still a little nervous right now. slowly but surely it starts to feel like vacations used to fran tony and thomas but even after the 10000 pilot holidaymakers new yorker won't start welcoming the tourist crowds back any time soon when or if the island is able or even willing the result of this experiment may well. i'll give some hint .
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this garbage won't one day save lives. i'm a cycling company in uganda is making a protective shield from us to place. the nationalists from talk of talk of plastics have acted swiftly during the pandemic. it's good for doctors and nurses and good for the environment. for the. next on the deal. when will this happen again. until then the d.j. star paul van dyke used blazing new trails. come to move us from the session mindstream from berlin. what made him a visit and asked what projects he can still see through. the roman.
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season 60 minutes on t.w. . event i'm david and this is climate change. happiness increase books. this is the book for you to. get smarter birth free get over your books. play. dumb. a warm welcome to our environment magazine africa after months of restrictions imposed because of the poor gimmick public life is slowly returning to normal that's applies here in uganda as well as to many other countries in africa to find
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out more let's ask my co-host in nigeria hello how are you doing.


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