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faces d.w. news live from berkeley and deal or no deal in brussels a new latest phase a 2nd day of talks on a coronavirus recovery fund 750000000000 euros are at stake but there are deep divisions on how it should be spent also coming out as syria prepares for parliamentary elections this sunday we speak to 2 syrian refugees here in berlin i think it was their perspective on their country's leadership. and it's known as the greatest show on earth they see it south africa's something run it's providing an
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essential lifeline during the pandemic. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program european union leaders will hold a 2nd day of talks in brussels today to try to bridge their differences over a 750000000000 euro recovery fund it aims to help the bloc deal with the economic impact of the coronavirus german chancellor angela merkel is chairing the talks as germany currently holds the e.u.'s rotating presidency she's admitted that finding a compromise will not be easy the new is divided on how to assist those hardest hit by the pandemic i'm a just sticking point continues to be to what degree member states should share the debt burden the idea that the e.u. . you could mutual eyes did allowing the block to borrow money instead of
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individual nations borrowing it has some members digging in the heels before we go to brussels to talk to our correspondent let's take a look at what's at stake mosque's on gloves off european leaders are back in brussels for the 1st time since the beginning of the corona crisis with approx finances at the top of the agenda cancel presidential in the shadow expects negotiations to be exceptionally tough a lot is at stake the security system could if you see i know it will be very difficult because it's not only about money it's a question of the future of europe if you want a stronger more stable your hope for certainly. michelle has put a financial package on the table to help the e.u. economy get back on its feet in addition to the 7 year budget of more than a trillion euros michelle has proposed a recovery fund of 7 $150000000000.00 euros in loans and grants money for this fund would be barred by the e.u.
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on financial markets and directed towards countries hit hardest by the crisis such as spain italy and greece what's driving a wedge between leaders is whether the money should be handed out as grants the so-called frugal for austria the netherlands denmark and sweden insist it should be mostly loans and paid back he is considered $1.00 of the biggest obstacles to a deal austrian chanceless sébastien could it's cooks' thinks an agreement can be reached but not necessarily this weekend. is used. there is still a lot of questions to be answered 1st of all to where should the funds school who will be the main recipients what is the suitable critical year for this. though clearly delighted to be meeting up again in person the jovial atmosphere is not expected to last long german chancellor i'm going to mecca is cautious optimism in the days leading up to the summit seems to have subsided. this put off it will take
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a lot of willingness to compromise from all in order to agree on something that is good for europe that would be good for the people of europe with regard to the pandemic that would be a suitable response to the economic difficulties we're experiencing so therefore i expect a very tough negotiation about the e.c. as it should be able. to nab dispositions like the seats are still a part i'm joined now by our correspondent arena strands in brussels maria we know this is a really crucial moment for the a you as a whole how did the 1st day of the conference. leaders actually finished at 11 o'clock which is quite early because usually the 1st day for summits could last until the early morning hours it was a mix of bilateral talks and big rounds and over it before the summit even started yesterday german chancellor angela merkel said that this will be very very difficult because there's so much at stake and rebecca this hasn't even changed
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after hours of negotiations what exactly are the current sticking points. there's a basic division view seeing here so we having the countries of the self as we saw in the report italy spain that have been worst hit by the crisis they're already facing economical difficulties they say we need your solidarity we need your money but we want that money as grants and these countries are supported by the 2 did biggest player in the european union france and germany with the 2 post powerful countries and then on the other hand we have the frugal so-called frugal countries is that countries from the north wealthy countries us netherlands and also austria who are saying yes ok solidarity we're in but we want to hand out the money as laws and we want to have strings attached to it we want you to do reforms in your countries it's a pretty sticky business there how likely is it that the leaders will be able to
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reach an agreement at this summit do you think. polish prime minister mori jet skis said yesterday after the summit is that there's a high possibility that there won't be a deal today and looking at what other leader said it is actually likely they have not been that crystal clear and we will see what comes out of the negotiations today maybe there's a solution coming up maybe this i would go drag into monday or some day that is it's not there's also a chance that there will be another summit in 2 weeks time now as we've already established this is a very important time for the e.u. the italian prime minister for example has said that this could even determine the future of the e.u. obvious signs that cohesion and solidarity in the block away ending even further that not only differences about how the money will be split also about the conditions attached to it and one important point here is the rule of law that the
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rule for or the amount handing the handing out of money is attached to the rule floor that's $2.00 countries who are very opposed to that and that's hungary and poland and as the $27.00 days have to decide on the deal in your community it is one country that could make or break the deal big day in brussels marina strauss thank you very much for the update. another some other stories making news around the world this hour 1st some breaking news and major fire has broken out at a 15th century cathedral in the french city of norm more than 60 firefighters the current leave it comes a year after the devastating fire at the cathedral of not in paris. the u.s. government has put to death an iowa drug kingpin convicted of killing 5 people it's the 3rd federal execution carried out in the u.s. in just 4 days the same number as conducted over the previous 3 decades last week
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the trumpet ministration administration restored federal exit executions after a 17 year hiatus. after a 5 day manhunt german police have arrested a heavily armed fugitive in the country's black forest authorities launched a search for the 31 year old after he disarmed 4 offices at gunpoint and fled into the woods near the town of open now last sunday. chinese authorities have issued more flood warnings as heavy rains afford full cost in provinces in the country south since june massive downpours have left more than 100 people dead or missing forced nearly 5015000000 people to evacuate and caused billions of dollars in economic losses. syria is preparing to hold a parliamentary vote this sunday as president bashar assad marks 20 years in power
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but many syrians outside of the country including millions of refugees will not be able to take part in the polls we caught up with 2 syrian refugees here in berlin to reflect on what assad's grip on power has meant for them. one mahmoud has been living in germany for 5 years after fleeing from syria and the regime that detained and tortured her. she believes president bashar assad should not have been allowed to take over from his father following a controversial constitutional change how does she. shops the people of syria made a mistake we should never of let it happen the presidency is not something that should be inherited. she be a end to fed wa a sad seemed at 1st like a breath of fresh air she looks back on it as a brief period of optimism. that few month and they asked and.
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suddenly it was possible to debate issues. that you could go on the internet for the 1st time. you got the feeling this man could do something positive for syria. white unlike his father hafez. half of. the more relaxed political atmosphere only lasted a few months but the internet opened up a different world for young people like karim sulaiman he was 18 when the arab spring reached syria and people started demanding democracy assad responded with force 6 years ago karim was blown up by a bomb while recording the civil war a user of our cities are on the phone and. bears witness to assad's crimes. i was not a militant i just use my voice and my camera but i had to watch as the cameraman
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was killed right beside me while i was reporting. i almost lost my leg. one of the sort of person. terry md fled from his homeland in syria to the german capital. for him the elections that take place in syria have no credibility. it's all just a circus a made up drama. drama. what was husband and son have been missing in syria for the last 8 years she blames the regime. the last one who are doing well as scientists celebrating 20 years in power i can only hope that one day he will answer for his crimes in courts and in syria why not in europe. but what is not giving up hope. for the sake of her family and for other victims of
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the assad regime. italian place have foiled a plot to smuggle cocaine into the country carefully hidden inside individual coffee beans investigators found at least 500 coffee panes had been cut open and stuffed with the drug they tracked the packages details to florence and arrested the intended recipient place at milan airport that a package from colombia had attracted their attention because it was mont the name of a fictional mafia boss. well every year there's a feeding frenzy in south africa as large shells of sandy migrate up the eastern coast followed by millions of birds seals and shocks the annual sardine run also provides an opportunity for locals to faced on the riches the war has have to offer
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is a particularly popular pastime this year because of the economic hardship brought by the coronavirus our correspondent adrian creates reports. this swarm of thousands of sardines a paradise for sharks and fishermen they pull the catch ashore with the huge difference. to our troops during the cold 19 years made things even worse the i don't drive and waved as it isn't message only so fishing is a way of mending an extra income get titans of sardines being emitted by seeing that does it get ford's them the opportunity of taking big catches and bring all mine to put food on the table. every year between june and all those the sardines migrate along south africa's east coast for the ring the cold current that's heading into the you know shit. dodger reef fish all of them they in turn are in
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the sights of thousands of fishermen. fishing brings the country closer together young and old regardless of their skin color what part of society a. society run is almost over but there's still a lot of fish in the water that's why in the run to when you still see a lot of people out with their fishing rods hoping for some more successful weeks to come. us democratic congressman an icon of the civil rights movement john lewis has died he was 80. as old there was began his nearly 6 decades public service career fighting against segregation in the south he was the last survivor of the big 6 civil rights activists a group led by the reverend martin luther king jr there was died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. you're
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watching data body news we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour until then you can always stay up to date on our web site that's data when you dot com don't forget to follow us on twitter and instagram as well as d.w. news i'm rebecca races for me and the entire team here thanks so much watching. a meal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of only. the planet on the brink of disaster we did a long interview with experts about one question how has it changed our.


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