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i knew fascination of those who knew keeping. the secret of mona lisa starts july 3rd d. w. . this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin india's capital launches a massive coronavirus containment campaign with a number of infections spiking tele plans to record the health details of nearly 30000000 residents and test everyone showing symptoms also in the program is supposed to be high season and tania but spirits in the turkish resort are low as
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the pandemic stalls tourists from traveling to the turquoise coast and jubilation in liverpool as you're going club side wins the english premier league fans brim with adulation for the german coach whose guide is the club to its 1st title in 30 years. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us it's been almost 3 weeks since india began lifting coronavirus restrictions and cases for surging the capital delhi has become the worst affected city with health facilities buckling under the strain of rising infections officials are rushing to extend testing to millions of residents. the sharp rise in cases in delhi has seen it crowned the coronavirus capital of india the government is being heavily criticised for its
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poor contact tracing and lack of medical facilities. were coronavirus in itself is a huge problem but we should think of implementing policies and facilities that aim to reduce people suffering we shouldn't invent policies that hamper the system and create chaos. in the state of delhi alone infections are expected to surge in the coming weeks government estimates show there could be around 550000 cases by the end of july in response the delhi authours has announced house to house corona virus screening in the city itself. going door to door will help the government to detect patients and it will help to curb the spread of corona virus. part of here is people who have a high temperature as if they have corona virus all tested at least they will have the satisfaction of knowing whether they are positive or not if they are positive
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they will know if they are negative they won't be anxious about it that is authorities are not only faced with the unprecedented challenge of stopping the spread of the corona virus the shooting of birds is also a major ongoing issue the indian capital's luxury hotels and stadiums could be turned into field hospitals even spiritual centers in delhi are designated for conversion to covert 19 cafes sillett is joining me now from delhi is d.w. course pollard when you're a child or a neuro what's behind the sudden explosion of coronavirus cases in delhi. well this shoprite in the number of cases has the numbers of especially are to the unlock process began when the delhi sat in the city of delhi started coming out of its knock down stage when a lot of economic activities were allowed to resume to go out on the street to see
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people who they have more or less resumed their normal day to day life some of them have started going to work as well now a thing to remember is that delhi is one of the most populated cities not only in the country but in the world the population density is very high so it's very easy and very much possible for a lot of transmission to happen and that is what is happening but some reports also say that that is only half the story the other part is that delhi has ramped up its destiny and more tests are happening somewhere cases that i'm in for what ok so the government has launched a massive survey i understand it plans to record the health details of all belize 30000000 residents tell us more about that. well yes after it became evident that delhi is becoming one of the actually the worst hit city in the country in terms of covering $1000.00 cases these desperate measures were announced so the idea is to avoid just mob screening and basically screen every single
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household in the city which is quite a challenging task till the 1st week of july starting with the containment centers so a more and more frontline health workers will be employed for this again we're already working quite hard dealing with the crew on our wires apart from that. they will be conducting testing as well of anybody who appeals to show symptoms of this apart from that more and more details will be collected and you know taken back a dispensary then large detailed reports will be made that the government has a commuter id on what actually dealing with a bottom that more. holes have been acquired and can work it into a call that gets new fees more police may be deployed to enforce more social distancing measures on the streets how well prepared is delhi in terms of its health infrastructure for dealing with the spike in new cases. well if you listen to it well i don't does these thing about daily in terms of its
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last talked is that bad we do have enough number of bad we do have i see us even though there have been reports in the box which decent have been gone away citing lack beds if you listen to experts the actual reason is the lack of coordination between a different government agency the national government hospital the nested government hospitals and multiple of the i didn't see them that other through lack of coordination and apart from that a lot of medical professionals are not coming forth a lot of them are actually scared and because they do not even have an insurance to cover them to people their treatment and give before it great to call that 1000 so at the moment even though we have a lot of beds which are being a range for what we do need more is to freshness to handle but here thank you very much for bringing some to date there that was d w correspondent near a child in delhi. take a look now it's more developments relating to the corona virus pandemic around the
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world the world health organization says significant resurgence is in europe could push health systems to the brink with $20000.00 new cases being reported daily health officials in the us say as many as 20000000 people may already have been infected with cove in 19 almost 10 times more than the current confirmed number of 2400000 australia has reported 37 new cases including 30 in victoria's state where health authorities are trying to contain and help break and mexico's finance minister has tested positive for the virus 3 days after meeting the president has been seen breaching world health organization guidelines on curbing virus transmission. the turkish holiday resort of on tallia is a top holiday destination for european tourists especially germans but this summer the corona virus is the railing travel plans although turkey insists that it has the outbreak under control and has has opened its borders european governments
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continue to warn against non-essential travel to the country as d.w. correspondent you know 100 reports the tourism industry in antalya is already feeling the heat. preparing breakfast for his guests under normal circumstances must have a good one wouldn't have time for this when it's high season in antalya the hotel owner is usually run off his feet but not this year right now only one of his rooms is occupied a family from germany is here despite the travel warning there they get enough it is it really is all i can only tell you come here everyone it's wonderful and antalya here the only problem is because of the coronavirus crisis hardly anyone is coming. out of my last year i had an occupancy rate of 100 percent consistently from april to october and this year there are only 3 people in july is coming soon
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we only have a few months left of this season right now it's really difficult sawfish that. mostafa has done everything he can to make his hotel safe the turkish government has issued strict hygiene rules that's why goodenow now descend 5 rooms and pool chairs several times a day although nobody is using them. machete laden is it must be video we have masks for i guess you can disinfect your hands everywhere and temperature checks are scheduled every day like the requirements on very strict and we adhere to them at all we can take that out what good is that if no one comes to you. untag as beaches are among the most popular holiday destinations in the mediterranean region about 15000000 tourists from abroad came here last year but this summer most of the sun loungers are empty because of the coronavirus crisis governments in europe
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including germany are warning their citizens against travel to taki many of those here who depend on tourism think that's unsafe. almost 2500000 people live in the antalya region but so far only a few 100 coronavirus infections have been officially registered here. mostafa good then thinks turkey is coming through the crisis relatively well he believes decision makers in europe are deliberately warning against trips to turkey in order to give their own tourist destinations an advantage. all my exit germany exit very biased they declared us a risk area but open borders to hundreds that are in a much worse situation than spain or italy for example they have more coronavirus cases than turkey and a higher coronavirus death toll it's a situation. many share food and frustration and tell us historic old
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town is normally filled with tourist bartering facilities but now the sellers fight boredom the restaurant owners and taxi drivers are wondering how long they can keep going. to be attributed we only have a to go out of our taxis on the streets with no hotel gas so no taxi rides will surely it doesn't work without 4 interests turkish holiday makers aren't enough of these years ago that's all oh preparations for this summer with a nothing 2020 is a last year. the last year maybe last season he made good money with his hotel most of the. says and he's still hopeful but he also knows if the tourists from europe don't come back through the holiday paradise of entire faces a devastating famine. and here's
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a round up of some other stories making headlines around the world today officials in the english beach town of bournemouth have declared a major incident after massive crowds flocked here there and hot weather for the already said ignoring public health guidance on the coronavirus was irresponsible the declaration allows them to initiate an emergency response including the deployment of additional police patrols. democratic lawmakers in the u.s. house of representatives have approved a sweeping police reform bill that follows the mass protests in the wake of the death of george floyd during a police arrest the bill is unlikely to pass the republican held senate torrential rain has brought flash flooding to south central and eastern chinese provinces including junk she and guangxi beijing has urged more than a dozen provinces to take for cautions with more turbulent weather in the forecast and a massive cloud of locusts has ravaged crops in argentina the insects came from paraguayan
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are expected to spread across regions of south america authorities in parts of brazil are preparing emergency measures to suppress the swarm if it enters the country. football now and liverpool have been crowned premier league champions clinching their 1st english league title in 30 years liverpool weren't playing on thursday but they secure at the top flight title after their closest rivals manchester city lost to chelsea the victory has made you're going call it the 1st german coach to win an english title and fans quickly converged to celebrate despite calls to avoid moscow others because of the coronavirus. her over. her 30 years of hurt all over for liverpool and barely 30 minutes after they were crying premier league champions thousands of fans descended on our own fields to get the party started it's. fair.
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to. say we're still waiting for the little yellow world that the rio gets i mean obviously it is real it's it's amazing. that. liverpool haven't been short of silverware outside of england legally in the last 12 months they've won jerky and world cup titles but regaining their status at the top of the english game was their top priority this season for me to hear the success it's all die so one man can close his side become premier league champions with a record 7 games lead to plea and club becomes the 1st german coach to win an english title. attention in mine owner has become an overnight millionaire after selling the 2 biggest stones of the jam tanzanite ever recorded workers for sun the new
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allies on earth the stones one weighing 9 kilos the other 5 attends indian government paid him the equivalent of almost $3000000.00 euros and plans to put the stones on display in the national museum tanzanite is one of the world's rarest gemstone centers only found in tanzania. this is news you can get all the latest news on our website anytime you want to dot com i'm terry barton thanks for watching. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona. 19 special next on.


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