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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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infantry experience he feels can provide comfort in terms like reality create another. film about knowledge and belief trust and deception. crecy of the gullible starts joyce 1st on d w. l o n a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm peter koppen thanks for joining us these days we're all longing for life to get back to normal while we are gradually moving towards normality in europe the impact of the covered 19 crisis is becoming more and more visible especially when it comes to domestic violence. millions of women have been physically abused by their partners during lockdown staying at home and
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parent time did help protect women and children against the virus but not against domestic violence according to the w.h.o. emergency calls from victims rose by 60 percent. domestic violence is a big issue in russia after the kremlin opposed and they should wide lockdown in march when men's rights advocates sounded the alarm about a surge in domestic violence cases and called for action to protect victims but only few were able to escape their plight after all many official shelters were full moscow hotel operator volunteer consented all of us stepped into the breach is 70 accommodating tourists she officer rooms 2 women seeking protection. konstantin of a has put the past few weeks to good use she's turning these old window frames into decorations for the rooms in her hotel and she now has time for interior design
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projects after all her hotel hasn't had any guests during moscow's lockdown but it wasn't completely empty either since early april she's been hosting survivors of domestic violence women who couldn't be taken in that official shelters because of quarantine regulations have been staying with her for free posting them wasn't always easy and. when the women arrive here they cry they go to their rooms they cry again they can't seem to get up late and then they cry again but i see that they start to relax here to feel at home we are very gentle with them i think it's very important that we don't ask them why they are here we don't meddle in their private lives we don't ask questions we talk about other things we don't have tea together. domestic violence is often a taboo topic in russia but it's an emotional issue for valentina she has friends
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who've escaped abusive partners it says she couldn't always help now she can help women like. the musician spent several weeks said she couldn't stand being around her husband anymore. it wasn't the 1st time my husband hits me even before the quarantine when you love someone you forgive the. 4th or the 5th time it's just impossible to bear. something clicks in your head it made me just get up and leave i couldn't stand it anymore. so usually. it's not just you know who had to escape her home during quarantine women's advocacy groups have reported that calls to a domestic abuse hotline have increased by up to 75 percent since the pandemic and they don't expect any improvement soon. and we will be dealing with the
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consequences of this quarantine for a long time especially our boyers and psychologists people will be coming to them with horrible stories huge traumas and serious tragedies. according to some estimates over $10000.00 women in russia are killed every year by injuries inflicted by a partner but in many cases domestic violence is not a criminal offense that on the peacekeeping scheme in other countries there are mechanisms in place to fight against domestic violence on a state level restraining order or strict legislation and law enforcement agencies that are taught how to deal with these situations unfortunately russia doesn't have that that's why more cases here in didn't murder and more women stay in abusive relationships because they don't have the tools to get out of them. tina's hotel is located in moscow's these majlis he market before the pandemic tourists bustle between stalls of the bric a brac and god of russian style architecture valentino hopes that paying guests
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will start coming back soon she's nearly finished renovating the rooms of her hotel a few of them which by then tina is proud to show off are done already but she also doesn't want to stop taking in survivors of domestic violence. this is the one who promotes great we are helping people and that gives everyone at the hotel a good feeling even if it's not always easy with the women in there are sometimes tough situations knowing that we are doing something good lift our spirits and makes us more ready to fight for the hotel after the pandemic you. see here valentino's team plans to keep one or 2 rooms available for the women in the hotel owner says in normal times that should be a problem. at the hotels shouldn't see this as a huge sacrifice to society or as a huge expense it actually costs almost nothing essentially it's just the cost of cleaning the she'd see it. for many women valentino's commitment has already made
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a difference in her time in the hotel has given professional singer the strength to start over. but it's not. really. my. business emerick a student from the way he considers himself lucky living in a country which could be a corona role model for europe norway has reopened kindergartens and ramped up primary and junior school provision which does not appear to have triggered a resurgence of covered by 19 months to the light of who's really thrilled the back of school self of all slow in a stunning location. sometimes the walk to catch the school bus in norway looks like a hike in the country spectacular scenery one thing the corona crisis has not changed and britain love runs have been boarding the bus south of our show every morning again since late april. here the strict hygiene regulations are still in force
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but at the school things are almost back to normal normally uses the traffic light system for at schools the alert level has been on red since the crisis hit now it's on yellow and the peoples have slowly grown used to the classes being kept apart on the school grounds. really hard as they have a big section over there. and the other class in our grade can be there behind the playground. and bricks teacher welcomes the youngsters outside in the school yard 1st they all have to stand in line to disinfect their hands. but since the 1st of june they haven't had to keep the minimum one metre distance from each other any more even if mbox class has plenty of room between the desks anyway before their teacher you know hogan sets something else is much more important because that last week teachers are allowed to pick the children up again and comfort them for
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instance when they hurt themselves that was hardly possible up to now if you have to wear a face mask every time it seems very unnatural for a. model so far norway has had almost only positive experiences with reopening its schools according to the nation's epidemiologists hardly any cases of children passing on the virus have been reported the experts feel validated by developments since the schools opened you know i guess about what early on our view was that closing the schools was unnecessary it was a political decision and a complicated situation and. now even the norwegian government has serious doubts that closing the schools was any help at all fewer than 250 people have died in the car. on a virus in norway the scandinavian country has not experienced any excessive mortality rate events with gatherings of up to $200.00 are now permitted after school today emberg in his class are off to the seashore and now they can get together with youngsters from the other class in their grade but they still observe
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the hygiene guidelines. the 1st part is they can see my friends again regularly. but the corona virus is still a dangerous thing or it will probably be around for a long time as they can make people very ill. despite loosening restrictions and always still keeping its borders close this summer but all regions will be keeping mostly to themselves. to reflect prospects for emery at the beginning of the school holidays no tourists and a lot of space for himself things are very different on the spanish yorka many earn their living through tourism especially from german guests but due to the coronavirus and demick the island's beaches unlike here were deserted for months and tourism was at rock bottom residents are now hoping for the summer season to compensate for their losses our reporter was at the island's international airport
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where the 1st plane with holiday makers arrived. majorca has been waiting 3 long months for this plane it's carrying the 1st holiday makers since the coronavirus lockdown they're taking part in a pilot project in the shadow of the pandemic new in the arrivals terminal are the infrared cameras measuring their temperatures and the health questionnaires. summer vacation is suddenly breaking news not even when the 1st east germans arrived in majorca after the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago wasn't such a media sensation. but i think it's because we had a total lockdown for 3 months and in that time everything that used to be normal stopped being normal. and what didn't used to be news that millions of germans were coming to majorca is now suddenly news. they receive a celebrity welcome. thomas and antonia tobler arrive from ball in the
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morning they patiently answer every question. but i was the flight one or the flight was fine except it was back to the press that was the only strange thing over 4000000 holiday makers come to the island from germany alone every year the beach resorts in particular cater to the master as them but that is not harmed majorca is popularity. antonia and thomas told or have had time at their hotel to recover from the media frenzy normally this would be peak season but now they have the beach coming out almost to themselves it's luxury at package holiday prices. nothing during a ball or money's there. they're not really bothered that majorca is popular dance clubs aren't permitted to open. actually all we wanted was to go to the beach we talk to ourselves where can we go and which borders are open and which aren't what
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could be more relaxing than my work or without people. and we've earned it. i'm an occupational health nurse for example that's in our ward took in suspected coated cases and back so we have already been through a little. emotionally as well. but we're just thankful that we can be here we were starting to climb the walls so this is a real taste of freedom. the island's hotels had been preparing for weeks to make it possible the polity manager and a metis laws had to put the government's 21 new hygiene stipulations into practice by far the greatest challenge was the work routines and the hotel restaurants and installing partitions to protect both personnel and guests. yeah he had come and they guests won't be able to take the food themselves here
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anymore. that's what they call cross contamination. advocates but there's a lot of your room back there. that's where our personnel can cook the dishes and serve the food directly on to the plate. the 3 months of lockdown have left their mark everywhere on the island it was imposed in early spring right at the start of the vacation season many businesses in the coastal resorts haven't opened since last autumn some will probably never open again. on the beach to everything's different to make sure people keep their distance the number of beach loungers has been cut by 3 quarters the rental agent disinfects them after every guest or you go on a sunday like this the beach would normally be completely full. and this over this is a very popular section of beach especially with families and couples to. watch the
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water isn't very deep and everything's nice and pleasant here. it was you don't talk normally we'd be really busy but a little more you study. most of the hotels are still closed this little fast food shop at the foot of the deserted high rise hotels reopened about 2 weeks ago it's owner emmanuel style where oh has had to adapt quickly now he takes orders on line he's still waiting for his regular customers to show up. bottles for their money margaret my orc is a 2nd home to many germans. this year but if you take my orca away from the germans they've got a problem if you don't buy your car and i'm going to get it if you take the germans away from us we've got a problem that money is agreement that i'm one of them not all the islanders are as welcoming spain was hit especially hard by the corona pandemic over the last few
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months over 28000 people died some people here worry that thousands of holidaymakers could bring new infections he says majorca is not an experimental lab you're learning it out to be honest i'm a little afraid the tourists get up to lots of mischief but now we'll just have to get on with it then i guess that. somehow things have to return to normal but we have to be more cautious we can't change the situation but we shouldn't go back to the old times when it was so overcrowded here we need a more careful and gentler tourism. some 75 percent of the island's economy is generated by tourism so it's vital that the hotels win back the tourists confidence but antonia and thomas still have to get used to the many new hygiene rules. oh. yes 1st disinfo. act then put the gloves on and disinfect again bend on the masses. this really feels like being
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admitted to the corona board just like at work. later at the bar on the promenade the mood is more relaxed despite the social distancing rules the couple can chat with others but most people remain cautious surveys show that most europeans still prefer not to travel abroad. one of the we've seen this time and again you know after terrorist attacks for instance. people stay away for 4 or 5 years you know done benchley they get used to anything i think i think it was with us and then they'll be back in full force. but i think it'll take a bit of psychological so persuasion with a lot of people who are still uncertain right now. by the time the toba wars leap into the warm waters of the mediterranean the old holiday feeling slowly returns but here on majorca nobody knows of things will ever be the same again.
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1st brick set then the pandemic and now the highest covered mortality rate in europe more than 14000 this so far the u.k. already has enough problems and now the country's phone masts have been burning some brits think they're dangerous people like pierce corp and of course he knows that 5 g. technology is essential for fast and mobile internet but he also released 5 g. is for sponsible for the spread of the virus you think that's absurd conspiracy theories are apparently finding more and more followers across the nation. at this protest at hyde park in london people are demonstrating against the lockdown. and warning about a coronavirus vaccine. the man with the megaphone is the organizer for skorgen is a colorful figure among conspiracy theorists as well as the brother of germany
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courting the longtime head of britain's labor party. the demonstration ends with his arrest. a week later press corp in is back in action has organized another rally to warn people about a vaccine against covert 19 and 5 g. wireless network technology. imposed vaccines. on the world along with microchips to. control control control associated with ford g.m. ford g monitoring of people and checking marks the chips put into their bodies and so forth the police are already waiting for him must gatherings are banned that the timing lent everyone who shows up a sense way but for peers courtney it's about taking a stand and not backing down. a vaccine and forgery are all connected together and we have to absolutely opposed any mandating vaccination and. rolled out
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a fog just used as a police escort home is no real setback as this theories have been spread far and wide and so followers protest with more than words. destroyed then this is just one of many internet videos which incite people to destroy 5 g. versts some have received hundreds of thousands of views now must a regularly being set ablaze according to their operators around 80 have been torched in the u.k. in recent weeks and destroyed. this tower and saw the hole in the west midlands was also satellite the smell of scorched electrical cables hung in the air for days now the equipment is being replaced. councillor chris williams has the feeling something's gone awry while lab repairing this mast making it usable again there was a car just stopped and just shouted out of on it says some swear words about how they
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will bend the mast down again. i hope it was a terrible joke but they said they've had people join the day say the same thing which makes you consider that maybe somebody is actually being serious. among conspiracy theorists 5 g. phone must have come to symbolize the enemy though this is the 5 g. terrorists all some people even believe 5 g. transmits coronavirus williams knows about these and found the theories but was still surprised by the recent attacks there are a lot of other masts being bent exactly the same time it's not every day that a mobile phone gets bad but there are several not just in this region but around england or at the same time as and there was a lot of social media traffic around 5 g. conspiracy theories. on social media groups that believe 5 g. spreads covert 19 are growing like i was and he. did you know you did exactly the way you did i killed. him in
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a time the sun is going to kill everyone. not like that in the hospital. now do you think you have to look at the everyone will be dead. dylan fowle had a similar experience here at this intersection he was sitting in a telephone repair found at the red light when a driver started screaming at him that 5 g. kills and that he should be ashamed when the man jumped out of his car. was sitting in their driver see obviously they really did shake while he so wants to come over why people here try to get it and stop buying it i do wonder if i hadn't walked what would the consequences of that been if he's trying to get in the obviously wants to cause physical damage. in the u.k. there have been over 200 such incidents in recent weeks so now tell him feral and his colleagues always work in pairs for their own safety. the british government is
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now trying to pass legislation to combat misinformation and conspiracy theories m.p. julia knight comes from saudi home when the phone must was set ablaze he reopened the debate earlier this month while it worked. 'd 'd its. media. it speech knowingly with. caution in the most recent. need to increase crewel search so we could just walk away from. the tory damian collins would also like to punish those conspiring to spread false info for all people searching campaigns to try and promote somebody suspicious the theories of people doing that i think they should be regarded as christian friends because they can be real hard to public health as possible so it. could include people like purse court and one of the activists publicly proclaiming an unproven link between the kind that make and 5 g.
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. now wants to organize rallies throughout britain. and i just have an antidote to conspiracy theories. let off steam probably the best remedy is to hit the dance floor it's true in many european countries and demick has brought the club scene to the steps getting it we defacto banned from working but now a nightclub in the dutch town of new megan has freed itself from the sleeping beauty slumber despite distance rules it's time for social this dancing. after its long sleep the sleeping beauty nightclub has reawakened. now the venue in the city of 9 they had hopes to revive the dutch club scene. although things look a little different than they did before. we hope. we could let people experience this. in the way they used to do before the crisis but
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unfortunately we had to make some adjustments. chairs have been set up and the guests must remain seated that's because the authorities doubted that dancers who got caught up in the music would remember to stay 1.5 metres apart but the concept works even if it looks a little. maximum capacity is 30 people. the d.j.'s must get in the mood quickly. as many as possible take part in such a short. when we normally do when. we go to. 20 minutes. 20 minutes. difference but we try to. get you to feeling. but then 20 minutes. the sleeping beauty has been around for 50 years a social distancing will go down in the club's history books. the
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experiment has paid off the guests are getting into it the organizers are relieved . it's still very cool and still people are still dancing. their fist pumping moving their bodies so it's great. for 3 months due to. so people are willing to pay 10 euro's to get back on the dance floor. because it was like nothing at all. maybe never. i don't think a dose of music like 20 minutes is enough yeah sure not going to make me happy so there's a whole load of those starting in july with 100 clubbers will be allowed in at once before then they'll need to come up with a new kind of social distancing. any idea is good to bring us back to a normal life and that's all from focus on europe for now if you have thoughts
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about this week's show do get in touch with me on twitter by phone i'll just. live.
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she faces a coronavirus meltdown as the crisis also on the banks focused attention on the problems of. labor shortages. overstretched health care. internet access. is it time for a major beef. and 30 minutes on t w. carefully
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they'll be invisible to. humans have no human rights. when you die there's no other ever. every 10 minutes someone. $10000000.00 people in the world the stakes they have no nationality and the total made up along and. that everyone has the life. everyone has the right to say i will form.
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this is e.w. news live from berlin decision day for live shareholders vote on a 9000000000 euro government bailout of tons as managers say that it is make or break day for the company for how to deal with the airlines with its nearly 140000 employees use is facing imminent bankruptcy. also coming out of workers linked to a coronavirus outbreak at a german slaughterhouse called their quarantine conditions into make. sure there is really i feel like a pig like a pig in a small hole.


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