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they are close it's cold out there look i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. . post did you ever. visited every news live from berlin charting a course for europe's recovery on the american sets out her aims for the e.u. was germany takes over the council presidency the main goal is to contain the pandemic and overconfidence consequences is also coming up after pressure from more than $200.00 scientists the world health organization and many difficult run of iris could be transmitted by tiny particles suspended in the air so what does that
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mean for our behavior and our health. cost millions of people in the australian city of melbourne are locked down again the government says it is the only way of preventing a catastrophe. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us german chancellor angela merkel has called on the european union to unite and emerge stronger from the greatest challenge it has ever faced the coronavirus pandemic at the european parliament in brussels merkel laid out her vision for germany's council presidency which will be dominated by economic recovery from the pandemic she will come to the e.u. commission's plan for a massive relief fund for struggling european economies it is a 2nd time that germany has taken over the years council president presidency with america as chancellor 9 a democrat to survive and merkel said members. states would need to compromise to
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sign off on the joint recovery fund before next month's summer recess then she said this diffidence than it might in some of ruth if we are willing to overcome our differences and identify sched solutions if we are willing to view the world through the prism of others europe will emerge from the crisis stronger than ever if we strengthen cohesion and solidarity no one will get through this crisis alone we are all vulnerable. islands and for when. our chief political correspondent melinda crane is with us for more on the story hi melinda we saw the german chancellor laying out her country's priorities for the presidency and central message what is the next big step big move for chess america the next big move comes in about 9 days when the other e.u. member states leaders all convene for the 1st time physically live in person 1st time since the corona crisis in brussels to talk about the rift cup repackage and
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that is where she is going to need all of her skills as a negotiator she has said before i quote the road is stony but there is goodwill and readiness to compromise and she's also said this is absolutely pressing we have no time to waste the reason for that is that this recovery fund 750000000000 euros 500000000000 of that in grants especially to the southern european countries who have been very hard hit by the economic consequences of corona by the health ones as well those countries are now at a point where they are going to see increasing pressure on the financial markets if they want to borrow money that means there will also be increasing pressure on the euro so there really isn't any time to waste europe's economic survival could be at stake here and that's why she will need those negotiating skills that she has but she's known as a pragmatic and good negotiator while germany is at the helm of this presidency now leading europe through a very difficult time how did germans feel about chancellor merkel taking on this
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greater role in europe and the country as well surveys show that there is why i'd support for a stronger role for europe in the world and also support for essentially germany in their role as e.u. president now the chancellor has been driving home since march to the point that germany's term in these economic welfare essentially hinges on that of the rest of europe that germany as a major trading nation 70 percent of its imports and exports just about go to the rest of europe therefore that it cannot flourish unless the rest of your. flourishes and i think that message has gotten home to most if not all germans well we're certainly going to see a lot more efforts towards european cohesion as we heard the markle say in her speech over the next 6 months in particular as they're trying to tackle this coronavirus pandemic what does that mean for the european union's relations with the rest of the world one of the main points of her speech her whole last section was about europe's role in the world and there were a couple things she touched on very briefly only very briefly on china
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a major summit with china has been postponed ostensibly because of the pandemic but it may also have been a bit inconvenient at the moment too to go on with that given what's going on in hong kong but certainly there are many who feel she hasn't been bold enough in terms of hong kong she has said that europe must proceed in dialogue with china bringing up human rights that we may need in an ongoing conversation other point that she made with africa she said that europe's partnership with africa is absolutely crucial she said elsewhere this is the continent at our doorstep and we must take care of them and of course the global pandemic has hit africa very very hard the question is will european countries with rising debt with rising unemployment be willing to maintain the kind of development cooperation needed to help africa open question at the moment our chief political correspondent lyndal crane with us thank you so much. and let's catch up now on some other stories
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making news around the world china has opened a new national security office in hong kong it comes a week after beijing imposed a controversial new security law in the territory of the security office is located across from victoria park a site that is often used for pro-democracy demonstrations. boeing has settled claims relating to the crash of one of its 737 max jets in indonesia 2 years ago the u.s. plane maker has not disclosed the amount of the compensation the crash was followed by another in ethiopia and led to the ground. thing of all 737 max planes. demonstrators stormed the serbian parliament in the capital belgrade to protest against and were new to lockdown president aleksander which imposed a curfew and banned gatherings of more than 5 people after a surge in corona virus deaths 13 people died of cope with 1000 on tuesday that is serbia's highest single day death toll. the world health organization says there is emerging evidence that the corona virus could spread through floating virus
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particles in the air that statements count comes after more than 200 international scientists said there was evidence that the virus could be spread from person to person through tiny particles that remain suspended in the air for several hours they also said those particles could travel for tens of meters the w.h.o. has promised to publish information on the no roots of transmission of the virus these are fields of research that are really growing and for we teach there is some evidence emerging but it is not to defend the phenotype. and therefore the possibility of airborne transmission in. in public settings especially in very specific conditions crowded closed poorly ventilated settings that have been described cannot be ruled out let's get some perspective on this story now we have viral or just dr mohamed more near with us from lancaster
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university in the u.k. dr munir thank you for joining us 1st of all what does this mean for us if this virus can spread through this airborne airborne route. yeah well if it isn't economics by the world health organization that this white house can transmit to other people who we have bought that mean of meserve jeanne you know we're daily life which is already pretty much distorted that means that we probably have to move their face masks in the or we have to work really effectively on to the ventilation. conditioning because they hear circulation indoor would probably mean higher spoiler to the virus and we also probably need to think about commuting maybe trains and the buses need to be traveling with or didn't know the open and so on so once it is getting a nice message and it is acquired ok so we're talking about even more precautions here at the w.h.o. says it's still emerging evidence behind the spend more than 200 international
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scientists are convinced that this is true so why is the world health organization being cautious. i think one of the major problem is being misinterpretation of the data because they are going to have been defined for the corner by distrust mission has been basically based on the studies those going to conducted in 19 forty's and fifty's and at that time point we have a certain limitation on instrumentation what kind of instrument we can apply to believe detect the spread of the infection but as we move along we have no new technology to really determine how much the distance a small problem can travel and now we have a clear idea that once unease can generate more than 30000 different droplets mystery and it's from the size of a 50 to 5 micron meter and even the smallest drop that which is 5 marker on could have thousands of lives in them that can travel up to 10 feet much more than what we are currently observing the social distances so i think now there are strong evidences and certainly that it's
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a need to revise the strategy to control this infection this is pretty overwhelming for a lot of people to hear who already taking precautions so given what we know about kobe 1000 to this point what is the best advice you have for preventing yourself from catching the virus i think at this moment the important thing that i would like to highlight is that carry on following all those reckon folios that we have already been practicing for example moscow or face covering in the gathering of washing hands keeping the social distances and also being digital vigilant of all the information that would become available on to the new guideline especially when we are in the war that also have a lot of destruction on to moving forward with opening up of the countries and working in the offices where there are limited spaces so certainly a lot more need to be generated what would be much more helpful in us at defining moving forward dr mohamed when you're from lancaster university with us thank you very much. let's check in now on some of the latest coronavirus developments the
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u.s. has reached another daily record of new corona virus infections with $60000.00 reported cases president trump has threatened to cut off federal funding to public schools that refused to reopen in the fall the u.k. government has unveiled a simulants package equivalent to $37000000000.00 to help the economy recover from the coronavirus lockdown the australian city of melbourne is heading back into lockdown for the next 6 weeks after a spike in corona virus cases officials in the state of victoria reported 130 feet for new infections on wednesday that's contrast with the rest of the country where the numbers have remained in single digits. normally an invisible line between a stray leaves to the most populous states now being controlled by police offices cars line up for i was at the border between victoria and new south wales after was closed for the 1st time in 100 years those in border communities rushed to get
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permits to cross for essential reasons like heading to work. permit last more along with help a little bit of buzz but stories. frustrated with probably soon you know that half an hour before i get to work so i can be running like. the state of victoria is being isolated from the rest of the country because its capital city melbourne he's seeing a 2nd wave of corona virus cases. this is as i said not a situation that anybody wanted to be in bodies the reality that we must confront to do otherwise is to pretend that this isn't real to pretend that we have other options the best public health advice is to take those steps. shoppers strip the supermarket shelves before the big night deadline has now been 5000000 residents return to strict lockdown measures for the next 6 weeks i think we're doing a good job here overall as frustrating as it is i support it. but you know ask me
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again in 6 weeks. most people can still go out for work grocery shopping or light exercise but for base people in some of the city's public housing estates they can't even leave their homes the state government implemented a 5 day hard lockdown on 9 housing blocks after 27 residents tested positive for the virus authorities said they were preventing an explosive outbreak but many trapped inside say they are being treated like prisoners with little access to food and medical supplies. the state's premier daniel andrews says testing is at record levels and that authorities will continue to investigate how the spike in cases occurred. after brazil and the us india is the 3rd worst country in the pandemic the government in delhi has started easing restrictions after a 3 month lockdown but the result is that new cases and deaths are rising at their
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fastest pace since the pandemic started. after 3 months of lockdown life in new delhi is almost back to normal millions of indians have lost their jobs in the corona crisis now the economy is sputtering back to life. but with restaurants and shops open again the corona virus is also making a comeback. we're afraid we have to leave our house to make a living but we fear for our lives. begin to come to juliet. many hospitals have reached capacity and the country is scrambling to increase its intensive care units. this wedding hole has been filled with hospital beds 12 doctors staff the emergency treatment center. they have made us and we have around 100 beds here we have patients with mild and less severe symptoms and even some without symptoms that have nowhere else to quarantine. india has ramped up its
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testing. fear that the tests will reveal a rising number of infections. coming up next on the you are covered $1000.00 factional takes a look at how the virus is transmitted from animals to humans. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. covert 19 special next on d.w. . in the eye of climate change. is made our city.


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