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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2020 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin lockdown restrictions already imposed in the area of germany off to a surge in cases at a small town halls in the west of the country nearly 400000 people are affected by the images local leaders say police will use force if locals refused to comply also coming up. the world's number one tennis player djokovic has tested positive for 19 the news follows criticism on the plane his decision to host a tennis tournament during the pandemic.
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hello i'm kristie want to welcome to the program in a may just sit back for germany's fight against covert 19 or fours he's have warded a new lockdown in an area in the west of the country the decision was made off to a surgeon coronavirus cases at a meat packing pronto in the state of north rhine-westphalia. in and around the town off brook in the digital districts all hoping the measures will now or rather the measures now in a fix will prevent the virus from spreading further that nearly $400000.00 people are affected by the restrictions the new outbreak is the biggest since the country began lifting the lockdown last month. the tiny district of good to slow is back under coronavirus restrictions until the end of june residents in the western german district can only have contact with their own household just weeks after
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strictures were eased schools popes cafes museums and gyms will all close again. we will now for the 1st time in germany return a whole region to the locked on the ashes that were in place a few weeks ago. before. the decision came after more than 1500 workers attorney a slaughterhouse tested positive for 19 die a living conditions are being blamed for the quick spread employees living here moved out just 2 weeks ago. specific situation with the geographical spread of the locations and also the international nature of the tenuous workforce mean that this outbreak is a potentially enormous pandemic risk similar cluster infections have also sprung up in housing blocks and getting in in central germany clashes broke out between
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quarantined residents and police. district has also been affected confining society's most vulnerable to cramped living spaces as a result the hotspots have caused the reproduction rate in germany to skyrocket to 2.76 but while the overall number of new cases remains low the robot cock institute for public health ses concern is limited. in our country and if we give the chance to spread the news we take this opportunity which we can see in the current outbreaks. elsewhere in germany the slow return to normalcy can be deceiving with most of the country enjoying the summer weather but the lock down and grew to slow is a reminder that the cove in 1900 is far from over with a bumpy ride still ahead. and the correspondent joins us now from that's near the city of good will which is now under lockdown as all bordering parts of the district off voted off i mean so what does the new lockdown exactly
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mean for people who are affected. that means that pools bars nightclubs and rest theaters and movie theaters are all going to be closed as of today we did speak to somebody in a fitness studio those are also going to be closed they said they're open the rest of the day they were warned by authorities that they had to close but they saw on the news that they're going to have to assume it seems like police will probably be going around later today and tomorrow to check to make sure people are in compliance there's no travel restriction at the moment we were able to leave due to slow without a problem the road blocks or anything like that and i'm in law should the state premier of north run westphalia said that he didn't want to put travel restrictions in place he said but he warns people that people who live in good as those should not leave the area. i mean whatever it is it regional forces set up why they're
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taking these measures now they've said and they reassured people in this area that they're doing it just as a precaution at the moment that means that even while 1500 people have tested positive for corona virus and a good as low district all of most of those cases are within the population of workers who worked at the 10 years meat packing plant and slaughterhouse and only 24 cases have been reported in the general population they've closed down the city so that they can do more tests and keep people safe but right now the reassuring everybody that it's just a precautionary measure and that people shouldn't stigmatize those coming from low because so far they say that there iris has not broken out among the general population ok and i know that you were actually in the area still when the lockdown was announced how did people react we were sitting at a coffee shop and the soon to be a murmur going around now we were following the news live of course but everybody
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seemed to know at the same time that a lockdown had come into effect and here's what they had to say. of course this is the right course of action but it's a scandal that mr turn yes would allow this rubbish to happen it could have been stopped sooner yeah. it's interesting we were slowly starting to loosen up and now we're having to backtrack because of the. let's call them circumstances it's counterproductive for the whole industry the people in charge those responsible could have handled this differently it's a shame yes. shot of. us has made fools of us claims to have tested it and told the public that only 2 workers were infected and that was not true and the whole thing with viagra is also a scandal in my personal opinion i just wanted to stall so he could get rid of
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illegal and off the books workers. good. people of very frustrated they i mean their take their venting at the chief executive office meat packing plant as well as local 14 what this outbreak has really drawn attention to is is the substandard conditions for workers in germany's meat processing industry what are the chances of conditions improving after this just from everything that you're hearing from the authorities. right it's not just locals who blame 10 years for this outbreak it's also the german authorities who have given 10 is a lot of leeway to reduce the price of meat by outsourcing their work to foreign companies that often pay workers less than minimum wage who house people from romania and bulgaria and these houses where everybody is living together and only see the inside of a slaughterhouse and their small apartments and it has led to an outbreak there so
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the the options for going forward is that the german government has now forbidden outsourcing at this meat packing plant but other critics within the government are saying that something needs to be done immediately to make sure that during this cove in 1000 crisis another outbreak doesn't happen at another 10 years meat packing plant or in another need packing plant within germany all right and i mean just before we got on air i mean it became clear that authorities have now extended . to the. district that's home to about 200000 people and then that state i mean is safe he's a benefit for us thank you. and even more breaking news this hour tennis star novak djokovic has tested positive for 19 news follows widespread criticism of the so to host a tennis tournament it is this month at which and number of high profile players
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contracted the virus on the 1st leg of the tool which took place in serbia attracted more than $4000.00 fads and ended with play is dancing together in a night club. and joining us for more on the story is next now from sports hey max this is hold a bit bizarre what exactly was this tournament and how was involved with djokovic basically was the organizers it was a charity event they have been no a.t.p. no official tennis tournament since february so this was an attempt to sort of get the ball rolling as it were but it was spread over 2 different locations belgrade in serbia and then in croatia and in croatia they had eased lockdown measures you mentioned the night club where players was spotted partying in will hear they were even playing basketball together with a local basketball seems so a real disaster for players in total have tested positive along with
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a joke of it shuts grigor dimitrov on a college and victor troy and it's a real blemish on own sports return in ghana and we've just been showing pitches where you can see people and interacting nobody's way mosques no social distancing is taking place what was the reaction to all of this well joke of it for instance himself has come out with a long ranging apology and he has also tested positive along with his wife his children have tested negative he said that they had good intentions with this tournament and believed that the conditions for it to take place had been met and that curious the player who didn't attend he said this was a boneheaded decision he's a player who's had his facia of criticism in the prosperous. this really takes the cake he's never done anything this irresponsible stupid as he calls it andy murray meanwhile who's currently hosting the battle of the brits which is a tennis tournament taking place today in britain behind closed doors he says this
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is a real lesson for them and martina navratilova says there's a clear pattern here and she questions what's going to happen with the u.s. open and french open which are due to start an august and september respectively a you did mention a few of the players that have also tested positive alongside djokovic but can we expect more people to test positive off this i think so i mean we haven't heard back from all players who've by the other tested negative or positive so there's a real chance obviously with them now getting tested that we will have more cases that remains to be seen. that's makes that next meryl sports thank you. and now let's have a look at some other news from around the world north korea has re-installed huge loudspeakers designed to blast propaganda across the border into south korea the sound systems were taken down off the 2 sides signed an accord into 18 but tensions
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have risen dramatically in recent weeks. and the former c.e.o. of german financial platform why a card marcus brown has been granted bail for 5000000 euros off to he's a risk on monday this after the company's say they believe the council to contain nearly 2000000000 euros get this probably did not exist shares have dropped more than 80 percent. china has successfully put the financials satellite or all the final session lives of its. network into orbit the chinese system is designed to rival the us g.p.s. as well as europe's get the latest system the $10000000000.00 projects has been in development since the 1919. apple says it's met computers will be using its own chips as it faces intel processors off to 15 get is the 1st macs running with the so-called apple silicone will be delivered by the end
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of the cea apple chips all already powering i phones and i pads. now a town in siberia has recorded a record high temperature as the heat wave hits the region many local residents have welcomed the development but the unusual way is also bringing serious problems . beach vibes in siberia. and the arctic circle is known for having the world's widest temperature range used to some of the coldest winters on the planet locals welcomed the current heat wave . the temperature is climbing up to $38.00 degrees celsius every day our family comes here to swim and they down a river. so everything is great it's exactly what we need for summer the options on those we didn't expect this at all we usually don't have heat until july
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. but to experts siberia's unseasonably high temperatures are cause for concern rising heat across the arctic has led to widespread wildfires in the soccer republic were very young is located local authorities say more than 275000 hectares are burning. the heatwave is also causing permafrost or permanently frozen soil to fall at a faster pace in late may the arctic saw one of its worst environmental disasters in decades when a fuel reservoir collapsed near nor lisc spilling 20 $1000.00 tons of diesel into local rivers and accident blamed in part on melting permafrost temperature records are being broken all around the world but scientists warn the arctic is warming much faster than anywhere else. and you have to date here
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on day 2 of the news i will be back at the top of the hour with more news but stay tuned because monica jones is up next with alcoa the nineteen's fish. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand and. what are scientists learning. background information and news of. our corona update. from the coded 19 special next on d w. and jim and with deborah you at any time any place using music video in the bellows you have other things.


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