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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2020 4:15pm-4:31pm CEST

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speak to difficult it obvious chief international editor richard walker brussels many thanks and that's it's fun of the news team christine. for you in the 45 minutes in the meantime to find all the latest news and information. on all websites that's developing dot com what's in the news i'm going out of us and ballin up next monica jones and our covert special the for. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. covert 19 special next on d w. w's crime fighters are back to africa's most successful in radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and
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sustainable chocolate production. all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on the africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. hard fighters tune in now . every visit is an emotional highlight. the pandemic is especially cruel for the elderly the mortality rate is much higher than among younger people. and many suffer from loneliness. locals are good for the love they want the fix a long time since i've seen him. the situation is especially grim and nursing homes with a pandemic highlights deep flaws in the health care system and too often it's the
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elderly paying the price. welcome to our $100.00 special here on news i want to jones and berlin good to have you with us sending a parent into a nursing home is painful at the best of times but the pandemic has added an extra level of agony in spain some 20000 care home residents died of covert 19 relatives want to know could their deaths have been prevented. parra made a point of meeting us in front of the nursing home where her father in law died of the coronavirus in her view he lost his life because the management underestimated the danger posed by the infection and made mistakes with fatal consequences. the director here told employees not to wear masks to avoid alarming the nursing home residents. when her 86 year old father in law then started coughing and
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developed a fever the family asked to have him transferred to a hospital to no avail. we were told that everything was fine and he wasn't terribly ill and that's why he wasn't being transferred to a hospital the. a few days later the elderly man died his case is similar to those seen in dozens of nursing homes across the country. in spain the provinces are responsible for health care in madrid it's the regional government led by center right politician isabella uso seen here during a moment of silence for victims of cope with 19 recent documents have now sparked controversy they revealed that in march the regional government instructed hospitals not to accept any patients from nursing homes. nearly 20000 people in spain's nursing homes have died of covert 19 many of these cases will likely end up
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in the courts hundreds of family members have already sued regional governments and nursing home management. what this is about is the decision that older individuals will not receive medical treatment knowing that they will die as a result this has enormous legal implications like that in my uterus and if you would be. parra has also filed a suit she finds it shocking that politicians were able to make life and death decisions for other people. i want justice by and look at that those responsible pay for this. our elderly deserved being treated with dignity what so much you know the many fatalities in nursing homes have become a national trauma for spain. for more i'm joined by heather assistants professorial research fellow at the care policy and evaluation center department of
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health policy at the london school of economics and political science very good to have you with us i understand that you conducted a study on what tell a t. associated with copd 19 outbreaks in care homes what can you tell about it how high is the number. so we found that almost in many countries about powerful. people who died as a result of kopi it has happened in the in care homes so although initially or a lot of the focus was on hospitals for the hospitals and counting how many people wait dana hospitals we found that there were quite a lot of stuff where being ignored not come teet and that was partly because there was in my testing happened care homes what we have free ice to use that as many as 3 to 6 percent of get home residents have in some counties and that this of course a very high number indeed and given that we knew from the start that coby 1000 is
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especially dangerous for the elderly and those with an underlying condition even for those who are in care homes why are they better protected who is failing them. the initial response to this very much focused on ensuring there was enough hospital capacity so there was a lot of emphasis on making sure that there was stays in hospital so a lot of people went sent very quickly from hospitals back to care homes sometimes without their stinging term counted and there was and really i liked off thinking and perhaps this is because we don't have much they turn in many count this by the quality of sync at homes or that their characteristics and if you don't have data it may mean that if you are having the logical models tool to try and plan for that and then make you may not have the numbers for the population will be in care homes and they need to be completely left out of the planning right so mistakes were made and people had to die not the report we just saw focused on spain but is it the
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same situation in other countries or are there significant differences in the response to cope with 19. we have a very different response in many asian country is that there have been very few bad selves get on president in hong kong time they haven't had this infection in. managed to on. small outbreaks that they had been getting was that a great place for singapore so we found that in those countries they seemed to have been able. to make sure that these are going to happen but these are also countries that have done generally very well at containing the community we have seen that in some european countries an enormous america in the us and canada it's really quite that these esther situation right and sadly is covered 9000 is still here what it can and what must be done to improve the situation in care homes as fast as
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possible. 1st of all we need to make sure that we are very quick at responding thought or outbreaks making sure that the if that is a local outbreak near at a care home or the residence and staff are tested regularly while that is a local outbreak 2nd of all we need to make sure that we reinforce and we support infection prevention controlling caroms we haven't had the others to the show on these encounters that have an expedient something like status in asia that's why there was so much better prepared but here we now have a chance we have learned a lot from the stressed and then there's waves that and then again we have a chance to be much better prepared and so kind of like go also say that we have to be much more realistic about whether to care homes can implement. so quite often they have tried to break through apply all these protocols isolating residents that but then she'll be there with confirmed but they didn't have the means to do it
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right testing and acting faster certainly is the right step to go. ahead there are from the london school of economics and political science thank you so much for your time. and it's time now to answer your questions about 90 in the over to our science correspondent derrick williams. a vaccine for common cold coronaviruses has never been developed why are scientists cautiously optimistic that a vaccine for covert 19 will be found. it's true that we've never developed vaccines against the various corona viruses that cause cold like symptoms but there's but there's a big difference between them and sars cove 2 and that's that it doesn't just make you miserable for a day or 2 it can kill you in other words we've never really had this kind of motivation both medical and economic to develop a vaccine for common colds developing a vaccine is
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a long wearisome and very very expensive process but but so many researchers and companies are throwing so much time and so many resources into the covert 19 problem that i for one i'm pretty confident they'll come up with was some kind of vaccine quickly that will that will prove effective to some extent at least in the short term the big question i think is going to be how long the effectiveness lasts . can you be infected with sars cove 2 through sweat. there's no evidence that sars cove 2 can be spread through perspiration however places where you might come into contact with someone else's sweat like like gyms can be risky for other reasons i mean if someone is doing something strenuous enough to cause them to sweat then it's likely that they're breathing hard as well
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and that of course could pose a danger. interesting lee though in this vein there's also research going on into whether canines can be trained to sniff out differences in the sweat of someone who's infected dogs are already being used in some settings to detect diseases like like early stage parkinson's and breast cancer and maybe they can be enlisted in the fight against covert 19. as well. our face shields are good protective option since they can be disinfected throughout the day . just like with masks there's been a lot of debate on the pros and cons of of protecting yourself with a plastic face shield like those often worn by by health care workers some experts believe that when it comes to protection face shields might actually be a better option than masks because even though they're open below the chin they
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also cover your eyes and they make it pretty much impossible for you to touch your face add to that that they're more comfortable to weigh or and as you noted they're also much easier to disinfect and they seem to have some some some pretty clear advantages so although the question needs further study at this point of wearing a face shield seems like an option that can help you to protect yourself and others . and eric williams will be back tomorrow so keep your questions coming before we go what's to do when you need to fly home and all the flights are canceled for one arjan time the answer was simple sail home one manuel about estero reached his hometown or from out of their plots out on wednesday nearly 3 months after leaving portugal to be with his elderly parents high winds and strong waves off the coast of brazil almost cost him
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his life but there's no happy reunion just yet sterile now has 2 weeks of quarantine. well that's all the time we have for today for me in the team and thanks for watching and take half. an unprecedented approach. handling of the coronavirus pandemic. has become a polarizing topic within the country. its relaxed attitude has left those affected feeling helpless and grieving they are paying the price for sweden strategy herd immunity. 3000. next on. in the distant future the tiny space
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tourist must mean sure bloodstream. in the distant future. scientists are now developing the nano robots that treat targeted diseases inside the human. science fiction in today's medical world tomorrow to. 60 minutes on t.w. . listen carefully. to get.
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discovered. subscribe to the documentary. welcome to global 3 thousands. even in the best of times racism is a problem but the current pandemic has made things even worse for many. sweden this method of dealing with the corona virus is for all the relaxed but rising infection rates a casting doubt on its effectiveness but 1st over field hospitals over.


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