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such a. structure intrusive or. just . plain. this is did every news live from prague celebrates best deal day and of the shadow of the current of ours as scaled down ceremony in paris plays tribute to the nation's health care with the us president will crumble lay out his plans to overcome the pandemic in a televised address later today also coming up. could he be the new frontrunner to succeed i'm going to makeover marcus that is
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a very nice house with the german chancellor as political observers buzzing. and ravaged by decades of conflict somalia's capital now confronts coronavirus with critical infrastructure lacking the private sector is stepping in to try to keep people safe in mogadishu. hello i'm christine window welcome to the program fraunces celebrating its national holiday best day but this year public's integrations have been canceled all scaled back in the capital paris for the 1st time since 945 boards have cancelled their traditional parade along the shops and these are used instead a much smaller event took place featuring a tribute to health care workers representatives from 4 european countries including. and you were also present as their governments took in 161 french virus
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victims at the height of the crisis was these protesters are carrying gender equality symbolic key to its growth. was they say the 2 recent appointments deal a death blow to the promise president in monaco made when he came to power 3 years ago. if it. is accused of having raped a woman in 2009 disappointment is it insulting to all women who are victims of sexual violence and to perm what he has said many like being with search out in the street to what extent can you not listen to victimise this is a scandal it's called under pressure i'm scared if i were a victim of sexual violence one day i would have to turn to executions run by sexist people who are accused of rape and the urge to walk into joy looked like the appointment of star lawyer. as justice minister is also causing
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a stir amongst magistrates they don't feel he's on their side did in their class and hear from them in their mcquire images disappointment is like a declaration of war by a man on the call as a lawyer diploma that he has time and again been contentious towards magistrates judges and prosecutors and there is a high risk of conflict of interest as law firm is involved in many high profile cases for example the now former justice minister just launched another inquiry into his latest case to promote it he will receive the results of that inquiry although he's also the lawyer pressing charges to plant. the government is trying to calm the waves after all you pull my t.'s appointment was supposed to give my core new shine after 3 years of controversial reforms unlike in other countries the coronavirus crisis has hardly improved this sluggish approval ratings. and i am much more with no one i would keep the best parts of our system and change its
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worst parts. i'm entitled to the presumption of innocence but i'm obviously at the disposal of all magistrates and if you. believe that but such words only for the end of the preacher says more than $50000.00 people have already signed an online petition asking for the minister's resignation. of a country should take a stand against these appointments this concerns only and not just the one in front on these protesters will continue their fight more gatherings and demonstrations are planned for the coming days. while at home president has been facing damaging approval ratings and criticism over his handling of the french economy he was asked if. there paris she said the same operation more of an opportunity for mccraw to revive his political fortunes. today's ceremony to mark best a day here in france included a special tribute to health care and front line workers who have been playing an
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important role during france's fight against the coronavirus this day was also to mark a fresh start for president amanda marcotte he announced plans to bring down youth unemployment and to get the economy back on track 2 years ahead of france's next presidential elections he's trying to give his presidency fresh impetus but it'll be an uphill struggle according to polls only about a 3rd of the french have a positive opinion of him out of. the summit was now to have here. in germany that's been generating quite a bit of buzz for the 1st time in her chancellorship i'm going to medical is attending a cabinet meeting of the bavarian government she was invited by the various state minister officially to discuss the germany e.u. presidency but some observers say it could have been something of a job interview to decide if it would be
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a good candidate to succeed medical as chancellor. the bavarian palace of herman cain v a beautiful and rather unusual backdrop for the meeting of the variance to premier and. the relationship between the 2 haven't always been this cordial. if you just knew it was a wonderful day tork the day started with a picturesque and well orchestrated boat trip to the island of happened much more filmable than a more convenient helicopter flight would have been. that was followed by a ride in a horse drawn carriage the perry semlin a region with her crown prince but america doesn't want to commend on the question on everyone's lips it is also concern in the issue of my successor i want to observe a certain restraint which means that i won't comment on the question in any way.
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commenting on more than half of germans think mark was pseudo would be a good candidate his approval ratings shot up during the corona crisis 0 deftly turned this into a compliment and says it's all thanks to the chancellor. of germany got through this crisis better than other countries it's down to the influence and leadership of the chancellor people discomfort of america it's tough to bavaria was a display of harmony pictures like these certainly won't hurt the various state premie a on the road to a possible candidacy fuck chancellorship. let's get out chief political correspondent linda crane who is following the story for us so we have seen the pictures a very applicable and grand visit which is rather and usual for 4 mcelwee is known for her sober appearances. that's true but of course it wasn't the chancellor
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herself who chose these settings but rather her host however it's unusual for precisely that reason this is the same politician who during the election campaign of 2018 made it clear that he would prefer that the chancellor that chancellor merkel not visit him but was very happy to receive a visit from the much more conservative chancellor of austria this was at a time when these 2 parties the chancellors christian democrats and it's very and sister party the christian social union which is mr surface party when they were scarcely on speaking terms so what has changed well mr assert a has moved toward the middle of the political spectrum and distanced himself from the right wing populism of his predecessor and frankly a winner loves a winner both and medical emerged from the corona crisis looking very strong indeed the ratings that you mentioned they are largely attributable to the fact that both showed a very clear disciplined leadership to try to nip corona in the bud. very interesting
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so some of it does this mean because it is now medicals had picked success that no it doesn't i think when she tries to play her cards close to her vest that she absolutely means that she had a hand picked successor that was the woman who is now the defense minister and a great crime convo or that did not work out well at all so i think that the chancellor is very much now doing a wait and see but end up to i mean can we expect that would throw his hat into the ring and how might he do that. it's quite likely but i think there's an element of wait and see on the part of souter as well it may be that he would have preferred to wait until 2025 to throw his hat into the race he keeps saying that he really loves bavaria and wants to say stay there on the other hand he also says things like it's not my fault if everybody's talking about me i'm not the one who's
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putting those stories out there almost everybody expects that he will be a candidate but if he sees the ratings the polls turning down word for the conservatives it is possible that he will then make his assertions about wanting to stay in bavaria even more enthusiastically or if that's the linda crane our chief political correspondent on that story thank you so much for that but and. and now to some other stories making news around the world the u.k. says it will ban well way from having any role in providing the technology for its 5 g. networks the about face on those and in london at china's on hong kong or crackdown on hong kong that could be and pressure from u.s. president donald trump in january the u.k. government had agreed to give the company a limited role in the high speed mobile network. the us government has carried out
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its 1st execution in 17 years i was off to the supreme court gave the go ahead all 40 is put to death a man who was convicted of murdering a family in the 1960 trump administration sees the return to executions is in the interest of victims of the victims as relatives opposed the move. in san diego hundreds of firefighters have been battling a blaze on the u.s. navy vessel for a 2nd day the fire started in the lower call go hold off that u.s. is bonhomme richard which one stops at a naval base for routine maintenance. one man has had a lucky escape after flash floods swept through the village of man deadly in north eastern turkey 2 people have died and 11 others were injured in the fighting. the trial against a mali jihadist accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity is under way at
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the international criminal court in the hague all his son. mohammed mahmood head of the islamic police in the city of timbuktu in west africa prosecutors allege he was responsible for torture rape and sexual slavery but his defense lawyers say he is unfit for trial due to post-traumatic stress disorder pandemic safety measures meant followed interesting things from behind plexiglass because the international criminal court in the hague charges him with crimes against humanity and with serious war crimes. in the period between april 20th wells and january 2030 in or when members of the dean organization forced the people of mali to follow its ideology and committed serious engineman crimes in doing so. as chief of regional police is said to terrorize the people of northern mali his atrocities are alleged to have been directed particularly at women torture
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rape sexual and sleeve meant forced marriage. other accusations include the enforcement without due process of punishments like the public severance of homes or stoning he's also said to have taken part in attacks on historic monuments and religious buildings. it is important for us and also for the people in to look to to shed the light on the reality of what has happened and whether he is innocent or guilty it's the 2nd time that a representative of the islamist group dean has appeared before the international criminal court which says that the trial is a symbol of support for peace security and stability in mali. mogadishu the capital of somalia in east africa is a city that's been ravaged by war like so many other places around the world it's facing another enemy the coronavirus but the country is broke and its health
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service is struggling now private companies are joining forces with the government to try to keep the public safety interest mokhtari reports now on the telecoms company ring service that's helping to raise awareness a call that 19. of the you tube will vendor and mother of tell me more good issue somalia is listening to ring back to him from the phone service provider bowden what he did to kids people how to stop the spread of the virus. or the. very in the right a lot of awareness campaigns have been done by people. we have taken their advice such as hand washing. the disease called a fever and we're taking all the advice to stay safe. this city ravis by decades of conflict is now fighting in
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a few simple enemy but as the country struggles control the coronavirus operating the private sector seems to have taken the lead in spreading awareness. the company behind the idea is so my least largest mobile for the parade it says the service has proven to be useful in a country where people often lack access to information and this sunday nick. i think that he can somebody we pick and get a crucial step on we decided to pull. take a pot to me really because the onus of lost somebody people. who we got to know that the so money school in china and access to t.v. . most often difficult and tough and to understand all this enough editors so the most efficient community and. spread of mice and we have to cook it could be the mobile from good to back but he does come with
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challenges as the recommendations often contradict the somali way of life they they had. so familiar but this you know you know deceased come into some difficulties you know bush in the culture of somebody. with pride so it's also a modest with a belief. it is. you know it's a promise of our cities the know what the scraw. many people still have a difficult time of the entering to the advice due to the nature of their walk but . doesn't always show. here at the business places challenging at the start of time to follow their advice i'm not using gloves but we're keeping people apart allowing 2 to 3 people in at a time and regularly washing i have a. small guest says but once that can go
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a long way to stop the pain they. joining me to talk more about the situation in somalia is the country's deputy minister of health mohammad saeed mr welcome to the official figures suggest that and 100 people have so far died in your country from covers 19 you have one official hospital set up to deal with the virus if the number of cases grows will the health system be able to cope. who knows i think we're somalia were 5 years ago and really infrastructure that we have been in the health system or in generally the government to that's ricky covering from a long period of civil war and the challenges that we face but at the same time as you know our coronavirus. really not only dealing with somalia today it's. on the wall that you know how this health system really do love it and we are fighting is
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really interesting so somalia is in parts of the world that cities and really in the system that we have as most of the people know that it depends on international help and i mean really when it comes to the health sector. those other factors that really were held in somalia for the past 50 years. contributors to financing health systems so it was a big challenge for us when corona virus was came into this well to the last year and really but to add to what is happening is really we see that separate unity to rebuild the country's health system and to the country's infrastructure when it comes to the health system mr deputy health minister and you also face another threat and that's the is not his terror group that your government's been battling for for a more than a decade now just tell me about trying to keep people safe but also trying to deal
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with this right at the same time. absolutely the threat. is still a yes the government is getting stronger we are now taking over regions i mean that hopefully these. bridges will be out soon and in our vision and the way we look at it but the scene that's the challenge was there the crowd came while i'm sure i was there absolutely it's already challenging this situation with this intuition security sector well. safe to operate and at the same time when you have. like a virus but all these challenges we believe that somalis are really strong people and right and they survive a lot so we hope that's a crime that will become also a bunch of the past and hopefully we are doing whatever we can as a government to do but all this ok but i wonder if what what you're doing is enough
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because al-shabaab has set up its own kind of santa south of the capital where you are. is that testament to the fact that your government contact care of the sick. i am so happy that i'll show up at recognizing the crow virus exist because what we remember of fear is that they were claiming that this disease is for little muslims so this is this is a good thing that at least they recognize that we can crawl and doesn't you know religion and has a low language and denselow culture so it's something that's a message that i will welcome but i don't think that there is appropriate hospital to call a hospital but we will welcome everyone who contributed but we think that government . state government and member states of the federal government all now are operating most of the areas that is people who are battling and covered 19 i don't
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think it's still kind of i think it's exaggerated to do we. just i think it's part of their problem and but as i said it's a good thing that they recognize now that little muslims can currently can get coronavirus so that's a good message. all right mr mom wasn't saying. this is all we have time for he is somebody as stephanie health minister of health health minister that is thank you. thank you. 3 california is definitely is ordering thousands of businesses to shut down off to briefly reopening include restaurants spas and places of worship across america's most populous states the decision comes off to a new surgeon reported call that 1000 cases across a number of u.s. states large metro areas in california including los angeles and san francisco are among those affected. back to square one california shuts down
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most of its public life for the 2nd time back in march it was the 1st u.s. state to impose a strict stay at home order even closing down its beaches parks and campsites but now that more is known about how the virus is transmitted the state has shifted its policy allowing outdoor activities to continue while closing most indoor facilities today we are announcing additional statewide actions as a relates to our stay at home order here in the state of california we are now effectively rather affective today requiring all counties to close their indoor act to teach their indoor operations the governor's acting on the fact that nuke over 1000 cases in the state have surpassed 8000 a day more than twice as many as a month ago this could soon overburden hospitals in rural parts of california beyond bars and restaurants the governor has also called for the closing of gyms
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hair salons churches and non-essential workplaces in most counties but even those lucky enough to work in an area where businesses like these remain open i don't know for how long. if we don't make no no money to pay the rent the little shop for $2.00 so everybody has a problem yeah and also we don't have the income and then the family have families the problem to play with more than 7500000 californians already filing for unemployment benefits since the pandemic hit the latest shutdown could mean the final blow for countless livelihoods. here are some of the other main developments in the global crisis will help organize ation has warned that the cause of the 1000 pandemic will worsen if countries fail to follow a strict health care precautions its chief has warned there will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future and the u.s.
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government's drug makers that it has partnered with on track to begin manufacturing a vaccine by the end of the summer and health experts say the u.k. could face a more deadly 2nd wave of coronavirus infections this winter in the worst case scenario 120000 people could die of a 9 months. for years robotics food services have been used in places like hospital cafeterias not only are they more senator kerry they're also off a round the clock service for shift workers now with pandemics now a new reality some companies are looking for ways to survive in a way changed world from mission of the kitchen in the rush products is this the future of food bringing our kids in our our kids and all pixels made by machine distributed. robots are shaking up the restaurant industry all but removing humans
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from the equation. for some the technology is the ideal antidote to the threat posed by pandemics. most of this is the only way you can actually afford it completely contact us and see if that experience to consumers so far quarterback's time there is a pandemic you can maintain the business continuity you can keep offering food service without shutting down. deficient and hygenic. the makers of this robot say it can learn from its surroundings and even collaborate with kitchen staff staff whose numbers could windell if machine replaces man. but will people still create automated dishes post pandemic. and what about the art of cooking. not everyone is convinced. and when we automate away the act of cooking preparing presenting and sharing food
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i deeply believe that we lose a lot that's inherent to that me all to that experience and to what it really means to feed and be fed. food connoisseurs may turn their noses up at robotic chefs but some believe they could become a necessity. interesting that some sport now and pro tennis here in berlin a moment you don't often see in the game a double tween as in 2 shots between the x. 1st germany is told me ha's in the white manages it without hurting himself and then yannick cinna. gets it done as well. as one the point is small so should be distance crowd. so in the one the 1st match of the exhibition.
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call that is and this is state of the news and here's a reminder all fall top story at this hour one set of racial bastille day are underway in paris with a tribute to the health care workers taking center stage in a scaled down break president a medical card is expected to make an address to the nation outlining his endemic recovery plan. the watching the news i'll be back of the top of the hour thank you for joining me it's been great having your company.
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a good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we're d.w.b. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this studio and together make it fair. to say that everybody who stays in is very safe stay safe please stay safe. you. know my stuff shot i can sum up rates of the.
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