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this is the deputy years live from bin laden germany scrambles to stem a mass outbreak off the coronavirus as mall that 1300 workers test positive at a school to house forced growth for the onus of the paunch to be held responsible for failing to enforce physical distancing rules also coming up. hundreds joined prostates in brazil over the government's response to target 19 more than 50000 people and on their own to have died from the virus many blame president bush i have also not of course downplaying the disease. and the e.u.
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dumond's an end to an unbalanced trade relationship with china but off to the latest polls as beijing moved any closer to what brussels months. to. come to the program the german meat packing industry is facing strong criticism from the government off to more than $1300.00 people tested positive for corona virus at a processing plant in the west of the country thousands of workers mostly romanians and bulgarians have been quarantined in the city of goods is still in an effort to contain the outbreak no need is in the states say they call on rule out reimposing a wide lockdown. it's an outbreak that has shocked germany day after day the number of infected 10 u.s.
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employees has risen to over 1300 today but there are indications that the plant may have ignored warning signs ahead of the outbreak. this video shows the company canteen in april of this year overcrowded despite germany's supposed social distancing restrictions in this widely circulated recording and then ploy you can be heard voicing her concern about the situation this is tenuous she says in the video that was leaked online how are we supposed to protect ourselves. 10 years as one of germany's biggest meat processing companies its clients include german supermarket giants. the mass outbreak has sparked protests and the heated debate about working conditions at plants. will do anything in our power to shed light onto the darkness in this sector. and will certainly trying to keep the virus from spilling over to the general public. the outbreak of tanya's
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has raised fears of a super spreader event in the country's west where germany's 1st major outbreak happened over winter the latest developments have put north rhine-westphalia as premier i mean lost it on the defensive he has now signaled he's considering a larger quarantine in the area to control the outbreak. of the source of this can be found at this specific company but we still cannot rule out a wider lockdown. look don't the moment. the plans co owner has promised to take full responsibility for the outbreak but confidence is dwindling and the science management whose team many blame for what has become a major crisis. and. is covering the story for us is outside one of the residences where work has has been
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paced and locked down hello so just tell us about the conditions for these thousands of people who are now in quarantine. hi christine well the lockdown the quarantine here couldn't be any more strict what we're seeing what you're seeing behind me is a large collective housing unit for the workers from the tinnitus the tourney's factory and they are surrounded by a fence just like the houses across the street and here in this residential area just 20 minutes by car from the slaughterhouse that accounts for about 6 to 700 workers and like i said the conditions of the quarantine are very strict they have food delivered to them by truck it seems like once a day from the turn just company and right now medical workers are doing tests on all the residents are trying to knock off every name from the list that they have to test everybody who works at the factory the people who live here can't come out of this fence there is no gate has to be opened by with
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a screw and so it's very secure here but on the other hand a lot of workers don't live in these collective housing units they live rather in smaller apartments they're harder to locate. and it's hard to know if they're coming going out of the house they're more under self quarantine. so why even i mean have authorities oh haven't authorities imposed a wide and all that extends into the city. in the region the government is confident that they have they have this under control that the virus is only spreading among people who work at that factory here the term use factory so they think that it's remained within the community hasn't spread to the wider community they're doing these tests as you can see here to make sure that that is the case they want to know exactly how many people have the virus and if they can keep it contained within the community then they don't have to lock down the regional schools and kindergartens have been closed down here but otherwise people can go
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about their daily business and locals told us that the community of workers here many of whom who come from romania and bulgaria are so segregated anyway that they feel confident they haven't had contact with them at the same time there is a lot of discrepancies here in where the workers actually live at 1st 30 percent of the addresses of the workers couldn't be located so there's a lot of questions that remain whether or not this virus can be contained very quickly i mean that this company has managed in 10 years has been severely criticized for the way that it had all the situation what went wrong well the head of crisis management here in the region to put this in perspective said he had 0 faith in the company anymore after working with them he said there was absolutely no transparency on their side in the beginning they couldn't give all the addresses of their workers and the thing behind this problem is that they work with subcontractors companies from other countries who can offer cheaper wages and can
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make meat cheaper and germany and there's a lot of pressure on the company to keep needs cheap so that involves a lot of transparency the government has said that they are banning subcontract work but that is only going to come to pass in january and for the time being they want to find a solution to make sure this doesn't happen again another factor in germany right that's b.s. i mean if they. let's bring you up to speed now with some of the developments in the penn demick evolved health organization ses global coronavirus cases have topped 9000000 after the biggest one day increase in cases of all north and south america for more than half of the new cases health authorities and south korea say they are seeing a 2nd wave of infections around the capital seoul driven by a small but persistent outbreaks of new cases indonesia's death toll from covered 19 has risen to 2500 the highest in southeast asia and india has reported
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445 new deaths in the 24 hour was its biggest single day increase to date now brazil says' 50000 people have now died from the corona virus more than a 1000000 people have been infected making brazil the 2nd worst hit country off to the united states president diable snorer has repeatedly downplayed the disease saying the fallout from the economic shutdown will be worse than the virus itself but as the number of dead grows many brazilians are getting angry at what they see as his failed response. thank you both so narrow out there rallying cry at this pro-democracy protests in brazil the capital brasilia tensions have been rising in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic has worsened and right wing presidential your boss has
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repeatedly downplayed the health crisis here they're calling for his impeachment. but that we are here in defense of democracy and asking for a ball so not only this president will use up the people's power and is committing atrocities he does not deserve to govern our country. by. over 50000 deaths more than a 1000000 confirmed cases brazil is currently the number 2 hot spot in the world health crisis some experts say the real number of cases is higher because many are missed through a lack of testing and in addition to the government's poor response to the virus brazil is a patient with preexisting conditions. coronavirus 10 demick has left brazil naked in front of the world it has exposed all our social inequalities historical social injustices and the incompetence of public
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authorities it is the responsibility of those who have governed the country in recent years there is no way to associate these figures with the behavior of the president of the republic. book but this is going to the people according to the ngo doctors without borders nurses in brazil are dying of covert $1000.00 faster than any other country in the world almost $100.00 per month since brazil confirmed its 1st case of the novel coronavirus at the end of february 2 health ministers have left office following clashes with the president one was fired while the other quits after just 4 weeks currently the government has no per . eminent health minister. but clearly the president still has a lot of support even though according to the w.h.o. brazil had at its more than $54000.00 cases in the previous 24 hours. let's look at how the coronavirus is affecting other countries around the world residence off
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a village on iraq's northern border all feeling turkish military operations against kurdish rebels more than a dozen families in the town off his shiny save they had been days of strikes and shelling iraq has called on turkey to stop what it calls provocative acts within its borders. in italy the 1st private vehicle has crossed the bridge with a new general a bridge in the it's a mouse trap after an intense year and the intense year and a half of construction following a deadly collapse into an 18 that killed $43.00 people more than $200.00 migrants rescued off the libyan christophe's we have disembarked insisted the italian ports have been closed since april because of the coronavirus pandemic so the migrants will have to spend 2 weeks and aren't seen on a ship off the coast. archaeologists in england say they've discovered a major prehistoric monument underground neah stonehenge the site consists of huge shots that form a circle more than 2 kilometers in diameter supposedly dead more than 4000 years
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ago now researchers hope the find will shed new light on the origins of stonehenge itself. leaders have expressed grave concerns about china's proposed national security nor for hong kong the 2 sides met in a virtual summits to try to find agreement on a trade and investment deal that europe hopes will help its companies compete in china cooperation on climate change and the iran nuclear deal also on the agenda but the talks have been overshadowed by concerns of a human rights in hong kong. and joining me now from brussels is his chief international editor richard walker hello richard so what was the outcome off today's meeting. well not a huge amount came out of the meeting at all really the presidents of both european council and the european commission to partner press conference after those talks
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and they were pretty clear that the 2 sides are made very very far apart on a large number of issues and it's really is exposing the tough time that europe is having in really trying to calibrate a coherent stance towards china as china gets more and more powerful more and more assertive on the world stage now the thing is that europe wants better relations with china particularly on the area of trade and it really wants to find progress on this investment deal that they were talking about today but that investment deal has been years in the making already the negotiations on that go back fully 7 years and the 2 sides had said that this would be the year where they make a breakthrough but the implication from the 2 presidents today was that they remain very far apart that china still needs to make a lot of concessions and the picture on human rights is getting bleaker by the year
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from shin jang in china's northwest down to hong kong in the south the imposition of this national security law seen by human rights groups as a grave threat to freedoms in hong kong so the european union is confronted with this kind of reality that it is struggling to get what it wants from china either on relating to its interests in trade or to its values in freedom and democracy. that's the deadliest richard walk in brussels on that story of this video summit between evaders and chinese leaders that's taking place to thank you richard. now more than 2000 people turned out in madrid on sunday to demand the return of bullfighting across spain the controversial sports has been canceled since walked on measures began on march 13th but now fans are calling on politicians and organized this to restart events all at the very least to offer financial support
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to what they consider to be part of spain's cultural and a to artistic heritage it's estimated the lockdown has meant a loss of more than 5000000 euros to the sector. here after dates join me at the next hour it's by fidel. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. in our corona. covered 19 special next on d.v.d. .


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