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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin knocked out restrictions already imposed in parts of germany off to a surge in coronavirus cases at a slaughterhouse in the west of the country hundreds of thousands of people are affected by the militias and local leaders say police will use force if the locals refuse to comply also coming up the u.s. plans to withdraw its troops from germany what is that need for the future of nato we have an exclusive look secretary general. and the world's number one tennis player novak djokovic has tested positive for co the 19 news follows
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criticism of the players decision to host a tennis tournament and during the pandemic. hello i'm christine one goal welcome to the program in a major setback for germany's fight against clovis 1980 s. have ordered new doc downs in 2 areas in the western state off north rhine-westphalia the areas covered by the new restrictions include the districts of good and vibrant golf the decision was made off to a surge in corona virus cases at a meat packing plant where more than $1500.00 workers tested positive this means more than 600000 people are now back and then locked out. the districts are good as low and fat and off
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a back under coronavirus restrictions until the end of june residents in the western german districts can only have contact with their own household just weeks after restrictions were eased schools popes cafes museums and gyms will all close again. we will now for the 1st time in germany return the whole region to the locked on the ashes that were in place a few weeks ago. if. the decision came after more than 1500 workers attorney a slaughterhouse tested positive for 19 die a living conditions are being blamed for the quick spread employees living here moved out just 2 weeks ago. the specific situation with the geographical spread of the locations and also the international nature of the 10 u.s. workforce means that this outbreak is a potentially enormous pandemic risk similar cluster infections have also sprung up
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in housing blocks and go to men in central germany clashes broke out between quarantined residents and police. district has also been affected confining society's most vulnerable to cramped living spaces as a result the hotspots have caused the reproduction rate in germany to skyrocket to 2.76 but while the overall number of new cases remains low the robot cock institute for public health ses concern is limited. in our country and if we give the chance to spread and we take this opportunity which we can see in the current outbreaks from. elsewhere in germany the slow return to normalcy can be deceiving with most of the country enjoying the summer weather but the lockdown in ghouta slow is a reminder that the cove in 1900 is far from over with a bumpy ride still ahead. and joining us now is correspondent i mean is see if he is in bielefeld that's near the city hall
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which is now under lockdown as all bordering parts off the district office hello i mean so what does the new docks out in and around goodness will exactly mean for the people. well that means christine that playgrounds theaters museums cinemas will all be closed fitness studios as well but this does not mean that any travel restrictions are in place although the state premier warn people to stay home if they had to so life is going to be put back under lockdown but that doesn't mean people can't come and go out of these 2 districts that i mentioned. and just tell us more about why the regional government has taken these measures and l. they've said that these are preventative measures now even though 1500 people have tested positive in the group has no district the vast majority of those are slaughterhouse workers who have been under quarantine for several days now only
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a little over 2020 cases have been reported among the general public but this is germany's most populous state and the state premiers said that they wanted to put stricter measures in place to prevent this from spreading now they still have to do tests to see how many people really do have the virus coven 19 within the area but for now they are still optimistic that they have it under control. you are actually in the area when the lockdown was announced how did people react. there was a collective sigh of disappointment and seemed when the news broke we were sitting at a coffee shop and we talked to the people there and here's what they had to say. that of course this is the right course of action but it's a scandal that mr turn us would allow this rubbish to happen it could have been stopped sooner yeah. it's interesting we were slowly
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starting to loosen up and now we're having to backtrack because of these let's call them circumstances it's counterproductive for the whole industry the people in charge those responsible could have handled this differently it's a shame. shot of. 10 years has made fools of us claims to have tested it and told the public that only 2 workers were infected and that was not true and the whole thing with the addresses is also a scandal in my personal opinion i just wanted to start so he could get rid of illegal and off the books workers. so a lot of frustrated people we're hearing over there. they're taking their anger out on the turn is meat packing plant the chief executive but also local 14 but in general this outbreak just drawn attention to these substandard conditions in
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germany industry indeed now that we have a nother outbreak of cases at a separate meat processing plant what are the chances. that conditions improve after this just from what you've been hearing from. as you mentioned this seems to be a general problem slaughterhouses not just in germany but around the world as well and as you mentioned just today we heard that 23 people tested positive at a slaughterhouse in this housing from a different company so slaughterhouses have really come under scrutiny especially with this major outbreak the german government has already passed a law preventing slaughterhouses from using contract labor. here's from other companies outside of germany who can provide cheap labor to keep the price of meat down but critics within the government are pushing for stronger measures to really find a way to stop this from happening now because the law would only come into effect
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in january that would be a slow process but some people are saying hey this is a crisis we're in the middle of an outbreak and we need to do something now to make sure that slaughterhouses are not the source of the next wave right that steven is safe and bill of felt reporting for us there. thank you and as i mean i was just mentioning in a separate development yet more covert 19 cases have been reported at and that this will to house in germany this one and build a house and near braman according to local officials $23.00 out of 50 workers they have tested positive a further $1000.00 employees will also be tested. now here are some of the developments in the pandemic u.k. prime minister boris johnson has unveiled a major easing off england's coronavirus lockdown saying the country has seen a decline in the number of new infections is allowing restaurants gyms and kindergartens to reopen in the face off relaxing the city's restrictions and the
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number of south africa's corona virus cases has surpassed 100000 the country makes up close to one 3rd of all recorded infections on the continent saudi arabia has announced address ticks cayle back in the end you'll hardly tradition restricting its only 1000 pogroms already in the country now a look at other news from around the world in developing news a powerful earthquake has struck southern mexico triggering a tsunami alert and knocking out power in some areas the magnitude $7.00 quake was centered on the pacific coast in the state of the haka local media say at least one person has been killed. and russia's president vladimir putin has proposed an income tax hike to help cover the cost of the coronavirus pandemic and of the planned wealthy russians would see a 2 percent tax increase from 13 to 15 percent beginning in january it would be
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russia's 1st move away from the flat tax rate that was introduced in 2001 and the former chief executive officer of german financial platform why ecod his name is marcus brown has been granted bail $5000000.00 euros off to his arrest on monday this after the companies say they believe that a console to contain nearly $2000000000.00 euros probably did not exist shays have dropped more than 18 percent. donald trump's decision to poll nearly a 3rd of u.s. troops out of germany is still making waves within nato the presidents confirmed last week that the u.s. will cut its military deployments here to $25000.00 troops that's a reduction of almost 10000 germany has the biggest contingent of american troops in europe including important bases for ongoing combat missions it's a major concern for nato and not the only challenge currently facing the alliance.
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earlier we spoke to nato secretary general stoltenberg and asked him if the alliance needs to look to for leadership at a time when the u.s. is pursuing more isolationists policies. the role the needs more german leadership the nato needs german leadership role in need germany to play. even more important role because germany's is the largest economy in. europe germany largest defense budget within the european union the 3rd in nato after not the kingdom under knotted states so of course the german leadership is something we we welcome but that's paul all of a new family and that's that's. being part of a multilateral institution like nato and in uncertain times we need strong multilateral institutions like for instance neighboring un-german there is playing an important role in in
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a. that was the nato secretary general speaking to the news sports now tennis star novak djokovic has just of positive 19 the news follows widespread criticism of the decision to host a tennis tournament this month at which a number of high profile players contracted the virus the 1st leg of the tool which took place in serbia attracted more than $4000.00 fans and ended with pay is dancing together in a nightclub. and joining us for more on the story is next now from sports hey max this is hold a bit bizarre what exactly was this tournament and how was involved djokovic basically was the organizers it was a charity event that have been the a.t.p. no official tennis tournament since february so this was an attempt to sort of get the ball rolling as it were but it was spread of 2 different locations belgrade in serbia and then in croatia and in croatia they had eased lock down measures you
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mentioned the night club where players was spotted partying in we'll hear they were even playing basketball together with a local boss people seem so real disaster for players in total have tested positive along with djokovic shots grigor dimitrov on a college and victor troy and it's a real blemish on sports returning to i mean we've just been showing pitches where you could see people at. mosques no social distancing is taking place what was the reaction to one of this well djokovic for instance himself has come out with a long ranging apology he has also tested positive along with his wife his children have tested negative he said that they had good intentions with this tournament and believed that the conditions for it to take place had been met and that curious the player who didn't attend he said this was a boneheaded decision he's a player who's had his face of criticism in the past for said this really takes the
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. he's never done anything this irresponsible or stupid as he calls it andy murray meanwhile who's currently hosting the battle of the brits which is a tennis tournament taking place today in britain behind closed doors and he says this is a real lesson for them and martina navratilova says there's a clear pattern here and she questions what's going to happen with the u.s. open and french open was a jew to start an august and september respectively and you did mention a few of the players that have also tested positive alongside djokovic but can we expect more people to test positive off of this i think so i mean we haven't heard back from all players who've the other tested negative or positive so there is a real chance obviously with them now getting tested that we will have more cases that remains to be seen right that's makes that next national sports thank you. and this is news here's a reminder of all top story at this hour hundreds of thousands of people are now living under a new lockdown safety job and stage of all time was faking it follows occurring
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a virus outbreak at a source a house near the city of goodness will another source a house also in waste in germany say some of its way have also tested positive for the virus. there watching t.v. news i will be back at the top yeah join me if you can about. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news of. our corona. 19 special next on d w. innovation. can be conquered the major issues of our society. the.


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