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this is being used to live from berlin the 1st arrests in hong kong and the beijing's controversial new security role police detained hundreds of protesters as they cracked down on public displays of pro independence flags and banners under the new golden offenders could be jailed for life will get an update from hong kong also coming up. germany takes over the home of the e.u. with the aim of steering the bronx back to the economy is out of the core of the virus crisis again the macro is pushing for a massive aid package to repair the damage caused by the pandemic. and off 2 years off a ledge right wing extremism among germany's the need on the commanders for the
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defense ministry say is the case is about to be partially disbanded. hello i'm christine welcome to the program police in hong kong have made the 1st arrest since the new and controversial security bill imposed by beijing came into force they used water cannon to disperse protesters who had gathered in the city shopping districts dozens were arrested now under the new told the simple act of publicly displaying a pro independence band flag has become a criminal offense. despite the new law and a ban on holding marches during the corona pandemic hundreds of protesters showed up. after a short warning it just took minutes for the police to roll into action. one
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protester was arrested for holding the hong kong independence flag dozens more were arrested later at a news conference pro-democracy lawmakers found themselves in a peace sign a situation now not allowed to speak english or dress the media. i usually say a few words of english to the international community and the media but not our part. because of this law. if i say anything to you. i'll be arrested when i walk out. 2 at aflac ceremony earlier in the day the territories leaders mock the 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese control after british rule. chief executive carol lam hailed a new law as the most important development since the handover. the purpose of this piece of legislation is not just to punish it is also to deter to deter people
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from committing such serious off insist as cessation some 13 a state power terrorist a to the t. s. and so on and so on at the same time chinese troops stationed in hong kong held a joint military exercise showing off their military might. and the u.s. secretary of state my compare has denounced the new security in all calling it a sad day for the people of kong he's outlined some measures washington is taking in response to beijing free hong kong was one of the world's most stable prosperous and dynamic cities now now we've just another communist run city we're its people we subject to the party elites whims. said on friday we implemented these restrictions on those responsible for the hong kong crackdown on monday we
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announced that we would end defense equipment of dual use technology exports of us originally going to the territory we will continue to implement president trump directive to end hong kong's special status ok usa for just a fact compare reacting to the new so-called ad protests role that's been imposed on hong kong today correspondent he be calling joins us to tell us about the situation on the ground in hong kong hello phoebe how have peace responding to the protests since the new security goal came in to fix. what are they if we accept police up top turn up with people strategy help stop you on the street not only on the street honestly like they also like such people and you guys helping we have power to. leave off my hands and all the street i'm just not the head of the hotel the opposition and stuff now
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police have already arrested oh but we 100 people so hot so at least 10 of them well we're back to. the only and that the national thing here with the law which carry a maximum sentence maximum a penalty a life sentence. so that's all we have we need today that if they're turned off and you really have been lost the downsize like police come back and the traditional rally on be handled by any of us 3 that we think they also have to turn up a competitive cost basis of really low turnout so in these towns because they like police strategy is effective like on the 1st day off the implementation of the law . ok t v so what is the mood among pro-democracy protesters do. they feel restricted by the new you know. what
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today i think like on the 1st day out the implementation of the new law with feel today why like amnesty all a sense of fear like people are really deterred from turning out like on the street because the cops and the police are taking to the street just way too high compared to the past and many of them they have played like folly to be the love which they think. well that with our clear that listen are the offenses and today but we also on the hunt are there to help with the light of morning and our young people as they came up here and turn on the street and try to find police vans and even the security law by chanting in the pen the slogan so this is what we observe today. according to numbers and the figures we saw lightning just happen the best or so i think the new laws have definitely sends a great event to the city right c.b. so the u.k.
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has offered a route to citizenship to those eligible in home called how's that been received. well one day after the implementation off the new law u.k. has announced that they will round a 5 year off our limited leave for the british national overseas possible orders which is the colonial cost for the 4th time home homeless and the fact that i know i'm not and never. really if we meet in the local city and i was a boy or now holding this kind of possible so they won't be allowed to stay in the u.k. 5 years to study or what so 1 eventually they will be eligible for to apply for full citizenship with another year of unsettled so this could be the ok i feel like both for like many homeowners including protesters ok thank you t.v. that speedy kong in hong kong thank you. germany today takes over the
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presidency of the european union here in berlin chancellor angela merkel has been discussing her plans for the 6 month term with lawmakers in the federal parliament the blandest overnight germany kicked off its ship by projecting the words together for europe's recovery on to billions iconic brandenburg gate the slogan refers to the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic which merkel has described as the greatest challenge the e.u. has ever faced. now the presidency is merkel's last major role on the european stage before she retires natan next year she's staking her legacy on the massive economic recovery plan for the e.u. and she talks about it in her address to the bundestag there will be a. european council discussed an e.u. wide recovery plan for the 1st time 2 weeks ago we agreed that this extraordinary
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situation requires extraordinary solutions to ensure that europe can emerge strongly from this extraordinary crisis there are still major differences in the positions of the member states. i would like to achieve union as quickly as possible so the economic recovery can take place as quickly and sustainably as possible. is bizarre not what's particularly important to me is that the economic recovery benefits everyone and that it's not just about securing jobs wages and companies but that we also strengthen social cohesion in europe that include securing the opportunities for young people in europe and that is why in our presidency we will be pushing for an e.u. youth guarantee so that every young person has the opportunity to find a job. or we spoke with brussels correspondent barbara vessel and also about the expectations there for jim uneasy your presidency. brussels is expecting everything
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from her more or less it is the moment one of her main problems might be the height of expectations until berlin is already trying to lower those and to say listen we cannot sort out all the problems the european union has we can't restructure everything we can sort of turned upside down and she will have to start with the recovery program of course and then the european budget this is the 1st huge big piece but then there are so many other things that will be coming up the brics it of course the difficult situation and relationship with china and the difficult relationship to the united states and so many so many building sites as we say here in brussels problems that have to be technical don't dealt was that she will hardly get any sleep during the next 6 months so can uncle america walk on water that's what the european union it is expecting from her but she is just a mere mortal and she will just have to do her best.
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the e.u. has opened its external borders still asia and business travel today but not all countries. hotspots including the u.s. and russia were excluded from the so-called safe list of countries whose residents and into the block australia japan and south korea did make the cut however chinese travelers can also into but only after china opens its own borders it's a difficult some of for tourism depended businesses in europe with more e.u. residents staying close to home. now to some of the stories making news around the world the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci has sounded the alarm about the rapid spread of the corona virus you said the number of daily cases could more than double if he'll boise's fail to contain a surge of infections across several states. and the u.s.
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has almost the entire world supply of a drug approved to treat cold 19. helps people recover more quickly it's manufactured by which has sold almost all of its output for the next 3 months to the u.s. government. in ethiopia at least 50 people have been killed in violence after the killing of a populace ciena a child who was known for songs advocating for the rights of the country's ethnic group and was considered a voice against political and economic repression he was shot dead on monday night . and germany's defense minister and the great current paul has ordered the partial dissolution of the country's elite k. escape commanders following reports of right wing extremism in their rents reports say the unit which specializes in anti terror and risky operations may face a major reorganization and up to 70 of its $1400.00 personnel could be cuts
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military investigators announced this year that they suspected 20 k. escaped personnel of holding extreme right attitudes media reports quote the defense minister as saying that the unit has a quote toxic leadership culture. and cannot continue to exist in its present form . and for more on this let's bring in our political correspondent simon young hello simon so the defense minister's words he arrived a toxic leadership culture within germany's elite commando how serious is the. christine i think it's pretty serious because there have been repeated incidents perhaps on a general culture but isolated incidents repeatedly in germany's armed forces the bonus fair in recent years of soldiers with sympathies with you know right wing ideology and examples of extremism and it seems that in this special k s k special
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forces do need there's a really really serious problem with this a number of worrying incidents of come up in recent years in 2017 there were reports of an office's leaving party which right wing rock music was played and some people were giving the the hitler salute with an outstretched right arm and then in january of this year as you mentioned 20 k. s. k. soldiers were said to be suspected of right wing far right activities and just in may a cache of weapons was found on the property of a k s k a soldier police recovered ammunition and explosives so it's all pretty worrying that's why the german defense minister launched a an investigation into reports and now she's taking some action ok simon stand bout i'm back in a moment this is the elite commando we're talking about but the biggest fear has been you know in general has been under criticism for right wing extremism so our
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reporters have talked to a former soldier let's have a listen and i'll pick up with you simon here listed in the bundeswehr in 2050 then 18 years old he was proud to serve and motivated but shortly after the 3 month basic training he tells us his view of his comrades in arms changed that the man and it's someone made a joke about jews. long noses things like that. and someone else said it was not meet you saying there are still jews you know you wouldn't know if it would eradicate to them or a lot of another go at that. another time one of the guys was telling us how he and his brother for some refugees out of a link where he lived and went after them with sticks and i get he was really proud of what he was i butted in and said he didn't really say that or do that did you mean stagnation have just has to talk it's nice to look he saw his act as
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a. conscious semitic racist and right wing extremist remarks we tolerated or at least ignored the former soldiers says criticism from new recruits was not welcomed so he remained silent. as a little time not what you were under massive pressure to fit in with the others not to stand out. if you do get thrown out that's what the system is like i said this is and i said this head off the fire. this team he. want to. rockall system of ignoring sentiments and active silencing of criticism in the ranks that is also what florian 5 a retired major experienced. it is against except when they know from personal experience that their superiors make them break the law and cover up crimes when they're forced into doing these things then of course they conclude that these are not isolated cases that is coming from the highest level and also reaches into the
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realm of politics. but i have to put it to. germany's opposition green party has been tackling the issue for years and when this new study out it's a constant problem that i've been trying to tackle on the parliamentary defense committee servicemen and women complain that they can't speak out because it would damage their career. you've seen a string of whistle blows exposing right wing extremism in the army in the end they've been forced to leave. the bundesliga gangs and the issue has repeatedly made headlines in recent years numerous cases of right wing extremists in the ranks have come to light critics say the problem has not yet been recognised the structural and that's up to now no appropriate measures have been taken the coaling social democrats defend past reforms for. 3 years ago we brought in structural reforms to help root out extremism. while the moment was still about going to cases
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moment and our awareness of the problem is not new it's always been there but it will be and the he would be a snitch annoy me because. i'm confronted with the experiences of the former soldier germany's defense ministry said it condemned and he said. xenophobia and extremist behavior of any kind by members of the army the defense minister said anyone who remained silent is part of the problem and is complicit the ministry says it will now take steps to tackle the issue. a former soldier eventually turned his back on the book. now he hopes the things will finally change despite the bad experiences he has a clear vision for the german army. and. open and honest army looks after soldiers who speak out when things are not right. and all me that doesn't just get rid of soldiers who break the mold. and quest.
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if that happens he could even imagine going back into the army one day. i'm still telling vile political correspondent in. the german defense minister held a press conference how what does this say about how she wants to tackle the issue of right wing extremism within. well she said the german armed forces almost everybody is fully committed to the german constitution and democracy but there have been these cases she's very worried about it she thinks of this drastic action now needs to be taken after this investigation ministry is conducted that's why she's saying the k s k special forces will end operations field training operations and other activity cooperation with other countries until
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further notice we're also going to disband part of the k s k where they have been particular problems and they're also going to move responsibility for training in the k s k which is central because they carry out these specialized military activities under the control of the german armed forces as a whole rather than leaving it with the unit because one of the fears is that this unit has sort of form this own culture the special forces think that they are really special and the german fit for the defense minister said that if they don't root out this problem of right wing extremism within the next 4 months then further consequences will have to be taken that could even mean closing down the k s k for good thank you simon. and the stories making news here in germany. have covered the headquarters of chancellor angela merkel's party in black with
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a picture of the economy minister. and the slogan c.d.u. shady deals with the coal industry approaches comes ahead of a vote in germany's parliament on legislation to phase out coal burning by $28.00. and german unemployment rose slightly in june it went up to 6.2 percent 42000 workers registered themselves as an employed during the month germany's labor department is created to its short time which essentially keeps workers on payroll for the relatively. now a weeklong constitutional changes in russia came to a close today citizens voted on changes including an amendment that would allow president vladimir putin to run full for the terms of office and potentially leave the country until 26. cos his ballots today in the amendments
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have already been approved by russia's parliament but the president has insisted it will only pause if people in russia is in favor of them. now for more on that let's go over to our correspondent she's in moscow that's in the show and hello emily i see that there are a lot of people behind you just tell us a little bit about exactly where you are right now and what's happening. in the center of moscow at pushkin square where opponents of the these constitutional amendments have called on people to kind of gather for what they say is a public discussion people here have said that these amendments essentially will mean that that russia will have an eternal putin and they said that this whole vote is a farce that's what people here have been telling me that's what the people who called for people to gather here have said as well there aren't that many people here as you might be able to see behind me and that's because the opposition here
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in russia is very divided and including on this vote some people have said that you should stay home that you should boycott the vote some people have said you should come out and be counted to kind of say that you are against this vote now the situation here is pretty calm there is a lot of police at this square they were preparing i guess for more people to come out but the police even have been handing out masks so no arrests taking place here right emphasis as we as we introduced this topic we did mention the fact that the russian parliament already approved these constitutional amendments so. so why the split why the insistence on having this foot. well yeah they have the parliament has actually already passed the votes and actually you could even by the constitution at bookstores for the past few weeks this is the new constitution which is being approved today so it sort of seemed
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a bit like a moot point but the president himself has emphasized again and again including in an address to the nation yesterday. that the people have to approve this vote now some people say that in fact. this is all decided and what this really is is kind of a referendum on putting himself on whether people approve of him we've now even had initial exit polls already which show that 70 percent of people have voted in favor of the amendments according to official figures and that the turnout was quite high as well just over 60 percent. apostle malawian prison blues and some of the terms in office one of the changes on the cards here. well it's actually a big mix of measures and a lot of the measures up for vote in this in these amendments are a social guarantees for example on pensions on health care there are also a number of kind of populist in very popular measures like for example the new
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constitution will include a mention of god of the new constitution will include an amendment stating that marriage can only be between a man and a woman but opponents so the author is have been emphasizing these social guarantees as being really the main thrust of the amendments to improve people's lives but opponents of the amendment say that they're just a pretty populous wrapping paper concealing the main point which is the amendment that could keep their putin in power until 2036 right that's in the show live in moscow thank you very much. while many countries all still fighting to curb the pandemic it's another picture in czech republic people there have been celebrating a perceived end to the coronavirus crisis they held a massive public dinner party in the capital on tuesday large crowds gathered on
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prague's charles bridge and sat down to dine at a gigantic 500 meter table the country has now eased most restrictions which had been introduced early on in the pandemic the czech republic where just a few were than 12000 coronavirus cases and 350 deaths. by in munich have confirmed the signing off french teenager quasi from paris on gym in the defended joint spying on a free transfer and could soon be followed by manchester city when the. products of the he is to give academy and has signed a 4 year deal with the bundesliga champions the 18 year old is one of europe's biggest young talents he's known for his versatility and can play in more than just the center back position. in years don't forget you can't
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