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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2020 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain pauses to remember the lives lost to the coronavirus at a solemn ceremony in the dritte family members paying their respects to victims of covert 19 that is the government faces sharp criticism from a grieving public with new outbreaks and new lock downs also coming up. act and hijacked bill gates brock obama and elon musk are among the high profile figures whose twitter accounts posted fake tweets asking people to make big quaint
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transfers will ask an expert how safe is your account. and moscow police tracking down on a protest against constitutional amendments that could give president putin another 16 years in power. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today spain has been paying his respects to those who've died during the coronavirus and demick spain is one of the hardest hit countries worldwide with at least 28000 people dying of covert 19 thankfully pay the prime minister no other guests including relatives of those who died laying flowers at the royal palace in madrid in remembrance of short while ago the ceremony was broadcast live on t.v. and online. along with the grief there is anger at the way the government's handled
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the pandemic did only as young philip schultz met one woman who lost her mother and is determined to bring to account those she believes are responsible. rose unlike a studio always found peace of mind in caring for houseplants but not anymore thoughts keep circling around the 7th of march the day she learned of a corona virus outbreak in her mother's retirement home her mother had a loss for life even in old age even if dementia had weakened her in recent years on march 22nd rosanna got the phone call her mother had died in the retirement home . of the little saw the most painful thing was that i couldn't visit her not even for 5 minutes i couldn't be there for her in her final days. and she lived quite close by yet but all contact was forbidden. i couldn't hold her handlers. i couldn't say goodbye
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nothing. in madrid nearly one in 6 nursing home residents have died since the coronavirus crisis began leaked e-mails from the local government caused outrage they suggested that overwhelmed hospitals word files to only admit certain patients people in a very serious condition were not to be treated the ice rink off my dreads a place that is deeply ingrained in spain's collective memory at the peak of the crisis the center became a makeshift morgue for hundreds of dead bodies the mark has been closed but for many spaniards the traumatic memories remain frozen across the rio has joined a whatsapp group with other victims' relatives. they trade stories and experiences and offer advice about possible legal steps on a plane let's get going if they don't want to simply accept that all relatives all have to die alone and without help that has to be addressed i think that or else we have no closure and that those responsible have to be named one if i had only one.
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rosena is determined to pursue legal avenues but there's something else that's just as important she says spain's nursing home system has to fundamentally change its focus from making savings wherever possible to respecting the dignity of their elderly clients. earlier i spoke with our correspondent john philip shields in the dreaded put a report together and asked him how the anger with the official response is undermining public trust in authorities i think what you're seeing at the moment is that spain is very polarized. conflict hasn't brought people together it's actually the contrary it has polarized people and it says opened old conflict lines for example between left wing and right wing politics but also between reaching no and central government well it takes. those ones that say that the left wing central
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government has done a good job it's specially regarding the extent of the crisis in spain then there's the hard line opposition that says that the government is to blame that spain is one of the hardest hit countries in the world so we're actually witnessing a strong polarization of the society here at the moment young philip schultz there let's get your brains on some of the other stories making news at this hour police in the u.s. state of kentucky have arrested $87.00 black lives matters demonstrators and charge them with attempting to intimidate a public prosecutor the demonstrators gathered outside the home of kentucky's attorney general demanding the charges be laid against police over the fatal shooting of a young black woman brianna tyler in march. china's economy is back on track returning to growth in the 2nd quarter of the economy they're spending 3.2 percent year on year that's higher than predicted some of that increase is tied to increased government spending still it raises hopes of a recovery elsewhere in the world. in parliamentary elections in north
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macedonia the ruling social democrats emerging with a razor thin victory over their nationalist rivals it is the 1st votes since north was added to the balkan nations name last year a move that ended a decades old dispute with greece baht which was highly controversial at home. on the words of the twitter chief jack dorsey it has been a tough day and that is an understatement the platform was hit by a massive hack to do people into making bitcoin donations that affected some of the network's most high profile accounts including those of former u.s. president barack obama democratic presidential candidate joe biden microsoft founder and billionaire bill gates and the big firms including apple and google or twitter is investigating what it is called a major security breach as the hackers targeted some of its employees who had
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access to its internal systems and tools let's bring in spend her big now he's director of 4 international cyber security policy at the stifel noise on forth here in berlin thanks so much for joining us a span is my twitter account safe i think for knol it is safe again. but since you will it will be revealed in the next few days we know that the attackers had access to every twitter call and that they wanted to have access to every twitter account that means potentially everyone who has a twitter or uses twitter is tweeting today could be affected by this. could have been affected the breaches contained according to twitter what happened there was. we know right now basically social engineer or bribed workers employees of twitter and have them give them access to these accounts and then use them to make money
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should we shut down our accounts what should we do how do we protect ourselves right now. i think i think we're fine right now especially if you're not a high profile con but even if your profile account as it looks right now today is contained and they blocked some features so that it can't happen again right now but what we should note and what we should take away from that is if you use it for example a direct messages on twitter they are not to see your communications to their not for sensitive communications employees or twitter kind of access to it and they can have access to your account we knew that before but it's very obvious now again with a hack ok those are really. very important message sent who could have been behind this criminal organization state actors was europe and. i think it was a criminal organization organized crime cyber crime because if you look at it i mean you have the power at your hands to send treats and read direct messages from every twitter account that you want and you doing it to try to scam people over sending you because and i checked it right now they made roughly $118000.00 so that
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that has no relation and no nation state would abuse that because that would be such a waste to use that power for making $141.00 to sell nuclear dollars ok you can can twitter get back on this in term of terms of the technology can it protect our data does it have the tools to do that. well technically that could. it is of course you give your employees the options and the technical tools to reset passwords to reset it is activate to talk to authentication to an additional security feature because people tend to forget the passwords they tend to lose their security tokens and so on and so far so but you can set up monitoring and you can do a much better job than 2 of us don't obviously spam thanks so much for that for bringing us up to date on what we can do and the kind of risks we're looking at we're talking about a lot of issues there was facebook and twitter thanks very much so herbert thank you kitty. answer putin protests in the russian capital moscow have ended with more
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than $140.00 arrests demonstrators had gathered to collect signatures against changes to the country's constitution passed earlier this month but police moved in quickly and put an end to the gathering. dozens of arrests follow anti-government protests in the russian capital where officers in riot gear forcefully rounded up protesters people took to the streets to protest the outcome of a recent referendum on constitutional reforms that ally of president putin to govern for another 16 years. we do not accept the results of the constitutional reforms vote we believe it was all raked we are against the crackdown on independent journalists we are for a rotation in government and we want our country to have an opportunity to live well to try to solve. the controversial votes that amended the constitution earlier this month also included populist measures such as an effective ban on gay marriage as part of their campaign protesters also collected
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signatures against britain's new measures $5000.00 signatures were collected according to moscow city councilor mina. i am not afraid of anything don't believe it don't hope and don't ask but do what you think is necessary if i am arrested so be it if they give me a fine so be it we will handle it somehow. well protesters here remain defiant the kremlin's crackdown on dissenting voices seems to have become even harsher after putin's recent victory. let's get the latest now with to their views if i give it's joining us from moscow good day to have on a walk you tell us about the police arrests. i was quite interesting yesterday being on the square for the 1st 2 hours or so police sort of just stood by and watched and let the protesters gather it was quite quiet signatures were collected
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and then at the end a few young teenagers started flying a gay pride parade gay pride against the ban on gay marriage and the crowd started getting rowdy here in about 2 hours into the protests a group of the teenagers who took off the square and they started marching through the city center they collected something like 20300 people along with them and as i was following them along overheard one of the cops say we're going over you know detain them on mats and that's essentially what we saw we saw about 150 people detained and out of around the 300 and so that was you know quickly cleared out of the streets and the by arrests as they are usually most of these protests are quite violent you see people ripped off into the police wagons and taken away most of these people were held overnight released within the past few hours some are immediately being taken to court for fines and for potential extended time and in prison it wouldn't be longer than a week or 2 the most how much support are these protests getting in moscow.
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it's quite small to be to be perfectly clear one of the main things when the main stories of yesterday to be aware of is that in moscow about a 1000 people gathered in st petersburg russia 2nd city another about a 1000 people gathered in the main thing that these protesters are missing are russia's ostensible defacto opposition leader alexei navalny without him we don't really see that many people take to the streets and in moscow at all last summer we saw thousands of people take take to the streets in protest over fair over fair elections local elections and moscow saw a bunch of opposition candidates barred dickson of our and he was spearheading those movements he has said that the constitutional reforms are farcical he called for a boycott of the vote and he has said that he doesn't see the purpose of protesting so unless we see him get involved these protests will likely not be in that much
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momentum even thanks so much for that from moscow. because your minder now of our top stories at this hour spain has been holding a memorial service in the dred to honor of the victims of the coronavirus pandemic in the workers who cared for the victims at least 28000 people have died of covert 19 in spain king philippe joining the families of some of the deceased and paying their respects. and russian police arrested more than 140 opposition protesters in the capital moscow demonstrators have gathered to collect signatures against a series of controversy constitutional reforms they could see president vladimir putin remain in power until 2036. don't forget you can always get more on stories like these on the go download our app from google play or from the app store that gives you access to all the latest news
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from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use that out after send us photos and videos of what's happening where you are. i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for joining us. on a meal and i'm to complete the 2nd season of on the fence. the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interviews with experts about one question how to change the on lisa.


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