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good. to see deputy you slide from her lead crunch time for 80 leaders has talks on a massive cold 19 cut for a package and a 4th day commission president arcilla funder line says she's feeling optimistic i'm positive for today we're not there yet but things are moving in the right direction to tap sentiment now also being added by the leaders of france and germany we'll tell you what's at stake also coming up the british government suspends its extradition arrangements with hong kong it comes after beijing imposed a tough new national security law that's further raising concerns about human
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rights abuses in china act in lebanon the price of bread and other essentials is soaring while the value of the currency is plummeting can the country ward off a complete collapse of its economy. as the united arab emirates launches the arab world's 1st mission to mars the hope approach aims to provide the 1st complete picture of the fred planet's atmosphere. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program talks have resumed between eagle leaders on day 4 of what has turned into a tense summit over a massive coronavirus recovery package the core disagreement concerns how much of the proposed 750000000000 euros will be distributed as handouts or as loan.
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that will have to be repaid now hard hit southern states including italy and spain want to see substantial aid payments but a group of self declared frugal northern european countries want the money distributed as loans and more checks on how the money is being spent. european commission president arcelor founder live at the say she rocked herself after 3 days and 3 nights of negotiation marathon we're entering now in the crucial phase but i have the impression that if european leaders really want an agreement they shoulda clear will to find a solution and we need a solution the european citizens need a solution the european union needs a solution needs an agreement to overcome this crisis and to prepare europe for the future i'm positive for today we're not there yet but things are moving in the right direction the european commission president speaking
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a short while ago while the wrangling and the divisions along geographic lines have become typical of e.u. graphics especially when complex agreements about large amounts of money are on the table still when leaders meet on 1st met excuse me on friday if you could have guessed that this would turn out to be one of the wong just ever summits we have this look now at how the talks of progress. europe's leaders seemed delighted to see each other in the flesh germany's angela merkel and france's emmanuel mccaw had already agreed on all that's enough for most you problems friday seems to phase with optimism and good humor. but by monday morning my cold sounded very different . he says but the media are not the finish but it's difficult. he and macko will be cooling on all their diplomatic skills to bridge some significant splits within the block. they need to reach
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a group calling themselves the frugal so austria finland denmark the netherlands and sweden they want loans more than subsidies this guy goes on when we say that means loans and those i need for here for ford but if it's once they've got west of a number of countries the most countries all can do it's not hard to learn she subsidies there are you guys who don't want real role to know was it reasonable to be us knowing about all of that out of the procedures are created maybe. there now wording around that idea of putting conditions on the money. it's getting personal. hungary's leader viktor orban is at the center of this fight over linking subsidies to rule of law or in his country and other issues elsewhere. i don't know what is the person lol reason for the dutch prime minister to hate me or hungary
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but he's attacking so harshly and making very clear that because hungary in his opinion does not respect the rule of law must be punished by nationally that's his position which is not acceptable others like greece say they simply need to see the money the big picture is that we're faced with the biggest economic depression since the 2nd world war maybe some compromises will be necessary but we need to be sure to that we achieve that kind of vicious solution because our citizens expect nothing less from us for. it's a standoff and the most powerful voices have so far remained silent. war on the summit we are joined now from brussels by correspondent terry sheilds terry where do things stand right now. well sara the meeting has been delayed again they are just due again now to start meeting all together after having it individual sessions
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a little lobbying groups up until now so we'll see where things go from here it's been a crazy 3 days so far heading into the 4th and now tempers are frayed people are tired and chancellor merkel says she believes there will be a deal but she's not quite sure whether it will be today let's listen to what she said coming in. with talk. last night. we work towards framework for a possible agreement. that that is a step forward and offers hope that there could be an agreement today or at least that agreement is possible and it will. i'm very glad that we the french president and i back in may adopted the approach of a really substantial program for this exceptional situation it is also a group that was the foundation for the decisions by the commission and that's why we have succeeded in agreeing a substantial love living here and that is the on so we need for an exceptional
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situation and it was clear that the negotiations were going to be tough and they will continue to do that exceptional situations require exceptional effort for them also has been a challenge playing exceptional situations exceptional efforts the german chancellor really underscoring how unprecedented this crisis is terry who was for a message intended for you think. well certainly chancellor merkel is trying to impress upon the frugal they need to be willing to make a deal this size of the proportion of grants in this recovery package has been slimmed down to to try to to placate the frugal side now it has been dropped by some billions and so she definitely wants them to be willing to say ok that's enough for grants and do you know the proportion of grants to loans is now ok for us but you know chancellor merkel is playing 2 roles here not only is she on the side of the countries that want to assistance money to be given as grass but
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germany is also the rotating president of the european union at this time so she has to represent all $27.00 countries and this is not the only issue that's that's a problem you also have the problem of rule of law mechanism and there are countries who say that they're going to hold up the 7 year budget on that issue so chancellor merkel really has a lot of balls in the air at the moment and why are we seeing leaders really digging in their feet right now especially when it comes to this issues of grounds for zone conditionality just walk us through what's behind all of this. the conditionality is really an interesting issue sara because it's the 1st time if this goes through that it would happen and that would mean that these countries and we should go ahead and say it's mostly poland and hungary who are seen as not obeying. democratic values not respecting the rule of law that they shouldn't be expecting to just get a payout from the e.u. budget now just a few minutes ago the polish prime minister said that he will never accept that
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there would be a conditionality on the money he would never accept that rule of law would be something that would have to be approved before they get subsidies from the european union so it's clear that the grants versus loans issue is not the only one that may hold up these talks and may send us into a 5th day sara a lot at stake for those countries big beneficiaries of those cohesion funds to regionals with a view from brussels thank you so much. and now to some other stories making news around the world the german daily handel's plot has said that the former head of payments giant wire card has fled to russia yanmar solich has been on the run since meyer card collapse after a $2000000000.00 euro hole was found in its balance sheet the austrian national is reportedly now staying at an estate west of moscow under a supervision of russia's she are you military intelligence it's. the 76 anniversary of an attempt to assassinate out of shit there has been commemorated
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with the swearing in of the armed services with kreutz in berlin germany's defense minister on about prom karrenbauer has been among those who attended the event to pay tribute to the conspirators behind the 1944 briefcase bomb plot. colleagues and friends have remember top ukrainian journalist paul vote share of that in monument was unveiled at the site where his car was blown up in the capital kiev 4 years ago the suspects have been murdered. scuse me. suspects have been charged with this murder but sure of that supporters believe that they may have inferring in order to hide the real killers. assistance of his extradition treaty with hong kong amid growing international condemnation of china's new national security law in the territories the controversial law punishes a broad range of offenses that are consider its version terrorism or cold engine
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with foreign elements that didn't stop pro-democracy activists from holding an unofficial primary election hoping to come up with enough kind of it's to been a majority in the legislature later this year on monday a prominent pro-democracy activist joshua wang submitted his application to run in the poll. and another of hong kong's most prominent young activists nation of law recently fled to hong kong for london where our reporter charlotte potts met up with. it's not all new to ne snow in london the left hand traffic he says from mine some of hong kong his home which he flips 2 weeks ago the new security law made it impossible for the activists to stay. on i myself are in great danger under the law but also a lot of my fellow activists in hong kong so a lot of those. issues shrug and fear of being prosecuted it's harmful you know
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i'm meeting law in central london the 27 year old brought this banner all the way from hong kong abene that could now get him arrested at home and a reminder of what he is fighting for freedom at seth and chinese the activist does not want to disclose his exact location and plans because he's concerned for his safety we all know that child us reach could be very expensive. for me i'm in the movie being a stream and have a way in cautious about such a thing so i could protect myself. it was an umbrella that once made famous one alongside thousands of the hong kong as he protested for democracy in 2014 together with joshua while he founded the pro-democracy up. position party demasi store and got elected to the city's defacto parliament now i know has had to leave his life in hong kong behind. these are very painful decision but for me i think
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it's more than myself more than personalization is a strategy for the movement because we need to have someone to speak on the international level freely. people see mom when they cannot speak up on the ground so for me i would love to bear that responsibility even though i need to have some personal sacrifice. came to london on a visit with one clear purpose he wants to be the strong voice for those still fighting the fight back in hong kong but who are now being silenced under the new security law yes the historical time for u.k. regarding the china policy. change in the past 6 months. i think is. a strong consensus in the u.k. politics that we have to be more assertive to china and i hope that my presence and my engagement in the u.k. could facilitate that change that we could hold china accountable in the future we
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have a sense of personal wants to and power the movement and his fellow activists from abroad but the reality of not knowing if and when he can return to hong kong in the future leave some set. it is awaiting that you don't know when it will and. a lot of responsibility on my shoulder for now and i have to remind myself. i don't leave for myself but for the whole movement. it's a lonely path that mason law has chosen but one where he believes he can be the most useful to the cos. in germany the trial begins on tuesday of a man charged with attacking a synagogue in the eastern town of holland last october the suspect tried and failed to storm the synagogue but is accused of shooting 2 people dead one in the
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street and another in the co-op shop the incident has sparked a debate in germany about the safety of its jewish citizens a spokesperson have this to say as the court prepares for the trials of the mine club before the defendant stands accused of attacking the fundamental values of our society especially the peaceful coexistence of different religions and groups in society or confess your one on deck affairs of people who are out for going on. in space on he is alleged to have caused immeasurable personal suffering but based on the rule of law the state will respond by conducting a fair trial in fear. and for more let's bring in political correspondent thomas barrow is following this story for us so thomas what can we expect our on. tomorrow is the beginning of a process that has already garnered a lot of attention not only here in germany but also internationally in fact in
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a press conference that we have tended this afternoon here in in my book it was explained that the process will actually be interpreted to the various international languages including english and russian and there is also a big media presence expected again not only from germany but also from other parts of the world tomorrow the process will begin with the reading of the indictment on the process will last at least that's as far as we have been able to find out until the 14th of october although that could be extended depending on what happens in the next few months this was a horrific incident thomas with that in mind walk us through why it is getting so much international attention. one element that is particularly important here is that this has been described as a racist anti-semitic far right attack and this is a problem that is growing here in germany in fact far right extremism has been described as the biggest security threat in the country by the german interior
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minister under such as this is something that is not only important now but it's also very sensitive given germany's history another element that explains why this has got so much attention is the way this alleged perpetrator acted the fact that he for example streamlined everything online that he posted a manifesto and just such analysts have explained that they can draw similarities to other issues that happened around the world like for example the attack in christchurch new zealand or el paso in texas so these 2 elements give you an idea of why this is being followed so closely on the one hand here in germany but also internationally as well and how did the authorities react thomas what has changed since then. authorities have been criticized by down paying for example some of these incidents by not taking enough attention when it comes to fighting on the semitism in the country in
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a such off the attack in hollywood big piano was presented by germans interior minister plan that included for example better protecting synagogues are expanding cooperation between state and federal offices but also on bases also probably the most important element trying to expand the capacity of authorities when it comes to fighting these issues online because they have realized that the way these people connect online plays a very important role in the way these events then unfold so these are all that evidence that also gives you an idea of what authorities are trying to do when it comes to fighting not only the incident in the holiday but also other incidents as well and trying to cooperate not only among state and federal authorities but also internationally as well this is seen above all a something that is more important than just what happens here in germany it is internationally important as well and now the trial is set to begin tomorrow on the story for us thomas sparrow there thank you.
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alternatives other news now in the midst of the coronavirus and them more than 500 staff at the largest hospital in the lebanese capital beirut have been laid off it is just one of the many dire consequences of the country's worst economic crisis since the civil war 3 decades ago lebanon's economy is on the verge of complete collapse the local currency has lost more than 80 percent of its value on the black market food prices have skyrocketed moving lebanese from all walks of life unable to put food on the table if the trend continues the government warns that 60 percent of the population could fall into poverty by the end of 2020. but this dire situation is anything but a surprise. lebanon is the 3rd most indebted country in the world by g.d.p. its economy has been in freefall for years. recently the government failed to make
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a $1200000000.00 payment for foreign bonds the 1st such default in lebanon's history. of government mismanagement and corruption are rampant. over the years various lebanese governments have used the banking system to finance unsustainable spending critics say this put the money of ordinary lebanese citizens in jeopardy and that they are now bearing the brunt of the country's financial meltdown. so what now. everyone agrees lebanon needs help fast. the government is negotiating in multibillion dollar bailout from the international monetary fund but concerns over stalled reforms are making it difficult. with hundreds of thousands of lebanese
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having lost their jobs since october help cannot come fast enough. and the corona virus has now killed more than $140000.00 people in the u.s. and the caseload is rising sharply across the nation there's growing public anger over a perceived lack of leadership and national strategy to tackle the pandemic the next poll reports from arizona. for amanda and gina their grandfather who see it was like a father to them he taught them everything helped him become who they are and dido the corona virus one of so many in arizona it was horrible to leave him alone and him knowing we had to leave him alone like what was he going to do at that time knowing that he couldn't have his loved ones there to support him he's facing everything pretty much alone and there's nothing we could do about it. i don't know it's hard very very heartbreaking. a situation l.
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asked to has become all too familiar with even after 38 years in the funeral business the corona pandemic nothing is as it used to be. with these families so many of them haven't been able to be with their loved one at the time of death put into a hospital where they can't visit or into a nursing home where they can no longer see them so many people are dying a while and that emotionally is challenging for families just to know that they can't be there and they can't you know be supportive and so are our challenge our job is to help them kind of deal with that and start to help them heal and grieve and that's that's what we do. more than 2500 people have already died in arizona leaving many hospitals overwhelmed with the sick and the dead. when we get a death call the hospital will say can you come quickly because we're archipelago capacity we don't have anywhere to put these people they're trying not to get to
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these mobile units but they actually are so when we go now to a hospital transfer or someone in our care they have to actually have to look and see where the body is is it in the hospital facility or is it out in the mobile facility. it's been a little over a week since they've buried their grandfather amanda and gina still need time to come to terms with their loss but they already have strong feelings about who is to blame they could have handled it a lot better i feel they knew about this from john and they didn't have been i understand price so the world wouldn't go in panic mode but at the same time look what's going on like what occurred due to them knowing and not doing anything about it and i really do think they could have did a lot more to help a lot of people and people are still getting sick people are still going to the hospital peter still dying and i don't understand why. i just don't and i don't think it's fair to any of us. their feelings are shared by many mourners in america
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but the lack of leadership from the white house is just as dangerous as the virus itself. well the united arab emirates has launched the arab world's 1st interplanetary mission the us a eason a model pro open english aims to orbit mars and provide the 1st complete picture of the bread and atmosphere a launch had been postponed twice because of bad weather the orbiter blasted off from a small island in southern japan. is the 1st research probes sent by the united arab emirates to investigate how the planet's. ofter of roughly 7 month trip pope is set to reach mons unsettling to all but. the hope mission and particular is going to study the martian atmosphere so it's going to studied the lower middle and upper atmosphere of mars and it's going to
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try and understand how the gas escaped from morse. hope will be the 1st weather satellite to orbit non's researching phenomena like the planet's massive sun storms it will study weather and climate as the seasons change of rich new year period. the data is meant to help develop models of models up must fail and own sort of fundamental question why did mars change from a planet that would have supported life to an icy desolate. space flight engineers from the emirates and the u.s. developed the satellite it was built in colorado is meant to send a message of hope from the missions found out the prime minister to buy to arab youth. and to reestablish the arabian peninsula's tradition of scientific
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leadership. the emirates want to launch their own economy into the future with innovation and reduce the dependence on oil. china on the other hand is setting its sights on a moslem anding say for the us is the only country to have pulled it off china's satellite channel when one is expected to set of robot and drove them want children down on the red planet's surface. in this rolling research laboratory will explore its environment on a 3 month journey it will also use radar to look underneath the surface to a depth of 100 meters. when knots down the satellite will lead tend to find much mas mineral makeup and reason. including mineral deposits it's also supposed to search for frozen water. china does not plan on sharing that connects with
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international research as as others have done a much criticized move. with that now you're up to date here on d to have your news i'm sarah kelly in berlin up next it is eco india i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour take care it's. the fall. of.
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eco india. the green home means more than having the loss of crops design the materials the energy source all have to be sustainable upcycling also rich. he says the climate impacts of. living an eco friendly life can be inspiring going green looks good to eco.
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