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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2020 12:45pm-1:01pm CEST

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things look like they're getting back to normal at lake allatoona just 20 miles northeast of georgia's capital atlanta a lot of boaters are back on the water and nobody's wearing a mask in downtown atlanta and across the entire state a growing number of shops and restaurants are reopening back in business ended work by order of the governor but not so fast richard de kalb county atlanta if you drive a fairly common sign these days we're told that predominantly affluent african-americans live here however today long lines of cars from the parking lot again for a box of vegetables and a bag of frozen chicken breasts one per car and household. what's going on but. i got you know to find that will give you this is john beals he's a chef and used to have a thriving catering business then called 1000 hits on a corner selling barbecue feel says the state's decision to loosen restrictions
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early and widely means he can work and feed just family but of course he knows about the potential health risks and that makes him feel uneasy. now how can you open a country where no peer it's like c.n.n. people out to discount to see what happened is so many words like guinea pig african-americans living in atlanta sister wrinkly underprivileged communities have suffered the most from the covert 1000 locked down and also from what many say was a hasty reopening of the state they were the low paying jobs to live in so-called food deserts with no access to healthy nutrition let alone quality health care or education yet they're often so-called front line workers with no other options for work coronavirus death rate of black americans is roughly 2.5 times higher than that of white and asian americans and twice as high as the death rate for latinos we need pastor anthony moti he says by reopening the state for business too quickly the governor willfully put primarily african-american lives in danger what we're
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doing is african-american leaders and. 3rd. show. you. the past who says president trump is ultimately to blame for ignoring the disproportionate number of african-americans dying from covert 19 across the country mostly is convinced trump will pay a heavy price for this at the ballot boxes in the presidential elections come this november for now he wants his congregation to stay home urging them not to go to work or even come to church. refugees have been trying to cross the straits between turkey and greece to reach europe for some time but many of them don't make it there are reports that boats with refugees are being attacked at sea and forced back.
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this year off greece poses a puzzling question was a disturbing answer more migrant boats are leaving turkey for the e.u. but on the greek island of less fuss there hasn't been an increase in rights. there were 9000 people on the sparrow but then what you have is a 16 year old from afghanistan to these pictures he said he was shortly after masked men attacked them from endangering the boat forcing greek waters off last bus on the 5th of june this year the boy does not want to be identified. to our much. much of the court 2 men have. made their mistake they are wearing black marks on their faces and they want to have nice makeup all on our board and the view would be why we should connect it. we analyze dozens of
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similar reports and videos comparing them such as coastlines and the position of the sun along was information from emergency calls official reports and eyewitness accounts. our conclusion refugees and migrants are being kept away from the greek coast at times by force it seems masked men often attack migrant boats on the open seas damaging them so they can't be steerage and leaving them adrift sometimes they even actively force the boats back into true waters a tactic known as push back. evidence such as this video. analysis of both structures let our colleagues from the investigative platforms battling cat and light house report to clearly identify the d.m.v. as belonging to a greek coast guard ship. but greece denies using illegal methods the coast guard told t w the operations conducted by
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a harbor police and hellenic coast guard are in accordance with international law and international conventions. we also asked the european border agency frontex which works closely with the 3 coastguard their answer didn't refer to the incidents in question they just said all of their border control operations conformed to the highest standards my question to context you say you don't know all but how could you not know and what steps have you taken to rebut what we have as evidence. has been watching migrants moving cross the gnc for years and has seen a rise in the number of pushbacks she has been monitoring the situation for the european center for constitutional and human rights. the e.u. is expected to stand up for a new law to be respected and we haven't seen that we haven't seen it in public
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statements made by representatives of the new institutions and we haven't seen it in any sort of legal action that new institutions have to power to take against member states not respecting the util members of the european parliament and the un high commission for refugees are demanding an official investigation they say greece has the right to defend its borders but it must do so within international law. israel's plans to annex parts of west jordan have increased tensions in the region in the palestinian enclave bait in the west bank residents are now facing an uncertain future. this tunnel road leads to the palestinian village of beit exile next to the security barrier that separates israel from the occupied west bank at this particular spot the fans of the israeli barrier was built around
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a house belonging to one palestinian family that i have slipped in this almost unique enclave right next to a jury said. them and the entrance gate and cameras are remotely monitored like other palestinians wonders what will happen to its home if the settlement becomes officially part of israel a move based on the controversial you as peace proposal put forth in january. i consider the annexation that we're hearing about to be a show of american and israeli arrogance in order to confiscate more land. the israeli and american governments just want the land but without the people killed. so far israel hasn't presented any official maps to explain which areas it could in next 1st and where the lines would be drawn and i have is concerned that the move could lead to yet more isolation and further restrictions on movement is specially
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since the tram plan and visions only limited enclaves for the palestinians. that. there's no future. there's no hope of. my hopes are gone that so the support we see for the israelis nobody cares about us palestinians out off at work all of the movement between different parts of the occupied west bank is already very complicated for palestinians. it's more than an hour's drive to cross the kalandia checkpoint. only palestinians with an israeli permit can cross from here. from there we return to the settlement of given her. the pool is one of the settlements founders like most residents he's waiting for more details on the an exception plants from the israeli government. fall to shia holy although a significant things that could come out of this plan is that it can open up
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a very positive opportunity for us to expand our settlements for our children and it's also good for the people on the other side of the fence if an exaggeration goes ahead it's expected to be a long process on the palestinian side of the fence uncertainty is crowing as once again maps everything good without the people living there having much say about where the lines are drawn. announced any takes us to germany the elderly belong to a high risk group during the ongoing pandemic and their chances of. dying due to corona are especially high that's how their talisman survived an infection despite his old age. that a young. when you're young it's different but at the age of 93 what you have to worry about he had prepared himself for death had housman contracted covert
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19 at the age of 93 and fought the disease for more than a month as it has diminished me well it hit me hard i was groggy miserable and i was always tired lost my appetite but. i couldn't eat anything at all times just the same and i didn't feel like eating any way more than during the initial last 12 kilos at one point it seemed he would not make it he had already decided against going to a hospital and intubation but habit for his way through and pushed himself to go just a little bit further every day with his walker he had no fear during his illness. i was afraid when i was taken prisoner i felt fear then but now with the flu i wasn't at all afraid. besides have at the other nursing home residents with covert 1000 also managed to get through it as open as the canteen leader describes the day
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they all attest that negative again. they still go by we were all so happy many staff members cry and even cry too it was such a relief it was such a great feeling like i. have that is really looking forward to one thing once the coronavirus is finally under control the shelves are now decked oh god i have an electric car to be happy when i can go to the divine river that i would drive into the city with it it's been offered for 8 weeks now and it's going to be very angry with me. but not good by the open the kindergarten euler older people who don't have the virus not allowed to go out again it almost could.
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in 2015 refugee crisis was given a face alan coumadin this 3 year old syrian boy drowned while. his father survived the tragedy. years later he's trying to make a new start in. global 3000. and 30 minutes on d w. how can
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a country's economy grow harmony 6 people violent when there are do or look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and those people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. 90 minutes on w. . this story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problems. his credo no chemicals. his wife saw him so crazy. and i bought ducks. and.
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stepped. out. orders. for the past don't stand a chance. the price is. history and he has the finest and production to top it off. training successful. starts july 27th.
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this is the news live from berlin a victory for poland's populist president. a 2nd term scoring a narrow victory over his friendly challenger what does the conservative win mean for the country's next 5 years also coming up the coronavirus this ravaging crisis tourism industry the dramatic drop in foreign arrivals has left many in this key sector fearing for their lives. and the court of arbitration for sport has overturned manchester.


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