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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2020 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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setting the european standard in corona virus control and testing for new controls in the country's north west are in response to an explosion of cases centered on a meat processing plant the factory snapping close and workers quarantined but where does this leave the country's efforts to reopen its economy i'm phil graham in berlin and this is the day. that of course is this the right course of action but it's a scandal that it's really terrible for everyone we're just getting our freedom back to the claims of testers and staff and told the public that only 2 workers were infected and that was not true to do so maybe it's better to take these precautions every steps and letting 100000 people get infected. the people in charge those responsible for the penalties differently.
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also 'd on the day with international sanctions a tanking economy and its status as an international pariah iran already had plenty on its plate before the coffee crisis now people that just seem to have had enough . i've seen many people who don't care anymore at the beginning they were strict but now they're not they don't know any rules at all yet and. the latest setback for germany's fight against covering 19 or 30 years of new lock downs in 2 areas in the west of the country the decision was made after a surge in corona virus cases as a meat packing plant in the state of north rhine-westphalia more than 1500 workers tested positive from the total number of new infections in the area is approaching 2000 area covered by the new restrictions include the district of good to slow and voted off 600000 people are back on the lockout. the districts are good
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to slow unfastened off a back under coronavirus restrictions until the end of june residents in the western german districts can only have contact with their own household just weeks after restrictions were eased schools pope's cafes museums and gyms will close again. we will now for the 1st time in germany return the whole region to the lockdown gnashes that were in place a few weeks ago. before. the decision came after more than 1500 workers at suny a slaughterhouse tested positive for 19 die a living conditions are being blamed for the quick spread employees living here moved out just 2 weeks ago. the specific situation with the geographical spread of the locations and also the international nature of the 10 years' work force mean that this outbreak is a potentially enormous pandemic risk similar cluster infections have also sprung up
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in housing blocks and getting in in central germany clashes broke out between quarantined residents and police. district has also been affected confining society's most vulnerable to cramped living spaces as a result the hotspots have caused the reproduction rate in germany to skyrocket to 2.76 but while the overall number of new cases remains low the robot cock institute for public health ses concern is limited to viruses in our country and if we give the chance to spread and we take this opportunity which we can see in the current outbreaks from. elsewhere in germany the slow return to normalcy can be deceiving with most of the country enjoying the summer weather but the lock down and grew to slow is a reminder that the cove in 1900 make is far from over with a bumpy ride still ahead. d.w. political correspondent simon you're welcome simon it was all going so well now we
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have 2 regions of the locked out i reports of another outbreak us another meat processing plant is the situation of the control. well fairly there is a sense that things could be drifting out of control a little bit there's been this drip drip of these flashpoint events in relation to cover corona virus and just today there's been a new report at another meat processing plant this time a poultry plant in lower saxony it's also reported a cluster of cases so there are concerns and the authorities are reacting on wednesday the health ministers from germany's various states will be holding a telephone conference to discuss what further measures they can take so i think there is concern there is a potential i think for further lockdowns some states are already taking actions
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less the host on in the north has said people arriving there from risk areas will be asked to go into quarantine so you can see you know worry and response but you have to say also that a lot of these cases of being detected because there's a testing program in place so you could say the system is also working i mean the local decisions out there siren this is this is that the states making these decisions rather than say ok now it's time to act. that's the procedure in germany the the national government is coordinating a response but it's saying you know for the moment at least it's looking at these events as local flashpoints and outbreaks and it's saying that the local and regional authorities should take the decisions on what to do ok so we've got a signal a significant outbreak at a meet a processing plant or another outbreak at a poultry plant we saw outbreaks it to us meat processing plants in may what is it about these places that seems to make them so vulnerable to these infractions.
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it does seem that there is a problem both with working conditions and with living conditions inside the plants what you've got is cooled working environments where the meat is being process and you've also got damp environments with lots of aerosol droplets can form and indeed the head of germany's robert cough medical institute said just today that these are factors that can be linked to the spread of corona virus so that's one thing and then away from the plants many of the workers a lot of whom come from eastern european countries and of only come to germany specifically for a short period to work in these plants they seem to be living in these unsanitary and cramped conditions in many cases that we saw in the report and people are saying well you know that to aids the spread of the virus now the company that runs
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a plant to the center of the big turn yes i was there was reading that a the bait they control was 30 percent of the meat of the pork in in germany how influential is if the meat industry in this country. well i think germany's meat industry easy extremely important as you say 10 years is a big name and a big factor in the meat industry which the plant where there have been these problems is germany's largest meat processing plants and meat the meat industry it accounts for something like $46000000000.00 euros of turnover or did in 2019 and you know germany is an exporter of meat products around the world so it's certainly something that's a nationally significant economic factor having said that in recent years the
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popularity of meat in germany has been declining and i think back combined with competition from around the world and also increasing consumer concerns in some cases about food industry standards of put a lot of pressure on the meat industry and of course it's proven now that corona virus has just added to those pressures i thank you for that political correspondent simon you. every rally struggling to contain the spread of this pandemic it's recorded nearly 10000 covered related deaths of most of any country in the middle east and it's just going through a record breaking 2nd wave of infections but to raise a drop of reports from tehran many people are failing to heed the warnings. tehran's metros notoriously crowded for safety at the pen demick face masks are
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mandatory here as well as physical distancing among travelers. in a city with lots of regulations already covered 19 has added even more to the mix. but as with the other rules to ronnie's have adopted a rather relaxed attitude. there are signs that you should not enter without wearing a face mask and in some stations they don't let people enter without one but people don't observe this in the metro when it's crowded they go in and sit next to each other. all over the capital every day life is returning to business as usual after 4 months iranians seem to have lost any fear of the virus. almost as normal as if there were no problem at all i've seen many people who don't care anymore at the beginning they were strict but now they're not they don't observe any rules at all. and. we have many sick and deaf people because people
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don't obey the rules they don't listen they don't keep distance they even kiss each other. and covert 19 is making a comeback over the past we go around has reported more than 2000 new infections every day. experts like to see say the country is in the midst of a 2nd wave. it's bigger even bigger than the 1st but not. the 1st one maybe because this. situation. for now to iran's hospitals are able to cope and while the sanctions imposed by the u.s. make it difficult to import medical equipment they have also decreased the country's dependency on imported goods so unlike many other countries iran never run out of
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protective equipment because it's produced in iran still dr ali horizontal sea is concerned he fears this republic's international isolation could make it difficult to get a hold of a potential vaccine. so to avoid a further spread of the disease his contribution to a channel on instagram that informs iranians about covert 19 but as far as we have not educated the people made me just you know taking some more strict decisions about restrictions in some some places but work. that is something most people in tehran spas are afraid of vendors are still trying to recover from the weeks of lockdown and spring which made their already bad economic situation even worse. sales have plummeted. in record for example checks have bounced and now they have
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piled up. in general it's a terrible situation now you know whether how you handle. it's not likely to change anytime soon iran's government has wanted citizens they will probably have to live with the virus for a long time. as. you just saw he's a political scientist it kind of says the university of montreal he specializes in iranian politics welcome to day doubly what do you think of the way iran has handled this pandemic. while it from the very outset of the pandemic was actually handled in a very unprofessional way if you look at you know all the things that you want for instance was releasing you know when it started losing statistics about the corner virus for instance they were severely under reported and there was also the fact that you know for the authorities will cover enough to the extent of the corner of
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my wrist not for a very long time although you know it dates back to. you know actual to the month of january well before we. started reporting on the 1st cases of corn a virus on february 24th and you know well this is quite problematic because they left the corner virus and the dangers associated with it actually per long or. or actually continue in society while you know in fact of thousands and thousands of people so had they not resorted to negligence you know such a catastrophe could have been as a lot ok it's i mean i've read your your writings on this earth and they intrigue me because why why cover up this this this horrible event who does that serve. while you know i think we also have to look at the timing you know when the corner virus arrived in iran because it points out every 2 very important events you know when you talk about the month of february for instance. well 1st of all it was the
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anniversary of the islamic or. mecca revolution of the call it in iran and you know while the authorities were very anxious to get as many people as possible in the streets in order to project some sort of strength to their enemies you know to tell the population look we are all we have thousands of people in the streets so these are making public is very popular and secondly. he was also the election time and you know while he thought he is of the islamic republic or you know are very fussy about the fall of our participation in the elections because it is a way for them to project some sort of the ledger to misty so in order not to scare or people from participating in these events although they knew about or the fact that corner virus had been spreading throughout iran because they were all reports from cities like calm which is supposed to be the epicenter of the virus they refrained from actually knowledge ing that the corner virus had reached iran and then you know until by the time the excepted that the corner virus had really
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arrived in iran it was too little too late. it's it was sobering to hear it in our report that international sanctions might be hard for iran's efforts to fight this pandemic do you think there is a case for a temporary halt or indeed to make exceptions because of the pandemic. no the instigators of one demichelis iran are multi-pronged so we cannot really pinpoint want one specific factor as as having instigated for the current outbreak in the country. for interrupting just that perhaps i didn't phrase it particularly well because. of course at the moment iran sort of sits in a corner while the rest of the world that throws paper cups at it. i'm wondering if there is a case to be made for iran to say well look these are extraordinary times would you just back off on your sanctions because people are dying do you think that's a strong argument you know that it's some sort of an argument but i don't think it's a strong enough argument to actually account for the abject state of affairs in iran
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as far as the corner virus is concerned because you know when the corner virus actually you know or or. actually when china was hit by corn of various forms as well iran actually sent to millions of facemask all the or the authorities were aware that. the virus had reached the shores of iran as wild. i mean you know waive all the functions are making it very difficult for iran for instance to acquire some actual personal protection equipment or because they're creating from sort of an economic strain but i mean. i for they're not the only explanation for the after state of affairs you know if you compare it with with lebanon for instance which is also facing or severe economic strain is not sanctions but economically what the country has been going through a very harsh time but they managed to take the white precautions that the right time and they have managed to learn or worse where iran in you know or be kept on a plane with negligence ok so we are where we are what should iran do now what
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action should the leaders of a country with a crippled economy do in the face of a worldwide pandemic a population struggling to put food on the table. well you know. it's individual that sanctions should be actually relaxed or even. ended because or they have been you know or instigating at a lot of misery for the population but this having been said well the very fact of putting an end to fact actual sanctions is not going to be a panacea for iran's problems. or because it was problems are very deeply rooted you know actually. i mean related to or to the authorities so they should and corruption involved should actually or. will come up with more i guess effective policies but in order to properly manage to quite as and all of these are all of these elements have been missing so it's a bit too late and i guess too little too late for iran. to i guess put an end to
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that strain i mean well they have to resort to a greater lockdown in the case of the 1st lockdowns for instance you know it was not sufficient and they actually opened up the economy when the cornal august still raging in the country. ok good talking to you thank you for joining us server who do you just saw from the university of montreal. thank you for having 3. tennis star novak djokovic has tested positive for covered 19 the news follows widespread criticism of the serbs decision to host a tennis tournament this month the following which for play is a tested positive for the virus the 1st leg of the tour attracted more than $4000.00 fans and ended with the players dancing together in a nightclub. to get more on this from
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max merrill from i didn't abuse but welcome max let's talk about the the tournament 1st what was it how was djokovic involved it was a charity event the joke of it along with his brother organized due to the lack of a.t.p. events association events at the moment there have been any since february due to the pandemic and as you mentioned half of it was held in belgrade the other half in croatia and croatia had eased lockdown measures just before the tournament so the players and organizers decided to not uphold any of their own restrictions basically there was no social distancing joke which confirms a day that they hadn't required players to test before the tournament there was no sort of bubble environment so to say and grigor dimitrov born of courage and victor troy he all tested positive along with chocolate and along with a coach of dimitrov and the fitness coach of joke of it as you mentioned they were all pictured together in a nightclub they also played football together played basketball with
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a local team in croatia and this all doesn't look great especially considering that djokovic has out himself recently and previously as someone who's and he vaccinations and who said that he wouldn't get vaccinated possibly if that were a requirement for a.t.p. 20 months in the future but it doesn't just look not great it just sounds horribly irresponsible but what sort of reaction has there been well he himself has apologized profusely and here's why. and he has tested positive upon reentering his children tested negative so far he said he had good intentions and believed conditions for the tournament have been met other tennis players have voiced less or more aggressively. kerry also a player who's attracted much can try to see on and off the court said that this was a boneheaded decision and that he asked his critics not to criticize him for being irresponsible or being classified as stupid because he says this takes the cake andy murray is a close friend of joke of it said this is
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a lesson for us and that's quite up considering he's currently part of the battle of the brits another tournament being held in the u.k. which is being held behind closed doors with a lot more restrictions than the adria tool was and martina navratilova says there's a definite pattern here with these types of events causing more outbreaks and she questioned whether the u.s. open and french open could go ahead those are planned for august and september respect for those are still in the diary of the at the moment ok so was it for from from not from not series of much as a tested positive i'm guessing we can expect more yet for players and to coaches as well as a lot of people have been tested since then of course due to these announcements but i expect there will be more not just players also you know 4000 fans were in attendance and bill great there might be some there that will have become infected and i think it's a real warning sign a lot of sports events have now gone ahead with
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a lot of restrictions even when these restrictions weren't necessarily put on the general population we look at the bundesliga here in germany where there was a lot of testing a lot of social distancing around the matches and during the matches even and the n.b.a. for instance and in america will be held under a sort of bubble environment i think this is a clear sign that sports events and all other events have to be extremely careful. thank you. both countries in europe starting to emerge from pandemic the lockdowns many destinations hope welcoming back their 1st for visitors for months before the pandemic hits germany's capital berlin was a booming a tourist market so what's it like now. become corrupt. we have floating 500 feet above germany's capital finally that is possible again the pandemics restrictions at least borders inside here have opened but high above
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we only find justin and vanessa from germany. yeah the lin feels like a village you can get anywhere by bike and stand no crowds so you don't have to queue. for this money and so long a vodou it where actually from a small town and comparing that to the only difference is that there are more things to see here. no traffic jams no crowds not even at one of poland's highlights the book gate most hotels and restaurants are welcoming guests again but many of them of business travelers and most of them germans they have to deal with coronavirus for strictures which remain in place like wearing a face mask. and saying i find it a little exhausting wearing the mask on the train it gets really hot on the naif
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you always have to carry it around remember to bring it up that's quite different. but otherwise german visitors seem to make the most of their trip to the capital it is the lynas who are creating something. to see in these. cities and visitors from abroad are missing everything that used to be more diverse and colorful as. we continue our hunt for international tourists at the site gallery where remains of the berlin wall still stand and we finally find one but with a story we didn't expect. a knowledge is a core thought the i got to write when the whole thing around coronavirus started and because then no more flights back home taj and tina i'm still here 3 months later and i'm a boy already made. out of steam is lucky he is staying with a friend until touring across the globe is possible again something done another
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german traveler is missing too she would rather be sipping cocktails on the beach right now the capsule is that i'm going to go mad if i can board a plane abroad again this year but what can you do you have to make the most of it . helen is waiting for the rush of international globetrotters to return our trip to the cities hotspots has shown we need to be a little patient. all the day is almost done by the conversation continues online in who joined us on twitter i've stayed up to use all you can follow me out fill of get teams hash tag the day come to watch and have a good day. she
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faces a coronavirus meltdown is the crisis also to. fix focused. tension problems. labor shortages overstretched health care spotty internet access. is it time for a major rethink. in germany. next on d w. mastro some plastic waste german consumers carefully gather
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separate unsafe plastics and there are still the biggest producers of plastic waste in europe rather than recycling it they export it why can't they give it out. looking for clues in waste. germany's problem with plastic. in 45 minutes on d w. like . oh. my god says love our. food for the russians so. here steve. so many different walks of life. some are pumping. oddly. but all
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of that comes straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. even when there's no money dilution the marsh will in trucks come out. from the logs to their foreign resting place the russians are d.w. documentary. the corona virus outbreak has been a disaster in so many ways from the tragic loss of life it obliterated international financial markets in one fell swoop it tore down the intricate network we call the modern global economy and it sent us all home with lots of time on our hands to think about what sort of world we really want for the few.


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