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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2020 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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to just 360. now. this is deja news live from berkeley and the u.s. president goes out west to celebrate the nation's birthday in a time of crisis donald trump kicks off independence day celebrations at mount rushmore monument in south dakota but on the day that saw another record breaking rise in the u.s. coronavirus cases you might see little mention of the pandemic also coming up hospitals' in war torn afghanistan struggle as covert 19 as fred's across the country we meet an ex-pat doctor in germany who is offering help online.
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i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has kicked off independence day celebrations at an event in the south south state of south dakota fireworks lit up the sky over the mount rushmore monument which in a controversial move trump chose as the venue for this year's festivities in a divisive speech he criticized recent protests against racial injustice as a merciless campaign to wipe out our history made little reference to the coronavirus pandemic of his speech came on the day the u.s. saw another record rise in cases with more than 57000 new infections. and all around the united states 4th of july fun. displays and parades have been
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canceled due to the fears of a further spread of the virus with experts calling on americans to practice social distancing at public and private gatherings not many feel like celebrating the national holiday. has. a last chance to enjoy a mt washington mall before the celebrations begin this is where a large crowds will cheer to fly overs and fireworks on america's national holiday the loudspeakers are ready for tens of thousands of visitors but not everyone here feels well about being among masses of people at the height of a global pandemic and makes me actually to be like around the crowd to be honest so that's what i want to be now but i think i think it. sucks that you know we won't be able to celebrate the way we used to those past years but we're going to try to make the most of it with you know family and close friends that we've been kind of during the last few months. this year the 4th of july will
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be a completely different holiday number one because a security fence will set up you're keeping people away from the white house for security reasons us we're expecting many protests potentially riots on the 4th of july and later on saturday this is where the president will deliver his speech addressing the nation. at the black lives matter applause a t. shirt vendors are hoping for a good business and a large turnout. and it's all our. liberties that we have achieved over 200 errors. should apply to everyone and all of us see this. demonstration for the mob equal for everyone i just hope that more and more people were aware of goals. because that is so critical at this point.
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holiday under strain by the make and racial divisions this year not everyone feels like celebrating. the reporter william crump has been looking into this story and he joins me thanks for coming in now public health experts are warning of heightened risk during day celebrations they want to people to stay at home to socially distance that kind of thing the white house has been ignoring them but essentially what does that tell us about how they're handling this i mean the white house would say they're not ignoring it the rules are state by state they are saying refer to what your state guidelines are there's about 20 states plus washington d.c. that are acquiring masks in public south dakota where this event last night took place is not one of them so the trump ministration can very easily say follow the guidelines of your state master not required nationwide therefore we don't need to require masks and in south dakota there are no rules out the code is a state that until recently or up till now has been doing quite well in terms of
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new infections it's also a state that's not very populated and now what the see there's of course is 2 week lag which makes it very hard to prove causation just because someone in 2 weeks gets the disease it's very hard to say how and where they got it from which gives the transmission lot of leeway to so doubt in the conversation about what exactly these measures should be now during the speech trump mentioned the virus just once also they were. there wasn't social distancing not much social distancing at the event almost no one was wearing a mask what does that tell us well yes he said that he also said that yes the kill kill the virus taking medical workers for killing the virus of course that's also not is that correct you can't really kill a virus the virus isn't really alive but that fits with donald trump's vocabulary a wartime vocabulary law and order vocabulary as said social south dakota doesn't require any of these kinds of distancing and there was no reason legally speaking to enforce it it was setting a very good example though i suppose this has been the criticism of donald trump not setting a very good example so when that kind of doubt causing confusion making people
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think that the united states has passed this kind of disease when it's not when it's still very dangerous and you have people now going to beaches going to restaurants if it's very hot you might be inside where it's air conditioned that air conditioning are circulating particles and viral viral matter so this is the big danger that public health officials are holding their breaths no pun intended for the next 2 weeks to see about these the rate of infections if they've been affected at all i want to play a little bit of the speech he made because instead of focusing on the coronavirus pandemic he accused protest is campaigning to wipe out history let's have a listen there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing. already. for so hard for struggle they bled to secure our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history defame our heroes the race. and indoctrinate our children. well and what's your take on what mr trump the
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how much time do we have to break that down i mean this is very similar language you could easily draw a parallel to language a segregationist in the fifty's and sixty's against what civil rights activists were doing to try to claim their rights i mean we very much have a tale of 2 americas you have donald trump's america of freedom of liberty for all of law and order of power prestige and arrogance and you have the united and that is that that is one aspect of america and then you have an equally real america of racial injustice of slavery of colonialism of expansionism of oppressing minorities what we saw in donald trump's speech was was was true but not complete it was an incomplete picture of the united states and this idea that history is somehow frozen in time is of course a complete false statement history is constantly changing or constant reevaluating our history is otherwise america wouldn't be the country today slightly more free and slightly more equal for all people than it was 200 years ago when the country
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was founded it's very much an aspirational country the rules and laws and rights that were written 200 years ago on this day of the declaration independence didn't happen them they've been happening over time when you believe thanks very much for the analysis. now on some of the other stories making news around the world more than a dozen people are missing and feared dead in japan often to mention the rains triggered flooding and landslides in the country's southwest tens of thousands have been evacuated and troops have been deployed to search and rescue operations. pubs in england are welcoming patrons again after a full month coronavirus shut down restaurants and hair salons have also been allowed to reopen the changes don't apply to the u.k.'s devolved nations which has been sitting there on timetables for easing restrictions. well to decades of war the pandemic is placing immense strain on medical facilities in afghanistan
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hospitals face acute shortages of. medical oxygen and other supplies needed to battle the virus the country's record of more than 32000 infections the real number is thought to be much higher one x. that doctor here in germany is doing what he can to help colleagues back at home. will suffer is speaking with a colleague in afghanistan they're discussing how to treat covert 1000 patients who suffer as an orthopedic surgeon who has worked at a hospital in the german state of terrain dia since fleeing afghanistan in 1980 he's deeply worried about the effects of the pandemic in his home country he offers help to afghan doctors online. where 30 years of war has left deep wounds in afghanistan over the years people who have money those who could would go to pakistan or india or now the borders are closed because of the groan of virus. you can see how bad the situation has become and help bridge and the doctors there
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need training. in kabul doctor hubby fatah is inundated with patients every day 80 percent of them are infected with covert 19 . gives him advice whenever he can via video link and fatah is grateful for the help. usually guns have that from how do. you are to come into the new changes which emerge if you do. although cobbles population is around 4000000 it only has 250 intensive care beds for covert 1000 patients many people have to be treated outdoors now the country is facing a new wave of infections officially only $700.00 people have died of the virus but each day more and more graves are being dug on the outskirts of kabul. for more i'm joined by alan live from kabul give us a sense of how fast the corona virus is spreading now in afghanistan.
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the crowd of virus is spreading its sri marie quickly we saw in the beginning you know there is less than $100.00 cases and then it built up and now we're at a point where every day there's 2345 even 600 new cases registered every single day and the most important thing that we have to remember is that the registered the reported case count is probably only a fraction of the reality for instance anybody that you talk to in kabul or any other major city will think that they have friends and they have relatives who feel as if they have the illness and have essentially just isolated themselves at home or quarantining at home and using over the counter remedies to try and heal themselves and you see so many people who are going in burying their relatives very quickly and coming back not having proper roper funeral ceremonies and things like that so the official count is really by a by a by all as them it's just
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a small fraction of the actual toll this illness is taking on the people now the pandemic is striking afghanistan at a time of continued hostilities between the government taliban and other insurgent forces how are people coping with the health crisis on top of the ongoing instability. so this is precisely the problem ray is that is that we have a health crisis that's only sort of further alumina aided the problems within the health care industry here you know i've spoken to doctors and hospitals who say that they can't find medicine they can't find bleach to clean the floors with they can't find hand sanitizer their hospitals without clean running water so this again you know makes people fearful to go to a hospital there even a government hospitals that start segregating patients because they felt it wasn't worth it that they that they couldn't you know take up an entire ward for only a few possible covert patients when they already had such
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a shortage of food really exposing that and then obviously you know the violence is only adding to it you know because we've seen so many very violent very very dramatic attacks in kabul in the last month alone that once again put the fear back in people you know for a while there is a bit of a law in kabul so they bolt as if ok well now we just have to deal with cove it but now it's covert and once again you know not knowing for instance mosques have been attacked a maternity clinic was attacked human riggers were attacked in their cars so it's a state again where people don't feel safe you know in terms of health and in terms of security for carious situation in dade journalist. as speaking to us from kabul thanks very much. you know argentina football fans have been yearning for the return of the game after the season was abandoned juge the pandemic social distancing means it can't be played in its normal form but some amateur players
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have got creative to ensure they can get back out on the field. locals in argentina call this human table quick bar it's a byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic that picture is divided into 12 rectangles each player must remain within their zone if you leave your rectangle you get a penalty and it's 5 a side versus the traditional 11. argentines football is as important as getting together with friends once or twice a week for my. human table football not only gives us the possibility of work but also it fills a gap which is as important as a vaccine the face masks and the hand washing look but the football isn't quite the same tackles are not allowed and players don't run as much the social distancing format has made it more of a passing and shooting game. when it's a great joy to be back on the pitch it makes us feel good to have all our friends
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together it has its limitations it's strange but we are adapting while we wait to get back to normal as soon as possible. until then the country has human table football it's a new form of the beautiful game but any kind of football is better than no football at all. you're watching data news headlines at the top of the hour thanks very much for. we know this is very time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so.


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