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this is state of the newsnight from berlin sides of optimism from a year later negotiating a massive coronavirus recovery plan you council president shelby shannon says an agreement with hundreds of billions of euros is not within reach after a new proposal and breaking 4 days of debt also in programs drugmaker astra zeneca appears to be leading the race to discover a coronavirus vaccine after announcing promising results from its 1st round of human trials. time for a stroll by this jewish man on the field is a real fear as he encounters right wing extremism in the german town of talent and
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cheers at the trial begins of a man accused of attacking a synagogue. i'm the united arab emirates launches think of britain's 1st mission to last the hope probe into to provide the 1st complete picture of the bed on its. i'm sure gal welcome to the program you council president shall mashal says he's confident a deal on a 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery package will be reached e.u. leaders are in their 4th day of talks tensions have been running high with the cold disagree consenting how the funds will be distributed and i just proposal includes $390000000000.00 of grants and $360000000000.00 loans it will have to be passed on hit southern states such as it's made in spain have. pushing for bigger grants
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a group of so-called frugal northern european countries and what the bulk of the money distributed is loans with more checks on how it's spent. italy's prime ministers have become too he says he's a cautiously optimistic the rift can be overcome and he acknowledges that negotiations have been tough chile there is a limit of must not be exceeded for the dignity of italy and for the dignity of all the other countries which are going through the acute phase of the crisis under living the most serious consequences we are not joking here it is no time for national navel gazing we are proposing a european solution here and there is no time left for jokes in the script so. let's go through this with a w. correspondent to teri schultz in brussels welcome terry so you leaders are now finally in the room together what's on the table. that's right phil after yet more delays of ours and getting together they are finally now sitting down with
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the latest proposal from e.u. council president sharma shell this group says you mentioned earlier how much money would be given to these hardest hit countries in grants how much would be loans it also includes some measures that are very pleasurable to 2 countries like hungary in poland which would provide some some supervision over how the money is spent and whether these countries are observing what the e.u. considers democratic values and the rule of law there are a lot of very controversial issues packaged up in this recovery fund. shell says that he believes that this latest proposal the latest layout that he's just given leaders is going to be the one that finally allows them to come to agreement on this recovery fund after 4 days of negotiations ok so fingers crossed over the deal over that 750000000000 euros but a big issue facing the leaders is the blocks to review your wrote budget which
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still hasn't been said. that's right i'm not sure it's a bigger issue in terms of the argument it's a bigger amount of money but that too has now been sort of rejiggered by shoma shell and there are some other controversies that we haven't even been discussing like cuts to climate funding and and you know changes in the way that countries would be required to wean themselves off fossil fuels we haven't even been discussing the climate phil and you know that's usually a very controversial issue here in e.u. budgets so you know they they say that they believe they can get an agreement here but you know there may be new arguments opening up once they can move on from the recovery package on to this 7 year budget. seemingly renowned for disagreements whether it's supposed to be old unified this particular summit does seem to have been particularly bad tempered if not name calling in public profanity of diana
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warnings why has it been so bad. i don't mean to laugh because it has been pretty bad but i mean any time you get you keep people without sleep for that long of course nobody is on their best behavior but more seriously it touches on these old wounds that are reopened every time you need 27 governments to agree on anything the issue of solidarity you've got you know italy and greece and spain the countries that are hardest hit by the corona crisis also hardest hit by the financial crisis and so once again the northern countries which you know we call it we call the frugal are saying you know they're governance isn't good enough why should we have to bail them out yet again that's why shell michel was forced to come back with a smaller amount of ground some verses loans at the same time he may well consider this a success because at the beginning people like dutch prime minister mark group they were saying i don't want any grants so this truly would be a compromise but again it has reopened all of the old questions about how much
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solidarity there is in the european union to brussels thank you the scientists at oxford university say a coronavirus vaccine being developed with the pharmaceutical giant astra zeneca is showing promise after its 1st human trials but they're not the only contenders working on a vaccine dozens of big one start up pharma firms are in the same race astra zeneca seems to be pulling ahead of the competition its vaccine was given to more than a 1000 volunteers they are produce an immune response the potential vaccine is one of at least $100.00 being developed across the world for covert 19 at least $23.00 of them are already in human trials according to the world health organisation. these are just some of the companies participating in the race against the corona virus. among them global players like pfizer sun orphy and johnson and johnson but
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there are so many unfamiliar names on that list startups that are at the forefront against kobe bryant teen britain a snapping up 30000000 doses from german company by on tech a business founded just 12 years ago from a suit of clothes giants like glaxo smith kline won a piece of the action to the companies buying a 10 percent stake in the german firm pure vacuum heavyweight astra zeneca may be in the lead now but not so well known biotechs of also touted promising early results for their vaccines the race is on. but take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world will start in the u.k. foreign secretary has announced a suspension of the country's extradition agreements with col call as well as an arms embargo and this follows similar action by the united states australia and canada in response to china's new security law for the territory. the 76th
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anniversary of an attempt to assassinate hitler has been commemorated with the swearing in of new. recruits in berlin a german defense minister column about attending the event to pay tribute to the conspirators behind the $944.00 briefcase bomb plot. friends and colleagues have been remembering top ukrainian journalist a pawel as she m.f. there's a monument was unveiled at the site where his car was blown up in the capital kiev 4 years ago murder charges have been brought it was the shipment supporters believe the suspects may have been framed to hide the identities of the real killers. for more than 50 days people have been out on the streets of portland in the united states protesting against racism and police brutality demonstrations were sparked by the killer george florida unarmed black man at the hands of minneapolis police in may as protests in portland ramped up over the last few days the trumpet
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ministration deployed federal law enforcement officers to the city on sunday the president tweeted that he had intervened because portland had lost control of the anik it's an agitated these were not merely protesters he wrote these are the real deal. i mean a city that's been following events in portland welcome i mean how much truth is that in the president's assertion that protest is on a case and i just say says well it is true that there are anarchists in portland it's a pretty radical city by american city standards and the left wing is very active there but these are mass protests involving large swaths of society there and a group of mothers actually set out to show that by organizing what they called a wall of moms it was about 30 women and they surrounded protesters to protect them they said from federal agents now the background to this is that there was
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a video last week of a woman confronting protest confronting federal agents and riot police about her son who was injured by a projectile by federal police and why are they particularly concerned about federal ages well there's a distinction here between the state and city police and the federal agents and there has been an outcry in the u.s. over the use of federal agents which trump has said in to quote unquote quell the protests to an artist and agitators there and people see that as trump sending in it is his own guys as if the federal agents are acting as his troops and you can see a video here of federal agents grabbing a protester off the street and putting him in an unmarked vehicle and taking him away now this is done kind of in secrecy there's not much transparency here usually city police deal with this and they have to put somebody under arrest usually and read them their rights before taking them away so this has definitely concerned people in the u.s.
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and so why all these protests in portland continuing an escalating when they have subsided elsewhere well there again i think there is truth to the fact that these protests have moved slightly away from the original black lives matter of movement and become more about a reaction to the reaction in other words the way that the federal agents. stepped in the way that police have have used very brutal means sometimes to stop protesters has brought out a lot more people that were involved in the beginning because they see the federal reaction trumps reaction to these protests as very problematic and want to get involved just to protect people's rights to protest i mean a safe thank you. and here in germany the trial begins on tuesday of a man charged with attacking a synagogue in the eastern town of hama in october of last year the suspect tried and failed to storm the synagogue and he's accused of shooting 2 people dead one in
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the street and another in a shop called spokesman had this to say as the corporate past of the trial to begin . the amount of of not the defendant stands accused of attacking the fundamental values of our society especially the peaceful coexistence of different religions and groups in society confess your one on deck affairs of the who are out for going on. in spit on he is alleged to have caused immeasurable personal suffering based on the rule of law the state will respond by conducting a fair trial and thieving for. well the attack last october sent shock waves across germany and sparked renewed debate about the security of its jewish citizens. the home life of jews and how has been like in the months since the attack. to go matvey it says jewish and lives in the eastern german city of hala he shows us round the market square where most days a well known neo nazi organizes
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a rally as soon as he spots igor threats come over the loudspeaker. the food. doesn't stay it's telling that even after the attack this kind of thing can still take place in the middle of hala i'm sad to say it's quite normal for him to insult ordinary citizens things like this just fuel conspiracy theories and help to radicalize the hala attacker. the incitement stops just short of criminal activity but it helps to foster a climate of fear the extremists also targets the media accusing journalists of lying. the police are keeping a low profile we ask officers off camera whether it's right that jewish citizens
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should have to listen to this far right extremist they tell us the right wing are also his things a reference to civil rights campaigners. howlers jewish people tend to keep to themselves and that saved lives during the attack the solid wood synagogue door protected people inside from the gunshots. on october the 9th last year on yom kippur the most important jewish holiday the heavily armed near nazi tried to storm the synagogue. the attacker fired repeatedly at the door and threw hand grenades failing to gain entry the attacker then shot dead a woman passive by who challenge him. he then opened fire to a nearby takeaway food shop killing one tyner. both of the victims
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commemorated at the place where it happened. the leader of hal is jewish community was among the 50 worshippers who escaped the attack on the synagogue with their lives the effects however are still being felt when. the sound of a helicopter makes me uneasy which it never did before. in way i never had any problem with the fireworks on new year's eve the. problem this year i felt not exactly nervous but a bit uncomfortable and. that's because of the attack he's been the death of me do the months look. max prevail russkie recently found 2 swastikas in front of his office building. he was further
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unsettled when he witnessed a police officer covertly clearing a swastika or a way. to feel so insecure or feel that you can't entirely rely on the police and other authorities that's really bad. most of hal is jewish community are reluctant to go out in public he does venture out but remains cautious. and i think most jewish people would not be happy to walk around hollow wearing a kippah. it's no great surprise that hal is jewish community does not feel safe so why are near nazis and out to spread racial hatred on a daily basis in the market square since the attack last year the man has prioritized countering anti semitism we wanted to ask him about this but his office
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said he was too busy to talk to us. thomas sparrow who's following the story welcome terms of what is expected to happen in court tomorrow. tomorrow is the beginning of a process that is being watched very carefully not only here in germany but also internationally elie earlier today phil we attended a press conference at the courthouse right behind where i'm standing and a precisely there it was explained that there will be a lot of interest from abroad and one concrete example in order to explain this is that the process will be for example interpreted into various languages including english or russian the process will begin by reading the indictment and that will be followed by various process days it is expected the process will end in october although it could also be extended depending on how the process develops and why
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has this trial attracted so much attention this the events in how they were described as anti-semitic as racists as far right extremist and this is a problem that is growing here in germany in fact it was described as the main threat to german security by the german interior minister and this given also the fact of german history means that this is a very sensitive issue altogether but there are other issues that make this interesting and important from an international perspective for example the fact that the alleged perpetrator streamed his attack on 9 and also published a manifesto and this has led experts to compare the incidents in holiday to other attacks like for example christ church in new zealand or apostle in in texas so this is also being watched closely in dutch regard not only as part of the rise in anti semitism in germany but also as part of what has been described as an
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international ization of far right extremism and what about germany's politicians how are they reacting to this trial. german politicians feel have been criticized for overlooking this issue for not taking it seriously enough in general when we talk about the rise in far right extremism in the country and that's why after the attack in the hollow they also presented a whole set of proposals and plans that they wanted to bring forward in order to react in order to try and improve the situation that included for example better cooperation among federal and regional institutions it included improving the number of policemen of people dedicated to fighting this but also included and this is particularly important important this idea of fighting it also online trying to understand how these things develop online and making sure that they could bring proposals forward. towards the sparrow and how this thank you. mexico now which is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic
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latin america's 2nd largest economy is facing its worst recession in more than 80 years but the mexicans are struggling to make ends meet with much of the population forced to stay at home. in the stories to liven up a boring day here in mexico city architect parks about a car see every 2 children who are stuck at home all day because of the coronavirus for them it's a chance to get lost in their imaginations. i imagine what the characters say i am much more the animals are like. the stories of the kids to escape the tough times they're in but for many adults in mexico that's nearly impossible the pandemic has taken a heavy toll in the country some 345000 people have been infected with covert 19 almost $40000.00 have died nearly everything is closed to prevent the spread of
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the virus including this dance club in the mexican capital with tourists no longer coming to visit the city tour guides are struggling to make ends meet. 65 year old pace is worried about where his next paycheck will come from. when you're left out on the streets it's a radical change. tens of thousands face the same problem pays they've lost their jobs their income pawnshops though are benefiting from the crisis many people are selling off their valuables this woman has bought her family's jewelry. so i have some jewelry from my parents because they're not working so they gave it to me so we could cover our expenses one way or another. so. mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador has pledged to
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improve the health care system but the country's economic woes are likely to continue for some time. or another country struggling with a spiralling economic crisis during this party. the crisis is compounded by high inflation unemployment endemic corruption and economic mismanagement the country's middle class is struggling to get hold of basic goods and many younger people leaving the country is their only option. mohamed has a job at it back but lebanon's plunging economy means he must live with his parents his father has mixed feelings like this. the majority of the youth here can't even find jobs they are torn they want to leave but we tell them don't leave stay here. mohammed salary only buys a fraction of what it used to after a currency devaluation that saw the lebanese lira lose 80 percent against the dollar. i do often. to its minimum levels and it's not
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governing all my expenses my monthly expenses iranis banks beef was a constant saw. i got it giving money to people in the bennies lead us even they had a concert in the us dollars. a month off money they are giving and of and the. have the price of the black market even much slower as if that weren't enough food prices have in many cases doubled. our basic things. turn turned into all options. of the economy with just one more i feel so emotional because the 1st saw us want to be to. mohamed would like to get married but feels he can't until he gets a job with a salary that can support a family. this is the tuition that will be hopeless. because it's going to
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cost me about respects human lives to be able to live a bit the family and just have to be with my comedy because. as lebanon's middle class shrinks many here see nothing to aspire to except to lead. the united arab emirates has launched the arab world's 1st interplanetary mission the us i'm not. probe which means hope in english aims to orbit mas and provide the 1st complete picture of the red planet's atmosphere the launch has been for spoken to twice because of bad weather the orbiter blasted off from a small island in southern japan. is the 1st research probe sent by the united arab emirates to investigate other planets. after a roughly 7 month trip hope the set to reach mars unsettling to orbit. the
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hope mission and particular is going to study the martian atmosphere so it's going to study the lower middle and upper atmosphere on mars and it's going to try and understand how the gas escaped from more ice. hope will be the 1st weather satellite to orbit non's researching phenomenon like the planets massive sun storms it will study weather and climate as the seasons change average new year period. the data is meant to help develop models of mars outness fail and own sort of fundamental question why did mass change from a planet that would have supported life to an icy desolate. space flight engineers from the emirates and the u.s. develop the satellite it was built in colorado it's meant to send
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a message of hope from the missions found at the prime minister of dubai to arab youth. bench reestablish the arabian peninsula's tradition of scientific leadership . the emirates want to launch their own economy into the future with innovation and reduce their dependence on oil. china. no on the other hand is setting its sights on a moslem ending say fall the us is the only country to have pulled it off china's satellite channel when one is expected to set of robots and drive them want to hold down on the main planet's surface. and it's rolling recession of oratory will explore what some vironment on a 3 month journey it will also use radar to look underneath the surface to a depth than 100 meters. when knots down the satellite will lead denge
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a fine map mars mineral makeup and results says including mineral deposits it's also supposed to search for frozen water. china does not plan on sharing the data collects with international research as as others have done and much criticized move. essential up to date i'll have more at the top of faith hour i'll be back in just a moment with a look at the day's events in the death of a.
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like. oh. my god says i was sued for the russians sold. out their runs deep. so many different walks of life. some are pumping and honestly i'm trying to get all
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of them comes straight from the heart to look for a c.e.o. even when there's no more delusional marched in trucks home. from the 1st glimpse of the logs to their final resting place the russians on the d w documentary. w.'s crime fighters are back ever goes most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech cholera prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all of us owns are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to noone else. d. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 60 pot. cuts me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voice is part.
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of the 77 percent to talk about the issues. this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. britain suspends its extradition treaty and blocks arms sales to hong kong this in response to china's imposition of tough new national security laws on the territory of china accuses britain of brutal meddling in its affairs so as beijing quells descends and fights economic and diplomatic battles around the world tonight we ask has beijing painted itself into a corner i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day.


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