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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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my dear prudence i were to parchman treat analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and between their presidents how it is their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration for the rest of. them believes trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. hello and the warm welcome into focus on europe show and it's great to have your company so far the coronavirus pandemic hasn't affected germany as much as it has many other countries but the danger isn't over yet covert 1000 hotspots are still popping up in different parts of the country. germany's biggest meat processing company 10 years had to be shut down because of an outbreak many workers are from
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eastern europe they often employed by subcontractors and at times have to toil away under dire conditions there isn't outbreak has upsets the local population. the numerous covered $1000.00 cases the quarantine the temporary lockdown all that has brought negative publicity to the town of bay that didn't work well 10 years is headquartered at the outbreak has also shed light on the meat industry as a whole people who have worked in slaughterhouses tell taff and partly ensure main working conditions i'm glad mr shand and the gabriela are from romania they were lured to germany with the promises of well paid jobs but once they arrived they were met by a harsh reality. of ads like these promised well paid jobs in germany's meat industry rumanian companies like the m.g.m. trade in recruiting agency use them to find workers from the german labor market and to learn gabriela are among those who fell for these ads desperate for work
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they left their kids behind and signed up with a different subcontractor. but in this this subcontractor promised a lot accommodation practical training. but the reality is totally different the way charlie that if the. workers live in cramped dorms like these for which 250 use are deducted street from the monthly salary with little pristine it was no wonder the coronavirus rapidly spread among workers a major outbreak was going to happen. at least 1500 workers at the tinnies meat processing plant became infected either at work in their dorm. or on their way there. or so that you know our minivan only had 7 seats but we often shared it with up to 10 passengers we'd leave 2 hours the 4 hour shift began and arrive home 2 hours after it ended that regional would be
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the board for 2 months we were 11 hours every night without a break. but they only paid us for 8 hour shifts but got all boarded. at the chinese meat processing plant in north western germany labor slaughter and cutoff as many as $25000.00 pigs per day. nobody attorneys is willing to comment to us on the situation in the hygiene rules for workers instead who needs tells us we should contact the sub contractors who hire the workers. the offices of m.g.m. like those of other subcontractors are located near the chinese factory but here too nobody is willing to talk to us and telling gabriella were hired by a different subcontractor to package meat at the chinese plant. for me if they had promised us $1400.00 euro in cash without deductions for rent
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and transportation for 8 hour days that was what they said well. their reality is by no means is a dealing as feed of eden foods landscape it seems many locals knew about this parallel world. alters my mother everyone knew about this. occurrence for years this was an open secret. it was an undercover thing. exhibits didn't end well if it casts a bad light on our region that people have known about this for years. when the corona virus outbreak threatened to spread to the wider region the dire working conditions could no longer be ignored german authorities impose a look down and shut down the meat factory for the time being for years catholic priest peter krause and has been criticizing the grim situation in the meat industry he says the authorities should have intervened much sooner paula men and
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women are worn down by these working and living conditions and they're treated as if their human dignity counts for nothing and mentioned as if they're 3rd class human beings that this will continue at a huge cost to people's well being unless we as a society are willing to intervene and regulate this industry. some industry representatives are calling for a complete overhaul of the meat industry not just working conditions. small slaughterhouses are having a tough time on the market therefore soon vest money although meat prices are falling. i just think unfortunately that's why we are seeing a concentration of big slaughterhouses they keep growing and smaller ones disappear that's a shame shot back in the fleet of eden blue angular and gabriela no have nothing despite months of hard work but they wouldn't give up they also could reach across the. country you have to sacrifice yourself or your family will be to.
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car for our abandoned cars so your children have a better future that the future. for now will head home to rumania and their children their hopes of securing a well paid job in germany were in vain. the global cold with 1900 has shaken the economies of many countries and regions one of the sectors that has been hard hit is the aviation sector many people in europe are spending that some of the cation at home so most planes that should be up in the air they can present just for their holiday assignations are grounded we now take you to the spanish city of ted well because that's where these planes are being parked at the moment it's a business model that's giving the local economy a much needed boost. the countryside around tara well is
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one of empty villages and depopulated valleys. locals call it spanish lapland. but in recent months it's come back to life. aircraft from the major airlines land a terrible small airport almost daily. they need a place to park during the current virus pandemic. highland climate and lots of sun create the ideal conditions for europe's biggest parking lot for aircraft. the fees are said to run anywhere from $300.00 to 2000 euros a day much lower than at large airports. terrible airport opened in 2013 as an industrial aerospace how now the business model is really taking off the table with the right not to we have quite a lot going on starting in equal the number of planes increased by 50 percent.
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since global air traffic grown cold in march we've been able to assist you to keep meeting airliners with our service. residents of nearby villages such as were happy to see the airport doing such booming business. in the early 20 ten's when the storage facility was still in planning local farmers protested now the airport is attracting qualified personnel quite a change for a region a sparsely populated as the arctic circle. i am pushed to the airport is an important employer and we're hoping our village will continue to go along with that instead of shrinking in there with. the villages industrial area has already felt the positive economic effects are nesta is scared those carpentry for example. he produces boxes and packing. serials for the airport.
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they're needed when an aircraft is scrapped and the parts have to be shipped. all levels confident that we'll be able to keep working at the current pace the airport is carrying on the same level we are not slowing down. the sale of the wood most of the aircraft here will eventually take to the skies again. until then they have to be packed up and secured and maintained. the airport will soon be filled to its capacity of $130.00 park aircraft the demand is still growing. so the storage space is slated to be doubled in area. in the 2 she should is to expand our capacity and offer our services to even more airlines with an official. hardly any tourists ever find their way to terror well yet suddenly it's become an international aircraft of an
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aircraft parking lot among the fields of grain. the summer of 1905 was one of the darkest chapters of recent european history thousands of men and boys were killed during this ribbon it's a massacre in the bosnian war 25 years later the ones haven't healed many victims are still missing families are searching for anything that will give them some sort of closure the american catherine baumberger is helping identify the remains of victims and bring perpetrators to justice. 3 bones and a shred of cloths and yet the revelation of a sad fate one of 8000 victims of the srebrenica genocide has recovered here from a mass grave in eastern bosnia the bones are later brought together. katherine baumberger is the director general of the international commission on
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missing persons she has been instrumental in finding and identifying the bodies of the disappeared she cannot put the srebrenica genocide behind her. you know in many ways every day it's like thank you for your eternally dealing with this issue now 20 years later. moved to the hague from the bosnian capitals there able with you years ago and there's state of the lab where d.n.a. is extracted from skeletal samples and analyzed came with her the genetic codes can then be compared with the d.n.a. of survivors but this is not only about victims finding closure not only that the bodies were found and allowing families to bury them and in our case using d.n.a. to accurately identify the but also ensuring justice for the victims and that's been a road. we've been marked upon but it's not over yet the lab results have been used in various trials in 2017 the international criminal tribunal for the former
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yugoslavia found the main perpetrator of this massacre the former serbian military commander rot commonality which guilty of committing war crimes and genocide. he was sentenced to life in prison on july 11th 1905 nodded to his troops over randon occupied srebrenica where tens of thousands of bosnian muslims had sought safety this is rarely shown footage from the criminal tribunals for the former yugoslavia. dutch battalion the un blue helmets was supposed to defend the un safe haven but many soldiers looked on as not it had the men and boys rounded up . they were taken away and murdered in mass shootings over 8000 but there was more horror to come. i mean the perpetrators went back to the original mass grave sites and to cover up the evidence they use heavy machinery
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they went back to the original sites and dug up bodies from primary locations and move them to multiple secondary locations often 50 kilometers away from each other the u.s. detected the genocide by analyzing satellite images victims had been very proud of serbian controlled eastern bosnia some skeletons were torn apart then years later under the eyes of the bosnian serb authorities they did work soon. so this went back to the forensic pathologist who would look at cause and manner of death which was often difficult because heads would be missing i mean it wasn't always possible to to see bullet wounds because often they were executed in the head of the head is missing and i'm getting into the gory details but this record probably the most meticulous scientific effort ever conducted in a post conflict situation and specifically related to a genocide so that aim is to allow family members to properly bury their deceased
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loved ones anthropologists are piecing together their human remains. possible that. came from one and this came from a different. daunting task today experts can rely on d.n.a. analysis that make their work easier. samples are extracted from the human remains sometimes from a whole range of them this has allowed the experts to more or less pieced together skeletons of the deceased by comparing these d.n.a. samples with those of relatives the ones nameless victims regain their identity. working with traumatized families of the missing to try to. receive d.n.a. samples from. to match the samples to the post-mortem skeletal. remains that were being found in mass graves what began in srebrenica is now
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a widespread method for identifying victims it's used as the world over to identify those killed in wars and other conflicts. and serbian it's a reminder of what we're all capable of regardless of which country we're from that level of hatred results it can have a very very bad ending and i am scared catherine says it's up to us alone whether or not we learn from the past. indeed a task for each one of us the italian region of calabria as one of several mafia strongholds in the country activities of this organized crime group are slowing down the local economy and that's one reason why many people especially young ones are moving away from the region but some are coming back like miriam pulley is it after spending assam time abroad as she and her husband decided to go back home to calabria to found a company and unfed of going for high tech they are letting nature work for them.
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so everything in sight. and their favorite food stuff is more barry ween. there's no chance of them becoming too fact. dominica vino says a vision simply keep on feeding. they're in their 5th stage of development and yet the most miraculous phase. in the boat so well when they stop eating they build a cocoon around themselves as a protective casing and begin to change into a pupa. event which then becomes a muffin a place here in philly and. the medical feeds the so corms twice a day for 30 days this is when they start building their cocoons.
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'd 'd dominica his wife miriam and their friends giovanni to set up their silk production company needed to set in calabria in southern italy a few years ago. they had all studied in miriam had lived in berlin for a time but then came the moment when they wanted to give something back to their home region. they opted for so production which was a major industry in the region 300 years ago. the mobile area trees were already there. generally young people tend to leave calabria which is poor and dominated by organized crime. well you probably at them could i mean the idea it's easy to set up a company but the problem is that the area has a bad reputation because the engine get it's difficult for us sometimes to prove
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that there has been positive development. i stop with even if. they've never received any financial support from the region the national government in rome or the european union and they've been waiting for electricity for 4 years. merriam says that this is not a business that will make them rich but this is not their goal either. nonetheless they have made a name for themselves and people from all over the world are interested in their work and discovering how soak is produced the silk thread from one coon can be up to 2 kilometers long. the 3 have also started working with many women from the region. we've set up a 100 percent calabrian craft were chained i'm happy about that everyone knows the local employment market in the situation of women. that would have given calabria.
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and they are no longer alone in the region as young artists and. peanuts are and c is the president of the donna income for women's entrepreneurs association she says that there is a growing interest in making things naturally only job anyone tell us and you'll probably better that with that one something there are more and more young men and women in agriculture and they show more respect for the environment they want to do things differently that women with courage can do this with women who don't see limitations young people also bring an element of levity and entrepreneurship joining the perfect combination of. a queenie and an automobile. at the beginning miriam was worried that the business would fail but over the years she grew confident and happier now she was so glad to have time which has become so precious and a feeling of being at one with nature she is also optimistic about the future. in
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terms. of course we're doing this work for ourselves but also for the next generation is we want to impart a different impression of our country that's a positive one we want to show that calabria is a region that works where there are healthy values and principles this is our biggest desire. miriam has never regretted coming back to italy on the contrary she has always believed that everything would go well to the under a banner as her motto incidentally also the mantra of a coke in 1000 canned. today we're launching our brand new theory of the russians and part one would take you
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told the northern part of the country several nomadic families live there because they travel from place to place their children have to attend boarding schools they don't make that is one of them and she have a hobby which is anything but typical. there on account of lena's really into guns she can break down and reassemble a kalashnikov and do it better than most of her school. i think it's great it doesn't matter how i feel even if i run my finger nails doing it. 16 year old veronica would like to become a police officer or a soldier. she lives in russia's high north her who is the tiger.
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her parents are pneumatic reindeer herders they move from place to place always following. through the school year ironic lino lives in a boarding school in risking scalia with a population of about 2000 in western siberia around half the population is indigenous. man see and then that simplicity russia has designated and some 30 other indigenous groups together as the little peoples of siberia veronica is a county she sees her parents twice a year during vacations. i've grown accustomed to the teachers and i even like the boarding school more than my home some 200 boys and girls live and study here the school places great value in petri it is a minute's curriculum a love of one's homeland and the need to defend volunteer reserves can earn additional qualifications for breaking down a kalashnikov for example. here
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in the holidays veronica and her schoolmates are back living the traditional life with their parents on the siberian tiger. hardly any trees grew on it but there is lots of space and grass providing forage for reindeer. vacation begin soon for veronica lena she'll be heading out to the tundra and whom she looks forward to it with mixed feelings. on vacation i'll miss my schoolmates. here at the boarding school i've got the boys and girls i've grown up with. i won't have them at how. strange without them. all russian school children go on vacation from june to august helicopters bring new mad youngsters to their families in the forest where there are neither routes nor train tracks.
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the north is free country sings veronica's friend in some places is even car free. that's an we're. of course we're sad but we're also happy because our students do miss their parents when they stay here the whole year they're excited because everyone's flying off at the same time. to the city. then the time comes for everyone to see us for daniel goodbye. the flight takes a few hours the tigers the world's largest continuous forest area is divided into several zooms each no my group has a number. of. the youngsters are dropped off one after the other and then it's off to the next for a settlement. by early evening ironic is back whom.
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yes i was born in the forest and my parents didn't go to the hospital with me so. let me just say it makes me happy when my dogs bark for joy and my family's happy to see me in the show. runners whose home life with her family on the title will last 3 months then it's back to school. and next week we'll continue with parched series the russians will be bringing you more stories from people at cross russia but for now we've come to the ends of
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today's show might be sure to tune in again next time here on poker on europe from me and the rest of the team is by and take care. to.
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the point of strong opinions a clear position on the international perspective such. with corona infections surging in the us president trying to claim is 99 percent of all cases are harmless america's struggle with the virus threatens to spiral out of control corona in the us trumps downfall that's our topic on to the point to the point. of being 3 minutes on d w. i
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was fishing when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard to shred. i even got white hair. that language head nodding off the face keeps me and they help us maybe to interrupt let's say you want to know their story. their fighting and reliable information for margaret. sound. camera. and. some talented filmmakers from different parts of the world all have one mission and. they live for film. that's really not the talents of the screen women. for them are 21.
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this is news live from far away as thousands defying a ban on mass gatherings in serbia with a sitting protest against the government's crowd of virus response a peaceful demonstration follows 2 days of violent clashes. also coming up a stunning defeat for president trump from the most a conservative u.s. supreme court allowing prosecutors to see his tax records the judge's decision sideslip landmark rulings that ensure limits on presidential power but that doesn't mean that voters.


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