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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2020 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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world turned to just 3630 pm that is now. this is news live from berlin and european union leaders strike a hard fought deal on a multi-billion euro coronavirus recovery package they agree on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries to get hardest by the pandemic to deal which was reached after marathon talks in brussels over 4 days and nights will also involve the european commission borrowing for the 1st time. also coming up a man goes on trial in germany for attacking
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a synagogue the suspects attempt failed but he is accused of killing 2 people after the attack we'll find out what life for jewish people living around the town of holland is like facing frequent anti semitic provocations. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program european leaders have sealed a deal on an unprecedented 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery fund after 4 days of heated talks leaders finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries hardest hit by the pandemic for the 1st time ever the aid will be financed by borrowing of the 750000000000 euros 390000000000 will be given in the form of grants that is money that the response.
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sybian states will not have to pay back the remaining 360000000000 euros will be distributed in the form of cheap loans now a compromise satisfying the demands of fiscally conservative countries is what they reached good morning everyone and we did it europe is strong europe is united's level for these were the words the delegates have been working towards a deal has been done and the wrangling can stop everyone can go home some kind of win or relief was visible on their faces despite the masks sharma shire council chief france's a man you are mccall and ursula funder line commission president plus stunning tallest of them all mark rutter from the netherlands. he had led the group who'd limited the grants and made them conditional what i was aiming for and i think we have achieved the emergency brake and emergency brake at the level of european
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council to be able to enforce the reforms in member states if they are not taking place against the broker of that particular member state. has agreed with european commission. member states like victor hungary bad blood between the 2 men may remain despite that and underlying problems that haven't gone away macklin mccomas say the e.u. works. after a very long session we have reached a good conclusion and i am very happy about that. all. europe has shown that it is prepared to go in new ways in a very special situation i believe that is necessary extraordinary events and in this case that the pandemic that has reached us all demands extraordinary new methods towards. the whole thing may have been close mccrone says the
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deal they reached will help all 27 e.u. nations. i am convinced that there is a plan this budget resumed and you could have avoided economic and social challenges be able to move aging in our countries. it was a long fight 4 days of negotiations brought significant divisions to light but the deal stands and now everyone can go home. after war now we are joined by yanis a man you are lead to see is the director of studies at the european policy center think tank thank you so much for joining us this morning how groundbreaking is this deal for the e.u. . i think this is a very important deal it was a hard fought deal but it comes to one of the worst crisis which the european union asparagus states have ever seen were still the beginning of the code with 19 prizes
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you needed to have an agreement on the multi-channel financial framework you needed to have an agreement on the recovery fund in order to showcase that you are collectively able to deal with all of the multiple consequences of this crisis just imagine for a minute if we would not have this deal this would have made the situation much worse it would have created a lot of uncertainty and you know that uncertainty in times of crisis is the poison it is the poison for economic recovery is the voice of potential political developments so having this agreement is very important it is an unprecedented agreement in terms of what the you 27 have agreed to you know yes that needs to be an agreement also of the euro my problem of it are confident that at the end of the day this will be implemented so then talk with us about where this fits into the big picture because i mean one interest in an interesting aspect of the recovery font is the way at the e.u. is going to start to issue debt the commission itself is going to start issuing
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debt on its own one year ago this was a major major red line for some countries given that do you see this as a turning point now for the project. well it is an important step at all this is something which at this scale at least has never been done before the european commission will take up to 750000000000 of money on the financial markets of this is something i'm president of but having said that i think we should also be aware that this is a one off it is a crisis related response so it's directly related to the coordinating prices and this is not something which systemically from now onwards will be done at european level it is described crisis pacific and it is something which will be important it's something which is never been done before but at the same time i would not say that this is what some have called the hamiltonian moment meaning that this is the
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moment which resembles the history of the united states of america the moment where you had this huge federal push i would not go that far and say yes it is unprecedented it has its magnitude its nature but at the same time it is something which is very much related to this crisis and it is necessary a sponsor of the shadows were not facing the causes of this crisis it is not something which was systemically changed the nature of the union from one day to the other we have to leave it there yanis of money all the test joining us from brussels from the european half and let's get the view from berlin now on this historic deal for the e.u. our chief political editor michelle across america is standing by with some analysis and the. we know that this t.l. it was spearheaded by france and by germany so how did the moment is that one of them. well it's an important moment but as we've just heard it's
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a far cry from really an institutional breakthrough and the e.u. regrouping and setting itself up differently to address the crises of the future we saw most importantly. mark or see eye to eye in may when they put down the initial proposal for this recovery fund and angela merkel returned from what then became known as the frugal come to those who support handing out cash particularly those countries hardest hit in spain just to mention that and this really was also a signal that nothing less than a big deal a historic moment would do to address the historic challenge of the fall out of this covered 19 crises at the same time there are still many on solved questions as to how the view will cope in the future when there's still a veto but every individual country and every leader has to be able to go back home
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to their capital and sell what has been agreed as a success ok so there's still work to do but in the meantime we know that germany holds the e.u. council presidency is so the fact that they were able to come to a deal how much of this is merkel success. it is her success and it also sets the tone for the coming months until the end of the year her cabinet ministers will now be doing the nitty gritty work as they meet their counterparts in the various ministries to flesh out the details and also to make what has been agreed off the paper so germany remains in a vital position there and i'm going to markell is widely seen also by her opponents within the e.u. as the one most qualified after all she is the longest serving democrats feel lect a political leader here in europe and she lived up to that reputation in these very
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long negotiations she also appeared not afraid to let this fail and then to pick up once again but timing is essential for all of these individual countries because they need to ensure that the money that is agreed actually gets into the pockets and into the bank accounts of those companies and those individuals who so need it at this dire moment as every individual country in every corner me most importantly tries to contain the fallout from the covered 900 crisis chief political editor mr thank you. and let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world the german national has been kidnapped by an identified gunmen in the iraqi capital baghdad be abducted woman was hella nevus who works for the german cultural institute and is also known as an activist friends say that she had feared for her safety due to her involvement in protests u.s. secretary of state pale has arrived in the u.k.
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the 1st stop of his 2 day trip to europe used you to meet with the u.k. prime minister boris johnson to discuss u.s. and u.k. training and political developments in hong kong. well here in germany the trial of a man accused of attacking a synagogue in the eastern city of hala is about to get under way the 28 year old man is charged with killing 2 people and attempting to murder many others last october the attack took place on yom kapoor the holiest day in judaism it's considered one of the worst anti semitic assaults in germany's post-war history a man confessed to the crime which he had live streamed prosecutors say that he was motivated by anti semitism and seen a phobia. and we are joined now by political correspondent thomas sparrow who is in magnet to birth near hala where the trial has just started welcome to you thomas it's the 1st day of the trial what can we expect to happen. it is indeed
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sort of the 1st day of this trial which is being described as a very important trial from a political perspective here in germany proceedings will start today and will last until the 14th of october although obviously that depends on how the process develops in this 1st day one of the most important elements will be the reading of the indictment that's one of the key elements of the beginning of the trial here in germany and this is a trial that's being followed very closely not only here in this country but also internationally there is a big international media presence here in the city of mark diversion proceedings are also going to be interpreted into various languages including english or russian so this gives you an idea of why this trial heat here in the german city of martin burke is particularly relevant not only for german people but also internationally as well tell us a bit more about the suspect. we're talking here of
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a 28 year old german who was described as being socially isolated there are particular elements that are very important to understand why this trial is so important one of them for example being that in his confession he reportedly said that his motives were anti-semitic so this comes at a time when antti semitism is rising in germany when this is posing a very big challenge to german authorities the 2nd element from this person this 28 year old which is particularly important is the fact that he live streamed the events and also published money fast online so that's why this is being also compared to other similar cases internationally like for example the attack in christchurch in new zealand doria or in apostle takes us so this is also being viewed close. i mean from that perspective when we look at the alleged perpetrator we have to understand on the one hand his motives as i said anti semitic on the other hand his modus operandi and how this is being also put in context
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internationally what does that say about the general state of affairs can jewish people really feel safe in germany. well one of the post attack measures that were taken by german officials was precisely to try and better protect synagogues because that was one of the of the situations that they found that many jewish people here in germany did not feel safe any longer that was only one of many measures that they announced in spite of that plan that was developed by interior ministers both federal and all such a regional level this was one of many measures there were including for example better cooperation between state and federal authorities trying to also improve the work that they do online so those are elements that are also particularly important to understand how german officials have reacted because one of the elements that have german officials have faced time and time again is criticism that they have overlooked the importance of the problem of anti-semitism here in germany so that's why this topic from a political perspective is also
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a very sensitive one correspondent thomas sparrow and magnifier thank you so much. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin don't forget you can always get the very latest on our web site t w dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram at news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us take care and stay safe it's. hard to the middle and i'm dead welcome to the 2nd season of only good sense of the planet on the brink of old disaster relief there's long term debt and experts about one question how many changes to the leaders are.


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