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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2020 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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parachute drama competition drive marketing numbers this here by the time intuition love hate money. fans friends family and friends only. because we love football. to go off on you tube joining us. oh.
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my stars shall i go to some place in the stars go you know those good karma the worst that grover here is going to and i'm happy that he can lift the trophy. because at 1st it's got heavier than i remember it back then be i think it was 986 when i 1st got my hands on the trophy mug shot and on god i'm a bit older now that's a record. i had to stand here as the figures are going today. this week on kickoff we're looking at brian's extraordinary season the highs the lows the corona break they came out of it all on top claiming the bundesliga title an astounding 8 strike to find. another by in time so might be you wanting juicing for some but with a whirlwind season it was never guaranteed which makes it all the more meaningful.
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because of his knowledge size or weight that makes the most a shot a special. is really the history just thinking of all the great players who did it in the past. the symbol of a job well done. even though it's being in that company that makes it special feeling. sometimes you have to pinch yourself. by and long path to the championship started last summer with a pre-season trip to the us. so sure in a month it's nice to see we don't just have supporters and be very aware of germany but all over the world it. has all been
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a special for us players wherever you go there's people happy to see you all and we've some great friends coming out let us really. enjoy it in by an hour and i was with byron on the u.s. tour and saw the games against us asked no way see milan and real madrid case and that's why before as i recall 2 days after arriving they lost to arsenal who'd been there longer but then against milan and real madrid they showed enough to make you think if they can build on this one will be tough to beat at the slidell again it's a fun it's or touch my sense of good strain can feel the us was very intense a. training games also i guess we could but there will lie in refresh their roster in the off season saying goodbye and splashing insane amounts of cash on new recruits like the british to end robin liberally they'd lost 2
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players who made history with a fine with me not just in terms of titles but also the magical football public lands now on the other hand he was the opportunity for cadaverine commands to really start following in their footsteps. box. is a person with your proviso that you've got to step up and take on the responsibility your own feeling must for the team and of course we also have to integrate the new arrivals into. said was if we look at a i moved. i'm happy to be here so let's get going but most. recent literature student but we're glad we could make this transfer he's a player who fits in very well it by it was each. government has a good atmosphere here and i've been given a fantastic welcome well i'm going to great team and outstanding players. i think.
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there's going to slot in and help the team straight away they're experienced enough . despite the signings by and stumbled in that final pre-season test. just against any big. blunder by on me. i guess if. i am just. to serve the super bowl i'd want to win. it is that it's a bit of pre-season for saber rattling and one not one and deservedly so i offer to give all of. you must mistake i have to work on a story. what kind of mistake we did today and maybe for the future that would be good just for us as far as i did it certainly wasn't the start buying i would have been hoping for he said so there you had that little bit of unrest creeping in
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already pursued were. saying here they put this latest says how. the team here. really had to treat everything make some special yes an enormous technically ability to great speech perfect for kids to push to get it but i had some enrichment for the industry could have such a sensational player i think will help our team up to another level. like a nondescript senior was another high profile signing with mixed results. born in rio the brazilian fled to vary up and why whole. not a very safe neighborhood it is somewhat dangerous just the of time walking down the street when you just hope you're not in for a surprise trip to see what is. good for you grew up a stone's throw from the american aa and came up through the vasco da gama youth
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ranks. there until the age of 11 or 12 i didn't really want to play football back then. i always like for a lot of them fairly i want things. different so. he moved from foot cell to football and from brazil to europe as a teen prodigy turned out into milan espanyol liverpool and. brian sabai and learning him early in the season. you must open to any he's doing sensational stuff in training as well as you're hearing that from the players also not a big name and in some games he fully lived up to it even further. showed flashes of glory though he struggled with injury like song. oh. boy why too sloppy a lot of frustration that. we lost to the top of the table and
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so we're not satisfied service got to be careful things could be a bad bad situation statistics not looking good it's all such. speech. i also lived here a real awesome wins then the $51.00 loss at frankfurt and that's nico better job for that sense to fix it. up but it's that simple supply i think the signs were there what happened today doesn't really surprise me. as. some of the 1st on boarding the bus some happy because we lost 51 mission and as you can't recall those you know heavily as a coach if you can your luggage is a hefty defeat him i have to process it that's all i can tell you something has to change. if. i come in for you can lose a friend 1st but i'm not like that in the upshot was that they parted company with
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an eco batch. that she won the double last season was let go he was replaced by former gemini assistant and the flick. has been fairly relaxed and fun not getting quite as much sleep as before and it but that's only to be expected and to finish last for since confute your mind just that bit more occupied with the team various related matters. that much before 24 i was delighted heading into the season i already thought by his best summer signing was actually hands he flexes his hands if you. think he thinks think. think simpson is high it's an absolute in this league a highlight for everything we're all looking forward to it was a team good to go but i just. know that it is good in there were a lot of one to one talks and he gave us clear instructions player high defensive line with a bit of risk more proactive defending and we delivered. his speech because i.
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think if it was a. shooter i'm sure you could wish for a better start as a coach and if any certainly benefited him to get such a seal of approval from the players for the. stand up role models of ian 5. definitely communicated his strategy very clearly in the short time available and that puts in time we implemented it pretty well out on the pitch. and dr macpherson that considering he had 3 training sessions in charge this week of. that was an incredibly good performance from the team. really has to be complimented for it because it's compliment i. salute. coles. to still goes he's having the same he says. i haven't just he didn't just help sink his prolific early season form such
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a league i think he's in on the thing no one has seen before so it's good for the team and especially for him very piece of him too when you look left or right and see want to 3 players are all capable of designing a game obviously only help you grow as a team as well as munch off. after half a century as a player sporting director and president only has retired as president in november though a controversial figure his era encompassed $61.00 major trophy wins symbolizes unlike my one else success and the headlines everyone is known. also knows what german football has to thank him for. us went out on a high retiring after that classic out. of the team played outstanding football from start to finish but his is just how i imagine about going out as president bush. was the perfect guy to finish and yeah he enjoyed that.
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meanwhile hanzi flick sets out to refine buy ins gain and reinstate the on field identity. and simply go to the players on board in phoenix spoke to them listen to my place what i just love. to. do the same very aggressively placing working intensively to recover the ball trying to give the opposition no time to rest so that you need 11 players fully focused. if you want potentially very exposed to behind your back line. it's simple things he hammered home to us that made all the difference to our game minus p. diddy's my basic philosophy has always been based around retaining possessions always but obviously also with a certain degree of efficiency that is if you go up it really cause it's all some of his positional switches and you have to say that's
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a bold moving alibi the central defense commish the league's best right back the best number so it's almost 6 if you didn't have personal communications are vital components and as he said he learned them under you. but flick was still working out the kinks. but was only those 2 wins for bottom 5 or 6 goals that were made of a really strong bias of today and. ultimately you need a bit of luck for stay ahead of some ball to the balls to cross bars when you saw the game in the 1st obvious red no no chance to score. 451 percent chances to score. a goal is what is most important warns that we knew we were playing good football we were performing to all strengths again and completely dominated both those games that gave us enough confidence to move on from those defeats didn't deflect from our belief we are on the right path now. if you don't.
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walk if. it's. the best it's importance the young guns on better make up the numbers and pushing to be where i'd also like to see them at some point in the same scene with the monks often i. leave it. all to retell my thing. but i get back. to 0 so i can't. after how you came in again. book and today i'm a singer everyone knows that he's a good cause. it's also nice that the courage is so confident about dream on and to get a goal why why of things makes it all the nicer and always in the flow. well for a ball still got a long road ahead of this is all that has to be encouraging that's a come straight in and score a goal showing that it's great to keep working and trying to improve every day and
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didn't hard all my reader just with a few to learn. alfonzo's. probably up until i think it's the most sensational breakthrough of binary news is no one expected this coming to germany from major league soccer before which maybe isn't held in the highs regarding your life lately more than. davies began his pro career with the vancouver whitecaps in 2017 just before becoming a canadian citizen. coming to canada. as well as a family to get here now are here and excited that it. is unconventional road to the blunders league i began not in canada. but here included durham ghana davies spent the 1st 5 years of his life in a refugee camp just outside a crowd after his family fled the civil war in liberia. it's
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not easy being a refugee camp. as a personal standpoint i'm not sure i'm not i don't really have much many years ago my time in. the family moved to canada in 2005 settling in edmonton the following year it was here davey started playing football. he's become known for big skills and even bigger personality. after a year in germany not to mention his blinding speed he had a new record of 36.5 kilometers really. the old one was from 2000 levels so how do you describe that now every hour about that i don't know i mean i just do my job i guess you can break the record. when you think oh i have time i have time and then me me me me the road runner there to buy the road runner . and steal the ball shot as he saw what he has developed his game to the level
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where he can also now play the typical viands style of football. come him being you know being part of. this incredible so dream come true by and went into the winter break hearts on like 6 trial. you have themselves believe with we can still do it i didn't doubt at that point that we'd win the title. and they made big changes in the border. they found a success if it really goodness this president. is also retiring in the normal distant future but i think over comes the best man buying could choose to succeed him. one of the issue obviously the hope is with all his experience he'll have a bit of fresh impetus. we don't intend to give up the title this season and we're on an unbelievable run at the moment german champions 7 years in a row. that's already one of the all time animals in
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a row. it was the 2nd half of the season went by and really dominated thanks partly to a familiar face. johnson. but. more so than normal for our home thomas is vastly experienced when. he's got his mix of being incredibly easy going but still with absolute determination to win every game the essence of. you know most actors me as i'm young you know his crossing his his i.q. of the game is just talk if you're scoring he's assisting you know he's always part of the put. i i. don't always follow club and also myself and being on the up again recently on
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these obviously that adds to the very good feeling you have about putting pen to paper up some of the good and if you know. them by the cheese it does vary in the original piece good for the dressing rooms but someone the younger players can talk to and so his opinions also carry weights with the senior management that's because it's important for the team hierarchy to have players like noir committed to buy in for the next 2 or 3 years so i commit to buying it with. a scrap with light 6 or buy and return to the lakes summit a final score of the audience or a bio male like see male. fix by and make sure that we're all right on top of us a little. smartly and pointing those beauties and we're still and if we do our own homework no one can stop us now we did everything right if you can.
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guess the door he's really taken off pace close control and an eye for goal that those are his standard cause he said you know what. i. think he's being very important for the team in the last couple of games after coming out of the winter break with a few range on a related problems so interpol's it's a calm enough for that some have a good run and we have a strong chance in character the moment so if you keep it going after you have a good chance and see. and the moment is the 4th search can every found another gear in his development he also found the time to connect to his father's homeland the ivory coast. there's always been that i 1st time here i was 13 for 5 weeks in the summer that was bringing. you all mardi gras. that was the start of find it everywhere are pros and now he's firing it reliably goal words for by he's their
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2nd top scorer this season. the coronavirus crisis put football on pause as public health took priority wish i think i think everyone will tackle the situations with a lot of sensitivity and in a spirit of solidarity is i believe it's extremely important to see follow the recommendations and guidelines laid out by the policymakers here longer police keep . buying newsroom obviously on the flip side to think about how best to manage the situation because if the. disciplines will my players be going along with this so yeah there's a. reason that they could be doing. the trade and we can. really treat. the ija trinity. but you're missing for me so you start what i actually miss most
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is the everyday to life the stuff like just messing about in the changing room if you're down on peace or. a feel good feel good i. decided to continue with the season. and welcome to living on the quite extreme rematch state 26 in the bundesliga image. i'm. one of the does league. chicks walk by. this game is still maybe the most important game maybe the decider. if you want to. make.
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this explicit goal but it's a from the particular take. you out there in the opportunity n f a q but the shut down because there's no world class in his baseball for you i'm a huge fan of yours too it's just the whole way he plays football there's an idea he's incredibly hard running he brings order and structure to your game and he's always urging the team on 100 percent focused and with his mentality it's on the community mentality to. find unexpected strike has put a 7 point gap between themselves and lucien sabras for us you. have to go forward but i think it looks better than before. after the win the one everyone seems to think it's done. that is game set match by and for chewed
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n.l. . on a farm this one it seems weird spectacular victory sam it was more about bynes she will power after it's been ordered to get around with 10 minutes to go against. the tour. ya'll quote he's been outstanding since the winter break off and getting on the scoreboard as well i could offer she has. is going to do with me getting on the school boards pretty much by the by i think bumping up the title tally on the club crest is much more important is that it was that i did make a huge effort during the winter break and also the coronavirus break to get fit and to stay. the result is basically a wonderful confirmation that it's all worth it. to lose. the record champions have the gall that they were looking for. her but have blacks in other but mostly good cycle that will bring it back. for an
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a record signing. a few good citing obviously a great story to grate on. during the season was a tough tough battle but i'm happy that we can you know that the process that i'm just comebacks in sports history i mean. that's brilliant and yeah it's brilliant considering where we got it from we had a tough time of it. move on the recession side as one stage we were 7 points behind if i remember correctly so solution to go up i think we've won every game thinking except the draw against logic you know today's our reward off alone. it's an absolute start i'm so proud of the team it's been a sensational run so very mentality and just a joy of playing football it's all being exceptional for the time is also giving. this day to buy make sure that's the best team in germany well i'll stay my step
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dad safe golf he said this season he's a player performs day in day out and it supports what high class players is all about. showing. good. looks. ok is good has been a special championship for sure could be a special championship for a truly unique season join in next week for a look at the rest of the campaign. some
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of. the money. to. come. in. the last year and the news are the highest this is good news and they use it in the 1st tunisia still a book on the make up call the be concerns about right wing extremism in german security forces have been increasing for years in a clandestine network and machine and weapons were illegally hoarded but what
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purpose is inside close off. the 30 minutes on don't leave the. board for. we know this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so queenie's take care of yourself a good distance wash your hands if you can date and how. we're d.w. for here for you we are working hard we're sitting here with informed on all of our platforms we're all in this get together make it. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe the phrase is to sit.
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in the other side of climate change. the specifics. such much sense to people. who want to do years do they have for their future. g.w. dot com african megacities the looking to give kids a clear cut or. are they friends so i wanted to be with you in session to discuss here the board which it wasn't really a full freedom of the publishing isn't a new mission or are they and i mean he's going to finish of he's still in the building she'll push you to go with him but he's usually what he's going to be going to give most of my demo portfolio jeff almost trump i'm slightly more potent i were 2 part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous
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mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. cut . this. from dylan a fresh warning from hong kong about the territory's controversial new security law carrie lamb space anyone for violating the new rules will face serious consequences critics call on the international community for help. and we wish them to global travel in such critical. time is playing to you know hong kong already also
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coming out this video shows mosque men attacking refugees trying to come ashore.


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