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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2020 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is it over your news ally from berlin a setback for european efforts to crack down on apple a court overrules a decision requiring the tech giant to pay $13000000000.00 euros unpaid taxes to ireland it's a major blow to the e.u.'s efforts to rein in sweetheart tax deals for big business also coming up just due to a dam project that's generating anger instead of electricity will tell you a white these satellite images from ethiopia has outraged both egypt and sudan. and
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for lin's pro tennis tournament with fans in attendance could be a blueprint for global sports fever checks and face masks even a virus china disinfection tunnel. i'm kyra jets and welcome to the show it is a win for the irish government the tech giant apple and companies looking to do business in europe on wednesday a court struck down a decision by the european union that ordered apple to pay the irish government $13000000000.00 euros in unpaid taxes ireland has a long denied that its tax arrangements with all amount to a legal state aid the european commission is expected to appeal the ruling to the european court of justice member states of the ruling hundreds of big legal victory to the e.u. general court said the e.u. commission did not succeed in showing that the tech giant had received an illegal
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economic advantage in ireland over its low taxes. the decision is a major blow to competition commissioner mug greater vest there's efforts to crack down on low tax regimes in the block the commission's fans who really behind the objective that all companies should pay their fair share of tax if members these gifts certain motu national companies tax advantages not available to their rivals this harms further competition in the e.u. the e.u. commission has 2 months time to decide if it wants to challenge the ruling in need use highest court the core of the problem is that the e.u. does not have one common tax code at the moment firms officially pay 12.5 percent corporate tax in ireland that's compared with the e.u. average of 21.3 percent officially companies in germany have to cough up at least 30 percent that alone has attracted many companies to ireland and in fact apple
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paid far less tax at times for example as little as 0.005 percent in 2014 when the tech giant pay just $50.00 euros tax on every 1000000 euros in profit is the 2nd ruling that the e.u. commission has lost last year the institution lost a case against starbucks which was accused of owing $30000000.00 euros in back taxes to the netherlands it all shows how difficult it is to crackdown on cases of alleged corporate tax avoidance. well let's go now to some other stories making news around the world armenians have rallied in the capital yerevan amid escalating tensions with neighboring azerbaijan the protesters gathered outside the ukrainian and busy and accused of siding with their adversary recent days have seen the worst outbreak of cross border hostilities in years over the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh. iran says at least 7 ships have been damaged in
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a blaze that broke out at a shipyard in the southern port of pushchair there have been a string of unexplained fires and explosions as military nuclear and industrial sites across the country since late june. the twitter accounts of you on musk and several other major global figures have been hacked into crypto currency scam barack obama joe biden and donald trump were among those hijacked by scammers posting fake tweets to do people into making bitcoin donations. well it is africa's most to just be a dam project and it is fueling tensions along the nile river between ethiopia and its neighbors new satellite images appear to show that ethiopia has started filling its grand renaissance dam on the nile the move is likely to spark protests from egypt and sudan which have both it depends on water from the nile talks among the 3 countries ended in deadlock on tuesday egypt has now asked ethiopia for urgent
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clarification on whether it has begun to fill the dam it is these images that are likely to ankara ethiopia's neighbors down stream water has started filling up at the ground renaissance time and along the river nile here and earlier image and now this both egypt and sadam depend on water from the nile and against the dam project. is going to be the least in this continue with this with this 1st year of . whom we've reached an agreement within the next few weeks from that sort of sort of. bill to continue the process. ethiopia says the giant hydroelectric project is critical for the country to pull its nearly 110000000 citizens out of poverty and become
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a major power exporter in the region. egypt are already battling huge water shortages relies on the nile for more than 90 percent of its water supply. if you appear and its neighbors have for years been engaged in tense negotiations over the dam earlier this week a new round of talks ended without an agreement though some observers are still optimistic the keep in mind is keeping. the movement like an. agreement ethiopia insists it's not actively filling up the dam but that the recent high water levels are just a result of the heavy seasonal rainfall. many in the region fear that filling up the dam without an agreement could push the countries involved to the brink of military conflict. police and germany's black forest are still searching for
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a man who disarmed 4 officers at gun point and a state with their weapons they say they are looking into a manifesto that could possibly have been written by the 31 year old suspects he fled into the woods near the southwestern town of and now on sunday passers by had alerted police to a man who they said was wearing camouflage and carrying a bow and arrow. a reporter william is an up and now to give us this update. the black forest in the southwestern corner of germany is known for its spooky tales and now they have a true one since sunday hundreds of heavily armed police officers have been combing this wooded mountainous region for a local man they say is armed and dangerous that's after a routine encounter with him by 4 police officers in this small town of open l. ended with those officers handing over their service weapons when they said he pulled a pistol on them and they felt threatened and needed to deescalate the situation he said to have run off with their weapons and possibly some of his own into the
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nearby woods where he's been ever since investigators say he knows the woods very well it's like his 2nd home they call him a loner a social outcast and he himself is alleged to have written perhaps a manifesto that calls for an end to relying on technology and getting back in touch with nature in the woods around you now police are looking for him but they've so far come up with nothing and they say they'll keep on looking for him they have the patience and the resources to do it even as they say they're going to be reducing their visible presence and continuing the hunt in the background that was william glynn croft in the black forest caring for the elderly here in germany as a job that's done a largely by migrant workers from eastern europe many of them are on call around the clock providing help to hundreds of thousands of elderly people but many carers that say they're being seriously underpaid for their work one bulgarian carer has now taken her employer to court for legit exploitation. coffee
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and cake in the afternoon a german tradition that reminds divina of the time she spent in berlin as a care worker. back then she looked after an elderly german woman. i was on hand 24 hours a day. i got up when she was in pain and called out for me to change her bed clothes or diaper. i didn't have any free time or days off. i worked the whole time. but i mean that. according to her work contract to a prima was only meant to work 6 hours a day and was not on standby the rest of the time she's now the 1st eastern european care worker to sue for back pay but she's not the only one. but the women tell us and what happens all the time is that they don't have the courage
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to speak up because they're afraid they'll lose their dog and they think they'll be put on to a kind of blacklist and won't be able to get a job in this industry again around. the federation of trade unions is helping with the bring this court case. the agencies work in a way that gives them the lowest risk and the highest amount of flexibility. but in the end it's the care workers who are the victims the husband and the tongues. around 300000 elderly people in germany are looked after in their homes by care workers from eastern europe mostly from poland and romania and bulgaria placement agencies promised german families personnel who will be available around the clock to look after their relatives. and if we don't have enough caregivers and especially not registered caregivers their sons it's who would be able to fill these extra $300000.00 jobs so we are dependent on the care workers
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from eastern europe to take care of the elderly there's no other way he mentions of . being there is now following the trial from bulgaria the labor court in berlin has already ruled on the lawsuit and ordered her former employer to pay her $42000.00 euros in back wages but the sentence was appealed the final decision is now pending. the my message to my colleagues and all the others is you have responsibilities but you also have rights that you should defend but. the question now is whether other care workers will follow in her footsteps. well for the 1st time since the coronavirus fans and they began a spectators will attend a major sporting event in germany the exhibition tennis tournament in berlin a features of some of the world's best players and while the main tennis tours have been suspended since mid march organizers hope the berlin tournaments will provide
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a blueprint for others to follow. this is what going to watch sport looks like at the moment temperature checks facemasks and even this a disinfection tunnel the tunnel sprays a mess that is set to kill the virus on clothes and shoes it's the 1st time since the start of the pandemic that more than a handful of fans have been allowed into a sporting event in germany this is a little bit strange as of course but we are used to it from the last 4 months ago so everything is all right with the mouse one good point with tennis is that you most of the time outside nothing. inside the stadium fans a c.t. it away from each other a maximum of 800 people are allowed into this 5000 capacity arena on course the ball boys and ball girls wear masks and gloves and there are no line judges with
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the umpire helps by electronic line calls we are trying our best that everything is safe for the players and for the organizers and so far so good austria's dominant team is the top ranked male player here he and others were tested for coronavirus at the weekend they've been staying in a hygiene bubble shuttled from their hotel to the stadium for matches and practice . from the safety point of view or think all. all measures are perfect here. it's a far cry from these pictures players including team partying at the recent andrea tour organized by world number one novak djokovic each some participants court coronavirus at the event mistakes it's clear it's no walk in than all the others i mean we didn't commit any crimes so. we have to have to say that point we learn
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from the mistakes we did. it's a good thing and we have to be careful for tournament director it's a chance for tennis to restore its reputation we have to give the proof for the tennis family that we can do it that we are able to take responsibility that that we found out the way that it is possible to play with a couple of spectators us well we could be a role model in future even even for the u.s. tournament you know this word we're maybe the hygene show would be a key for spectators. representatives and public one of them is here this week to see what they. say is still unsure about participating in the u.s. open next month perhaps what's happening here in berlin can convince them it's safe to do so. many will be watching closely i'm sure to see whether these measures can be used elsewhere you
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are watching the news from berlin don't forget that you can stay up to date with all the latest on our web site did. you can also follow us on twitter and instagram at state of the universe and i richardson coming to you from berlin and thanks so much for watching us. i'm not nothing out of the germans but sometimes i am but most are laughing with the. things deep into the german culture he knew to keep his grandmother delete because it's all that. no time rachel joined me for me to get plenty of course. he. gave. his respect.


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