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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2020 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin protests in russia calling for a future without president putin moscow police cracking down on the demonstrations more than a 100 people arrested after protesting against reforms that could give putin another 16 years in office also on our show rising waters behind the renaissance danny theo pierre threatened water shortages downstream in egypt and in sudan could the breakdown in talks over water between these countries lead to a war over the not. and many of india's migrant workers left their
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jobs in the cities to flee their coronavirus now back at home they risk living into crushing debt so they can just feed their founders. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today and he putin protests in the russian capital moscow have ended with more than 140 arrests demonstrators gathered to collect signatures against changes to the constitution passed earlier this month police moved in quickly and put an end to the gathering. dozens of arrests follow anti-government protests in the russian capital where officers in riot gear forcefully rounded up protesters people took to the streets to protest the outcome of a recent referendum on constitutional reforms that are led president putin to govern
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for another 16 years. when we do not accept the results of the constitutional reforms vote we believe it was all raked we are against the crackdown on independent journalists we are for a rotation in government and we want our country to have an opportunity to live well to try to show. the controversial vote that amended the constitution earlier this month also included populist measures such as an effective ban on gay marriage as part of their campaign protesters also collected signatures against britain's new measures $5000.00 signatures were collected according to moscow city councilor mina. i am not afraid of anything don't believe it don't hope and don't ask but do what you think is necessary if i am arrested so be it if they give me a fine so be it we will handle it. well protesters here remain defiant the kremlin's crackdown on dissenting voices seems to have become even
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harsher after putin's recent victory. the latest now with to their views if joining us from moscow good day to have on a walking you tell us about the police arrests. i was quite interesting yesterday being on the square for the 1st 2 hours or so police sort of just stood by and watched and let the protesters gather it was quite quiet signatures were collected and then at the end few young teenagers started flying a gay pride parade gay pride against the ban on gay marriage and the crowd started getting rowdy here in about 2 hours into the protests a group of the teenagers group off the square and they started marching through the city center they collected something like 20300 people along with them and as i was following them along overheard one of the cops say we're going over you know detain them on mass and that's essentially what we saw we saw about 150 people detained
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and out of around the 300 and so that was you know quickly cleared out of the streets and the via the arrests as they are usually most of these protests are quite violent you see people ripped off into the police wagons and taken away most of these people were held overnight released within the past few hours some are immediately being taken to court for fines and for potential extended time in. prison it wouldn't be even longer than a week or 2 at the most how much support are these protests getting in moscow. it's quite small to be to be perfectly clear one of the main things when the main stories of yesterday to be aware of is that in moscow about a 1000 people gathered in st petersburg russia 2nd city another about a 1000 people gathered on the main thing that these protesters are missing or russia's ostensible the fact the opposition leader looks in a body without him we don't really see that many people take to the streets and in
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moscow at all last summer we saw thousands of people take take to the streets in protest over fair over fair elections local elections and moscow saw a bunch of opposition candidates barred i think cinnabar and he was spearheading those movements he has said that the constitutional reforms are farcical he called for a boycott of the vote and he has said that he doesn't see the purpose of protesting so unless we see him get involved these protests will likely knocking up much momentum even thanks so much for that from moscow if you brief down some of the other stories making the news at this hour bill gates brock obama and joe biden are among those whose high profile twitter accounts were hijacked by scammers fake tweets sent from their accounts duped people into making bitcoin donations x.-rays questions about the platform security and privacy twitter says the major security breach was quote a coordinated social engineering attack. in parliament reelections
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in north macedonia the ruling social democrats have emerged with a razor thin victory over their nationalist rivals it is the 1st votes since north was added to the balkan nations game last year a move that ended a decades old dispute greece but which has proved highly controversial. researchers say a record breaking heat wave in the siberian arctic would have been almost impossible without man made climate change temperatures in the region were more than 5 degrees celsius higher than average between january and june this year. i disputed dam project on the river nile and ethiopia is fuelling dangerous tensions with its neighbors downstream now especially egypt which says it will not accept another nation controlling the water on which it depends new satellite
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images show that ethiopia appears to be filling the reservoir of its grand renaissance dam talks with egypt and sudan ended in deadlock on tuesday it is these images that are likely to ankara ethiopia's neighbors downstream water has started filling up at the grand renaissance dam and on the river nile. and early i image and now this. both egypt and sudan depend on water from the nile and against the dam project here is the ethiopia is going to be at least in this continue this with this 1st year of doing and. presumably if it can't reach an agreement within the next few weeks when it sort of fill that sort of will it. not be able to continue the negotiations process. ethiopia says the giant hydroelectric project is critical for the country to pull its nearly 100 m.
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10000000 citizens out of poverty and become a major power exporter in the region. egypt already battling huge water shortages relies on the nile for more than 90 percent of its water supply. ethiopia and its neighbors have for years been engaged in tense negotiations over the dam earlier this week a new round of talks ended without an agreement though some observers are still optimistic that he is keeping the table the ruling like in. ethiopia insist it's not actively filling up the dam but that the recent high water levels are just the result of the heavy seasonal rainfall. many in the region fear that filling up the dam without an agreement could push the countries involved to the brink of military conflict. it's to spain
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now and that country is remembering those who have died during the corona virus pandemic spain has been one of the hardest hit countries worldwide with at least 28000 people dying of covert 90. we're getting these images from madrid where the memorial service is taking place attending that service in philippe several years from the european union and the world health organization. along with the grief there's also anger at the way the government's been handling the pandemic did obviously on philip shoals that was one woman she lost her mother and is determined to bring to account those she regards as being responsible. rose and i always found peace of mind in caring for houseplants but not anymore her thoughts keep circling around the 7th of march the day she learned of a corona virus outbreak in her mother's retirement home her mother had a loss for life even in old age even if dementia had weakened her in recent years
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on march 22nd rosanna got the phone call her mother had died in the retirement home . of the little saw the most painful thing was that i couldn't visit her not even for 5 minutes i couldn't be there for her in her final days. and she lived quite close by yet but all contact was forbidden said. i couldn't hold her handlers. i couldn't say goodbye nothing. you know in madrid nearly one in 6 nursing home residents have died since the coronavirus crisis began leaked e-mails from the local government caused outrage they suggested that overwhelmed hospitals word flies to only admit certain patients people in a very serious condition were not to be treated for the head of the madrid government it was an exceptional situation but she says it's difficult to judge in
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hindsight. know how to put my government forward for the lives of our people around the clock we propose guidelines but in each individual case the final decision was made by medical personnel at no time was this a political decision to get him up an option. critics say the madrid's health system has been under finance for years that led to a reliance on overburdened provisional clinics during the crisis. the ice rink off my dredge a place that is deeply and grazed in spain's collective memory at the peak of the crisis this sense i became a makeshift morgue for hundreds of dead bodies the mark has been closed but for many spaniards the traumatic memories remain. rose and studio has joined a whatsapp group with other victims' relatives they trade stories and experiences and offer advice about possible legal steps. that. don't want to simply accept that
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our relatives all have to die alone and without help that has to be addressed or else we have no closure those responsible have to be named. rosana is determined to pursue legal avenues but there's something else that's just as important she says spain's nursing home system has to fundamentally change its focus from making savings wherever possible to respecting the dignity of their elderly clients. and standing by for us in madrid as did abuse john philip scholz who put that report together for us today to young philip the spanish government is holding ceremonies today and it's also facing thousands of angry relatives of the dead like rose anna who we saw in your report how much has this undermined faith in authorities and their confidence during emergencies like the one we're in right now . i think what you're seeing at the moment is that spain
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is very polarized. conflict hasn't brought people together it's actually the contrary it has polarized people and it's has opened old conflict lines for example between the left wing and right wing politics but also between reaching no and central government all the takes. those ones that say that the left wing such the government has done a good job especially regarding the extent of the crisis in spain then there's the argument of position that says that the government is to blame that spain is one of the hardest hit countries in the world so we're actually witnessing a strong polarization of the society here at the moment we're getting live images as as we talk about just how spain is offering the coronavirus victims and the medical personnel that help them can you tell us what's happening today in spain at these commemorations. yes it's going to be quite
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short so ceremony they pledged just a ball it's half an hour it's going to take place so that. sent off much it and it's going to focus on the big ones and on the housework us and also on the people of the so-called essential stuff that's got to work in lock out lock down for example in the supermarkets. it's only going to be sweet speak us let's. give this speech this at the ceremony one song i don't think now we're seeing one of them right now young philip and the audience listening in on one of those we just continue if you can sorry. yes there's going to be 3 speeches the brother of a victim also a nurse from barcelona and the spanish king city but so the government insists that it's not. the political events no politicians are going to. speak today but of
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course. it's also a symbolic. value especially some days before the big. meeting of the european union to discuss the reason recovery package it's going to send out a big sign of solidarity i want to jump in there young fellow vi could spain is preparing for the possibility of a 2nd wave now. is it in a better position to handle that and address some of the concerns we saw in your report. i highly doubt it's at the moment i think. a great segue getting a lot of headache. to government officials the big problem is that after the end of the state of alarm the responsibility now is on the regional level and regional authorities don't have the same power as the central government i saw it myself and
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jade out one of the hot spots was 2 days ago that hearts overturned the decision of the local authorities to have a new lockdown because they say they are not the ones that can issue a lockdown so at the moment that lots of uncertainties about this issue space yun phil thank you very much for for that from madrid where we're getting those live images of that commemoration for the trial of virus casualties in spain thank you so very much for that. well millions of migrant workers have fled from india's cities since the provirus lock down in march and transportation was halted and that meant that people back then had to walk long distances just to reach their home villages out in the countryside many feared being left in the cities without food and being kept from their families if they did so so how are those workers fairing now back home d.-w.
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is india correspondent wall traveled to russia sohn to gauge that. for nearly 2 weeks so need the top of has been working on this water reservoir it is 7 hours of hard labor every day in da just constant punishing fun especially for someone who was doing it for the 1st time so need was one of more than 30000 migrants who fled to dodge's towns good already district when india along down in the march. her husband had been making good money working 2 jobs in jeopardy had she focused on breezing their 5 children they didn't need a 2nd income then the shutdown hit. her husband lost his work. virus can come here to we aren't afraid of that we just came here because there was no work there until now we were making do with our savings but now there is nothing left so my husband has gone back. her husband is now back in jeopardy
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but with just one job at half the money with much less income she now needs to work do you need that and the others will only need 2150 rupees a day 23 euros for 2 weeks off work yet she is lucky only 3 of the workers here are determined migrants job sites like this one are currently the main way for the government to offer paid work to locals however one must have a government issued job card to be employed here locals tell us that the process to get a new job card can take months but the regions i did landscape leaves little scope put agricultural and other work is hard to find as well pushing all the 70000 residents to migrate most of these workers have simply not boarded to get a government job card. after all they can make $5.00 to $10.00 times more
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a day in the city but now the government's cash for work scheme sporadically deployed to short term labor intensive projects is all they have. and even these jobs are scarse. gummo singh was desperate to get home he spent a week speed to convince 2 truck drivers to allow him to cram into their vehicles with 70 other men without food and water to get to could only. for the last decade both comedy and his brother have both as one masons in the southern city of hyped up. to support their family of 9 his brother to throw in bed this week to look for walk and be off their over duty and. the mother has been borrowing money at high interest rates to make ends meet come out of the other one that everything has been shot what are we supposed to do there's never any work here anyway the one government work project i heard of paid only
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a pittance for 13 days of work what use is that. says his brother has warned him against going back. guesses are on the rise and another lock down could be looming . but migrants like him nor that for the 2nd time they have to make a choice between facing the widest and starvation it to starting to pack their bags again. china's economy is back on track track returning to growth in the 2nd quarter it's an important milestone struggle to recover from the pandemic economy expanding by 3.2 percent year on year that's higher than experts predicted and is raising hopes of rapid recoveries elsewhere in the world the wall factories are ramping up again one sector still struggling retail sales in china are continuing to fall. let's get more now from taipei with our correspondent so hansal good day to you what does this g.d.p. number tell us is it
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a reason for china to be optimistic about the future. well the number tell us many things 1st of all china has avoided a recession and if we look at china we have find it's probably the 1st major economy to recover from the damage caused by the calling of our spend on mic and if we compare china with other countries for example like the united states european union or japan as well these countries are still struggling to open its economies and this china has rebalance it gives spades in this credibility to its claims that there are measures for example that very draconian measures and control containing the call not ours for example control over people's movement and massive tasks has strike the right balance between economic growth and the pandemic control oh ok but retail sales are continuing to fall so where's all the growth coming from is it coming from government spending. you're right
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actually the rising g.d.p. was helped by very strong industrial production and it is very much a story of government led to assume of this recovery so if we look at this recovery plan we know that chinese date has increased the amount of money that the local governments can borrow on their infrastructure projects so a rise and this construction help boost the chinese economy but if you look at other sectors for example in investment and consumption they are still weak so hang thanks so much for that from taipei today well one sector that's booming pretty much globally in spite of coke at 19 all forms of online commerce and learning especially at the retail giant amazon 25 years ago today jeff bezos launched it as a book store since then it has absolutely reshaped how we shop. this is how it
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looked in 1905 and this is where it's led millions of products that go well beyond books a logistics operation of unprecedented scale cutting edge consumer technology for help and feedback and the world's richest man. how to quantify amazon it's the largest online retailer in the u.s. by a long shot easily eclipsing competitors like walmart and e-bay it's estimated that 6 out of 10 u.s. households have a prime account. it also overshadows china's biggest players amazon raked in $280000000000.00 in revenue and 2019 almost 4 times what ali baba and j.d. dot com did but it's not just sales that separates amazon it's early embrace of technology put it well ahead of its competitors. they are the most advanced sophisticated corporation we have ever seen in terms of taking big
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data. artificial intelligence and machine learning and integrating. tools into our own lives and they are just starting that's what a lot of people do not realize amazon's relentlessness has a darker side to it's tough corporate culture it's low tax payments and its dominance over smaller retailers have all sparked criticism. the future is bright however the coronavirus pandemic has boosted the company's outlook. the expectation is that amazon 'd will benefit from this in the long term because even after the pandemic is over people will gain new habits of buying groceries and other items online will the next 25 years also belong to amazon. in the u.k. the city of bristol has a new sculpture to replace a statue of a former citizen linked to the slave trade a sculpture of
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a black protester who helped topple that statue now stands in its place it was stalled without approval from in his full authority. by. the moment that sparked a nationwide to pay supposed head to deal with britain's colonial past. the 17th century slave trader edward colston was pulled down by black lives matter protesters in bristol than june. and echoing the face of many of his victims thrown into the sea. the print he once looked down from now has a new occupant local resident chen read. the art works inspired by a viral instagram post by return spend picturing her shortly after the coast and statue was toppled you know for me. you know i raise my fist and i raise my fist to give power to the people back to the slaves who died at the hands of pollsters and
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titled a search of power at the sculpture was installed without the local councils approval and intervention dreamed up by our says smart question you know we had to keep it secret because this is a really really clear this is a temporary installation it's not saying this is what should be on the plant say this conversation is in the program and i want this 3 part of the conversation. they hope the staci will inspire more action to talk all right he says. it's definitely a call snooze no more on it's time to change it's trying to move on it's time to for people to keep talking and educating themselves and i just think that's when i really import. christos mare has now come firmed if and when the statue will be removed but she says the future of the plane must be decided in a process that includes everyone in the city even those who would have preferred that were colston to remain. this estate of years live from berlin don't forget
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there's always more on these and other stories that our web site www dot ca i'm brian thomas of the entire team thanks much for being here.
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spain has seen 20000 covert 1000 related deaths in both peoples come how did it come to this. turn such patients away. we don't treat residents of old people's homes. are not stuff parents. and many others want justice what color to play. next on d w. enters the conflict zone with sarah charlie my guest this week
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is involved with minister of foreign affairs and international trade cboe see so much as a former army chief he was also the face of the military coup that propels and none babatz of power wells in bombay ever be able to see changes of political and economic reforms. conflicts. 16 foot soldiers. are they friends say you want to be with you should try to steer the board you wish it wasn't really a full freedom of the thing is new or are they enemies he was the feeling that if you see you in the border real quick you will believe me but it is usually what he's going to go give me my damn word for raja damo trump and flooding your putin
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were to par documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the us and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some beliefs trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me liz show the coronavirus seems to be under control in the europe but still experts warn of a possible 2nd wave of infections especially in.


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