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ends it for good malaria must go on and millions can live. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight a new security law is now in effect in hong kong violators could face life in prison the duvall took effect just hours ago it criminalizes many of the pro-democracy protests that we've seen in hong kong in just the last year is this law the beginning of the end of hong kong's all tommy also coming up tonight on the
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day the democratic republic of congo marks the 60 years of independence an expression of regret from its former colonial ruler belgium we'll have a report from the d r c and perspectives from brussels plus if installed and under surveillance a palestinian family shows d.w. news what their lives have become in the west bank as israel plans to annex parts of the territory. i'm bring cough to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome a new security law for hong kong supported and pushed by beijing is now in effect and pro-democracy activists say this could be the beginning of the end of hong kong's all time to me the new law allows with authorities to crackdown on activities which beijing it regards as subversive and it could see protesters dealt
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with by authorities in china rather than in hong kong. they feel. this might be their last chance to protest tuesday's flash mob in a shopping center was small but defiant everyone knew things were changing some fear to show their faces. today i feel to meet a couple that is very sad because they cannot pass a law and they even don't know the details of the law and they just pass it with no one rejecting so. i think most of all not people they're scared to speak out. the details have now been released the chinese security law will crack down hard on what it terms terrorist activities it criminalizes subversion and succession efforts as well as foreign interference and could enable chinese
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authorities to operate in hong kong those convicted could be jailed for life and will be barred from standing in elections. it was scenes like these last summer that prompted the law huge demonstrations in favor of democracy and against chinese influence overwhelmed hong kong and embarrassed all storage fees hong kong's leader kerry lamb told the united nations the law was nothing to worry about it will only target an extremely small minority of people who have preached the law while the life and property basic rights and freedoms of the overwhelming majority of hong kong residents will be protected but fear is reaching pro-democracy activists joshua one is now in hiding but expects to be arrested he says he's resigned from his group to protect them as saying if my voice will not be heard soon i hope that the international community will continue to speak up for hong
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kong and step up concrete efforts to defend our last bit of freedom. a law school to support hong kong eyes and the scared new world. are going to take the story now to alvin chunk he is a research fellow at new york university school of law he's also worked as a barrister and lecturer in hong kong he joins me tonight from new york city it's good to have you on the program let me ask you you've worked as an attorney in hong kong before this new security law what does it mean for a pro-democracy protesters who is arrested will they have access to an attorney and legal representation as has been the case well frankly there is still a lot that. remains to be disclosed about how this new law and i use the term very loosely will operate we've seen from coal 55 that
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certain nebulously defined serious cases may be sense to mainland courts for trial and prosecuted by mainland proctor esas and in those instances the ability to access legal representation may be very much in depp's but in any event even for those and put national security cases that are tried in hong kong quotes it remains to be seen just how much access to lawyers will be elaborate even under the preexisting will we've seen that arrestees have repeatedly complains that they're not being given prompt access to lawyers i expect that trend to continue and intensify under the new law all the the language of this new law as we understand it is rather vague and. ambiguous and is it that way on purpose and does it mean that someone protesting beijing in hong kong
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could be arrested for anything. you are right to point out that the offense is all to find an extremely vague tums i would suggest that that is by design and what that means is that a much larger number of people are at risk of being prosecuted and that leaves them at the mercy of the whims of the state it's in fact to go back to your hypothetical that state gives you the law goes much further because all too fuss yanks says that this law applies to apps done by non homecoming residents outside of hong kong so this in comps is any anti hong kong governmental anti p.r.c. government speech and combed up it's done by anybody and if they happen to pos through hong kong they could potentially be prosecuted down to about nil and what
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does it mean for hong kong's judiciary the judges for example in hong kong will they now be bypassed and will everything take place in mainland john. that is not you will case that's already happened we've seen with the interpretation of the hong kong basic law by the national people's congress standing committee that any legal decision any constitutional position of pleasure to importance is already being taken at the hands of hong kong judges i expect that to become much more frequent especially with the article $55.00 mechanism and even with the specifically hand-picked couldn't put national security judges in hong kong i suspect the mainland authorities will be keen to use them if that has to come home courts that we question you mentioned that this law bans any collusion with foreign forces foreign governments what is this going to do then
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for countries like the united states that have wanted to help the protesters in hong kong is this basically going to block a lot of the foreign aid that these protesters have enjoyed until now well i'd argue that these processes haven't enjoyed much in the way of foreign aid atoll they have hatched statements. large numbers of statements expressing concern and occasionally expressing support but not very much has happened in terms of substance if a to demonstrate says and so at least on that front nothing will change the difference of course is that these hackneyed allegations of foreign interference will now have warrants prosecution potentially in the mainland's. elvin jones joining us tonight from new york city mr john we appreciate your time and your
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insights tonight talking about this new security law in hong kong thank you thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world donors at a huge online bidding event have pledged more than $7000000000.00 to help syrian refugees but the united nations had hoped to raise 10000000000 for its aid programs in the war torn country aid groups are warning that's not enough with millions of syrians have risk of starvation tens of thousands of people have marched through sudan's capital khartoum calling for reforms and investigations top of their list is justice for those killed in last year's uprising that led to the ousting of president omar al bashir the prime minister says his transitional government is listening to the protesters the main is. staying in africa now as the democratic republic of congo marks 60 years of independence belgium's king
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felipe has expressed his regret for his country's brutal colonial rule in the congo and a letter to the president of the d.r. c. the king acknowledged belgium's racist legacy under king leopold the 2nd expressing quote deepest regrets for the harm done to the congolese people the memory of which is still burned into the country's collective memory. it was 65 years ago that belgian flags were taken down in the capital of what was then called the belgian congo guided by independence leader patrice lumumba the republic of congo declared itself independent from belgian after 75 year colonial rule remember went on to become the country's 1st elected prime minister. and kept a violent chapter of history millions of congolese were enslaved and killed during belgians colonial rule. in a letter to the president she said heavy the belgian king expressed regret for the
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suffering and oppression caused by belgian colonizers and kinshasa people had mixed reactions to. letter. to lead to the letter yes it's not bad most as it's from belgium and i can't really take it seriously especially since they are still responsible for all of the crimes against humanity committed in the seemed like they said they could do in that way it is about almost all of those who are responsible for instability in the d.r. see take the example of belgium a former colony that is asking for a pardon me and asks for forgiveness from the congolese people and all those who are the stabilizing the congolese people well one day i ask for forgiveness to see that. this year celebrations to commemorate the country's independence were toned down because of the coronavirus pandemic no big ceremony was planned. but the thoughts of many congolese will be with patrice lumumba the assassinated leader
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who to this day is considered a national hero for leading their country towards independence. the israeli cabinet is poised to debate and in several jewish settlements in the occupied west bank the move would inflame tensions with the palestinians and it could hamper any future peace negotiations over the status of the territory by it except it's a palestinian enclave on the west bank just outside drusilla and completely surrounded by a village of israeli settlers soon the settler land could become part of this real the palestinians say that would make life even tougher for the correspondent tanya kramer reports tonight from. this tunnel road leads to the palestinian village of beit exeunt next to the security barrier that separates israel from the occupied west bank at this particular spot the fans of the israeli barrier was built around
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a house belonging to one palestinian family that i have slipped in this almost unique enclave right next to a jewish settlement the entrance gate and cameras are remotely monitored like other palestinian solders that i have wonders what will happen to his home if the settlement becomes officially part of israel a move based on the controversial you as peace proposal put forth in january. i consider the annexation that we're hearing about to be a show of american and israeli arrogance in order to confiscate more land. the israeli and american governments just want the land but without the people killed it's only a many. so far israel hasn't presented any official maps to explain which areas it could next cursed and where the lines would be drawn and i have is concerned that the move could lead to yet more isolation and further restrictions
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on movement is specially since the tram plan and visions only limited enclaves for the palestinians. that. there's no future. there's no hope of. my hopes are gone because of the support we see for the israelis nobody cares about us palestinians out of that office had to work with all of the movement between different parts of the occupied west bank is already very complicated for palestinians so now we also want to go to the settlement it's just literally a meter away from us but to get there we have to drive to the nearest checkpoint and it will take us some time. it's more than an hour's drive to cross the kalandia checkpoint. only palestinians with an israeli permit can cross from here. from there we return to the settlement of given her. who
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is one of the settlements founders like most residents he's waiting for more details on the annexation plans from the israeli government. to shia holy although a significant things that could come out of this plan is that it can open up a very positive opportunity for us to expand our settlements for our children and it's also good for the people on the other side of the fence if an exaggeration goes ahead it's expected to be a long process on the palestinian side of the fence uncertainty is crowing as once again maps are rethinking that without the people living there having much say about where the lines are drawn. the german military plans to dismantle parts of its elite k s k command as the country's defense minister you see behind me here made that announcement citing reports of growing right wing extremism within the unit reports say that the unit which specializes in anti terror and rescue operations may face
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a major reorganization and up to 70 of its $1400.00 personnel could be cut military investigators announced this year that they suspected 20 k. s. k. personnel of holding extreme right wing attitude media reports quote the defense minister is saying that the unit has a quote toxic leadership culture and cannot continue to exist in its present for. serious words there let's take the story out of our political correspondent thomas sparrow he's on the story for us here in berlin good evening to you tomas it sounds serious what more do we know. serious stuff something very important to stress this is on the one hand it's not new brands we've had these alleged cases of far right extremism in the german military already for some time in fact there was a very important case for example in 2017 but what makes this particularly serious particularly important is on the 100 it's being described as
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a new dimension and those other words of the main. military intelligence agency one of the 3 federal intelligence agencies here in in germany on the other hand that it not only involves the german military as a whole but specifically this k s k commando and you mentioned what they do what role they play here in in germany that's a very important role that they play so the fact that we're now talking about potential cases within the k s k means that this is also serious from a political perspective that's the reason why the german defense minister on it could come combo will be presenting some of the measures that she and the defense ministry will take to try and make sure that this problem is resolved there are a wide variety of measures that are being discussed and she will be presenting some of those which include as you mentioned the dismantling of one of the groups within the k s k u this isn't the 1st time thomas that we have talked about problems within these elite groups why has it taken the german government in so long to react.
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this is actually an argument that is used also by the german opposition by groups as well that are critical of this saying that the german government for example has trivialized some of these potential cases of far right extremism in the military when you look specifically at what the government has done the government says it has been reacting to these kinds of situations and obviously they're presenting this plan tomorrow which is the result of a working group that was created by the german defense minister precisely to try and address these issues on these issues include for example everything from recruitment to prevention to making sure that the government can react faster when it comes to addressing these issues so you can clearly see that the government is trying to address this problem although obviously from the perspective of the opposition this is being done probably a bit too late and so again the question whether this exactly will be enough to try and solve these very important problems within the german military. as we know that the terrorist threat here in germany it remains so this announcement today i mean
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does it mean the end of germany's special forces no it doesn't mean the end of the special forces that is something that was obviously discussed but they didn't agree on that they agree specifically on the measures that we're talking on tomorrow we will hear more from the german and defense ministers specifically what is being decided on to try and make sure that the that the forces can actually continue but can obviously do their work in a way according to rules and regulations and without that far right extremism threats w.'s political correspondent thomas spear on the story for us tonight here in berlin thomas thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making news around the world the european plane maker air bus is cutting 15000 jobs after seeing its business plummet because of the coronavirus the majority of positions slashed will be in france and germany the company's c.e.o. describing the situation as the greatest crisis that the aviation industry has ever
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experienced torrential rains in southern china have led to severe flooding forcing more than 700000 people to flee their homes much of the damage has been felt in south western provinces such as sichuan the downpour is forecast to spread to central and eastern regions later this week. now hear more of the latest developments connected to the corona virus pandemic the world health organization is warning that the pandemic is speeding up it has again stressed that contact tracing is the most important way for countries to control outbreaks of covert 19 with latin americans currently the world's worst hit region the w.h.o. has warned the death toll there could reach nearly half a 1000000 by october it's forecasting that regional giant brazil is still weeks from reaching a peak in its 1st wave and concern is growing in the u.s. state of california over a massive outbreak at the state's ogust prison over
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a 1000 inmates are now infected with the virus at san quentin near san francisco it's one of the worst hotspots driving a surging infection rate in the country's most populous state and the u.s. government's top infectious disease experts is has issued a grim warning about the rapid spread of the corona virus in the u.s. dr anthony fauci says the number of daily cases could more then double if the country fails to contain the surgeon infections in several states here's more of what he told the u.s. congress today take a listen. we can't just focus on those areas that are having the surge it puts the entire country at risk we are now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day i would not be surprised if we go up to 100000 a day if this does not turn around and so i am very concerned about the anthony g.
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there for dixon possibly 100000 new cases a day an american struggle to get a handle on its outbreak means it's been kept off a so-called safe list of countries approved for travel to the european union the e.u. agreed today to reopen its borders to 14 countries whose travelers will be granted entry beginning july 1st that's tomorrow but the u.s. is off the list of approved countries for the near future it means europe will be coping without one of its major sources of tourist income. rome's biggest sites are once again open for terrorists but for americans there's no place at the table a painful reality for many businesses. and more to put on. american tourism is very important film all but it's a country with many inhabitants and the number of tourists is very high and they always come to rome where they always have come just if they don't come everything
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will be affected by. the us was europe's 2nd largest source of non-domestic tourists in 2018 when the u.k.'s counted americans even visited ireland and higher numbers than brits. one possible bright spot travelers from china could soon be allowed back in the e.u. chinese tourist numbers have steadily gone up over the years. still the going is slow for europe's top destinations this summer even europeans are staying closer to home and that could leave many businesses with no other choice but to shut their doors. or the burden of tackling a global health crisis has. more heavily on the shoulders of one group than any other the world's health care workers they're dealing with death and disease on a daily basis risking their own health at the same time and not always with the level of protection that they need and deserve. he waved goodbye to his colleagues at the end of his shift alleviate lebovitz has been
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a nurse for 30 years. he works in one of the largest hospitals in paris the operator. right in the city center level which looks after up to 12 patients a day on the geriatric ward his net income is $1735.00 euros per month for months now there's been virtually no time at all to pause for a break. if you. can you can sort of i'm the only one working at my station and have to do everything myself or doctors and other nurses but there's a lot to do i hardly get a break i barely have enough time for a cup of coffee in the afternoon to sleep on walk up to. these witnessed how the coronavirus pandemic pushed the french health care system to the brink there were dramatic scenes at hospitals with shortages of all types of supplies ventilators personal protective equipment masks medical stuff worked courageously pushing
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themselves to sheer exhaustion. many hospital workers became sick themselves and some even died the system nearly collapsed in the popular not prepared for such a wave of pandemic not at this intensity or duration with it. because you assume in bolivia levitch agrees after budget cuts and reforms french hospitals were left with insufficient emergency room capacity and not enough stuff doctors and nurses had to work around the clock. to take over 1000 crisis made working conditions even worse. i'm not the only one all of us noticed just how badly things in france of deteriorated. the response every night the french had gone out onto their balconies to applaud medical workers a movement that spread across the country during the stringent lockdown musical performances mobilize entire neighborhood. it's people were conscious of the crisis playing out from the hospitals. french prime minister
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emmanuel mccall admitted mistakes were made hospital budget cuts have been too drastic administration to sluggish to react stuff to poorly paid. c. g. t. the influential health care workers union is calling for raises of at least 300 euro's and for the retirement age to be lowered to 55 levy a levitch supports this should also be. your money nor funding resources and personnel were bit above all else we need higher wages by the plane. so he's off to protest even though the french government is just promised to increase wages considerably and reform the health care system. this is g.w. news and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following at this hour china as fast a national security wall for hong kong that many fear will erode the territory's old song the meat and democracy it criminalizes version as well as foreign
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interference those convicted could be jailed for whites and barred from running in elections belgium's king has written a letter to the president of the democratic republic of congo would spread singh regret for his country's brutal colonial rule in africa the letter was released as the d. or c. marked 16 years of independence. you're watching news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight belgium reckoning with its colonial past and the us reckoning with the consequences of its disastrous coronavirus policies will be right back.
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it's time to check. the prices rising the fires free. the finest and production to top it off. turning successful. the cattle. start on 27. 1000. today belgium's king foley sent a letter to the congolese people to express his regrets for the horrors unleashed upon them by his royal ancestor king leopold the 2nd statues of leopold are now coming down across belgium a national reckoning along with royal regrets about the painful colonial past and the legacy still haunting both nations today i'm burnt off in berlin this is the
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