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to say. this is the news live from berlin spain pauses to remember the lives lost to the corona but at a solemn ceremony family members pay their respects to victims of covert 19 while the government faced criticism from a grieving public facing new operates and lockdown. also coming up hijacked barack obama bill gates and moscow are among the high profile figures whose twitter accounts were used by hackers to post fake tweets asking people for money how safe
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is your account. hundreds of thousands of india's mind migrant workers left their jobs in the cities to flee the coronavirus now back home they struck 2 feet that found. a classic german novel 21st century make up a new film based on the novel bellino that sums up plots tells the story undocumented migrant who tries to build a life and germany's capital but gets caught up in the criminal underworld. of his welcome to the program spain has been paying its respects to those who have died during the corona virus pandemic it is one of the hardest hit countries worldwide with covert 900 claiming at least 28000 lives at the royal palace in madrid. phillipa and community joins members of the government and their families
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of sorrow and the families of some of the victims in a solemn ceremony e.u. leaders also attended sending a sign of solidarity ahead of a summit on friday i would still discuss a controversial 750000000000 euro 8 package to bail out ailing members along with the grief felt throughout spain there is anger at the way the government has handled the pandemic g.w.s. jump ship shots met one woman who lost her mother to the coronavirus and is determined to bring to account those she believes are responsible rose and always found peace of mind in caring for houseplants but not anymore her thoughts keep circling around the 7th of march the day she learned of a corona virus outbreak in her mother's retirement home her mother had a loss for life even in old age even if dementia had weakened her in recent years on march 22nd rosanna got the phone call her mother had died in the retirement home
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. and a lot of. the most painful thing was that i couldn't visit her not even for 5 minutes i couldn't be there for her in her final days this baby and she lived quite close by yet but all contact was forbidden said. i couldn't hold a hand listen. i couldn't say goodbye nothing and let. me know in madrid nearly one in 6 nursing home residents have died since the coronavirus crisis began leaked e-mails from the local government caused outrage they suggested that overwhelmed hospitals word vies to only admit certain patients people in a very serious condition were not to be treated for the head of the madrid government it was an exceptional situation but she says it's difficult to judge in hindsight. i know how but my government fought for the lives of our people around the clock we proposed guidelines but in each individual case the final decision was
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made by medical personnel at no time was this a political decision yet headed up or not actually. critics say the madrid's health system has been under finance for years that led to a reliance on overburdened provisional clinics during the crisis. the ice rink off my dreads a place that is deeply ingrained in spain's collective memory at the peak of the crisis this sense i became a makeshift morgue for hundreds of dead bodies the mark has been closed but for many spaniards the traumatic memories remain frozen and i can still has joined a whatsapp group with other victims' relatives. they trade stories and experiences and offer advice about possible legal steps on the planet. going to some i don't want to simply accept that our relatives all have to die alone and without help that has to be addressed or else we have no closure those responsible have to be
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named. rosanna is determined to pursue legal avenues but there's something else that's just as important she says spain's nursing home system has to fundamentally change its focus from making savings wherever possible to respecting the dignity of their elderly clients. so the question is can financial help from europe help heal the wounds of covert 900 for more on that let's go to our brussel to brussels correspondent barbara visa barbara olson if you can lead as well at the memorial in madrid today what's the sign brussels is trying to send to madrid. they really desperately are trying to cya present a sign of solidarity because the european union failed in march when the crisis began when the democrats slowly began to spread many member states turned their back to the neighbors their borders shut they hoarded medical equipment they
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hoarded pharmaceuticals so it was not good they had a really bad beginning of the crisis and then later in april they sort of got into the tracks and now they're really trying to change the image because not only in italy also in spain there are many people who said after that experience what is europe really doing for us now spain is supposed to have around 80000000000 euros out of this recovery fund that could be a much needed economic boost at least for the country that is pretty much on its knees at the moment. as you mentioned the special summit over among other things the corona aid fund starts tomorrow and how much help can spend expected relation to other uses also suffering on the krona pandemic spain would yet spain and that's the astonishing thing would really be the biggest beneficiary off off this fund if all goes according to plan we don't know this because we know there are tremendous
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resistances from the frugal for the northern countries who don't want to fund or who want to really burden it was very strict regulation and control so spain would get a big chunk of the money and looking at the economical economic situation in the country i mean the e.u. has forecast that spain and especially commie is going to shrink 11 percent this year that's a big hit the debt burden on the country would rise above the 100 percent marker which is also sort of really going into the red so the spanish government is in dire need of help and the. you is trying to provided but whether it all goes according to plan we don't know yet we will see it's going to be a hard 2 days at least in brussels until all this is figured out and agreed upon you said you expecting a hard day's negotiating this special summit so you expect rather
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discord than unity and who are the main opponents that there's going to be tremendous discord i mean there's going to be put it bluntly i mean there's going to be the usual haggling there's going to be blackmailed is so going to be all the dark political art that brussels knows so well from these events because when you know the talks start about money and in this event like huge amounts of money then all friendships are forgotten and nastiness really comes in so i'm going to merkel who's the president off the council at the moment is going to have her hands full keeping things together the northern countries object to spending so much money to giving the money is grants they want strict controls the eastern european countries are $1.00 things for themselves poland for instance it was hardly hit by corona and is supposed to be the 3rd biggest beneficiary of the fund there is going to be
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opposition against that hungary will blackmail everybody else as per usual so everything is going to be just horrible and catastrophic till hopefully after 12 or 3 days of negotiations until america can emerge as a winner and have signed agreement in her hands or not we shall see. america clearly has her work cut out there thank you very much barbara bizzle in brussels. and of some of the other stories making headlines around the world today china's economy is back on track it seems returning to growth in the 2nd quarter the economy of that expanded 3.2 percent year on year higher than experts predicted it raises hopes of a rapid recovery elsewhere in the world. in parliamentary elections in north macedonia the ruling social democrats have emerged with a razor thin victory over their nationalist rivals it's the 1st vote since north was added to the balkan nation's name last year a move that ended
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a decades old dispute with greece who was but was highly controversial at home researchers say a record breaking heat wave in the siberian arctic would have been almost impossible without humanity's contribution to climate change temperatures in the region were more than 5 degrees celsius higher than average between january and june this year. u.s. president on the trump has replaced his campaign manager brad plus column less than 4 months before the election the man taking over from pascal is his former deputy bill stepien the reshuffle comes as trump trails his democratic opponent joe biden as much as 15 points in the polls. social media platform twitter was hit by a massive hack that people into making bitcoin donations that affected some of the networks most high profile accounts including those of former u.s.
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president barack obama and the press of presidential candidates joe biden microsoft founder bill gates and from us including apple and twitter is investigating the matter and has called it a major security breach says the hackers targeted some of its employees who had access to its internal systems. dollars for further into this and for that we're joined by sven happy he's director for international cyber security policy at the think tank shift the vote on here in berlin he's works it works with various governments on cyber security issues when the question everyone is asking is my twitter account safe. well it is as safe with as it was before because the problem was is wasn't really a heck of a reach as far as we know was the employees of twitter help outsiders and criminals to make money out of it so what twitter has to do is not only to change some of the technology but also their processes procedures and international structure which might take a bit longer. this is such
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a huge names were hacked the encoding joe biden what does this do to twitter's credibility and reputation as a way for petitions to communicate with voters i mean definitely in the run up to the presidential elections i think allotted for the reputation of twitter but the attackers fast you know right now through the help of the employees the insiders in twitter would have had access to all the accounts on twitter if they wanted to so that shows only certain high profile ones but they would have had access to every account they wanted so who do you think was likely you mention criminals well who is likely behind this attack and you exclude political actors. well you can never really exclude them but if you look at it and invoke i'm greater syria which is a simple solution as most probably the most likely one is they basically use high profile accounts to scam people was a very obvious scam sent me money i sent you double the money back because it's in to sending them 120000 dollars just imagine you have the power to access every
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direct message every twitter account on the social media platform and you choose it to make 120100000 dollars in a very obvious that doesn't look like news work of professionals. but this is also a blow to twitter's brand isn't it how can it convince consumers that their communications are private from confirmation is safe and information that we're getting is actually from the sources that claim to be putting it on so that's one of the takeaways that we should have had a long time ago already but this incident basically reiterated your direct messages everything that you communicate on the platform is either public to everyone or public to the ones you communicating with but it's always excessive the 2 twitter ploys and as we've seen right now that might not mean so much sadly yes so i'm happy thank you very much thank you. just to stay in the tech world the world's
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biggest internet retail platform amazon dot com turns 25 today it started out as an online bookshop but following founder jeff bezos vision of becoming what he called an everything store it has grown into the world's largest online e-commerce platform the company has also expanded into other areas such as cloud computing and logistics bottoms and has also been widely criticized for exploitative treatment of . and exploited of employment practices while its of sas has been blamed for the widespread collapse of with the mortar retailers. and there's much more about amazon's big birthday coming up in the business news with ben fizzle in that's right after this fall. in moscow and he 14 protests ended with more than $140.00 arrests demonstrators had gathered to collect signatures against changes to the constitution passed earlier this month but police
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moved in quickly and put an end to the gathering. dozens of arrests follow anti-government protests in the russian capital where officers in right here forcefully rounded up protesters people took to the streets to protest the outcome of a recent referendum on constitutional reforms that ally of president putin to govern for another 16 years i'm with you we do not accept the results of the constitutional reforms vote we believe it was all raked we are against the crackdown on independent journalists we are for a rotation in government and we want our country to have an opportunity to live well to try to stop. the controversial vote that amended the constitution earlier this month also included populist measures such as an effective ban on gay marriage as part of their campaign protesters also collected signatures against petitions new measures $5000.00 signatures were collected
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according to moscow city councilor mina. i am not afraid of anything don't believe it don't hope and don't ask but do what you think is necessary if i am arrested so be it if they give me a fine so be it we will handle it somehow. well protesters here remain defiant the kremlin's crackdown on dissenting voices seems to become even harsher after putin's recent victory. still to come they are on call $24.00 seventh's to care for the elderly but many health care workers in germany are paid a for just a fraction of that time one of them is now taking her employer to court the. millions of migrant workers have fled from india city since the coronavirus lockdown in march after all public transport was stopped people had to walk long distances to their home villages many feared being left without food and clean
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water if they stayed so how have those workers been faring since they headed home use india correspondent michelle jones well travelled to karoly in roger stan to find out. for nearly 2 weeks so need a job that has been working on this water reservoir it is 7 hours of hard labor every day in da just cons punishing fun especially for someone who was doing it for the 1st time so need was one of more than 30000 migrants who fled home just constant audi district when india along down in late march. her husband had been making good money working 2 jobs in jeopardy if she focused on breezing their 5 children they didn't need a 2nd income then the shutdown hit. her husband lost his work. virus can come here to we aren't afraid of that we just came here because there was
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no work there until now we were making do with our savings but now there is nothing left so my husband has gone back. her husband is now back in jeopardy but with just one job at half the money with much less income she now needs to work too soon either and the others will only need to 150 rupees a day 23 your tools for 2 weeks off work yet she is lucky only 3 of the workers here are determined migrants job sites like this one are currently the mean way for the government to offer paid work to locals however one must have a government issued job card to be employed here locals tell us that the process to get a new job card can take months but the regions i did landscape leaves little school put agriculture and other work is hard to find as well pushing over 70000 residents to migrate most of these workers have simply not boarded to get
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a government job card. after all they can make 5 to 10 times more a day in the city. but now the government's cash for work scheme sporadically deployed to short don't leave it in dense of projects is all they have. and even these jobs are scarse. gummo singh was desperate to get home he spent a week speed to convince 2 truck drivers to allow him to cram into their break loose with 70 other men. without food and water to get to could only. for the last decade both carmel and his brother have both as one masons in the southern city of hyderabad to support their family of 9 his brother get on there this week to look for work and to be off their overdue rent. damo has been borrowing money at high interest rates to make ends meet out of their london
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everything has been shot what are we supposed to do there's never any work here anyway the one government work project i heard of paid only a pittance for 13 days of work what use is that. the most says his brother has warned him against going back to the. guesses are on the rise and another lockdown could be looming. but migrants like him nor that for the 2nd time they have to make a choice between facing the wireless and starvation. it to starting to pack their bags again. here in germany caring for the elderly is a job that's done the last migrant workers from eastern europe many of them are on call around the clock providing help to hundreds of thousands of elderly people but many feel they're seriously on the paid one boat gary and kara taken her employer to court for alleged exploitation for. coffee and cake in the afternoon
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a german tradition that reminds davina of the time she spent in berlin as a care worker. back then she looked after an elderly german woman. from i was on hand 24 hours a day. if i got up when she was in pain and called out for me to change her bed clothes or diaper. if i didn't have any free time or days on. the moon i worked the whole time. but i mean that. according to her work contract to a prima was only meant to work 6 hours a day and was not on standby the rest of the time she's now the 1st eastern european care worker to sue for back pay but she's not the only one. with the women tell us and what happens all the time is that they don't have the courage to speak up because they're afraid they'll lose their job and they think they'll be put onto a kind of blacklist and won't be able to get
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a job in this industry again around. the federation of trade unions is helping with the bring this court case. the agencies work in a way that gives them the lowest risk and the highest amount of flexibility. but in the end it's the care workers who are the victims. the tongues. around 300000 elderly people in germany are looked after in their homes by care workers from eastern europe mostly from poland and romania and bulgaria placement agencies promised german families personnel who will be available around the clock to look after their relatives. we don't have enough caregivers and especially not registered caregivers there says it's he who would be able to fill these extra $300000.00 jobs so we are dependent on the care workers from eastern europe to take care of the elderly there is no other way mentions of.
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this being there is now following the trial from garia the labor court in berlin had already ruled on the lawsuit and ordered her former employer to pay her 42000 euros in back wages but the sentence was appealed the final decision is now pending . my message to my colleagues and all the others is you have responsibilities but you also have rights that you should defend. the question now is whether other care workers will follow in her footsteps. it's a classic novel about berlin's the world and now it has been given a cinematic 21st century make over one summed up plots has been adapted for the screen several times but the latest award winning version drops the plot around an african migrant he tries to start a new life in the city but soon finds himself and tangled in the criminal world.
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it wasn't until over later in the night with the 2nd chance francis comes from western africa he wants to build a new life in berlin after a traumatic church. if. he wants to be good lead a decent life but how can he have a no job and no papers and i'm a philistine if you flee your homeland then you don't just lose this place but you lose your language your self-confidence your family the feeling of security for me these are human values and the protagonists struggle with the difficulty that princes struggles but he gets onto the wrong trash he gets tangled up with dynamite who makes him a part of this criminal gang. francis becomes a drug dealer in a brilliant park director boone qubani knows this park and its dinners but he not extend the plots of his attempt to give them
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a human face as i have the feeling going to fish 20 of these drug dealers out of the park house that would be a story that most people don't take seriously still see has been to their minds. he adapted one of germany's best known urban not. really any stand up that's published in 1990 i think. the tragic hero seen here in 1000 that you my family mean once be back or. just gotten out of prison and once to get a seat on solid ground game is a monster only yet. khubani transposes 2 beams protagonist into the president the poor guy you can't catch a break is francis the refugee who becomes a criminal. it's a long way down in a 3 hour usually spot. i. owe him for.
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we want to tell a story about characters they demand for realization you know to understand where they are placed in the society. it's also a story about. you know why. it topic couldn't be not. shot but. this is news and here's a reminder of our top stories this hour spain has held a memorial service to all of the victims of the coronavirus demick and the workers who kept for them at least 28000 people have died of cope with 19 in spain king philip adjoint the families of some of the dream seized and paying their respects to the dead. russian police arrested more than 140 opposition protesters in the capital moscow demonstrators had gathered to collect signatures against a series of controversial constitutional reforms that would see president vladimir putin remain in power until 2036. you can
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spain has seen 20000 covert 1000 related deaths in the old people's car how did it come to. such patients away. don't treat residents of the old people's home. are not easily lost her parents and many others want justice
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moros it politicians play. in 60 minutes on t w. been told it is for me. is for. children is for. me. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for every law beethoven 2020. the 50th anniversary here on de dano. are they friends so i wanted to be with you thank you mr i see here forward you wish it wasn't really a full freedom of the publisher and you continue to push for are the economy's going you still see much of the huge steel in the building if you wish you would go
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with me but he's usually a little he's going to give me shit i never work for roger donald trump and flooding your were 2 part drunken intrigue analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the west and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration affect the rest of the world to some bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w it came out of the fact that. china's economy returns to growth in the last quarter but forget any excitement on global exchanges investors feared beijing will cut back on stimulus. returning to the skies now with the post growing radiation industry convinced passengers to fly again. and amazon launches exactly 25 years ago the online bookstore is now much more than that but where is the tech behemoths headed. i've been fizzling let's do
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business china's economy is back in the black.


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