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tv   The Faroes  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2020 6:02am-6:30am CEST

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far out in the north atlantic. the faroe islands surprisingly filipino women comprise the largest ethnic minority here some 10000 kilometers from their homeland i don't know how they found the car and. so. they get. on to net found different traditions the love of her life and a new life awaiting her on the faroes so she's thrilled to celebrate all ahsoka the island's national holiday she's donning the national dress of the pharaohs for the 1st time i feel so proud to wear it because everybody in the think this and there's also where you feel for in their i feel regulates the national costume . you few. years.
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antonette has created a new life for herself. to be with her great love reagan and kong she left the philippines and all she knew behind her for the last 5 years the faroe islands have been her new home. coming from the tropics adjusting to life in the chilly north atlantic was a real culture shock. it rains $300.00 days a year in the farrows. at the height of summer temperature reaches just 12 degrees celsius. and didn't winter it's only light for a few hours each day. i know how it feels to me i know because the 1st time i had fire and i thought there are no going to be you know so are going to beat us in the farai so i was just like going to grab thing
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that. i can borrow i love ny and thinking oh how can i make friends they don't understand my and i'm ways i don't understand their language. antonette and reagan 1st met on cyprus she was working in a hotel there and he was a guest on holiday for 2 years they wrote e-mails and phone one another then antonette plucked up her courage and followed reagan to the ferrous a year after they married their daughter was born. on tonight's mother has come all the way from manila to the pharaoh's to meet her 24th grandchild. the whole family is looking forward to the baby's baptism but naturally she'll be
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wearing the national dress of the pharaohs. if it's right it's time to say hey. hey hey how are you jim. the baptism has proved a bit of a challenge for antonette there's one fair always custom she still struggles with yes she already had the name but the follow the to the fire while it's the secret we are not allowed to. thoroughly think anyone not less. the only allowed to say is already in the service and we are ready to give her and him being the prince when you get pregnant you're already thinking of her name i did the same i was so because i can do i feel like i can.
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but antonette has resigned herself to waiting until the baptism. in the meantime she makes the most of the few hours of sunshine. her husband rican is a pharmacist. he spends most of his free time working on the house and torch on the capitol of the fair islands. the 1st time reagan told her where he lived until it had absolutely no idea what to expect. she'd never even heard of the barrow islands. i thought fire island their fire part of so i was thinking oh you're leaving. all this stuff. but he said this part of denmark and i need to google. denmark.
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and looking very spyro i like my kind of crying. then i go far i learned. in denmark at the end i guess there's no mark and i tried to go off to very far away from denmark i probably. and even farther away from internet home city of manila. the capital of the philippines boasts some 13000000 residents barely 20000 live and her new hometown. the pharaohs comprise 18 islands made of fall cannick rock. some 50000 people call this european outpost home. but living on an island surrounded by unspoiled nature can get lonely at times. especially for the men who far outnumber women on the faroes for years young women have been leaving the pharaohs to study and start a new life abroad the men left behind practiced traditional professions and abide
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by traditional gender roles. at the port of tortious morton johana center sells his catch of the day. his father and grandfather were also fisherman it's tough work for the guys but that's not what fair always women are looking for these days ya pay a call you know so i just don't. put out that times of change well you knew him when i was young it was totally different but i spend a lot of spending today young women are mainly looking for excitement you know how in the farrows doesn't have as much to offer them as denmark germany or france for example. morten son andreas is also a fisherman his generation in particular is affected by the shortage of women on the pharaohs on trances single but many of his friends have partners from southeast asia. here
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a lot of them about the often enough these days it's easy to find a beautiful young woman like you sit down on the computer click enter and they're right there on the floor and there's a big difference between welfare always on. with a filipino you go all around sort of else loaded she cooks orleans and does laundry for him loves them. while many ferro east women are leaving the islands philippinas are arriving and taking their place. langley thomas among them. she was one of the 1st filipino women to come to the barracks. my 1st day i was told by a jetlag and. bark. no. i'm like we don't like so i been seen so much name that time i'd been staying here for just the tribal war. but also for
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my. for 12 years bang left her dream life she found love security and started a family. as the mother of 2 daughters she enjoyed her life on the remote pharaohs. but when she discovered her husband was cheating on her on able to accept this she worked up the courage to separate from him since then why it hasn't been easy to house it is so much memories thing again i just stay in the house so i just go for a drive i like driving alone and. then. my life my locks now. if you are going to be soon. if you're in the army. and. you.
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bang wasn't prepared to give up the life she made for herself on the pharaoh's. for you. but she refused to stay with her husband purely for financial reasons so she's found work to support herself and her children. why didn't they create anything maybe as some changes i would do it but i don't think that they would. if i did then i would. i don't maybe there shot something you. know i don't frequent and. i'm satisfied right now no. bank has only ever returned to the philippines once with her daughters carina and johana not because
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bank considers the faroes to be her home. she supports her parents in the philippines whenever she can. but never for a 2nd did she consider returning there after her separation. i miss my parents but i missed me i thought. i don't miss. i think i'm here with my children. my focus my children. by contrast and she doing dietrich since truman wanted nothing more than to leap the parents. like many paralysed women after a generation she headed for denmark the sooner she finished school. after attending university at roskilde she landed
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a job in copenhagen. it was more exciting than life in the faroes. that's why many young fairlie's women never return. though in she loon has. out there still said life here can be very constraining compared to the big cities it's completely different here. i just wanted to get away and leave it all behind me. that was the main reason why i left back there everything was just too small but after a time i realize that no matter where i go the life here will always be a part of me. and i guess so when she was 24 inches low and decided to return. she was homesick and long to raise a family on the ferry. 3 years ago she had her fair always has been tied to or moved back. not long afterwards their son when he was born.
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in june is striving to be an independent and emancipated woman in this traditional society. so certainly. in the past it was a huge problem that the women left and didn't come back. back. but i think that things are slowly changing here that someone like me has returned to the islands in their mid twenty's is actually quite unusual fatal with a mother. for now she's on a mission in judo and aims to become a role model for a new generation of self-confident very always women. that's why she's running for parliament. she aims to make the pharaoh's a place women no longer feel the need to run away from a place with opportunities equal opportunities freedom we have our leverage that
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are not there. at. 32 after being away for so long it was really important for me to return to the pharaohs protonix floating here i realized i can make a bigger difference here than i could in copenhagen or elsewhere. i come from here i know the place and i know how things work now i want to use that to change a few things on the island certain we're not backwards we don't march. her goal is to become the 1st woman under the age of $38.00 in the new parliament she says it's time to do away with all gender roles today she's taking to the streets of the capital torch on to get her message out and you know when is the face of a new generation and a new era. you know what this is that she was was.
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the remote islands are starting to move with the times. this is a pharaoh pride parade held in torch on. not long ago such an event would have been unheard of here for angelou and the parade is an important sign that mindset search changes. yeah yeah yeah yeah it's a fabulous sign that so many people are here to show we don't want to go back to the last century and we want the fairest to be an even more open and colorful country and. that's a great feeling it's been tested. colorful weir and modern. angelo ones hopes for a more diverse future aren't shared by all fair always people.
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and reagan's house things are more traditional bodog soak up the national holidays just around the corner when antonette will wear the traditional dress for the 1st time. i think a lot seems absolutely beautiful wearing that i've always felt that paris women look better than their fairest man but especially the foreign women see and my wife wearing a little skull site. i think for fell in love or again when i thought that for antonette the national dress is more than just a garment. i feel so proud because everybody. in this to defend. myself or in their i feel regulates the way national costume. you feel included. in here where.
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it's very important for me. feeling you belong and are part of society. that was much tougher for the 1st filipinos who came to the pharaohs some 2 decades ago. i think. they are used to hearing the power we're not invincible there anymore because we are growing. around 200 filipinos now live on the pharaohs. they form the largest group of newcomers many have also brought relatives or female friends to the islands. the filipino community here holds regular get togethers which are very important to internet. so sometimes it's lonely not to have i believe you know. although we are included in the ruthless i still
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feel feel very. feel home to be with something we know you here is a long ways they're talking here is the same food that you miss. the most i thought it's really nice to have a community. all of her girlfriends have pharaoh his partners. today they've come to meet i'm sure that's new baby girl. i would love for you because i like the life. there if the girl did good libyans i will not feel safe for her to go out. in the night time and i am not sure if you come back a lot of those guys out there in the car islands you can go anywhere and you will not be warry if you feel out even if you don't look right because i know it's very safe. it's a good. race if i'm going to my right. meanwhile bang is
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raising her children on the pharaoh's without relying on a man's help. she's found work at a facility for children with disabilities today she's training a new colleague the pain has worked hard to get where she is today she studied to become a social educator at the university of the parent islands and was the only philippine a student and role there. and it's very common for foreigners to work. it's not necessary language but then i get my dream ah big dreams that's why i haven't scored study. after separating from her husband being knows that marrying a pharaoh he's man doesn't necessarily guarantee a secure future so she's learned to stand on her own 2 feet. it helped that she didn't just have friends in the filipino community but also mixed with the locals
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you can love being integrated if you don't know the language it's challenge in a good thing for me challenge because i have to use the fairest language also in their id but they are very my colleagues will i think i only a week. step . but i'm probably where i am now. it's the evening before the fairly easy national holiday thing has invited her colleagues to dinner they love the filipino dishes she prepares. they're going to bring the food they so would and i think it's so many where i think of things. i feel like i'm in favor of beads it's good that we are able to
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make it to be forward thinking before it's so cool playing this but now you could if i saw initial stores hearing fire live on. after 12 years of marriage raising 2 children and separating from her husband bangs creating another life for herself. for many years on the pharaoh's have made her into a woman knows exactly what she wants and no longer feels she's just another filipino on the pharaoh's. she's become truly fair elise herself. i've been here before and. i want to grow all. our. little on the internet and rake in are getting ready for the national holiday. a special delicacy is on the menu whale meat. and naturally
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in the farrows slicing it is a man's job. even after spending 5 years in the pharaohs and it still finds some of the island's traditions hard to stomach. like. the death of a. monk. and antionette still isn't entirely sure what they celebrate on the national holiday. they're celebrating st paul well it's there we think now you can call the king of st if you're going over a more way and this is that they won the whiskey. so they are actually living right
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so you are celebrating when he was here yes this is that they when the guy put the high in the afterlife. or not serco which means st olaf sway is the most important day of the year in the pharaohs everyone comes out to celebrate this national holiday. it's been a fair always tradition since the 13th century. i. come to you you come to all oh you know. and she was here to before she felt obliged to attend but since her return to the pharaohs she's glad to come as she sees how the islands are changing. their day here is that i asked i just being here today is something special for. i came home specially for
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the national holiday every clear out worse because they know that i'm heading here again it's just different and it feels right i absolutely want to stay here to go for it was. fun this is the 1st time mountain that has worn her fair always national dress in public. she's been waiting for this moment for days. after so happy and the weather through nice a day. it adds up everything it's a happy. well there's a beautiful day here we're going to be more lucky with the weather and having my wife and my daughter with me is just fantastic but i don't see anyone else yeah. they reached the city center just in time. for the big parade. is about to begin the highlight of the festivities.
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and tonight is right at home. fairways men and women have come from all around to see and be seen. and to celebrate together. the used to be the day when the marriage minded would i prospective spouses. these days people flock here from around the world. there always are opening up. one of europe's most remote regions shows how integration can work. bangalee tung has also found her place and fairly society. this is her 18th all of
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sitka and she plans to take part for years to come. if she has other plans to. i was running full get the nod they began then i can apply for another job with a more. it's better for our future. if i must i will be along with my kids then i have to have more or. haha you say it's mark extra i can offer you. what about a new husband up them up but i'm not. the.
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