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this is the. nation after european union leaders strike a hard fought on a multi. everyone. europe is strong europe is. finally agree of the details of loans and grants to be given to member states.
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a synagogue failed but he's accused of killing 2 people after the attack in the eastern city of. the desert. rain is keeping them empty but the city's hospitals are trying to. cross the united states. welcome to the program european leaders have ceded on an unprecedented $750000000000.00 euro coronavirus recovery fund after 4 days of heated talks finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries hardest hit by the pandemic for the 1st time ever the aid will be financed by borrowing off
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the 750000000000 euros 390000000000 euros will be in the form of grants the remaining 360000000000 will be disbursed in the form of cheap loans. it's a compromise that satisfies the demands of fiscally conservative countries good morning everyone we did it europe is strong europe is united level for these are the words the delegates have been working towards a deal has been done and the wrangling can stop everyone can go home some kind of. relief was visible on their faces despite the masks. e.u. council chief francis emmanuel mccall and ursula funder line commission president plus standing tallest of them all. from the netherlands. he had led the group limited the grants and made them conditional what i was aiming
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for and i think we have achieved the emergency brake and emergency brake at the level of european council to be able to enforce the reforms in member states if they are not taking place against the broker of that particular member state has agreed with european commission. states like poland and victor all bans hungary they insisted though they hadn't been boxed in any of that which. was. rejected despite underlying problems that haven't gone away maclin macor say the e.u. works. after a very long session we have reached a good conclusion and i am very happy about that therefore. europe has shown that it is prepared to take new paths in what is a very special situation i believe that is necessary extraordinary events and in
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this case that's the pandemic that has reached us all demand extraordinary new methods what. the whole thing may have been close but macron says the deal they reached will help all 27 e.u. nations should ever i'm convinced that this plan this budget will respond to the health economic and social challenges we are all facing in our countries are going to be. it was a long fight 4 days of negotiations brought significant divisions to light but the deal stands and now everyone can go home. democrats one of many must try this is certainly not going home any time soon she joins me from brussels with more merino a feast of banking french president heated arguments even a walkout a tumultuous few days to get this deal. dearest is the 1st time
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in history the e.u. is taking up muser lies debts and this is the big deal this has been a taboo before so it clearly took a couple of arguments also a couple of fights and a compromise it took a while to to find a compromise also because we have 2 different 2 very different perspectives on the issue we have the countries from the south of europe that have been kids hardly by the cold $900.00 crisis and that have been suffering economically even before kovac 19 hit them so they said we want to grunts and then we have the northern countries the self declared frugal countries like the netherlands and austria they said we only want loans at the beginning they are posed to grounds and. they found a compromise but that took 4 days but a lot of this has been agreed to on condition in fact dutch prime minister. emergency brake how exactly when that.
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first of those the self declared froogle say it's but are let's buy a mug loser the netherlands prime minister wanted to have a right to veto the idea behind it is that they wanted the that the grants that are handed out to 2 countries are have strings attached so they want to defend the country seems to implementing reforms and now what she calls an emergency brake is the border to version this of watered down version of does it means that if a member states has a problem with how the money is used in another member state he or the member said can bring it to sue the city e.u. summit and they will discuss it this gusted there that's also another. just now let's see what has been a sticking might one of the major sticking points here and that is the rule of law mechanism the question if the money that is handed out will be attached to the rule
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of law hungary and poland 2 countries that have been facing accusations no violating the rule of law has been strongly opposing this idea and now they also find a sort of voice it down version and many critics for example the greens here in the european parliament say this it really is a 2 to 3 less mechanism money nostrils for the details from brussels thank you very much. and one of the biggest beneficiaries of this recovery fund will be italy receiving some 210000000000 euros in both loans and grants stefan good goalies an italian boy specializing in international commercial law and he joins me now from milan stefan what is eating the going to do with them bonnie. well thank you for enlightening. us it's going to use is not really that he's going to use this not only rarely appropriate manner and then just. weeks ago 6 percent of outlets where guests recovered from the analysis feature that it seems
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and of course we have to look at how the confidence in this program or our companies will have trust in this programs and about how the cost of this is politics and while these are problems they will be in the driver's seat it's $1.00. major problem the driver's seat it's really all the clients tell us one of the most complex systems is that we have to see how this witness speaking of bureaucrats and politicians and prime minister do something was adamant that interview needed financial support now it's come away with about 81000000000 euros in grants and 127000000000 euros in norm's these are. is this the deal that italy really needed. if they're not going to use it in the right manner and it's going to pop on the rights which have been also discussed.
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then it. then it will be real good to say it's like they have been a lot of the priests in the last months and. the problem is that there are no implementation for the rights of the streets and now we have to go how this will be coordinated to tell the court in these. crews and the national performer around what's close to the essence of meat for us they still it's not just still submitted for us it really is for the prophets and now we have to see how this model will then be utilized and if this money is going to bring in this if it's a particularly affected by a life over this if there is a. there are still. there is no denying how much usually has
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suffered through just over 1000 and. as an italian yourself president of a time in german lawyers association do you feel your up has come to the aid of internee when it needed your help the most. i think. they should do it and i think that the whole the critics were down. with the right stuff i'd tell you. it's me telling this is. the enterprise and the confidence that we have to look at how this. develops and one of the router. is consistent on this program this is the so-called count in this forest the result is one of those no budget cuts it's only when we have to count this. into the italian leader.
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then to of course the list doesn't leave us authors to mouth stuff under goldie thank you very much for speaking to us. thank you to you. and not to some other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state mike pumping you know has arrived in the u.k. the 1st stop of his to do a trip to europe he's due to meet with your prime minister but as johnson to discuss u.s. and u.k. trade and political developments in hong kong sudan's former president omar bashir is facing a haunting in the capital khartoum today over charges relating to the military coup that brought him to pa in 1990 he could face the death penalty if convicted of a shoot is already behind bars for production. and in china floodwaters are continuing to rise along the youngster of his system pressure a major jams is expected to peak later this week more than 1800000 people have been forced to evacuate since flooding began early this month. a german
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woman has been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in iraq and i'm here is was reportedly abducted on monday outside office in the company where she runs an auto collector for young iraqi news was born and been in and has lived in bug for years friends said she had feared for her safety due to her involvement in protests the iraqi interior ministry says it has detected security forces to step up their efforts to find the german national. if the reports are mileage of belly he joins me from bug with the latest my up what more can you tell us about this incident thanks so much sadly at this stage there is a lot that is the public what we do know is that we have a stake in last night around 8 pm from right outside of her office and she was somebody he says one of the rare foreigners who lives outside of each national zone in iraq and she felt safe enough to be out in the streets late at night
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unfortunately this is this is the latest in the trend of kidnappings that we've seen the other cannot things were foreigners that were taken for 36 hours and then for 2 months before they were released so we're still waiting to see the nature of this kidnapping to get somewhere intermission who may have been behind this incident whether it's a criminal incident whether it's something that is a bit more or could be motivated to understand where the investigation might lead by you spoke of a friend of kidnapping and some of them involved foreigners how safe off a lot of those in iraq at the moment. it's an interesting question because this is there a kidnapping that we've seen of a foreign national and we had 2 french journalists who were very briefly kidnapped at the beginning of the year we had 3 french and geographers who were kidnapped for 2 months and now we have this latest incident in the other 2 cases as well there was very little information that was released even after the kidnap and image was themselves were released there was very little that was made public about who took
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them where they were being held exactly and what the nature of the operation that got them free was so this is a really just being 3rd episode that we're seeing and it has not just foreigners were it but it has a lot of iraqis worried about what this might mean for security across the city and for those especially those who were bought in the protest movement last year process across the capital and other cities if this means that there's going to be a new spate of proto kidnappings have tried meetings in fact it's who were involved my journey with the update from thank you so much. the trial has begun germany of the man accused of an armed attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of last october 20th year old stefan b. is a minister have tried to storm the synagogue on yom kippur the holiest day in the jewish calendar prosecutors say he intended to massacre the washer. he's also accused of murdering 2 people nearby according to reports the suspect has admitted carrying
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out the attack which we live streamed the trial is expected to last at least 3 months john nobody dominant political correspondent almost shadow in. the trial that is taking place thomas it's the 1st still to trial what is happening today. it's a 1st day of a trial that's being described as the big east case in the history of this state saxony on how it. is located and you could certainly sense the importance of that case today dozens and dozens of journalists attending this process this process also protests in front of the courthouse here in the book people specifically trying to commemorate the victims trying to state the importance of prevention not some people actually told me that's one of their main hopes of this whole process hearing but to try and make authorities aware of the need to focus on prevention
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what is happening now behind me in the court is the indictment is being read out loud at the process has just started a few minutes ago 2 hours late there is an open end here today but proceedings are set to continue at least until october that's when the main decision will be expected if the suspect is found guilty he could face life imprisonment this is a very important case not only for this state but for germany and also internationally. can you tell us a bit more about the suspect in question thomas. we're talking here about a 28 year old german who was described as being socially isolated he described his attack as being on t. semitic on dot is extremely important in this particular case because we're talking about anti-semitism on the rise here in germany and in fact it is one of the key
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challenges that authorities have in this country so that it gives you an idea of the importers from a political perspective of what's happening here behind me on the other hand something also important is the fact that the alleged perpetrator placed his attack online he lifestream did and he also published money festo and this is being compared to other similar cases around the world for example in el paso in texas oh christ church in new zealand on for much additional point of view this is also seen as a possible president to climb understand how these attacks are actually happening in the idea of someone acting on his or her own but at the site same time having networks online so this these 2 elements the fact that this is being described as anti semitic the fact that he also used online resources and published everything online is being described as 2 very important elements when it comes to this process in marked a book you said that this is a very important case traumas why is discipline concern much attention with in
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germany. it's not only within germany it's also internationally and one element is what i just mentioned this idea that we're talking about something that can also be understood from an international perspective that can be compared to other cases that happened elsewhere again i mentioned el paso in texas of christchurch new zealand so this is being watched very closely from much additional perspective but also from a political perspective and then there's also the the elements that i described this rise in the semitism here in germany the fact that german authorities on a federal level but also regional level are focusing more and more on this they've been criticized in the past for overlooking that these kinds of incidents turning a blind eye if you will so this is politically judicially and socially a very important case in this country thomas barrow in thank you very much. and now to some most oldies making news around the world in ukraine and has seized
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a bus and taken some 20 people hostage in the northwestern city of police said the man is believed to be carrying explosives gunshots of all it's been heard but so far no casualties are reported. from various prime minister boyko body has survived a no confidence motion in parliament the country has seen almost 2 weeks of protests over seas of corruption scandals opposition parties attempted to oust government but fails to gather enough for some parliament and china's space agency is getting on final checks on a rocket ahead of the shed to launch its mas mission later this week it will carry an orbiter probe and a ground vehicle to the red planet it's trying to those 1st interplanetary mission and one of 3 international miles missions launching this month coronavirus cases are searching across the united states california reported a record increase of the only $12000.00 new covert $1000.00 infections on monday while floated out of port of more than 10000 u.s.
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correspondent sent us this report on how the city of miami is dealing with the was an outbreak. the beaches of miami's south beach are largely deserted these days rain here to stay for at least a week according to the u.s. national weather service will probably keep floridians from gathering in large crowds at the beaches and that's a good thing because miami is the new epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in the u.s. breaking records of new covert 1000 infections on an almost daily basis. we meet up with dr gary daniel poost a trauma surgeon at jackson memorial hospital in miami he's treating more and more coronavirus patients every day is practically begging people to change their behavior the most important thing is everybody has to wear masks after we have mass there's no way around it. sort of distancing is very important 6 feet apart. frequent hand washing hand hygiene is very important we cannot have right now large
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gatherings of people the miami jackson memorial health system for hospitals in total had 167 covert positive patients if the 1st infections peak back in april now doctors and nurses here are dealing with 400 covered patients and every day that number grows most difficult problem is that you know the patients are get them into the hospital very sick then you know a lot of support and create a care and there's not an infant. nurses and physicians the number the number of hospital missions increases the number i see your requirements increases and the number of deaths will go up as the largest county hospital in all of the united states and the biggest provider of health care in miami other parts of the hospital have to be converted into covert i.c.u. units as quickly as possible that's a major challenge as it severely impacts other medical fields and services the hospital provides the core of what i do is that you have to see the patient 20
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times a day to make sure that everything is working out well now you see. where the person to be isolated you cannot go in and out 20 times go to a different place that's really stressful situation just trends the way you'll practice medicine and. still be comfortable that you're doing the right thing and provide the services that. despite many pleats from a majority of health care professional and medical scientists the republican governor of florida ron dissenters has so far resisted calls for a mandate on wearing masks and he's trying to be opposed to suggestions for the need of another shutdown she's. the city of miami however is reportedly contemplating a new shelter in place or shut down order however for now and effective immediately
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the mayor ordered miami residents and visitors to be fined $50.00 without a warning if they are caught not wearing a mask anywhere in public. some sports news now the washington nationals will start their title defense as major league baseball resumes this thursday after the season was suspended due to the coronavirus for most teams it's going to feel different playing in an empty stadium but if you listen carefully that's the sound technicians testing simulated crowd noise. told simulated it's up to each team to decide whether or not to use the system throwing the ceremonial 1st pitch and the reigning chances against the new york yankees would be the nation's leading infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci. to football now and. have bought one doesn't only have a reputation as a world class football team it's also at the heart of the sports youth movement the
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clubs a magnet for bright young guns iching to pitch one such starlet jude has just signed a long term contract but at the tender age of 17. it was a bit overboard the welcome by his new club and teammates. for 17 year old sudden millionaire jude bellingham it might even be called cheesy but hey jude that club dortmund seems to always be good enough to make the champions league tournaments and always challenges for 2nd in the bundesliga. so the size of the stadium and the quotes in the pictures and. real realized how big the club is so real on the to be. who else founded in honor at a very young age superstar in the making jaden san show joined dortmund at 17. you
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know the funny thing is now associated with this youth movement in football 19 year old erling holland has joined the club just this year and has scored 16 goals already have a phenomenal track record in terms of. what they would pay for players and what they're getting and you know the most striking example of course is monday at age 19 before he helped france win the world cup. signed with dortmund. at age 17 american christian polis sic debuted for dortmund he's now at london's chelsea and don't forget robert leaven at age 21 the striker left poland for dortmund it became one of europe's best before moving to a buyer for the perfect club right now. there's not. developing them for the next level the thing is that next level for young stars is often somewhere other than dortmund maybe rivals like biron or clubs in england or
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spain holding on to the stars requires trophies and dortmund fans know they get close but don't often win those trophies. the latest young. bond in the sport of professional surfing prizes are usually given to those who can stay on top of the waves but once a year the league. going under in spectacular style nominations have been announced for the. off the year exactly like the entries include special scenes from the famous. and. the public online for their favorite. you're watching the news here's a reminder of our top story. after
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4 days of talks they finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries just by the time. you can keep up with the news on our website. and instagram. and i'll be back in 15 minutes. the body.
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