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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2020 3:15am-3:30am CEST

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just off something amazing ana thank you well it is a. liverpool's 19th and dusted no funds here are hoping for the 20th which would see them equal manchester united's english record. you're watching the w. news you can follow us on twitter and instagram at units and play richardson in berlin thanks so much for joining me. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona updates. with 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just through the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you
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would like any information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science. the pressure is on the foam assented to find a coronavirus vaccine it's a race for recognition and big bucks but also our lives who get the vaccine 1st world countries and the the after their own interests your money is the quintessential. and today we face it probably going to be like you know what. you need to connect to now nobody's safe and you are safe the virus is a global threat global cooperation is key but if market forces. prevail any vaccine
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would reach poorest nations must. welcome governments around the world are throwing billions of dollars at to be 1st to develop that elusive coronavirus vaccine it's great the money is flowing what about pooling our resources are all facing the same problem but not everyone's in this together. digital conferences powerful leaders billions are collected these days by the e.u. and by other alliances for a coronavirus vaccine. point for. us one statement being repeated is that a vaccine should be available for all let's make sure it teaches everyone nice thought but it poses questions who will get the vaccine 1st health workers including those groups at risk worldwide according to the w.h.o. which is focusing on a joint effort. but even force it it is up to each and every member state to abide
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by these rules or this vote and to abide by this mechanism but it is not clear if this will work or whether countries will look to secure their own supply 1st a kind of vaccination nationalism. and i'm my guess really is that both donald trump and china might say at a crucial moment we're just looking out for our people to strategically leverage political power. which is another reason why the e.u. is massively supporting research the us for its part provide substantial funding but this also helps secure access. french farmer no fee recently announced that the u.s. has priority in terms of supply but it back down after criticism the company said we are not going to prioritize $1.00 country over another but doubts still remain
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off it cannot be left to the absolute an exclusive control of companies as to who has access to an important drug and when. doctors without borders welcomes the fact that germany is pumping money into research but it's demanding that those who receive public funding must also share knowledge. we want to ramp up production as quickly as possible to meet global demand for all people in the world and prices that everyone can pay for. companies are unlikely to give away their patents that is their intellectual property but it is clear that to supply the world many producers will be needed and billions of doses will be required peter lisa is therefore calling for production to be ramped up quickly once a vaccine has been found. companies must submit their patents annually we must give other companies the opportunity to produce the vaccine then they can charge
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royalties for it even so at 1st there probably won't be enough vaccine for everyone so it will become clear whether distribution is based on solidarity or whether public speeches about global cohesion were simply lip service. president of the world health summit good to see you again sir as lockdowns case is pike again in many places just how much is hanging on this vaccine. but of course we're all waiting for the vaccine but we have to cope with the pen demick without fixing the vaccine is still far away people would say end of the year beginning of the next year would be the earliest and and then not everybody has been vaccinated so here we have to cope with the pandemic now without it exceed definitely what makes you think world leaders will want to share with all the nations us especially in a time of increased nationalism if this vaccine does come out why. what i think
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that you know especially in the very beginning of you know the separation of. interests and closing the borders was a contest if you for a moment by now if you will but also the point of view of many of the population and i'm sure also in politics and other organizations now it's more open and tempered as possible again and more kind of ration i think very hot and very happy that the. german minister terence and the french minister affair a theft into w.h.o. talk to the secretary general and discuss much of it were corrosion so i think we are on a good rate but with this problem we have it staring ahead of us i think market operation is necessary ok you mentioned the w h o chief that let's let's have have a listen in to see what he had to say about a vaccine some of the things we are seeing now is some countries are going to have
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. some mckinney's in this and that's a good. and that may undermine the noble axis of making these marks in the public good so there should be. political commitment but what sort of commitment because once a vaccine comes along they'll be a mad rush politicians and promises don't always go hand in hand do they but we do have organizations like the global designs for vaccination c.p. the coalition for if you diminish your preparedness and innovation they are putting pressure on governments on companies that make scenes which will invade were. available to everybody. because we have governments like the united states and others who try to buy up and buy themselves into companies and then control what's
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going on but i want to mention and i'm trust for that the word opinion will not tolerate that rescuing trucks are vaccines not available for everybody there may be a time costs of cost but finally it would have to be distributed worldwide i fully agree with the director general of w h o and i all my colleagues in academia and everybody i talk to they agree on this so there will be a big pressure i hope that this isolated activities will not prevail and just briefly the likelihood of getting this vaccine you mention it's a long way off. how are we going to deal without one for all that time and one if it comes. while i mean we are dealing with the code 99 out of the you know we do have free person repurpose enough trucks.
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and similar triage playing on the recovery trial there from the oxford university and death outness of the sort of daring to try out of w.h.o. coordinated international trials and you have phony 3rd and some of the listeners have heard about the you know global queen you know with their. publication that this was some foreign no expect into the game so there's a lot of activities going on and i'm sure that their nominee treatment of this disease and the increasing experience and exchange of experience will help us to overcome that period until we have them exceed that i've gotten president of the world health summit thank you. and time to put you in the capable hands of one of my what makes their williams he's been looking into all the questions you sent us all now you tube channel. 5 maintain social
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distance do i have to change my clothes after coming back home from my short morning walk. though we know stars cove 2 can remain on some surfaces for days clothing in general is viewed by most experts as pretty low risk the evidence suggests that the virus doesn't remain viable for very long on an woven material like textiles all the guidance i've seen says if you've been outside and kept proper social distance there's there's no reason to change your clothes when you return home however it's a good idea not to shake your laundry before washing it because even if the chances that you've picked it up outside are remote they can't be excluded completely and if you have then shaking out your dirty clothes could cause it to become airborne.
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oh and make sure to wash your hands after your walk that that's always a sensible precaution. how common is or cytokine storm in someone who has covert 19 when the immune system responds to a pathogen it begins releasing compounds called called cytokines which cause inflammation and attack infected tissue in some patients with couvade 19 this curative measure doesn't shut off after the virus is beaten but instead begins turning on the loans or other organs destroying destroying healthy tissue and sort of generally wreaking havoc if that process spirals out of control you get what's called a side. storm though i don't think anyone has tried to break it down into percentages included 9000 patients who are critically ill. storms are viewed as
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a major contributor to mortality possibly the biggest contributor. and you can post your questions to derek oh now you tube channel if you'd like to keep us up or keep up with the latest developments of the coronavirus subscribe to our newsletter skate to d.w. dot com slash corona dash newsletter. and if you want to see how the coronavirus has changed the way we do all sorts of things look at brazil the country is hard hit by code 19 but as the home of somebody use it can count of people still want to get out and have thought a vast grind in entertainment center has been installed in a soccer stadium in sao paulo to boost people's morale during the crisis itself in a program that includes classic movies shows that comedy and children's theater all from the relative safety before we.
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must have you will see next to the 1st. explored uniform landscape and industrial era 3. 0 am on vacation destination but still inside are clear. tourism is part of this future and i think that the small solace has great potential. a small state that has a lot to offer. changes. amidst d.w. . masters in plastic waste german consumers carefully gathered to
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separate unsafe plastic lens there are still the biggest producers of plastic waste to enjoy the brother then recycling it they export it why can't they give it up above the king for koons and waste objection is problem with plus the bin 45 minutes on t.w. . i'm told it is for me. it's for. a children is for him. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for every law beethoven 2020 vision of the 50th anniversary here on d w. what secrets lie behind. discover
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new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get maps now. this is sorry lands estate in southwestern germany that borders friends.


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