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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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oh. love and respect. this is t w news live from berlin the 1st arrests and hong kong and the beijing's controversial new security told police detained hundreds of protesters as they cracked down on public display is all pro independence flags and banners under the new bill offenders could be jailed for life also coming up. if the opiate and silent
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soft as seen abraded sing that is shot dead dozens have been killed in an embrace triggered by the killing. a powerful voice from the country's community. and germany takes over the helm of the e.u. with the aim of steering the blogs back to the economies out of the coronavirus crisis chancellor angela merkel is pushing for a massive aid package to repairing damage caused by the pandemic. hello i'm kristie want to welcome to the program the use of hong kong has made the 1st arrest since a controversial new security law imposed by beijing came into force as thousands of people defiled a public plan to protest the mole forces responded with water cannon and tear gas taking hundreds of demonstrators into. and the new law the simple act of publicly
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displayed a pro independence banner also that has become a criminal offense. despite the new law and a ban on holding marches during the corona pandemic hundreds of protesters showed up. after a short warning it just took minutes for the police to roll into action. one protester was arrested for holding the hong kong independence flag dozens more were arrested later at a news conference pro-democracy law makers found themselves in a dishonest situation now not allowed to speak english or dress the media. i usually say a few words of english to the international community and the media but not like hockey. because of this or. if i say anything to you.
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i'll be arrested when i walk out. 2 at a flag ceremony earlier in the day the territories leaders mark the 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese control after british rule. chief executive carol lam hailed a new law as the most important development since the handover the purpose of this piece of legislation is not just to punish it is also to the target to deter people from committing such serious of fences as cessation some 30 in a state power terrorist or to the cities and so on and so on. after same time chinese troops are stationed in hong kong held a joint military exercise showing off their military might. and you basically have states my comp am has denounced the use of kerosene all calling it a sad day for the people of hong kong he's outlined some missions washington is
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taking in response to beijing free hong kong was one of the world's most stable prosperous and dynamic cities now now will be just another communist run city were its people we subject to the party elites whims. sat on friday we implemented visa restrictions on those responsible for the hong kong crackdown on monday we announced that we would end defense equipment of dual use technology exports of us originally going to the territory we will continue to implement president trump directive to end hong kong special status earlier i spoke to pro-democracy activist . how this 1st day and the new security bill has been for him. i feel very frustrated and very upset today because this is the 1st day since the national security law is being passed and there have been arrests on the streets
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and i feel very upset about the development because the city is now losing is autonomy that has promised and fundamental rights like freedom of assembly freedom of speech and soon also not later we will be just another chinese mainland city which where you will last the 1st thing that we have that made us so special in the world as a 1st place. now to some of the stories making news around the world russia's president vladimir putin has caused in the nationwide village on constitutional changes that would allow him to stay in power until 2036 it's the last day of the week long version priss designed to reduce crowds and boost turnout amid the coronavirus endemic. the u.s. says border almost the entire world's supply of the drug approved to treat 19. year helps people recover more quickly it's manufactured by dia which has sold almost
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all of its output for the next 3 months to the u.s. government. and greenpeace activists have covered the headquarters of german chancellor angela merkel's party in black grapes with a picture of the economy minister. and the slogan c.d.u. shady deals with the coal industry the protest comes ahead of a virgin germany's parliament on day just nation to phase out coal burning by 2038 . in ethiopia at least 50 people have been killed in protests following the fatal shooting off a popular singer. was known for songs advocating for the rights of the country's ethnic group smoke was still evident. and often the cash cash is what was regarded as a voice against political and economic repression and supporters turned out in their thousands often he was killed many of them blame security forces and say his killing was politically motivated. and for more on this i am now joined by medical
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you and us from our africa dance to america what are you hearing about the situation in the capital at the moment. well following these days on monday you can even there were protests that erupted in that dissolve but that was nothing needed only to have some of it also expanded to different parts of what i mean. it's not a state. so far due to the deliberate this over 50 people were killed according to local reports and also the internet is shut down and we are not getting much no information about what is happening on the ground. america just to help us understand why has the day office thing that caused so much outrage. now i think oregon. is known
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for his resistance to song or the song the song much more focused on political operation economy cooperation on the automobile people and he's been really white lisa liberated as superstars. between 2014 and 2018 year in the. broadest his songs were used as. a tool to unite people who are for the protest and finally. the protest pushed the former who are the regime to come up with some reform. that is not only is what cause now the outrage. calling is. this a good divorce at least it. including don't want to. consider
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formal leader of the protesters. or iraq oh and curly and also a long time. ago get rights. and other. use and people this is glinted right to protest and i grew up in. america and i thought the list might be familiar with the fact that ethiopia's the ending a lot of praise recently is he talked about reforms and much of those have been credited to prime minister abby asked me to himself recently why i nobel peace prize how does that all fit into this and what's going on in the country right now . you know you're right in 2000 after they promised reform. there for a least political prisoners and invited all sought. political parties and media houses and also activists who are much voice
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here in the us put up and not only does. it help users and inviting them back but also all of their prime minister through hand. prior presidents or india working for the 1st flying after her no peace no one situation so all these praised. and the prime minister. she being demanding to. bring peace to the country but however. since 2019. protesters especially the kirron kher. and also. his his support base we are. realizing their demands which was also like senate rule and also in the human. rights violation. and.
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much underused why showcase and also i think. things are. more unstable now and. right that's a u.n.'s bullet thank you for that. germany today takes over the rotating presidency off the european union here in berlin chancellor angela merkel has been discussing her plans for the 6 months to with no make as in the federal parliament the bundestag overnight germany kicked off its custody and shipped by projecting the words together for europe's recovery and to billions iconic brandenburg gate the slogan refers to the damage caused by the current rise and damage which merkel has described as the greatest challenge the e.u. has ever face the presidency is merkel's last major role on the european stage
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before she retires later next year she's taking her legacy on the massive economic recovery plan for the e.u. and she's talked about it in her address to the bundestag there will be a chicago hot seat for the european council discussed an e.u. wide recovery plan for the 1st time 2 weeks ago we agreed that this extraordinary situation requires extraordinary solutions to ensure that europe can emerge strongly from this extraordinary crisis there are still major differences in the positions of the member states and i'm there you see you know i'd like to achieve union as quickly as possible so the economic recovery can take place as quickly and sustainably as possible. is bizarre not to be what's particularly important to me is that the economic recovery benefits everyone and that it's not just about securing jobs wages and companies but that we also strengthen social cohesion in europe that include securing the opportunities for young people in europe and that
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is why in our presidency we will be pushing for an e.u. youth guarantee so that every young person has the opportunity to find a job. or we spoke with brussels correspondent bob or of a zal and also about the expectations they have for germany's e.u. presidency. brussels is expecting everything from her more or less it is the moment one of her main problems might be the height of expectations and so bolin is already trying to lure those in to say listen we cannot sort out all the problems the european union has we can't restructure everything we can sort of turn upside down and she will have to start was the recovery program of course in then the european budget this is the 1st huge big piece but then there are so many other things that will be coming up the brics it of course a difficult situation and relationship with china and the difficult relationship to the united states and so many so many building sites as we say here in brussels
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problems that have to be tech world and dealt was that she will hardly get any sleep during the next 6 months so can uncle america walk on water that's what the european union it is expecting from her but she is just a mere mortal and she will just have to do her best. the e.u. has opened its external borders still asia and business travel survey but not all countries coronavirus hotspots including the u.s. and russia were excluded from the so-called safe list of countries. and into the block australia japan and south korea did make the. child is travelers 10 also and to have but only off to china opens its own borders so it's a difficult summer it's proving to be for tourism dependent businesses in europe with more e.u. residents choosing to stay close to home. and this is due to every news here's
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a reminder of the top story at this hour while on companies have used was a candle to disperse activists protesting against the new security law imposed on their territory by beijing more than 30 obrist split raise. revenues don't forget you can keep up to date on our website stats t w dot com i'll be back at the top of the next hour with join me if you can't otherwise from good have new company about. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. 19 special next on d w. how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. just 3 of the top.


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