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this is d. w. news live from berlin waiting on a deal in brussels it's a 2nd day of talks for the e.u. is 27 leaders on a massive coronavirus recovery fund 750000000000 euros are at stake but the deep divisions remain on how to dole it out. also coming up a french cathedral in flames authorities launching an arson inquiry after a major blaze of his own his own paul gothic cathedral in the city if not. get your troops out of portland that's the message from the u.s. city's mayor to president trump after anti-racism protesters clashed with federal
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law enforcement officers. a 1000000 welcome to the program leaders are meeting for a 2nd day to break a deadlock on the contentious economic recovery plan european council president michel offered a revised proposal for the package which would help countries worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic german chancellor angela merkel is chairing the summit as germany currently holds the e.u. use rotating presidency and supports a generous financial response member states are divided on how much of the 750000000000 euros earmarked for the recovery package should be given out as grants and how much as loans to be paid back. i'm joined now by our correspondent she's in
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brussels marina a new proposal put forward this morning what we know about it. michelle's plan is really to break the deadlock been experiencing yesterday on the 1st day of the summit so as it looks like at the moment the overall sound of the recovery package won't change but the proposal is to reduce the amount of grants to convince the so-called frugal countries led by the know the lambs mark route michelle also wants to get them some other goodies to win them over for example rebates on the overall budget so how likely is it that leaders are going to be able to reach an agreement whether it's this proposal or any other we've heard from a diplomat's really am and this is from have said that actually this proposal is a step in the right direction but the next 24 hours will show if the country is if
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the $27.00 member states are so divided we'll be able to find a solution so actually we're preparing for a very long. let's get more into these talks what comes out of it this is a big moment for the e.u. what does it mean for the blocks future well it's a make or break moment said we have the south we have the north they have very different interests and this has been said a lot about you know about some is that it's a crucial moment in your history but this time it's actually true this is a crucial summit this is a crucial moment for the e.u. and so it's also crucial and important to find a solution if not today then as soon as possible and as we said germany is chairing this is a big moment for germany being on the e.u. leading the e.u. council presidency right now germany went from being part of the frugal nations not wanting to spend much on the e.u. to be one of the big proponents to spending a lot of money what's what's behind that shift. well behind the
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sift is that as you said you know america was always always more on the frugal sides but germany is also a big exported nation we have to we have to we always have to stress stress that actually and germany is dependent on the e.u. single market and if countries like italy or spain for example are weak economically this also hits germany so it's also a very egoistic thing to do and not just an altruistic or solidary. initiative that i go marco is forcing here. stress in brussels thanks very much and now to some other stories making news this hour after a 6 day manhunt german police have arrested an armed fugitive in the country's black forest authorities launched a massive search for the 31 year old after he disarmed 4 officers have done point
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and fled into the woods near the town of open now last sunday. mass protests are continuing in russia's far east over the arrests of surrogate fergal a popular governor of the screeching which borders china he faces murder charges going back more than a decade but supporters say those charges are politically motivated fergal was detained last week and flown to moscow for pretrial detention. u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg says her liver cancer has returned the 87 year old said she'll continue serving on the court while she undergoes chemotherapy ginsburg is the most prominent member of the supreme court's liberal minority if she were to retire or die president donald trump could appoint a new justice before the november election. french officials have launched an arson inquiry after a major fire at the cathedral in the western city of. the blaze has now been
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contained and authorities are treating the incident as a criminal act footage shows flames leaping inside the gothic monument and a large cloud of black smoke. dozens of firefighters were deployed to tackle the blaze at the song paul cathedral this comes just a little more than a year after the devastating fire at the cathedral of notre dame in paris one of france's greatest architectural treasures. let's bring in g.w. correspondent lisa lewis who's monitoring the situation from paris lisa tell us more about the damage and what the firefighters are facing there. well there are still dozens of firefighters working at the cathedral what happened during the fire was that the big organ made of wood completely burnt out and parts of it parts of that organ has come down has fallen down to the ground but there are other parts which have burned and which are still somehow there on the 1st floor in the
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cathedral and the firefighters are not trying to evacuate these parts because they're they're afraid they could fall down and damage other pieces you know. as statues that are inside the cathedral they're trying to bring these. to make sure that you know to control the situation the fire is under control but there are still some little fires going on there also taking out the degre to be able to access these fire to extinguish them and investigators seem pretty quick to be looking into arson as a possible motive what do we know about that. well absolutely and in this to geisha has been launched at the beginning of the investigators who are seemingly thinking that it wasn't arson because you know it started one of the fires started at the big organize a set which is which was made of wood and it was an electrical organ so they thought it might have been a short circuit but when they discovered that 3 different fires started at the same
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time they said this might be actually might have been a criminal act so now the question is not just how did the fire start but also who have star who had started it maybe. these images really are quite striking i mean they look so similar to what we saw just a year ago you know try don how is that affecting people. well absolutely everybody here is thinking of not to dom and what happened there about a year ago when the roof was damaged when part of the upper wounds of that cathedral or damage and the big spike came crashing down now the fi at the north cathedral is a bit different because there was another fire at the same cathedral in $72.00 and after that the roof got fortified with concrete so it looks like the damage is kind of limited there however this really raises questions about how france is protected protecting its historical buildings and as one person put it today on t.v. france is no for its beautiful cathedrals so many people here thinking that maybe
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the government should put more money into protecting and preserving these cathedrals lisa thank you very much 1st thing on top of this for us from paris in the u.s. city of portland oregon black lives matter protesters and federal law enforcement officials clashed again overnight the city's mayor is demanding that the federal agents be removed after reports of them driving around in unmarked cars and seizing demonstrators off the streets the federal agents were deployed by president trying to restore order after weeks of unrest. oh. they've been on portland streets to protest racism every day for more than a month mostly peaceful some have clashed with police and sprayed graffiti on buildings. the trumpet ministration provoked fiore by sending in federal agents. officially their job is to protect federal property like the courthouse but
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multiple eyewitnesses report unidentified offices far from those buildings forcefully detaining protest is they've also used tear gas against the wishes of local authorities mr president agencies should never be used as your own personal army the words and actions from president trump and the department of homeland security and showed this is an attack on our democracy the homeland security chief has called protested violent extremists he said fended using federal offices including border patrol agents and immigration and customs enforcement in portland and the president says he's satisfied with their work. we've done a great job in portland portland was totally out of control and they went in and i guess we have many people right now in jail and we very much quelled it and it starts again well quality again very easily. the street fights have already turned
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political knives they're set to become legal rights groups are condemning federal agents for they say making arrests without probable cause and the state attorney general to seek a restraining order against them followed by a federal lawsuit. now let's take a look at the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic more than 14000000 people have been infected worldwide and over 80000 have died that's according to the latest figures from johns hopkins university states has again seen. record daily number of infections with over 70000 people contracting the virus this friday texas and florida are currently the worst affected and iran's president hassan rouhani says an estimated 25000000 iranians could be infected with the coronavirus according to the president an additional $30.00 to $35000000.00 people could become infected in the coming months firefighters in siberia are battling massive
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wildfires which have been burning for weeks in the region of cities have been badly affected by smoke from the fires while while while wildfires in siberia aren't necessarily unusual scientists say climate change has made them more frequent and more intense. russian officials say using aircraft to fight fire is currently burning across an area of some 120 square kilometers. on the ground the situation is said to be improving but it's far from under control . as for today the wildfire situation remains difficult and we have an emergency situation in the region. not you wouldn't you know as of this morning there with 40 active forest fires here. officials have also called in hundreds of explosive experts to
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make fire breaks creating gaps in the trees and undergrowth should contain the fire as. in the region of succumb a state of emergency has been declared. people in the regional capital you could have for days been doing their best to deal with living in a city trotted in thick smoke. there's an unpleasant scratchy feeling in the throat but what can we do it's hard to breathe especially with the mosque and the with this hot. the weather is certainly a factor with daytime temperatures of up to 35 degrees celsius unusually haunt for the northern russian region. in football 29 year old andre 2014
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world cup winner with germany has announced his retirement that brings an end to his 10 year career played for several bonus league the clubs including. dortmund where he won the german cup 3 seasons ago he also won the premier league with chelsea during a short stint in england on loan from dortmund the last 2 seasons charlotte said it was time to hang up his cleats. the highlight of his career came when he set up mario for the winning for the world cup winning goal in the 2014 final against argentina. u.s. democratic congressman and icon of the civil rights movement john lewis has died he was 80 years old lewis began his nearly 6 decade career in public service fighting against segregation in the south he was the last survivor of the big 6 civil rights activists a group led by the reverend dr martin luther king jr lewis died after
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a long battle with pancreatic cancer. you're watching u.w. news will have more headlines for you at the top of the hour till get all the latest from g.w. dot com follow us on twitter and instagram and your news the way and look for us. like. a mug or just some us sued for the russians so. you can stream. so many different walks of life. some are. honestly trying out all of that coming straight from the heart just to see it even when there's no more diligent amash the interim.


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