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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2020 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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about that here once online and once at the polling station the central electoral commission on the other hand has said that there have been basically no big violations and that many of the reports on violations are fake. children with the latest from moscow thank you you're watching the w. news live from berlin monica jones is up next with g.w. bush news to the real she'll be run through. the debris of the. night in germany live. at
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any time any place using news media in the bellows yeah i don't like the car song to sing along to. come from super. for. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive learn german to free for you. the u.s. marks a record surgeon new coronavirus infections but hopes for a vaccine boost investor sentiment we go to new york for the latest also coming up after weeks of lockdown european cross border commuters cherish the regained freedom of movement. and the coronavirus pandemic is making an already diet food
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situation worse cubans increasingly rely on the whole globe. monica jones and this is a huge business welcome and was dancing in the united states where stocks rose on news that the 1st of 4 experimental kogut 9000 vaccines being tested by pfizer and its german part now by own take a showing encouraging results the company said they tested 45 people with the know a medium dose and they had immune responses in the range expected to be protective about 15 different vaccine candidates are currently in human testing worldwide updates on their progress being closely watched by investors and have been partly responsible for wall street's recent rally. for more let's bring in our financial correspondent quarter was standing by for us in front of a hospital i believe in new york with case numbers still rising in many u.s.
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states i imagine the vaccine news really lifted investor sentiment. clearly that's the big cold for health officials spot old soul for the economic perspective from overall yes i do stand in front of all spittle here in brooklyn and i have to say it's gotten much much quieter than a couple of weeks or months ago but that is only true for the new york and some other states so the stock of pfizer actually was the biggest winner in the dow jones industrial average year on wednesday but clearly we have to be careful you already mentioned only $45.00 people were involved in this face to the face is 3 check out the to see and vote actually probably started by the end of july and we've seen that before look at companies like gilliatt for example or more daryn over there also was such a big hope at the beginning and then it turned out that it's not it's not going to
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happen that quickly that we will get to treatment or even of a c. now even though the pandemic clearly overshadows pretty much everything these days they're all all there is all the new certainly for investors and test made headlines that tell us more. it's been amazing right in the past year the stock of tesla basically almost tripled and now chester actually is the world's most valuable car company on the planet even surpassing. toyota that's been their leader in the past couple of years and if you look at the valuation of tesla would have $200000000000.00 it's worth twice as much as this ridiculous car companies forte if you're a chrysler and general motors but clearly wall street is not seeing tesla as a car company it sees tesla as a technology company also being involved in better reason and all electronic
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mobility or lecturing mobility but it's really it's been an amazing right that we've seen in the stock of tesla in the past couple of months no idea as quarter in new york thank you so much. dealing with the post covered economy will be front and center of germany's presidency the pandemic has put large parts of the blocks economy on hold impacting businesses and consumers alike on the agenda is a long list of tricky negotiations the e.u. is in the middle of budget talks and is guiding through its coronavirus recovery fund regionally germany wanted to put climate change at the heart of its presidency that was before the pandemic. earlier we asked massive hatch president of the german institute for economic research whether the focus on recovery comes at the expense of other pressing issues clearly in this crisis the focus is very much shorter on stabilization the issue of transformation future challenges climate
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protection the change the form of social security systems that is not on the agenda now and i think. europe and germany will be pressed on that because it's very clear yes it's one thing to get through the crisis relatively well without an issue or without a massive increase in unemployment and collapse of companies but that's not sufficient to ensure a sustainable recovery in europe so i think very soon the pressure will be on to really tackle the big issues of the future climate protection is one digital transformation is the 2nd one but europe is lacking behind the u.s. and some parts of asia so clearly the challenges out there and i think looking and believe people have understood the government has understood they now need to look at the long term and need to make take some very important decisions and the crisis in some sense is also an opportunity to sit on this well. freedom of
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movement is key to european integration you can live in one country but what can another and most europeans have taken this freedom for granted but the pandemic has shown us how vulnerable our way of life is and how precious we need a young german confection on her way to work in belgium sometimes it's the theming li mundane things that best eliminate what it means to be part of the european union for hanukkah diamond it's driving through the german belgian border at the crack of dawn as if it misses out on what i like to hear it really is important to me and i have to say i really profit from the open borders and the freedom of movement. i think i like traveling and i've been to several countries with my family. i'm doing my apprenticeship in belgium and it's super easy all i have to do is hop over the border and simply work as normal.
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but. franco is 18 years old since the locked and restrictions were lifted she's been able to cross the border freely from her home city of aston to how's it in belgium where she's training to be a pastry chef she no longer has to produce her work contract at the border. every week the $25.00 bakers here mix a tonne of flour 250 liters of cream and hundreds of kilos of fruit to create tempting treats yet despite the huge quantities involved that this is far from an industrial production line the focus here is on individual craft it's precisely this kind of training that frank couldn't find in germany. for the young apprentice britain's departure from the european union and the increasingly anti european referee coming from both right and left it's a source of worry is kindness not focusing in i can't understand it because i
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mainly experience the advantages also this is truly the longest period of peace that europe has ever had. but it was like this might be over i had to during her break franca has time to consider how political developments could threaten one of her personal dreams. a dream a bit of england of a small cafe in england rex it is a really stupid situation for me. but the time can remains optimistic for her the everyday reality of the e.u. devoid of flags anthems and pomp is what matters the most. and the e.u. has opened its external borders to leisure and business travel today but not to all countries coronavirus hotspots including the u.s. and russia were excluded from the so-called safe list of countries whose residents
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can enter the block australia japan and south korea did make the cut however chinese travelers can also enter but only after china opens its own borders it's a difficult summer for tourism dependent businesses in europe with what you residents stay close to home. a brief look now at some of the other business stories making news. the pandemic could cost global tourism and related sectors up to $3.00 trillion dollars in lost revenue according to the united nations the u.n. report says unemployment could soar and some sectors could be wiped out of the stands to last an entire year last year tourism accounted for around $300000000.00 jobs globally. police and public prosecutors have raided the headquarters of payments process why a card in munich and 4 other offices in germany and austria as they widened their investigation to include suspected fraud that's in addition to market manipulation and falsifying off accounts why a con filed for insolvency last week after disclosing that almost 2000000000 euros
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went missing. cuba spends about $2000000000.00 a year on food imports now that's hardly sustainable at the best of times but during the pandemic it's become impossible now the government has called upon cubans to grow their own vegetables if need be even in cities. in this easter vana neighborhood flower beds are giving way to vegetable patches as cuba feel the effects of the global pandemic louisa desmond of why for prompting pumpkin sweet potatoes cucumber isn't cause some of us and a move towards self-reliance. like plant on every bit of land i have flowers are pretty but they don't provide food i removed a few flowers my wife had planted to make way for growing food and i'd urge anyone else with a patch of land to do the same thing one of the very progressive. cubans are known for their resourcefulness ever since the collapse of the soviet union in
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the early ninety's they've been making do with a little the coronavirus has seen a return to crisis mode in this temple courtyard the lawn has been pulled up to plant. with you is the idea came to me a little late but since we're not doing anything in the temple right now i'm going to do a short cycle of 6 months maximum i've planted corn chives garlic and leeks. as you might expect the project is organic years of shortages have taught cubans to farm without pesticides. that is your business update here on the w. from me and the team thanks for watching.
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on d w. illegal and expulsion that's. what keeps hearing about those she was for a refugee in aid organization in greece near the time. they can die there and we have no one minds tell us it's very troubling. she set out to investigate. the focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind things will. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 getting up now. how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just through the topics covered in the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the clone of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at the. science. team has become a synonym for disruption a great lockdown put the brakes on the world economy drying up revenue streams for many firms and smashing global supply chains health experts even blame
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globalization for the rapid spread of the coronavirus globalization as a trap we had bought into a system of global network.


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