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tribute. to their final resting place the russian. w documentary. premiering. this is news live from berlin restrictions already imposed in an area off germany off to a surge in cases at a small town halls in the west of the country hundreds of thousands of people are affected by the measures local leaders say police will use force if locals refuse to comply also coming up the american troops will be leaving germany what does that mean for the future of nato
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a loss that in an exclusive interview with secretary-general installed the. world's number one tennis player novak djokovic has tested positive for coke 19 news follows criticism of the players' decision to host a tennis tournament during the pandemic. hello i'm christine want to welcome to the program in a major setback for germany's fight against covered 19. have ordered new lock downs in an area in the west of the country the decision was made off to a surgeon coronavirus cases at a meat packing plant in the state of north rhine-westphalia well as he's in and around the town of redivided broke in the old districts are now hoping the measures in effect will prevent the virus from spreading. and just
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a short while ago authorities extended the lock down to the district off veyron door which borders get israel hundreds of thousands of people are affected by the restrictions the new outbreak is the biggest since germany began easing its lockdown last month. the districts are good to slow and found off a back under coronavirus restrictions until the end of june residents in the western german districts can only have contact with their own household just weeks after restrictions were eased schools pubs cafes museums and gyms will all close again. we will now for the 1st time in germany return the whole region to looked on the ashes that were in place a few weeks ago. before. going out the decision came after more than 1500 workers at suny a slaughterhouse tested positive for 19 die a living conditions are being blamed for the quick spread employees living here
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moved out just 2 weeks ago. the specific situation with the geographical spread of the locations and also the international nature of the 10 years' work force mean that this outbreak is a potentially enormous pandemic risk similar cluster infections have also sprung up in housing blocks and get even in central germany clashes broke out between quarantined residents and police. district has also been affected confining society's most vulnerable to cramped living spaces as a result the hot spots have caused the reproduction rate in germany to skyrocket to 2.76 but while the overall number of new cases remains low the robot cock institute for public health ses concern is limited to viruses in our country and if we give the chance to spread and we take this opportunity which we can see in the current outbreaks from. elsewhere in germany the slow return to normalcy can be deceiving
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with most of the country enjoying the summer weather but the lock down and grew to slow is a reminder that the cove in 1900 is far from over with a bumpy ride still ahead. and the correspondent joins us now from beautiful that's near the city of good which is now under lockdown as all bordering parts of the district off voted off hell i mean so what does the new lockdown exactly mean for people who are affected. that means that pools bars nightclubs and rest theaters and movie theaters are all going to be closed as of today we did speak to somebody in a fitness studio those are also going to be closed they said they're open the rest of the day they were warned by authorities that they had to close but they saw on the news that they're going to have to assume it seems like police will probably be going around later today and tomorrow to check to make sure people are in
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compliance there's no travel restriction at the moment we were able to leave good to slow without a problem the road blocks or anything like that and the state premier of north run westphalia said that he didn't want to put travel restrictions in place he said but he warns people that people who live in group as those should not leave the area. i mean whatever it is regional authorities said of why they're taking these measures now they've said and they've reassured people in this area that they're doing it just as a precaution at the moment that means that even while 1500 people have tested positive for corona virus in the ghouta slow district all most of those cases are within the population of workers who worked at the 10 years meat packing plant and slaughterhouse and only 24 cases have been reported in the general population they've closed down the city so that they can do more tests and keep people safe
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but right now the reassuring everybody that it's just a precautionary measure and that people shouldn't stigmatize those coming from low because so far they say that there has not broken out among the general population ok and i know that you were actually in the area still when the lockdown was announced how did people react we were sitting at a coffee shop and the soon to be a murmur going around now we were following the news live of course but everybody seemed to know at the same time that a lockdown had come into effect and here's what they had to say. that of course this is the right course of action but it's a scandal that mr turn us would allow this rubbish to happen it could have been stopped sooner yeah. it's interesting we were slowly starting to loosen up and now we're having to backtrack because of the. let's call them circumstances it's counterproductive for the whole industry the people in
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charge those responsible could have handled this differently it's a shame yes. 10 years has made fools of us who claims to have tested it and told the public that only 2 workers were infected and that was not true and the whole thing with the address is also a scandal in my personal opinion he just wanted to stall so he could get rid of illegal and off the books workers. good. people of a very frustrated they i mean their take their venting at the chief executive office meat packing plant as well as local fourteen's what this outbreak has really drawn attention to is is the substandard conditions for workers in germany's meat processing industry what are the chances of conditions improving after this just from everything that you're hearing from the authorities. right it's not just
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locals who blame turn is for this outbreak it's also the german authorities who have given 10 years a lot of leeway to reduce the price of meat by outsourcing their work to foreign companies that often pay workers less than minimum wage who house people from romania and bulgaria and these houses where everybody is living together and only see the inside of a slaughterhouse and their small apartments and it has led to an outbreak there so the options for going forward is that the german government has now forbidding outsourcing at this meat packing plant but other critics within the government are saying that something needs to be done immediately to make sure that during the scope of 1000 crisis another outbreak doesn't happen at another 10 years meat packing plant or in another need packing plant within germany all right and i mean just before we got on air i mean it became clear that authorities have now extended . to the. district that's home to about 200000
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people in the meantime that state of new i mean is safe he said beautiful for us thank you. ok and in a separate breaking news development yet more covert 19 cases have been reported at the slaughter house this one in filled the house and again in the northwestern part of germany now according to officials a 23 workers they have tested positive and a further $1000.00 employees will be tested. now donald trump's decision to pull nearly a 3rd of u.s. troops out of germany is still making waves within nato the us president confirmed last week that the u.s. will cut its military deployment to $25000.00 troops now that's a reduction of almost $10000.00 germany has the biggest contingent of american troops in europe including important bases for ongoing combat missions it's a major concern for nato and not the only challenge currently facing the airlines.
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and i'm now joined by nato secretary general against oldenburg from the organizations headquarters in brussels mrs goldberg good to see you i have a lot of like to talk to you about today but i just want to start with what all the biggest security threats to be in this pandemic. so what you have seen during the pandemic is that the security threats and challenges we had before the pandemic they are still there the terrorist threats. their consequences of the rise of china the more assertive russia with the aggressive actions against ukraine or just the fact that we also see new cyber threats all districts are are still there if anything they're just become even more challenging doing the pandemic right and therefore we need to continue to invest in our security and we need to make sure that we are. not choosing between security tests or or health threats we need to be able to deal with both of them at the same time ok so there's no question
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they have that a strong nato is needed at this time and that's something that you're saying but is this being undermined by internal squabbling and what looks like the posts it all self interest by some allies. welded on differences between 12 allies that has always been differences binny between nato allies but. nato is the most successful alliance in history because we have been able to overcome these differences and old was united around our core toss to protect and defend the childer and the main reason for doing that is not to provoke a conflict but it's to prevent war prevent conflict so as long as we stand together all our lives are safe and secure and under pursuit of peace yeah i mean this is all big talk about provoking they just last week they were listening to the president of the united states calling germany delinquent because it's not meeting its defense spending target is that it would that you would use what you say the
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germans are being delinquent. i value germany most of it is strong on important. german is now actually investing significantly more in defense germany has added 4 percent to the fence budgets over the last years and germany has plans in place to to increase by 80 percent over a decade that is significant and it also helps to the total nato defense spending which was. increased by a $130000000000.00 over the last 4 years. gen so basically rolled in by leading france is the group in the end in the baltic countries and in the doing now and germany was the lead nation in you know if you know afghanistan then of course we expect germany to do even more. and expect all of us to make good on the pledge to invest 2 percent of g.d.p.
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. you're talking about germany doing even more but i wonder if that also involves more leadership from bowman at a time when the leadership that we would already have from washington doesn't come from a u.s. administration that really doesn't believe in military multilateralism do you expect more leadership from billions to stay. the world the needs more german leadership and nato needs german leadership are all in need germany to play i. even more important role because of germany's is the largest economy in. europe germany largest defense budget within the european union the 3rd in nato after not taking them on the night it states so of course the german need to sleep is something we we welcome but that's paul all of the nato family and not being part of a multilateral institution like nato and the uncertain times we need strong
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multilateral institutions like for instance neighboring and germany. is playing. an important role in. the us mrs dalton because of course you would know is making good on its threats to pull troops from germany today members of congress have actually appealed to the present of the united states to reconsider that decision they say that moving troops out of germany would play into the habs off russia and china do you agree with that. i spoke at present time to before he made the announcement of his intention of reducing the number of u.s. troops in the germany by 9500 troops. what i was told the president is that you as a presence in europe and it's important for nato it's important for europe but it's also important for united states peace and stability in europe adds to the
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security of north america and rules out remember that the u.s. presence in germany and europe it's not only about protecting your tip but also about projecting power of the united states beyond europe into the middle east into into africa and afghanistan and elsewhere so so so i strongly believe that we should be together stand together and we had the nato defense minister meeting last week and the secretary of spirit of the united states made it clear that no final decision has been taken when it comes to the timelines on the implication implementation of a plan so the president and the united states. will consult with. allies site also in baghdad fell over time mr i also the united states states committed to european security right everything that was done by but from we get sitting is a base that those troops remain in germany. well it's
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a little range between the united states and germany what we have seen over the last years is actually that the united states has increased their presence in europe with more troops more exercises more prepositioned equipment now the present 1000 ounce. reduction i think is important you know consult all the way forward and out to also make sure that the u.s. stays committed and that's also what the secretary. said very clearly clearly at the need to defense minister meeting last week all right that's all we have time for i'm afraid that is there to secretary general. talking to us from brussels thank you thank you so much iran has struggled to contain the spread of the corona virus nearly 10000 people have died from covert 19 that's the highest number in the middle east number 4 in early may but recent weeks
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have seen an increase in the number of infections and experts say the outbreak still hasn't peaked but as is to raise a truck or imports many ordinary people off failing to heed the warnings. tehran's metro is not toria free crowd it for safety at the pandemic face masks a mandatory here as well as physical distancing among travelers. in a city with lots of regulations already covered 19 has added even more to the mix. but as with the other rules to ronnie's have adopted a rather relaxed attitude. than of it and you must know there are signs that you should not enter without wearing a face mask and in some stations they don't let people enter without one but people don't observe this in the metro when it's crowded they go in and sit next to each other. all over the capital every day life is returning to business as usual after
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4 months iranians seem to have lost any fear of the virus. almost as normal as if there were no problem at all i've seen many people who don't care anymore at the beginning they were strict but now they're not they don't know any rules at all. we have many sick and deaf people because people don't obey the rules they don't listen they don't keep distance they even kiss each other. and covert 19 is making a comeback over the past we go around has reported more than 2000 new infections every day experts like to see say the country is in the midst of a 2nd wave. it's bigger even bigger than the 1st but. the 1st one maybe because the.
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situation. for now to iran's hospitals are able to cope and while the sanctions imposed by the u.s. make it difficult to import medical equipment they have also decreased the country's dependency on imported goods so unlike many other countries iran never ran out of protective equipment because it's produced in iran still dr ali horizontal sea is concerned he fears the islamic republic's international isolation could make it difficult to get a hold of a potential vaccine. so to avoid a further spread of the disease his contribution to a channel on instagram that informs iranians about covert 19 but as far as we have not educated people maybe just you know taking some more strict decisions and restrictions in some some places but.
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that is something most people in tehran spas are afraid of vendors are still trying to recover from the weeks of lockdown and spring which made their already bad economic situation even worse. decide on the. sales have plummeted. for example checks have bounced and now they're piled up. in general it's a terrible situation now you know. it's not likely to change anytime soon iran's government has wanted citizens they will probably have to live with the virus for a long time. and joining me now from the iranian tehran is see he's a journalist with a new welcome see you so we've just heard an expert in our reports say that the country is actually experiencing
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a 2nd wave what is the situation as you are reporting. oh well the government actually isn't accepting that this is the 2nd way the technical issue with the term these is say that since the 1st wave of the infection that were subsided so a 2nd will hasn't really come along this is just the 1st wave getting slightly worse and at the same time the don't exactly really play on that that is the situation the health situation is worsening because they say the rising numbers as we're seeing them according to the official reports is mostly due to increased testing rather than it is rather than being because of an increased widespread infection. right so if we are sticking to that narrative of increased testing will reveal more cases what are the government's plans in that regard do they expect more cases and are they prepared for that. they have been talking about
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a lot recently. almost all or these are in calling for maintaining social distancing observing while protocols and wearing mouse and etc and they have always also announced that if the situation does get worse in their own definition they already threw a remember those restrictions that were imposed back in the march. for the 1st time and they have already given some powers to provincial officials to reinforce restrictions if the years to be necessary as it has already happened in some parts in the southern iran and. also west as i believe and the situation there has been going up in number of honest concern from longest will 1st run infections out gog and in some provinces like the sunny south and shining that was probably in james again for some not just the right business. i mean just very
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quickly have a few seconds left just looking at public behavior in the capital where you are in a i guess across the country is the significance is the pandemic playing a significant role in the lives of people not so much this is the new normal people kind of have. a kind of an emergency pity can stay in and state of emergency for a marion's of people going around transportation and it's kind of impossible to observe social distancing there and people are back at work nearly everyone back at work so it's more or less the crack the life like pollution in tehran people are just living ok that's i mean i have asked the same tehran thank you thank you for having us. sports now and tennis star novak djokovic has tested positive for 19 the news follows widespread criticism of the decision to host
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a tennis tournament earlier this month at which and number of high profile players contracted the virus now the 1st leg of the toll which took place in serbia attracted more than $4000.00 fans and ended with play is dancing together in a night club. and joining us for more on the story is next now from sports hey max this is hold a bit bizarre what exactly was this tournament and how was just the face involved djokovic basically was the organizers it was a charity event they have been no a.t.p. no official tennis tournament since february so this was an attempt to sort of get the ball rolling as it were but it was spread of 2 different locations belgrade in serbia and then in croatia and in croatia they had eased lockdown measures you mentioned the night club where players was spotted partying in we'll hear they were even playing basketball together with a local basketball seems so real disaster for players in total have tested positive along with djokovic shots grigor dimitrov on a college and victor troy and it's
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a real blemish on sports returning damage we've just been showing pitches where you can t. see people and interacting nobody's wearing mosques no social distancing is taking place what was the reaction to one of this well joke of it for instance himself has come out with a long ranging apology and he has also tested positive along with his wife his children have tested negative he said that they had good intentions with this tournament and believed that the conditions for it to take place had been met and that curious the player who didn't attend he said this was a boneheaded decision he's a player who's had his facia of criticism in the past has said this really takes the cake he's never done anything this irresponsible or stupid as he calls it andy murray meanwhile. currently hosting the battle of the brits which is a tennis tournament taking place today in britain behind closed doors and he says this is a real lesson for them and martina navratilova says there's
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a clear pattern here and she questions what's going to happen with the u.s. open and french open which are due to start in august and september respectively and you did mention a few of the pages that have also tested positive alongside djokovic but can be expect more people to test positive off this i think so i mean we haven't heard back from all players who've tested negative or positive so there's a real chance obviously with them now getting tested that we will have more cases that remains to be seen. that's makes that next national sports thank you. and this is day 8 of a news here's a reminder of all top story the sala hundreds of thousands of people are now living on the new lockdowns in western german state overall find ways to fadia now that gold and 1500 people have just positive for the coronavirus at a small house near the city often just will not manage as at a novice or solace in the same state say some of they would as have also tested positive for the virus. and you're watching news i will be
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back with an update of the top of the hour well thank you for joining us in the meantime visit our website the state of utah called worlds on instagram and a bad little beat up the news see you next time a bad. law.
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after. the penultimate day of the bundesliga season on call. on it because an ounce of the way for champions league having lost to
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a momentous effective hat above them. i'm now the data brand i must amongst other headlines to be negative plus a 2nd time at the. next w. world. to go beyond the obvious. that we're on live. as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to you don't really want to ever get to. running now to get a. job you made for mines.
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i'm going crazy thing in all the time. how to handle all new lies in times of the corona and then d w reporter keep your job or is it just like everyone else and she's looking for answers thankfully with the help of a few other white houses. thank you bruce is not life as we know it. in. our new web series. byron me in a car champions they'll make me win over braman sealed their 8 tried linux role in
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their 30th over all that but their eons domination of german football continues so a bit of a snooze fest otherwise.


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