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since the. start in terms of. this is. the 1st arrests have been made in hong kong a controversial new security lol police detained hundreds of protesters on wednesday cracking down on public displays of independence flags under the new law could face life in prison if convicted also coming out germany moves to partially disbanding group of elite army commandos
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a persistent allegations of far right extremism within the ranks and russians signed off on president vladimir putin's constitutional reforms the changes could keep putin in power for years to come. it's good to have you with a spoiler lease in hong kong have made the 1st arrests since a controversial new security law imposed by beijing came into force and thousands of people defied the public to protest the wall authorities responded with water cannon in tear gas taking hundreds of demonstrators into custody under the new law the simple act of publicly displaying a pro independence banner or flag has become a criminal offense. despite the new law and a ban on holding marches during the corona pandemic hundreds of protesters showed up. after a short warning it just took minutes for the police to roll into action. one
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protester was arrested for holding the hong kong independence flag dozens more were arrested later at a news conference pro-democracy lawmakers found themselves in a precise situation now not allowed to speak english or address the media. i usually say a few words of english today to that of the unity and the media but not haha. because of this law. if i say anything to you. i'll be arrested when i walk out. 2 2 that aflac ceremony earlier in the day the territories leaders marked the 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese control after british rule. chief executive carol lam hailed the new law as the most important development since the
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handover the purpose of this piece of legislation is not just to punish it is also to deter to deter people from committing such serious off fences as cessation some 30 in a state power terrorist attack that is and so on and so on after same time chinese troops stationed in hong kong held a joint military exercise showing off their military might. has been following the story for us in hong kong here's her assessment of what happened today and what this could mean for the future of the pro-democracy movement. on the 1st day off for implementation up a new security for all police a hotline opposed to deter any kind of an authorized political gatherings on the street by using a range of weapons including tear gas and water cannon they have arrested over 300 people on the street and among them at least 10 of them away from the new security
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law because the poet a poet kind of local despite the fact that. defied police banned it's kind of a protest today. have trumped up traffic police had to be caught and this could be a. house really back and being used by the new along with it even a feature that was reporting from hong kong germany's defense minister on the grid . has disbanded part of the country's elite special forces units after links to far right extremism were identified the minister said the group had a quote toxic leadership that fostered extreme right sympathies and overhaul of the organization is planned around 70 soldiers will be reassigned to other companies in the units the k s k was formed back in 1906 to focus on anti-terrorism operations concerns over the group's affinity with far right extremism had been growing for
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years. are for more on this is bringing up political correspondent. hans the k s k germany's elite military unit is linked to far right extremists is this just a coincidence or does the german army have a serious problem with far right extremist. well i think you can call it a coincidence obviously this is an elite force comparable to the delta force in the united states so it does attract people who are interested in weapons who are interested in military matters and i suppose that just lays the basis lays the groundwork for something of a more conservative and possibly even going into the right wing spectrum of political views in this unit but the indications that there have been these tendencies in the unit have been known for many many years and the incident which really sparked outrage was
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a party that happened in 2017 in other words 3 years ago a party in this unit where some members of the unit used. signals you sang songs referring to the nazi times played music from that area and there were no consequences at all within the unit so there does seem to be a serious problem certainly within that unit with right wing sentiments you know these connections we learned more today from germany's defense minister let's take a listen to what she said he and then usually up to. the analysis of recent events in relation to cases of far right extremism has made it clear that alongside its excellent military performance the k s k has in recent years at least in part cut itself adrift. parts of the k s k
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have been led astray by an unhealthy elitism on the part of some of its officers. and the toxic leadership has arisen which help development of extremist tendencies and an unacceptable lax handling of equipment and ammunition. we just heard the defense ministers there used the words lax handling of equipment and ammunition what does that mean well it really is a euphemism what she's talking about is that the unit is missing close to 60000 rounds of ammunition and 60 kilograms of high explosive. and accounted for you could say that that is just about keeping of books that just didn't really keep track of what was used in their training but also very recently a soldier from this unit had his house searched his private quarters searched and
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then a whole cache of weapons of explosives of ammunition and of nazi material was found so if you combine those 2 pieces of information the head of the german army today said that leads one to think that this is the amount of equipment and explosives that could really be used for terrorist attacks so it's very very worrying that it could be used and so that leads you to the next question i mean is there a real danger of right wing terrorism in the ranks of the german bundeswehr the german army. you have to put it into perspective a little bit we're talking here about 70 people in a unit that comprise prizes more than a 1000 so it's a very small group but there have been incidents of right wing sentiment of right wing as using the german army for training and trying to get equipment from the german army all over the german army for several years and we have to remember that germany is particularly sensitive about those with its nazi paused so it's very
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very careful to keep its army from becoming a right wing a terrorist army in this at the same time the number of rightwing crimes in germany have increased in recent months so here too the sensitivity is particularly raised so it is very worrying in terms of the german society and the german army are blue correspondent on the story for us tonight here in berlin and as always thank you but here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world to germany has taken over the rotating a presidency of the european union council standing in front of berlin's brain to brigade today foreign minister heiko massingale received the baton from his career we should counterpart croatia held the presidency during the 1st 6 months of this year. the u.s. has balled almost the entire world supply of a drug proven to treat covert 19 rim disappear helps people recover more quickly
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from the disease it's manufactured by gilliam which has sold almost all of its output for the next 3 months to the u.s. government. in ethiopia at least 50 people have been killed in violence after the killing of a popular senior haka lu. was known for songs advocating the rights of the country's oromo ethnic group and was considered a voice against political and economic repression he was shot dead on monday night . a week longer a vote on constitutional changes in russia came to a close today an early results signal strong support for president putin's reforms with nearly a 3rd of the votes counted more than 70 percent of russians voted in favor of the changes which could see vladimir putin run for 2 more president terms rather as president. president vladimir putin is probably the only person who came to this
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moscow polling station without a mask today's the last day of the russian wind vote the kremlin even declared a bank holiday so that as many people as possible could take part. in the constitutional reform has already been legally approved by the country's national and regional parliaments and to a public vote to validate the move the investments provide for many popular social changes including regular pension increases and a minimum wage but they'll also allows law to me putin to continue running for president theoretically he could remain in the kremlin till 2036 this man voted no he says i don't need a new czar i like it because i'm afraid of change and whenever things change in russia we end up worse off than before i see you staying at some polling stations voters were only required to show their passports election observers were not allowed complete access and while voting was still in progress the 1st results were published with the good of the procedure is highly questionable the vote itself the
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whole process was invented solely for this purpose a referendum like this is not even provided for in the constitution. going by already published preliminary results it looks like a big majority favors the amendments. are there for more on this let's go now to our moscow correspondent really surely good evening to you and believe we know that the russian parliament had already approved the constitutional amendment so why was this vote. for president putin. the parliament has approved the amendments and actually the constitution has been on sale here the new constitution for several weeks already but this vote was important for vladimir putin to show that he has the public's backing after all this vote and these amendments determine his political future since he was reelected putin was reelected president in 2008 and 18 the debate here in russia between political
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observers has been how he might stay in power and if he doesn't stay in power who he might hand over power to so in a sense this amendment this these amendments to the constitution and this vote kind of decide that whole question and some observers say that this vote was actually rushed through now because surveys show that trust and bloody mir putin is falling and the lockdown measures over the coronavirus here in russia have hit russian the russian economy hard and this vote in a sense is kind of referendum on putting himself so it was important to hold it now . we understand that there have been reported so violations and irregularities in this vote what more do we know. well the authorities here in russia took a lot of measures to kind of ensure the safety of this vote during the pandemic
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including spreading out the election over 7 days allowing online voting allowing people to vote at home and independent monitors here from for example the monitors goalless they say that a lot of those measures actually make it easier to manipulate the vote so if the vote is spread out over 7 days that means fewer people are at the ballot box that means it's easier to carry out ballot stuffing there have been polling stations outside with kind of the ballots basically visible to view there have been a lot of stories about the online voting that's been taking place here in moscow and in the north put it another city as well because people have sort of gone and voted twice there's been several reports about that here once online and once at the polling station the central electoral commission on the other hand has said that there have been basically no big violations and that many of the reports on
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violations are fake. sure it's a lead just from moscow thank you. you're watching the w. news live from berlin monica jones is up next with this mystical real chilly run for. girls to get over now live. in support of. saving. over. the river. and gemini live. at any time any place using news media man as yet.


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