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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2020 1:30am-2:00am CEST

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i just made those who look at me. my answer. i am an unsolvable gridlock. the secret of. storage joy 30 g.w. . welcome to global 3 thousands. even in the best of times racism is a problem but the current pandemic has made things even worse for many. sweden this method of dealing with the corona virus is rather relaxed but rising infection rates a casting doubt on its effectiveness but 1st over field hospitals overwhelms nursing
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staff in mexico some fear the pandemic is spiraling out of control. according to the world health organization over 8000000 cases of corona virus have been confirmed so far nearly 450000 people have died of the disease that in america has been particularly acutely affected alongside brazil peru and chile mexico has been struck with an alarming number of infections and yet many there seem lax about lockdown measures despite the fact that over 18000 mexicans have died so far. codewords a suspected coated case. diego occur and his red cross units here in mexico are on their way. up to the patient has respiratory problems and all the other symptoms of informal. it's another tough day for the teen the penn. emic has likely been at its
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peak here for weeks nobody knows for sure is very little testing. it's distressing not knowing how many are really affected so we won't know when this is going to end up that i mean. we don't get enough sleep but west stressed out some of our colleagues have been infected and some have died but i mean you could go how you feel. they never know what awaits them when the medics go in what they hear doesn't sound good. the man is 81 years old and a diabetic his blood oxygen level is too low he can hardly breathe. ok he has 38 degree fever he hasn't been able to stand for 3 days. it's probably covered let's take him to hospital. but just as the crew is getting
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ready the transport is suddenly cancelled. they take him away he may never come back but for me. diego recover leaves the patient his chances don't get good with a heavy heart it's a love affair is family ties are strong in mexico they prefer to die with their loved ones even if they could be saved in the hospital before the committee the buffalo. the unit has to move on in addition to the stress of their assignments the ambulances have to fight for space and streets in mexico not everyone gets out of their way. at the right time going in give me the equipment. then next call takes them to a large family crammed into a small space. are you afraid of catching it. yes. when he asks if a covert test has been done they say no. but the man is having trouble breathing
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and one woman tells us that is had pneumonia. it often starts that way. since hospitals are overcrowded the medics can only take critical patients. he doesn't have to go to hospital yet he's stable. a candle has been lit to ward off death. but thousands of mexicans have already lost the battle the country's covert 19 mortality rate is well above average. the criminal toria are working flat out and there's a waiting list. charlie cruises life has also been turned upside down. part of people try to do the maximum potential i've never had to deal with so many dead people before 6 bodies a day that's all the screaming tory we can manage. relatives are given just 5
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minutes to say goodbye. then charlie cruise has to ask them to leave. yeah i got off on the phone we had to harden our hearts everything has to be done quickly the body can't stay here long. it's been weeks since he's had a break. if you have you have to it's risky and i'm scared because i have a family but i'm afraid i might infect them but i'm afraid you. a relative must always confirm the deceased to avoid mistaken identity. i put in rages charlie cruz is that many mexicans deny the coronavirus exists believing that it's all an elaborate government ruse. why don't people switch on their brains if things continue like this i don't know when it will end. mexico is starting to adjust to the new normal although the number of infections is
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still rising significantly that varies diego october has been sleeping at a hotel for weeks and hasn't seen his daughter for months. i believe in soul mates we're very connected she's proud of me and i'm proud of her we're together even when we don't see each other. diego occur and the rest of the unit do their best to fight fatigue they want to continue for as long as it takes for at least as long as there's strength. in europe many countries reacted to the corona pandemic by shutting down much of the public knife borders were closed face masks became mandatory travel basically ceased falling infection rates appeared to confirm the legitimacy of these measures sweden however chose a different strategy and many there hope that the controversial approach will pay off in the long term. summer has arrived in sides who are bad and not far from
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stockholm banishing thoughts of the coronavirus pandemic at least for a moment but jessica and her family are convinced that the crisis is far from over . there will be a 2nd wave. this is not over yet. not in sweden or anywhere else. but. the family contracted corona virus early they've recovered now and could be immune but the corona virus is still affecting their lives jessica provides training for managers but there's little demand for that right now if you appointments she does still have she conducts via video conferencing. from home suddenly she's got a lot more time for her children and for books by the sea. her husband frederick was the 1st to get the virus in mid march man and off. it hit me on
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a thursday afternoon. within just a few hours i came down with a really high temperature. of and i spent 8 or 9 days in bed with a 40 degree fever it was exhausting i hardly coughed at all but i had a headache and bad pains everywhere. my wife had to look after me and the children . so my friend. in sweden children from families with corona virus infections are permitted to continue going to school as long as they're showing no symptoms themselves but other parents demanded that jessica keep her 3 kids out of school and this little less becoming a possible source of infection for others and suddenly becoming a social pariah was really ghastly. or that it was awful that people were afraid of . sweden's approach to the pandemic has relied for the most part on
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voluntary compliance with precautionary measures most people are following the recommendations 20 minutes away in stocco the streets are empty many people are working from home voluntarily state epidemiology is understanding that wanted to avoid the kind of lockdown seen in other scandinavian countries instead his aim was to achieve a broad base of immunity. the virus will spread more slowly if more people in the population become immune no one disputes that for example many people have already become immune immunity will develop but the illness itself won't disappear completely. techno believes that sweden's population will be safe once 40 percent of people have acquired immunity against the virus the country might to reach that point by late summer but without building up. i do think that the long over all. your files may not be higher may actually be much longer i
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think the best estimates is some time around christmas or after christmas where we could have a vaccine ready and i do think the 2nd way it will hit us much earlier than that at present sweden is paying a high price for this controversial approach almost $5000.00 people have died after contracting corona virus in per capita terms that's 4 times as many as in german. care homes and densely populated immigrant districts have been hard hit tecno now admits that mistakes have been made with a good he has lost her father despite typical symptoms the 62 year old was not tested for corona virus instead the doctor sent him home with cough syrup and antibiotics when he ended up in hospital days later it was too late don't think other governments have closed their countries that may not have conducted an experiment with their citizens my father was
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a guinea pig. because here they say that some people's immune systems can deal with a virus and other peoples can't my father's immune system clearly lost the battle. and some clot up. in her neighborhood many people appear to have got infected while attending church in the cemetery there's one fresh grave after another. this brave contains a couple who got infected with kovan 1000 they went to the same church as my father . and here there are others who died from the virus. here is my father's cousin and here's the grave of our pastor's son. he is convinced that her father would not have died if they'd been in germany. but most swedes back the risky concept of herd immunity. there are some rules but a lot of things haven't changed much. at the core of nothing
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but i understand that the rest of the world must find it strange that we aren't wearing any masks and we're outside laughing and enjoying ourselves but i think this is also important for our well being. frederick and jessica are happy that they appear to have got coronavirus behind them and that life has remained fairly normal in sweden but they realize that others have paid a high price for the herd immunity strategy. some of the misled government on the stars are old folks are concerned there have been deaths and that is tragic but it's good that we younger folk are able to live our lives relatively normally. to a. you know what i'm most likely to become clear whether sweden's singular approach will mean fewer deaths in the long run in comparison to the rest of europe.
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the concept of race the picture waited to this day originated in the time of european colonialism over centuries europeans took control over much of africa and other regions in slaved around 12000000 africans and shipped them across the atlantic to work in brutal conditions this gross misuse of power created the illusion for many white people that they belonged to a superior race one which ruled the world even today such misconceptions remain anchored in the heads of many people along with a tendency to feel suspicious towards the unknown add to that an outside threat like the coronavirus and prejudice can really rise to the fore. it started in march victoria koori will noticed something had changed when she took public transport as a. first i thought i was imagining things i noticed people would look at my face
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and said elsewhere. i followed 3 of them just to make sure they weren't just getting off the subway but they'd moved further down the train and were sitting in the bicycle carriage. victoria is german she's used to experiencing discrimination but once the 1st cases of college 19 appeared here such incidents became more frequent. although berlin is widely seen as a tolerant diverse city she encountered hatred. one man even told her. she should spray has with disinfectant. so i feel like i've been keeping a low profile because i'm afraid of encountering hostility. have to admit when i see a bunch of people outside a bar across to the other side of the street to avoid being hassled. or does it just i'm glad to be working from home these days because i sense that even though i live in berlin people don't see me as german.
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social scientist now isn't surprised to hear that. in discrimination research we're all too familiar with that question where do you come from i can be a german citizen i can hold a german passport and still find myself being asked this question because i don't look german bands and again what does not looking german mean clearly it's based on fixed ideas about what germans are europeans should look like and it's a sign that germany still doesn't see itself as a plural society. on facebook quick toria koori will contacted other people who've had similar experiences since the pandemic began there have been many reports of hostility towards people who might be for to look chinese. hi i see you. this from china and also lives in berlin he's filmed incidents of racial abuse he's experienced on the subway. and
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a friend just told me you should you should totally report it even though i don't have that much hope on the. police but because i want to at least to show people that i have this evidence and not going to being silenced. for the. limited time. hunnam came and said jim lee also had a very nasty experience at night and in subway a group of people shouting a corona corona party insulted them call him was also sexually harassed on the platform one of them lashed out. the korean couple called the police to report the offense we explained them the police officers explained them but they don't feel. that is racism. that is kind of a shock. the south korean embassy is also unhappy with how the police dealt with
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the case. the 1st thing we did was to speak to the police officers who were called out and we gave legal advice to the young couple. we also wrote on behalf of the consulate general to the police officer already. we asked them to investigate the case both urgently and with the necessary care. through. victoria also says it wasn't easy to get her voice heard that prompted her to create a website that helps bring people together and offer support. i think it's important for people to be connected in this way during times of social distancing to share their experiences so others know what's going on she found others who wanted to get involved with her project they spent 6 weeks working from home on the website and now it's gone online it's called it's been kind or i'm not
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a virus users can write about their experiences and find offers of help as well as positive responses the site has also attracted hate mail. when i get involved in activism or the kind of work we're doing now it's best to think about the next generation and our children and our fellow citizens so hopefully they won't have to experience such things. we have invested so much energy in working to counter racism we can't stop now. could a wuis glad she took action. the object has definitely made me feel stronger we've gotten a lot of support from people we didn't know from people we got to know him from people we worked with it's given us a good feeling. racism is nothing new in germany and victoria kourou fears it will be around long after the pandemic is over but she's determined to help people who
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are under attack feel less alone and helpless. strong women changing the world as we know it on our facebook channel d.w. women you'll find stories about those taking a stand and inspiring others d.w. women gives a voice to women everywhere. this weekend global idea as we head to panama to the rain forest where the indigenous no bay people live many know by women and cultivate cocoa trees using traditional organic methods protects the trees and ensures the resulting chocolate tastes amazing. in the heart of the panamanian jungle lies a chocolate factory it's owned by mavis ortiz and is very special because the chocolate it creates is made from organic sustainable cocoa found under fair
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conditions. i want to get the word out that chocolate isn't candy cocoa is a plant that confers health and well being. that. gets the role cocoa for her chocolate from a nearby village. insulted a deadly school in panama toro province the inhabitants have preserved and ancient tradition. in accordance with the practice of their indigenous for this no bay they cultivate cocoa in the particularly green and sustainable manner. jungle clearing and plantations on their way to be seen nor do they use pesticides instead they grow cocoa in the middle of the jungles. on the bottom of the net a blank. harvest some tree ass and use them to build our timber house. that them all or they had to grow various crops for food but i mean. and of course
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the cocoa that we sell commercially while. we use an agro forestry system we don't create monoculture cocoa plantations that's just not in keeping with our tradition. and it's not that easy and that cocoa specialist mavis of teas was also convinced by the merits of the natural cultivation method so she decided to set up her art isn't all chocolate factory right next door 5 years ago she wanted to use the best possible organic cocoa so she decided to work with the cocoa farmers from some of that deadly school only their traditional cultivated cocoa grown in the heart of the jungle meets her requirements. hoarders where the soil is protected by leaves it's healthier for people because no chemicals are used cocoa plants have a good yield in their cultivation is environmentally friendly when they get the right amount of shade neither too much nor too little. being handed out on benefits
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. besides cocoa bread flora also grown on the trees as well as plants used for medicinal and ritual purposes by the no bay the country's largest indigenous people. but industrial cocoa cultivation is increasingly squeezing out the old methods agroforestry graduate mavis ortiz would like to help stop that that's why she regularly holds training sessions for cocoa farmers so they can further refine their cultivation methods and improve the quality of the beans. i guess that we actually know would like to know how to choose the best branch for grafting. have made us our teas is particularly keen to support the female coco families she wants to provide them with an income of their own so they're not solely dependent on their menfolk that's why she pays 60 percent
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above the going rate. if banging b. c. the women are often unseen you don't hear them better way to know how they don't complain about working hard. i would like their work in cocoa farming and chocolate production to be more highly regarded i mean about yourself all of that goes down well with the women. but on the whole little. it's important for us women to get organized and. if we join together we'll really benefit at. home may we look after our children and we feed them and educate them and this would allow us to earn more money to give us more opportunities. ati's processes the role cocoa on in nearby think 1st it's left to ferment for several days and then it has to drawing.
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i provided them our grandpappy out in the water the beans are already becoming flavorful and this is when they start to taste like chocolate during this process and they don't mend their foot all normally or taste the cocoa beans after they've dried then you can tell if the harvest in the fermentation process were good for him and or to want is to eat a miniature and that's what mass his hair out isn't all chocolate business my america color is trying to make a name for high quality local chocolate or t. cells that online at trade fairs and other events and in stores across panama she wants to change the image of chocolate as just a sweet treat instead she sees it as a food packed with healthy ingredients and guess what thing it isn't this is that and then substances are found in the cocoa pod and if we want to retain the special qualities of cocoa then we have to add it with as little sugar as possible whenever consul mula when i'm in a car that's the message i want to spread and i have the feeling that it's becoming
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more and more widely accepted that. maya make a collar is not the only chocolate company that employs natural cultivation methods and is sparing with its use of sugar. in the last 5 years several small panamanian businesses have set themselves the goal of making healthy high quality chocolate or teas has so. enjoys chocolate most when it's liquid. the most of us that when i drink this cup of hot chocolate i have the feeling or wow you can taste where the cocoa comes from the farm that it comes from the core the characteristics of each individual cultivation so i look at the name within the song and i really savor it as i would i appreciate that i recognize the potential of the cocoa produced by every family. think of you know the left or molecular proneness and.
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that's all from global 3000 this week thanks so much for watching do you have any feedback please write to us at global 3000 at g.w. dot com and don't forget to check us out on facebook d w women see you singing take a. look
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. into the conflict zone with tim sebastian. lebanese hezbollah movement is condemned as a terrorist group by many countries but it also has a powerful political face with seats in parliament and government my guest this week from beirut is one of its politicians even to moussawi how does the self named party of god reconcile its very different activities conflicts of. him through the moderates on d w like. a motherboard says.
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for the soul of the russian soul as deep as their country. so many different walks of life some choose the road less traveled by some endured a bumpy ride but all of them come straight from the heart the russians and intimate turning from birth to death. in 75 minutes on t.w. . innovation. but can it conquer the major issues of our society. the 3rd season of founders down the sun to pluto yost meets modern day heroes in asia. ready to take on this challenge with their unique ideas. look at those 2
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from them and make them one solution. the. founders valley this week on d w. d armstrong really walk on the moon. isn't the earth really flat how strong. is the government to use planes to. conspiracy. theories spread like wildfire on the internet. some people are convinced they are true. johnny good stereo because of small groups who shout louder than others and profit from a lack of interest among reasonable people. scientists are studying why some are so susceptible to ideas that are obviously wrong and absurd and how the internet amplifies it all. it takes a lot more energy to refute the other splinter propagated in the 1st place. if
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conspiracy theories can provide comfort you don't like reality create another. a film about knowledge and belief trust and deception. oh the masi of the gold stars joy 1st on t.w. . above. this is news and these are our top stories john pharmaceutical giant bio has agreed to pay up to $10900000000.00 to settle claims surrounding its roundup weed killer since buying roundups manufacturer monsanto in 2018 buyer has faced numerous lawsuits in the u.s. over claims the weed killer causes.


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