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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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only known the talents the 3 women show for them are 21. this is e w news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump lashing out after the supreme court says federal prosecutors can see his tax returns as a political ploy. she. hopes today's ruling means the public will probably not see those tax returns before the november presidential election the court ruled that the president's immunity against prosecution is not
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unlimited also coming up tonight germany's domestic security chief mourning the country is seeing a new front of themes and contempt including racism right wing extremism and some exist. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us the u.s. supreme court has blocked congress from obtaining president trump's financial records for now but for federal prosecutors in new york the court has paved the way to see trump's tax returns the rulings mean that the public will not see those returns before the november elections the justices ruled that a new york prosecutor can subpoena to see the president's tax returns manhattan's district attorney calling the decision a tremendous victory for the u.s.
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justice system. well the u.s. president donald trump reacted to those rulings today calling the proceedings a witch hunt rules were basically starting all over again sending everything back down to the war were to start over again so from a certain point satisfied but i'm satisfied that. this is a political witch the likes of which you know she will disappear which are. just like them all written as you can these are folks that i want and this is a hoax this is purely political are for now i'm joined by our washington bureau chief just told for more on today's ruling is going to need to eunice so we've we've heard from the president that many times it's a witch hunt he's obviously not happy with the rulings today what exactly did the justices say well he obviously is not happy that the justices said that his immunity is not unlimited that was what t.
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and his lawyers were hoping for so the justices decided to things 1st of all they've blocked. they they blocked the house from getting the information about donald trump's tax releases blocked they allowed new york prosecutors to have a look into that material this is which is hot material in this election campaign but before the prosecutors are allowed to have a look a lot of court has to do sites so it's kind of a mixed bag for donald trump but again don't know trump obviously was hoping for one clear decision so he would have not to deal with that any longer the president in his he did score a victory today though by gaining more time before the presidential election in november didn't. yes he did indeed because you know before this lower court will make a decision and then the prosecutors really have to dig deep into this material that will take months at least weeks probably longer than november that's when the
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election will take place before the public gets some information so for many of the only hope is now that something gets leaked before the election so that the democrats have some of tiriel they can use in their come pain against the president and we know that the new york federal prosecutors they want to see these tax returns they will be able to do that subpoena subpoena to see them could this still end up hurting donald trump. oh if they would do so yes you know but it might take longer than november 3rd then longer than election day before that happens but again this all is taking place in a situation which is not really looking good for donald trump the polls are going down and he's facing a huge health crisis here with coronavirus i mean there more than 130000 american
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already dying. because of the wires the economy's going down so all this comes in a difficult time for the president and he was obviously hoping for a more decisive more. resolve than he got today a washington bureau chief in a spot on the story for us tonight thank you. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world police in seoul south korea have found the body of the city's long time mayor park one soon he was reported missing by his daughter police say there was no sign of foul play a former secretary reportedly filed a sexual harassment complaint against our on wednesday australia have suspended an extradition agreement with hong kong after china imposed a national security law giving it sweeping new powers in hong kong prime minister scott morrison says that australia would also extend visas for skilled workers from
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the chinese territory and that he wants to lure hong kong businesses to australia thousands of people have defied a ban on mass gatherings in serbia by joining a sit down protest in front of parliament they oppose the government's covidien 19 lock down measures including a ban on gatherings of more than 10 people thursday's peaceful demonstration followed anti-government rallies that turned violent over the previous 2 days. it has been 25 years since these robber needs a genocide bosnia is marking this anniversary with the burial of 8 more victims since 1906 scientists have recovered and identified the remains of thousands of people their bodies were scattered in mass graves in an effort to hide the war cry on saturday as happens every july 11th relatives of the most recently identified victims will gather in shrubbery needs for a funeral 8 new model headstones will soon join thousands
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of others at this grave site east in bosnia and family members like physiologic will finally be able to lay their loved ones to rest after decades of grief. nima bashir there are no words to describe the pain the sorrow you feel when you are looking for your loved ones are in by bahrain in mass graves by visited every new found mass grave i've seen the inside of every one of them of. facilis husband and son were among the 8000 bosnian muslims killed in srebrenica in 1905 she's been searching mass graves for their remains ever since after finally finding 2 of her son's leg bones she decided to lay him to rest in 2013 for which to move i wanted him to be next to his father and to be able to come and pray over their graves to know that inside there is at least one of his bones where's the rest of him grow scattered among mass graves many mass graves are still hidden on oakland people and
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identified some others will die without finding their children. at this year's memorial event her son and husband will be joined by the bodies of 8 new bosnian men recently found in mass graves and identified through d.n.a. analysis. usually attended by thousands this year's service has been limited to a small number of relatives due to coronavirus restrictions but the search for victims will continue as more than a 1000 people are still missing their remains scattered across more than $500.00 locations. germany's interior minister and domestic security chiefs have released a report for foreign crimes committed in germany last year clue that the biggest danger facing the country is right wing extremism. the security threats in germany amount of fault with one area still a particularly high concern says the german interior minister. if you can.
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let me start off with the area of right wing extremism racism and anti semitism this area is the greatest threat to security in germany. nothing is change that on the contrary the number of offenses the number of people linked to rightwing extremist circles and the number of violent far right extremists has increased further. to extremist used to. a number of particularly brutal far right acts made headlines over the last year in 29000 pro migration conservative politician via time look who was killed and a gunman killed 2 people in an attack on a synagogue and. in february this year a gunman shot dead 9 people in hama. some 90 percent of anti semitic acts in germany a far right motivated the report lists around $8000.00 moved right wing extremists
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on the radar of german intelligence agents compared to last year. that spike in numbers in part comes from the authorities putting the so-called good of the party under observation an unofficial grouping of far right politicians. but opposing politicians want the whole party to face scrutiny. the bill is not the entire a 50 but it has spread across the entire array 50 the fuel is deeply rooted within the f.d.a. which is why it would be important to put the f.d.a. as a whole under surveillance because there are traces of the few good every way. it is and as far as security is concerned left wing and islamist terrorism remain the 2 other big threats cyber attacks and espionage also play an increased role readiness to commit violence is growing on all sides. this. is
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a society we must be alarmed start the threshold to commit violence has been declining steadily that the number of violent acts has risen exorbitantly and that online we're witnessing the rise of a front of hate in contempt which makes the unspeakable acceptable and paves the way for violent acts in real life. the german interior minister stressed that no previous german government has been as active in its efforts to combat right wing extremism 3 far right groups have been banned they say here alone new special units within the agencies have been founded and a special government committee will hand over its findings to the german parliament next spring. researchers estimated germany is home to about a 1000000 people of african heritage many of them say racism is a part of their everyday lives too young to be talking. about their
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experience. dancing as an a staver tabi but that wasn't why she stood out in school. because she was one of their a few black pupils at her school in southern germany pretty much all my friends were whites i didn't look like they didn't didn't do the same things that home that they did and in a way i always had the feeling i had 2 identities and i had to read just depending on who i happened to be hanging out with dancing gave her a feeling of belonging because when she danced it didn't matter what color her skin was but in everyday life people make comments to put her in a box she says. things like a what's your university or what you were high school these things make it hard to feel at home because you don't look like the others and you don't have your roots here. in addition to her study. anna has a job as
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a social worker she supervises a group home for youngsters with mental disabilities but i'm so when i get on the subway train sometimes i feel the looks like get in a certain tension for example that someone holds their bag a little closer or somebody will scrutinize your hair or your hands you just never know is it admiration like wow what beautiful hair she's got or is it discussed you never know this. code so me is a billionaire as well she will start sociology studies this fall she's very close to her mother will take you realized very early on that her daughter was treated differently from white children. and you took ballet lessons like any girl she wanted to dance ballet in a pink tutu in jump around and she came out of the trial lesson totally dejected she was 3 years old and she said mom or i don't want to be brown anymore moments like these spurred into action she started a playgroup for afro german children so at least once
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a month her daughter would have the feeling of not being the only black child just process must look at racism can really be hurtful many people want to hear about these experiences they might think oh well it's once a month no it's every day when you go out every day if you don't get a job or an apartment you apply for it's not always for racist reasons of course but that's always one of the 1st things you wonder. me hopes that the current debate about racism will change society's perception of people of color not just short term but the long term to. you're watching the news is a reminder of the top stories we're following this hour the u.s. supreme court has walked congress reviewing president donald trump's financial records for now but the court rules the president does not have absolute immunity from criminal investigation in that he may have to hand over documents including his tax returns to new york prosecutors the top threats to german society are
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racism right wing extremism and anti-semitism that's according to a new government report the country's domestic security chief says germany is seeing a new front of hate and contempt. george w. news next stop the business with stephen beard's i'll be right back. but i don't need to keep a day about other people profiled all over the mention how metaphors and the whole of those who seem a deadly claim. about on this and a that the nasa tracking this $100.00. 3. degrees on.
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that 77 percent pop.


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