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no chemicals. and his kind just. step in. the middle east summit one strike. the students from the past don't stick to. the training successful. talking to me starts july 27th. t.w. . if . we are living during the most extraordinary time ministry. of transport will go for the electric. khanabad. rev the model and
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mobility show. me what is the coronavirus has severely impacted the car industry what's needed now is innovation also tell you come to the father put it to you the difference must. is and so could be described by. the pentagon because also meant an enforced pit stop for formula one lewis hamilton's colleagues have taken to the for track this guy could crash into me and say get me out and i was like if only he knew how you basing your feet. back some things never change like a cabbies love of cars. the wall of the word. pulled. off a little above the guy. or girl. but 1st
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ran of his offer to amsterdam. never mind one of the s.u.v.s demand is growing for city runarounds drivers want something nifty and free state affordable and ideally electric too and there are already a range of models out there fitting the bill we wanted to see were the lists of vitiate manages to take all the right boxes with a space star well the popular model certainly looks the part with the new c tree yellow body color. display stuff also known as the middle age the world's roads running when relaunched in 2012 it rapidly became mitsubishi's best selling model selling up to 140000 units a year. just how hot this happens.
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today i'm in amsterdam to test a new bits of history space stuff but it only got a petrol engine and no electric engine as an option i will find out how it drives in the city and how it drives on the highway. we then take the space start in a kind of terrain where it's in its element downtown amsterdam. it's a compact i mentions and a turning circle of just over 9 meters are a major plus. in a densely populated place like this you certainly need an agile and slim set of wheels when negotiating the neck of narrow streets. and your drive through amsterdam you fear that the cars built for city it's all tiny and you can find a parking spot almost everywhere. the latest facelift does let the space start with a distinctive new front section that incorporates the award winning dynamic shield design of. which translates into
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a sleek but assertive stance something meant to appeal to younger drivers in particular. and boosting those charismatic credentials other new chrome cams on the bumpers and the by l.t.d. headlights. the interior is simple and don't close a car with minimum bells and whistles. when you look around here in the space style you see a lot of plastered you don't see the best of materials but the car cost 10000 euro so i would say it's really average there but bucking the trend of the space star is not gained in weight own size on the contrary it now weighs in at just a children's $45.00 kilos making it lighter than the outgoing edition at the same time the space star is still powered by conventional gasoline engines and the 2 free cylinder units available which 70 and 80 horsepower respectively don't have the best output for longer trips away from the city streets. and you drive
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a little bit faster with the space stuff if you have the wind and the steering and you feel the engine isn't too strong but i think that's just normal the space ties a car for the city not for the highway. mitsubishi's decision to again omit an electric engine option is likely due to pricing factors in germany the new model can be acquired for under $10000.00 euros but still in an eco friendly city like amsterdam with cyclist the law on the nearest electric charging station never far away the space stuff does seem a bit alien. but it does impress on the cargo space front it can pack it up to 912 liters and know for 2 large suitcases. after all my test i have to say the mitsubishi space starts pretty cool a car is perfectly sized for the city and the only dog. part is that we only have
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a petrol engine but you'll never know what mitsubishi will bring in the future so the space stuff sculls points for its compact dimensions and low weight it only has gasoline engines with not enough power but is a city shift at this mitsubishi gets our endorsement. in. formula one drivers have to take an unplanned pit stop due to the coronavirus pandemic for 4 months always since were halted in their tracks but real racers don't know how to slow down and stars like lewis hamilton have been battling for virtual pole position in sim racing contests. my look at exit. 6 sense of my family time. to get me one second past the future.
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and b f one world champion was far from the only big name pushing their limits electronically . his formula one rival max fast stuff and is also a big fan of sim racing and competes regularly. i know it's my senior you know true that the current situation turned stay home is what's possible of course and of course to stay ready i do a little some work on myself. of course simulated driving makes different demands on real world champions like hamilton but racing incognito puts them in some funny situations to a no no this means i notice there was there was a couple of different people using parts of my name so those hams something. and this guy kept crashing into me and taking me out and i was like if only he knew you very secure. brandon lee is not the kind of e-sports driver to
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be intimidated by big names from car racing. the fact that i'm racing an f one driver it doesn't mean much to me to be honest because every driver is a cool competition for me it doesn't matter who the name is i just want to beat them i don't really have an i do because i spot to be my own sin my own drive and spot to be the best person i can be i don't really focus on. looking up to someone else too much being said i want to please to meet them and it came to the end of the easiest thing of all i think the secret to success is just hard work grit and determination just never gave up i dedicated my life to simply saying and racing or being competitive and i worked really really odd it i signed my patron for 1214 hours a day didn't do anything when i just dedicated it to the driver's champion of
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$28.00 c. there's $300.00. lead became formula one e-sports champion ahead of 66000 others for the final race i was shaking and basically borderline fronting up from being so no competition is competition i think the fascination over virtual racing is exactly the same fashion nation. drive a house to drive a real car. thrill of driving real car sits deep and still found on a former f one driver from belgium he joined the mercedes formula each team in $29.00 teams but during the coronavirus shutdown he really got into sim racing and he went on to win the race at home a challenge fending off the likes of e-sports champion lean. it's funny the race against people like brendan because. you know they are day are incredibly fast on those racing games you know day are professional e-sports racers and they know all
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the little trips and those little games it's a lot of fun yet i enjoy it personally because it gives yet you keep those. fresh let's say you know so we still have a some competition there is a lot of all the drivers that are that are doing it as well. driver such as touring car racer philip bang he spends several hours a day in his top notch racing simulator which has kept him up to pace the head of returning to real world racing. it's a good way to think shock are also fighting against other people who are repeat a real drive. keeps you sharp and keeps me alive. when the main difference between a simulated time to read race card is that. if you crash you just press escape in
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the simulator and you're going to race car. you cannot get hurt i'm less you fall out of this even. than just evidence and i tend. to take up people piled up on landing to the high side with great falls of top racing stars out on the virtual tracks the cold at 19 breaking e-sports gamers a golden opportunity to test their skills against their heroes. like what. but there right now there are so many real racing driver we're into some race thing and we do it every day go yeah go to the race but don't let them know really well but. it's great for a program to go great with people at their local having fun doing it. do you feel a virtual racing has long been clear to car manufacturers they want and create prototypes expressly for testing in computer games like grand to resale to assess
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their viability in the real world. b.m.w. has thrown its resources into creating its own sim of events where you can push their race and cars to the limit and porsche has turned its prestigious super cup into a virtual version featuring all of the current real world teams and drivers. of the best force of water racing. presently in today's. well there is if you saw a story on them is such overall it's still quite quite good but i'm sure a lot of creativity can be brought into action here and also lots of fresh ideas and lots of new approaches. such new approaches landed brandon lee a spot with mercedes own formula one e-sports team the virtual racers shared the same base in england as the real world ones so brendan could train on the same
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simulator that lewis hamilton uses to prepare for his formula one races if good wants to put the time in the i.p.o. in. sports or any racing game he'll be at the top by his father this is. everything what you guys is just quick smooth. focus and the want to focus and send one up cross then we have a catch up we told each other friend and doesn't mind that lewis is the more famous driver at the moment he's happy about how virtual racing is developing and is optimistic about the future of his chosen sport. i think the future of virtual racing you see a lot more we'll try this getting a volved i think the price pool and the money you make of a single. most people make and build like motor sport to be honest come one day in
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the future it's quite possible that the virtual racing will overtake the real life racing in a west bank soap opera. the months of locked down for formula one have at least provided greater exposure for this new sports trondra. it could turn out to be a breakout moment for the world of virtual racing. the rest of y'all to move me crazy to decide they had a mission contribute to call. girl frightened because we are in serious trouble are all. good but often alex feel for him but often on a trip small scale ports our borders or ports are forced before there's more pretoria with the global economy in shock the coronavirus pandemic is crippling
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production and forcing a rethink in the car industry chain you put it on with an automobile and started when spacecraft will tend to. we don't see it. coming through this country until now the word crisis has not been in sunders but happier e. since its founding in 1969 a german italian also noted supply has continued to grow from motorsports to shooting to interior design centers clientele based on likes of muslim roxy alpha and a.m.d. it's going to tell us how to recruit through a number of separate concepts you got to get over you know their auto feedback contents and. coronavirus pandemic. yet mine adopted to kill the economic consequences of it we had all of us. in recent. years and it just lives on board. with complex concepts or production chains in
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tatters industry analysts are voicing concern for the future. of their form and seemed site to. the automobile because a to decide they had an issue no one saw in church so you need to prove check for the long term effects of the shutdown a far from clear that jordan has to says it could cause 100000 job losses in the domestic auto sector as a sense of. boding across a sector that is crucial to germany's prosperity. sender has opted to defy the crisis instead of reducing working hours the north german parts maker has started making medical products. me the assassin for 7 months of electrons couldn't have passed as you just. hoped for and we haven't done . this on
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a quarter when that in the media by the. wouldn't because i couldn't text far by. within days they had a crisis busting plan spurred on by 10 just parent company in italy where the coronavirus has had a devastating effect. i guess for all those and it's because of how you come to inform you could accept it if it was passed with a common i'm doing so under court because at 90 points you made least amount that's better then we are able to pay off marketing diagnosis of his name. the most also and put the. most said it was and said if you cut. so tender went from high and carbon fiber and luxury current areas to fs teaching respirator facemasks. they quickly bought new machinery and reconfigured the production walls tackling grain of virus and securing jobs of the
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2 truths before you. go to avoid it's awful it's a force to perform it's not like to be on the other shore because of it's not what i hear kind of like a pretty good study put look at the results. of our gets rid of them being able to . remember irreparable. live so that we ran off an early heal for. troops must clear to all events. under mench herefrom this weekend been extorted the 3 of cone besmirched and. demand for the mast is so high that sender has hired 150 new start and is retraining others bucking the trend in the car sector. is good and how it's be discounted to do with suits the distances haven't paid. i wouldn't surprised this team i listed i'd just by his get here off double shots also some heads of state in between it's gotten biggest i
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could be a facade and dimension the on the front stage in the midst. of prodding the entire that's a bye to the beethoven dead tree say. yeah i wouldn't miss this conclusive proof. no one knows when or how the awesome industry will come out of this crisis being safe from ex-pats so an invasion of this time can be risking. the money issue smush when he enters his polizzi decision it's regionalism before bend. a bit on my 9 church song veteran out told to the fellow now to power. the coalition if only disclosed to know how by association regain the playing and there's us as an opposing tension looking we're done with machine vs nako now vida good yes the. following guns of mushrooms are of your not my non-judgmental she. send a team would disagree now that they have the crucial certificate in medical use
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next on the list on improved design and wearability it's not in by the best jordan to take interest in ultimate the c.o.m wouldn't be. sent off i didn't jesus but the benefits tick. off to put it see and that's all for the call and i can always it's been made to try it gets the video of it up i'd have a goal to buy to see and sort of it's about me i must that's is and so good to get started by sender has started producing some 100000 tasks a day with valiant set to rise the firm wants to secure its future and fulfill a neat. exam to delft i went down with open didn't want to see the secret side. but least the difficulties take over a steel mill isn't going to win the meditation i mean if you go in and out of minutes here are going to put a figure on. i can all get over the spear oh yeah it didn't save us all from. the car industry senses testing times but 51 years since its founding senda has
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lost none of its flexibility and determination who knows where it's inefficient spirit school take it next. if you want to see amazing cars it's crazy driving experiences experiences new ways of getting around can make you feel be. check out on you tube the regular features about mobility around the world you cause. felt some structure as if you should read and you'll be up to speed. your side of car. or
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another girl so see you got up close and maybe you know more. positive mothers more than were. there because. this was. the one of the worst day for close to homes. sure. sure. sure. sure wore the. truth. subsidy the silver saucer how does it tell you me to go home systems and browse a lot of things to get to the home city. or the large and the about goldman
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almost but when it was economy. rather good luck on the more oh no a good season would bet all yeah yeah yeah. government more. our war. one step into the bush going to. and that's still it was rather mumblings nothing there to be diving with the need to look into almost all of this. to feel. better ya felt it so that you noticed your tax you spend your taxes that ensured the city sure was on hold. when i thought of guns for mama she's good. but dumb to do that mama shot a dick of a did you know what it is who would not gun but she not gun was drilled in your body is loaded with. because those mothers want to you got to get you there you get
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your milk up the readers did not get the last cent on the old to give me all remain a gallon of play where you. look or listen merlin did not look at the i just don't see a lot of coming to this letter subject to your little canard she would out because she wanted on the thought of clinton i want out of a dollar cake because i talk about toxic of shit to them 2nd quarter to quarter but it's already did me a $79.00 decent taper she was huge in the model then dish document and i was over they i know and i got them and i will question if you are good she didn't feel i'm sure general condition a mum. how did i would have been sure what i said and started saying. i don't because she would tell you a lot of them cause. you to him it would have been said you know if you. look at them from the court and said oh china i want our supporters on china i want to go home thanks i noticed you didn't smell too many. you know we know so many it so do
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i don't know it's hard to say so do you not just absent a magic wand all wrong i didn't i don't have to just love out of the world to follow the news it got big in the snow you know what all those good although. i never got out of. you know that my little bundle nothing a little musical stylings you know i mean i haven't a good means to limit almost nothing but one last minute i want to know if you don't know i'm all saddened for saddam has gone along i wonder what the skin the double vision. goggles and sure was a seed that hurt the seed now when they got their machine now when there is so much i gotta have all got the hate me as you want i know what i think it gives i'm coming out all of them all. high shadow decision for she did given.
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the cards if not in some office where the dust i'm sure the never the thunder the live version of the one that did order the still. helpfully kill see the king susan. smith will also see you seen and remembered not always on youtube.
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on a bike along the river elbe nicole furley can play my game is becoming more and more popular especially for so naturally i'm really excited about states champ along the algorithm for biking along one of the most varied paths in europe. here's the challenge to discover nature and culture using muscle power to.
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30 minutes on w. 2 brothers exploring new key i just want to leave this village once a month lately we don't even know what it looks like further up the reverse of. what. brothers on a journey it seems there are many different worlds on this planet each one has its . own coming of age in the caribbean amazon cloud. in 75 minutes w. a tough it is for me. it's for. beethoven it's for. beethoven is for. beethoven is for coming on the fatal. 2022 fiftieth anniversary here on
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d w. w's crime fighters are back to africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us odes are available online to get more so you can share and discuss among w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters to mindanao are they friends so long to be with you thank you i see here boy do you wish it was living a full freedom of the blistering this new mission or are they enemies when you finish the feasts you live she'll push the ball with an excuse or a little she's going to go give a shit my dad lowered her righteous donald trump and. now we're to park ok men treat analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration
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affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. this is live from the u.s. president goes out west to celebrate the nation's birthday in a time of crisis donald trump kicks off independence day celebrations at. times in south dakota but on the day that saw another record breaking rise in the u.s. put although by those cases he makes little mention of the pendennis also coming up do.


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