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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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the news live from for a land thousands defying a ban on mass gatherings in serbia with a sitting protest against the government's kroto virus response the peaceful demonstration follows 2 days of violent clashes. also coming up a stunning defeat for president trump from the mostly conservative u.s. supreme court allowing prosecutors to see his tax records the judge's decision sides with landmark rulings that ensure limits on presidential power but that doesn't mean that voters will see trump taxes any time soon. also coming up
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remembering the victims of srebrenica genocide 25 years later g.w. hears from survivors of the massacre who will never forget the pain or the brutality 8000 muslims were killed by christian service forces the images on to those who lost their loved ones. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program there's been a 3rd night of protests in serbia against the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic as despite an official ban on gatherings of more than 10 people now the protest began earlier this week after the government proposed a 2nd lockdown due to a sharp spike in covert 19 cases which some blame on the serbian pres. president's
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decision to hold elections. large protests defy the new ban on gatherings in belgrade but they remained largely peaceful. unlike the preceding 2 nights when rioters attacked the parliament building and these are scenes the serbian government hopes have subsided now president alexander called the protesters hooligans while addressing the nation during an official flight to paris . i promise you that we will be able to preserve peace and stability despite the criminal hooligan violent attacks we are all shocked by. surging all our people in belgrade and in other cities not to confront the hooligans themselves we will do that as a state we will do it and we will win. the privilege. earlier this week blue chips had announced that a new coronavirus lockdown would be imposed protests erupted just hours later many
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serbians accuse the autocratic much itch of being the one who allowed the coronavirus crisis to spin out of control in the 1st place in june here brought the east previously strict measures in order to hold an election that tightened his grip on power since then serbia has experienced a surge in new coronavirus cases was diminished i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have a problem with shutting them down just because of the elections and then reimposing them. what is the need our government is simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage and i did. call it that on the steps that. serbia went back 5 centuries under president putin. that thousands of people who gathered in belgrade and other serbian cities in defiance of the new ban made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of letting their voices be silenced. and turning out to and. their country and during
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a 2nd wave of covert $1000.00 infections israel just last month the country was hailed as an example of successful containment now things are so bad that israelis have been left off the list of countries free to travel to the e.u. and tourists are not allowed to enter israel. the new normal 1st register your personal details and take a temperature check before you can enter a cafe in jerusalem student shonda fanie is story that the number of coronavirus cases is once again pricing sharply she lost her part time job during the lockdown in march and april now she's facing renewed uncertainty. but i want freedom of the health issues and the economic situation students are getting infected people my age it's not only the over sixty's so it's frightening and financially i'm still unemployed i still have to pay my rent.
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and then. early on israel closed its borders and imposed a strict lockdown for several weeks at a cost unemployment rose from $4.00 to more than 20 percent but schools and businesses started to reopen in may a few weeks ago it looked like israel never get it its way quite well through the koran a pandemic that has changed dramatically special corona wards and hospitals and right through testing centers like this one had to be reopened these testing stations had closed because there was no demand now cars are lining up again experts are discussing what went wrong there were no strategic cooperation. what would happen after that logged on and what we've seen now is the 2nd wave these leaders are resolved or that in action doing is the fairest way and it's
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unfortunate because we're one of the few countries which ended the 1st wave with 300 deaths fewer infections and we could have revived economy very worried prime minister binyamin netanyahu was widely praised for his handling of the crisis 1st time around that has changed people are worried about just 2nd crave. new restrictions when ounce this week including increasing fines for not wearing masks limiting the number of people in public areas and restaurants. it feels like a deja vu for shift done a little bit who had just opened this fish restaurant and if you don't know if you're going to work tomorrow or in the. last. tap and it was very surprising. this time we are more ready for that. but.
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the very. confusing another prolonged lockdown might still be on the cards a dismal prospect for most israelis who thought the worst was over a deal over. well the u.s. supreme court has ruled that federal federal prosecutors can see president trump's tax returns a major defeat for trump from a 9 member court that includes 5 conservatives but the justices also blocked for now the u.s. congress from seeing the records that means that voters will likely not be able to see details of the president's financial background before this november's presidential election. i'm sure pages from a trump tax returns into the new year it's one of american politics is biggest secrets how much taxes donald trump pite and to whom does his company own money few of the numbers have ever been made public he's missing financial figures a big issue in 26 dame but maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you
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watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes so that makes these are a nearly 4 years on the president's financial secrets of ended up in the supreme court and it's delivered a limited victory to trump with a ruling that means his money likely won't be a major issue this election season. the court case petered the trump empire against congress and prosecutors democrats wanted access to company records trump's lawyers argued the opposition wanted to harass not of a say the administration. the court found nancy pelosi wanted too many documents but it didn't dismiss the speak his request outright. a path that the supreme court has laid out is one that is clearly achievable by us in the lower court and we will continue to go down that path but the court's decision isn't enough
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a woman win for the president because the supreme court also says his financial records must be turned over to new york state prosecutors which could mean he could face charges in the future. for certain. satisfied for the point i'm not satisfied with bentley and this is a political witch hunt the likes of would you nobody's ever seen before it's a pure wichita hoax. analysts say the court's ruling is a drawl for the president. one that leaves the supreme court of of the political fry. as the u.s. faces a bruising election season. and we spoke earlier with scott anderson a former legal adviser at the u.s. state department we asked him what could happen to donald trump if there's enough evidence in his financial records to indict. a certainly if you becomes a private citizen it's a likely scenario that we will see the president have to answer this charge and
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same with any other private citizen would at that point the separation of powers concerns and other concerns regarding the impact on the president his conduct of this role and his ability to exercise his function as president being hampered by any sort of litigation or criminal defense likely isn't going to be implicated if you are means in office and the president is no doubt only going to argue that as long as i'm in office the fact that this criminal investigation is going to severely hamper my activities as president means that i shouldn't have to face these charges least so long as i'm in office and that if the united states or if the u.s. institutions want me to face these charges congress can impeach me and then i became to question as to whether really congress is going to be willing to take that step driven from office and force him to confront those charges or whether there may be some other legal avenue by which the president may be held accountable that is a fact pattern that we haven't really encountered before in this case so squarely but a president really prosecuted by state and raise
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a range of novel legal questions but all of which are highly problematic including for the president. going ever since speaking with us earlier let's get a closer look at some other stories making news around the world people in singapore are voting in a general election the prime minister's longstanding governing party is set to win another term it is southeast asia's 1st national election since the start of the pandemic singapore is facing the worst recession in decades. police in seoul have found the body of the city's longtime mayor part one soon after he was reported missing by his daughter police say there was no sign of foul play a former secretary reportedly filed a sexual harassment complaint against park on wednesday. and in congo 3 people have died after a violent protest 2 demonstrators were shot down and a policeman was lynched in clashes over plans to name a new head of the country's election panel the un has condemned the use of force by
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military police. now it has been 25 years since the stronger needs a massive massacre when thousands of bosnian muslims mostly men were killed by christian serb forces on saturday as happens every july 11th relatives of the most recently identified victims will gather there for a funeral here in berlin d.w. spoke with 2 survivors of the massacre who will also be marking the day. to send a frozen is takes her back to her foma peaceful life in the hills of spread parineeti. until the age of 45 so had a happy life but then yugoslavia fell apart serbian forces shelled the town and tried to stuff its residents out now i go to. the mornings where the worst every day is not even 9 am i had children in front of my house begging they wanted
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something to eat but we didn't have anything ourselves nothing to wonder some blood not yet. in a russia. between 93 and 95 the fighting between serb forces and bosnian militias intensified the serbs were trying to force the population out of their homes to make their opponents surrender. in july 95 generac gone largely later convicted of war crimes and genocide and roots forever need the separation between life and death began. as that got them abroad used them when they put 2 tanks facing each other and people had to walk for then they started charging people old women and children on one side young women on the other fort and entertainment at night. or the man were taken away even little boys from the age of 8 even 90 year olds were scottish so severely it never does did god you know study
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on. an estimated 8000 men and boys were shot in the following days. lost his father and spread bernita he often imagines his final moments before he got shot. at the point did he feel hungry did he feel thirsty. if he was conscious did he think about us his family did anything give him strength we're going to crack. in 20053 manes of his father were dental 5 in 3 different mass graves thanks to d.n.a. tests before the burial he insisted on seeing them and recognized his father skull . than. him when remains are found they are
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often already charred and decomposed. about was all man. but that makes the teeth stand out more in contrast and i recognised my father smile or for my new father. in july 95 women and children left red prieta under the eyes of serving forces. was amongst them but on her way out she would know something she will never be able to forget assume put them some stories of whatever friends of mine try to escape but the soldiers caught them and drag them back to the street they wanted everyone to see what happens to those who try to escape they took them and then shot them right in front of me they were like family to me. about not so many believe me she had family. just like demi kludged she lives with the trauma to this day but
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still the smell of roses lives on and reminds her of her farm a peaceful you've inspired parineeta summer anniversary let's get more now we are joined by valerie hopkins who is the southeast europe correspondent for the financial times she joins us from 70th south valorie 25 years on tell us more about the ceremonies and what they need for both remember once and reconciliation i sara thank you for having me so tomorrow the remains of 9 people who were found last year and identified and matched to people who are looking for their missing family members will be buried at the memorial center in qatari it's a charming for an anniversary of course and. it would have been i think quite a big occasion for the entire country and the entire community to to mark this day
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with people returning from all over the world many people from her as you saw on your show in germany night it states abroad but because of corona i think it's going to be an even more somber occasion and a much more painful day for people without their community or celebrate and i think it's will be particularly painful for those families of the 1700 people whose bodies have still not been found. meantime we know that you have followed the trials of some of those responsible for the horrors of the genocide of landmark international conventions what more needs to be done in order to achieve justice for the families of those victims. that's indeed what most of the families want is justice and acknowledgement so this this commemoration is always a very important for collective mourning of the community but it actually takes place in an environment where people in the immediate neighborhood i'm including the local mayor here and start when he refused to refer to the massacre as
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a genocide so the convictions established in contra incontrovertibly the facts which are really important but a lot remains on a local and personal level so certainly it is actually located in what's called republic us or which is the wartime name for the territory that was dominated by the bosnian serb army and here. leadership of republika srpska is working on a new report to establish its own set of facts about what happened and in so doing trying to sort of create a sense of serbia. and distort the truth about what happened that's what most credible scholars tell me given that talk with us a little bit more about because you know we hear a lot about the victims of the genocide but of course there are survivors to talk about you know the level of justice of reparations of closure that they have received given what you just said. yes there are many i have been speaking during
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my reporting here to a number of survivors who have have lived through really young speakable things and i think it's incredibly difficult for them now to see that you know in the next town over on saturday night there will be a celebration of the liberation of srebrenica. and a celebration of rockmart that she was convicted genocide and. in terms of preparation and justice itself has been incredibly slow there are still more than 550 cases of war crimes pending in the bosnian court. charlotte's 4500 perpetrators you know who are all at liberty living often living back in their communities and some of these of the same communities where. many people who former . or other areas they were ethnically cleansed to return to. also in terms of reparations a dutch government appointed commission has been set up just to see you're actually to prepare compensation settlement proposal for the surviving family members 350
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bosniak men from sacramento who the u.n. battalion peacekeepers added over. but as you can see it's taken 25 years even to get a commission to look into those. those are christians still so much more work to get done valerie hopkins of the financial times joining us 25 years on since the massacre at srebrenica thank you so much. thank you. know germany's interior minister and domestic security chief have released a report into violent attacks carried out in germany last year they conclude that the biggest danger facing the country is right wing extremists. the security threats in germany are manifold with one area still a particularly high concern says the german interior minister. let me start off with the area of right wing extremism racism and anti semitism
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this area is the greatest threat to security in germany. nothing is change that on the contrary the number of offenses the number of people linked to right wing extremist circles and the number of violent far right extremists has increased further. used. a number of particularly brutal far right acts made headlines over the last year in 29000 pro migration conservative politician via term look who was killed and a gunman killed 2 people in an attack on a synagogue and holler in february this year a gunman shot dead 9 people in one hour some 90 percent of anti semitic acts in germany are far right motivated the report lists around $8000.00 more right wing extremists on the radar of german intelligence agents compared to last year. that spike in numbers in part comes from the authorities putting the so-called good of
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the party under observation an unofficial grouping of far right politicians. but opposing politicians want the whole party to face scrutiny. of the bill is not the entire a 50 but it has spread across the entire array of 50 the flugel is deeply rooted within the f.d.a. which is why it would be important to put the f.d.a. as a whole under surveillance because there are traces of the few clever way. it ends and. as far as security is concerned left wing and islamist terrorism remain the 2 other big threats cyber attacks and espionage also play an increased role readiness to commit violence is growing on all sides. this. as a society we must be alone stop the threshold to commit violence has been declining steadily that the number of violent acts as risen exorbitantly about online we are
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witnessing the rise of a front of hate in contempt which makes the unspeakable acceptable and paves the way for violent acts in real life. the german interior minister stressed that no previous german government has been as active in its efforts to combat right wing extremism 3 far right groups have been banned they say here alone new special units within the agencies have been founded and a special government committee $100.00 for its findings to the german parliament next spring. e.u. members have chosen irish finance minister pascal donohue to lead the blocks financial policy making arm the euro group donohue styled himself as a consensus candidate for both northern and southern e.u. members and had the backing of europe in conservative parties he beat out the spanish deputy prime minister. who was favored by southern states like france and
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italy now donahoe now helps to oversee the e.u. 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery plan. for going financial reporter conrad boson is joining us from frankfurt where the european central bank is of course based so how much of a surprise was this for people where you are. quite a surprise sara because. your also had the backing of germany but as it turns out of the smaller member countries of the euro group obviously had been under a mess on the estimated again you know countries like belgium the netherlands the baltic countries don't like it usually when you know the big member countries of the euro group already decide about everything before the vote and let's not forget kind of angel ones called the smaller northern european countries very small
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countries with very small weight and that was perceived to be very condescending and arrogant something that donahue is said to absolutely not be just briefly conrad in terms of policies apart from coronavirus recovery plan what will be most important for the euro group chief. the banking union more of an integration of our banking and financial system at presque isle donahue might exactly be the right person to restart this process he is a conservative politician he once managed the bailout of the irish banking system and he has a reputation of being a bridge builder something that the euro group desperately needs conrad who isn't in frankfurt thank you so where are you most likely to meet a millionaire a new study says the united states and japan rank at the top of the list when it comes to ultra high net worth individuals china and germany and france are further
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down the list for. the hamptons where new york's elite resigned those with an address here rank among the country's wealthiest among the locals robert de niro shields and alec baldwin. according to the world wealth report published by consultancy firm cap gemini the united states with its 5900000 millionaires ranks top of the list when it comes to the super rich japan is in 2nd place with 3400000 ultra wealthy individuals further down the list germany china and france. the report's author is included value derived from stock rental income fawns commodities as well as cold hard cash as part of their calculations over the past few years the number of ultra high net worth individuals has risen that said the millionaire club is still
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a pretty exclusive domain those looking from the outside may have to keep dreaming of winning the lottery or like donald duck curry favor with their rich uncle. and with that now you're up to date on t w news i'm sarah kelly in berlin don't forget there's always more on social media you can also go on our website dot com.
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the point. strong opinions clear positions international perspective such. with corona infection surging in the us president trying to claims 99 percent of all cases are harmless america's struggle with a virus threatens to spiral out of control corona in the us trumps downfall that's
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our topic on to the point to point to the next up on t.w. . huge numbers of corona virus infections in meat processing plants. crude treatment of livestock transported across europe. terrible living on work conditions where employees. how toxic is the meat industry. global 3000. and 60 minutes on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss them just through the tactics and
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a weekly radio prog show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com look for him slash science. with corona searching in the u.s. president trump claims 99 percent of all cases are totally harmless this despite record infection rates and more covert deaths than in any other country in the world america's struggle with the virus threatens to spiral out of control the. president used his independence day speech to heap praise on his own crisis management but it seems that many americans don't quite see it that way with the economy in freefall and society deeply polarized a record 69 percent say the country is on.


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